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The pictures, below, of the books in my collection or that I have encountered in other collections will help you in your search for Cadillac-related books that include sections, articles or good photos of Cadillac and La Salle cars.

Where dust jackets are missing and where the book cover is blank, the image (below) is of the inner title page.

When I find time, I will add a description of each of these books (size, number of pages and summary of contents).  Meanwhile, some information on most of these books may be found in the "Bibliography" section of  The (New) Cadillac Database©.

If any users of the Database have other similar titles not listed here, please send the appropriate information as well as a digital image of the dust jacket to the eMail address below for incorporation in this section:

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Classic American Ambulances
1900-1979 Photo Archive
by Walt McCall and Tom McPherson
List: $29.95.  Published by Iconografix
© 1999, ISBN: 1-882256-94-8


fun_book.JPG (7331 bytes)
Classic American Funeral Vehicles
1900-1980 Photo Archive
by Walt McCall and Tom McPherson
List: $29.95.  Published by Iconografix
©2000, ISBN: 1-58388-016-X
lim_book.JPG (6713 bytes)
Classic American Limousines
1955-2000 Photo Archive
by Richard J. Conjalka
List: $29.95.  Published by Iconografix
© 2001, ISBN: 1-58388-041-0


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(The Story of the Limousine)
©2002, Michael D. Bromley
[lots of Cadillacs!]


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Many Cadillacs inside
Author: Jay Hirsch

Get Your Cadillac Fixed Right
by Mort Schultz, Published by Consumer Reports Books, Publication date: May 1990,
ISBN: 0890433259

[This title suggest a book on auto repairs]

[ image ? ]

Car Styling Quarterly
No. 57 has story on Allante
listed in 1988 Motorbooks International catalog:
Order No. 111835B,



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" Classic Customs
and Lead Sleds "
by Bo Bertilsson
MBI Publishing Co, 2001



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Cadillac: Knight Errant of the Wilderness,
Founder of Detroit.
No cars here. This is simply
the story of Antoine de Lamothe-Cadillac, the
French adventurer who founded
Detroit in 1701, (298 pp.)

Bobbs-Merril, Indianapolis
[ first printing - 1931 ]


Bks_bout.jpg (5140 bytes)
Again no cars. This is another 340-p. history
of Antoine de Lamothe-Cadillac entitled Lamothe-Cadillac,
le Gascon qui fonda Detroit (1958-1730)

[the man from Gascony who founded Detroit]
It is written by French historian,
Jean Boutonnet and published in 2001,
in France, by Guénégaud

Preface by Jean-Micel Baylet, mayor of Castelsarrasin,
with an introduction by French-Canadian historienne,
Annick Hivert-Carthew


Hist14.jpg (7060 bytes)
Cadillac, the Man who Founded Detroit, published in France by
DeNoël.  Pierre Robert Leclerq, literary critic of Le Monde des
describes it as a highly documented,  ingenious text...
the tale of the adventures of Antoine Laumet is one of those books...
that bring to life an adventurer whose destiny was such a strange one
that the writer of a novel might not have dared to put it down on paper.


Bkhivert.jpg (5545 bytes)
A historical novel about the
founding of Detroit; describes in
a historical context the life and times
of Mr. &Mrs. De Lamothe-Cadillac
[lot's of historical facts]

Bkmrscad.jpg (5948 bytes)
A historical novel about the life
of Mrs. De Lamothe-Cadillac
[lot's of historical facts
about the founder of Detroit]


[ no image ]


A Century of Automotive Style
100 Years of American Car Design

[co-authored by Dave Holls ]

guild.jpg (8514 bytes)
The full, illustrated  story of the Fisher
Body Craftsman's Guild
(336 pp., circa 150 photos)
[ ISBN 0-7864-1719-6 ]


bk69_72.jpg (20764 bytes)
American Cars, 1960-1972
by J. "Kelly" Flory, Jr. © 2003
(944 pp., 1018 photos)
[ ISBN 0-7864-1273-9 ]



AmCar_UK.jpg (17690 bytes)
American Cars in Pre-War England
by Bryan Goodman,  © 2004
(204 pp., 327 illustrations)
[ ISBN 0-7864-1540-1 ]


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BkSolley.JPG (9928 bytes)
"Prestige, Status and Works of Art
Selling the Luxury Car,  1888-1942"
by Thomas T. Solley
Racemaker Press, Boston, MA
© 2008, The Estate of Thomas T. Solley
ISBN-10: 0-9766683-6-X

Probably the finest book in my collection; a gift from my sister-in-law on the occasion
of my 70th birthday in May, 2009 (superb research, superb illustrations of some
of the finst automobile sales literature ever published, including 3 pages on Cadillac)



bksMMHrs.JPG (19613 bytes)
"Miller-Meteor - The Complete Illustrated History"
Selling the Luxury Car,  1888-1942"
by Thomas A. McPherson
Published by Iconografix
©2010, ISBN-13: 978-158388-258-0
©2010, ISBN-13: 1-158388-258-8

Includes much duplicate material from his 1973Book:
"American Funeral Cars and Ambulances" (above)


bksMMAmb.JPG (16604 bytes)
"Classic American Ambulances & Funeral Vehicles"
1900-1980 Photo Archives
by Walt McCall and Tom McPherson
Published by Iconografix
©2007, ISBN-13: 978-1-58388-206-1
©2007, ISBN-10: 1-58388-206-5

Includes much duplicate material from his 2000 Book:
"Classic American Ambulances" (above)


BksMcCallHRS.jpg (32516 bytes)
"Funeral Service & Flower Cars"
Photo Archive
by Walter M.P.  McCall
Published by Iconografix
©2008, ISBN-13: 978-1-58388-227-6
©2007, ISBN-10: 1-58388-227-8

Includes much duplicate material from his 1973Book:
"American Funeral Cars and Ambulances" (above)

bksGMini.jpg (8723 bytes)
"GM in Miniature"
[Photos of rare 1:43 scale Models]
by Randall Olson
Published by Veloce, UK
©2008, ISBN-13: 978-1-84584-156-O/UPC:6-36847-04156-4

Mramas.jpg (26648 bytes)
by David W. Temple
with a Foreword by  Charles "Chuck" Jordan



RiveBoxBk1.jpg (43471 bytes)
GM's Automobiles
Bob de la Rive Box

(in German)
Published by SERAG AG,
CH8808 Pfäffikon (Switzerland)

4  Bob is an old acquaintance of mine; I Picked up two errors, Bob : p.34 shows a '57 Brougham ID'd as '55 model; p.42 says the 1961 Cadillac Jacqueline was built on Eldorado Brougham chassis.


BkLilToys.jpg (23040 bytes)
by Lillian Gottschalk5
© 1985 by New Cavendish Books
ISBN: 0-89659-653-2

5  Lillian has passed on but she left fond memories with Gita and me; we were  received and entertained in her Pennsylvania barn-style home-cum-Museum in Parkton, MD, before she moved back to her "other home" in California.


Bk-AllurAuto.jpg (21605 bytes)
by Ken Gross & Ronald T. Labaco6
© 2010, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA
ISBN: 978-0-8478-3495-2

5  Complimentary copy from Berry L. Perkins, Curatorial Asst. to Mr. Labaco, for assistance in research relating to Museum showing of 1957-58  Eldorado Brougham


by Jan Ströman

Published by the Center for Business History
and Akerlids Publishing House
Complimentary copy from Anders Läck of Stockholm
for my continuing work on the Cadillac Database

by David Temple
Editor: Dennis Adler
 Foreword:  by Chuck Jordan
ISBN 13: 9780760328262
ISBN 10: 760328269



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( résumé en français)

Dans le tableau ci-dessus sont illustrées les jacquettes des ouvrages consacrés aux automobiles Cadillac et La Salle d'où sont extraites de nombreuses informations contenues dans la (New) Cadillac Database©.   Ceux qui comportent un petit sigle dans le coin supérieur droit (pouce relevé - mais malheureusement pas très visible) ne traitent pas uniquement des voitures de ces deux marques, mais contiennent en revanche une partie, voire un chapitre qui leur est consacré.



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