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Unless otherwise specified all photos and illustrations are from Yann Saunders'
collection of Cadillac photos, advertisements and product catalogs, reproduced
courtesy of the Cadillac Motor Car Division and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc.




Cadillac single-cylinder Models K and  M

Completely new in design for 1906 were the gracefully curved bodies of the
Model K
runabout and  Model M Victoria for four passengers 



This car is from the Gateway collection in Colorado;
although the sign in the background (left) reads "Ford", the car is definitely a 1906 Cadillac!





Model K runabout



Factory photo of the Model K,
complete with rubber (or leather) cape top



P06mvica.jpg (8611 bytes)
In this artist's view of the Model M Victoria for 1907, the beautiful
brass lamps add flourish to the already heavily ornate body


P06leln.jpg (8111 bytes)
Above, Henry Leland, then aged 80, cranks his own
Model M Victoria.  Mind that thumb, Henry!


P06mvicc.jpg (10478 bytes)
Ground clearance on the early models
was ample ...and essential when
traveling dirt roads in mud and slush


06TRG~1.JPG (13161 bytes)
Another proud survivor
(in a more appropriate color for 1906)

06modm2.jpg (53813 bytes)
Model M "Doctor" coupe
inspired by 1905 custom order for Henry Leland




The 1906 single-cylinder Cadillac line was rounded out by
this sturdy Model M delivery van, costing $950



06DlvryB2.jpg (18745 bytes)
This beautiful, surviving 1906 delivery van built on the 1906 Model M chassis
is (was?) owned by Ed Dauer of Fort Lauderdale, FL
[ Source:  Antique Automobile, magazine of the AACVA ]




Cadillac four-cylinder Models G & H


P064cyl.jpg (6238 bytes)
Models G, H and L were powered by the tried
and tested four-cylinder motor of 1905.  Its  4½" bore
and  5" stroke turned out a hefty thirty horsepower






P06HRBT.JPG (11743 bytes)
This sporty Cadillac Model H runabout cost a whopping
$2400 (FOB Detroit) in 1906!

P06HCPE.JPG (8569 bytes)
The Model H coupe was the first fully-enclosed production car built
by Cadillac.  It cost $3000, and the brass lamps were not even included


Cadillac four-cylinder Model L
These two models may be appropriately termed Cadillac's first true "luxury" cars. 
Their  price put them out of reach of only the wealthiest buyers 


P06ltrg.jpg (7206 bytes)
This sporty Cadillac Model L touring car cost a whopping
cost $3750 (FOB Detroit) in 1906; again, no lamps included!







06RnbtSrv.jpg (30051 bytes)
M. Wallace and Jackie Casocelli
participated in a Glidden Tour aboard this runabout

06rnbt1.jpg (7970 bytes)    06rnbt3.jpg (6911 bytes)     06rnbt4.jpg (6169 bytes)
This one will undergo a full restoration; I believe it is currently [2008]
in the collection of my friend Dick Shappy, in Providence, RI

06rbt.jpg (13688 bytes)    06rbt2.jpg (12567 bytes)
These two surviving Model K Runabouts depict the "tulip" body,
so named on account of the curved, tulip shape of the seat sides




06MODMA.JPG (8871 bytes)    06MODMB.JPG (9006 bytes)

06MODMC.JPG (6476 bytes)    06MODMD.JPG (6356 bytes)

06MODME.JPG (6522 bytes)
This almost original car was offered for
sale on e-Bay in August, 2003



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[ Background image: Cadillac Model K coupe, the first enclosed single-cylinder Cadillac, current in 1907 ]