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(le résumé en français se trouve en bas de page)


The (New) Cadillac Database© owes the bulk of the material in this section to the research done by John Coyle ("Caddy Daddy"), in Texas, as well as by the members of the Cadillac Mailing List (CML) under the able leadership of Belgian aficionado, Rik Gruwez.

You may visit Caddy Daddy's original Web site for further details. You will also find there some Wave files with snippets of a few of the songs listed below.

If any of you have other related songs with Cadillac in the title, "Caddy Daddy" and The (New) Cadillac Database© would love top add them to the list.

Now here is a condensed listing of songs with Cadillac in the title:

"Always Drive a Cadillac"

"Back to get my Cadillac"

"Bayou Cadillac: Not Fade Away"
[ Bo Diddley, Iko Iko ]

"Bayou Cadillac : Beausoleil"

RecCvr04.jpg (56574 bytes)
[ cover photo: Jocelyn Lecocq, France ]

"Benny's Cadillac"

"Big Black Cadillac Blues"

"Big White Cadillac for Christmas"

"Black Cadillac"
[ Rosanne Cash ]

"Brand New Cadillac"
[ The Clash ]
I have no control over You Tube video clips on the Internet,
so this one may not always be available for viewing here

"Bring my Cadillac back"
[ Baker Knight ]

[ Bo Diddley ]

"Cadillac" 1
[ The Firm ]

"Cadillac" 1
[ instrumental, by Nino Rota - soundtrack of Fellini's La Dolce Vita ]
[ There's a 1994 version by Combustible Edison ]

[ Shotgun Eddie & The Ravers ]

reccvr07.jpg (6320 bytes)
Right:  45rpm single by relatively unknown
Swiss "Rockabilly" band of the eighties

[ Gang of Four ]

[ Johnny Hallyday ]

RecCvrJohnny.jpg (5808 bytes)

[ Danko Jones ]

[ Valentino - Live ]

"Cadillac Assembly Line"
[ Albert King ]

"Cadillac Avenue"
[  Wild in The Backyard, Don Henry ]

"Cadillac Baby"
[ Will Batts ]

"Cadillac Blues" 1
[ Gary Primich ]

"Cadillac Boogie"
[ Jimmy Liggins ]

"Cadillac Car"
[ The Company ]

"Cadillac Cowboys" 4
[ by Spirit on the album 'Feedback' ]

"Cadillac Cutie"
[ Doug Bowles ]

"Cadillac Daddy"
[ Mr. Highway Man ]

"Cadillac Dreams"

"Cadillac Hotel"

"Cadillac in Model 'A' "

"Cadillac Moon"
[ Mink DeVille ]

CD_COVER.jpg (11258 bytes)
As close to a Cadillac title as you can get, I guess

"Cadillac of the Skies"

"Cadillac Pimpin"
[ I have no control over You Tube videos, so I can't guarantee that they will be always available for viewing ]

"Cadillac Ranch"
[ Chris LeDoux ]

"Cadillac Ranch"
[ Bruce Springsteen ]
[from 1980 album, The River]2

"Cadillac Ranch"
[ Rick Trevino ]

"Cadillac Red"

"Cadillac Slim"
[ Benny Carter ]

"Cadillac Style"

"Cadillac Walk" 4
[ Mink DeVille on the album 'Cabretta' ]

"Cowboy Cadillac"

"Cool Daddy in a Cadillac"
[ Elvis Hitler ]

"Cruisin' down the Highway in this Big Ol' Cadillac and It's so Hard",
[ from the movie Adventures in Babysitting ]

"Daddy never was the Cadillac Kind"
[ Confederate Railroad ]

"Fifty-Eight Pink Cadillac"

HappyGuitar.jpg (5457 bytes)
"Happy Guitar" [CD]
sent to me by French enthusiast, Jocelyn Lecocq
[ even if there is NOT the name "Cadillac" in the title]

"Fleetwood Hoppin"
[ Immortal Cadillac ]

"Geronimo's Cadillac"
[ Cher ] + [Modern Talkin]

CD_COVR2.jpg (12669 bytes)
Here's the cover for Geronimo's Cadillac
by Michael Murphy

"Ghost Cadillac"1
[ The Tommyknockers ]

"Guitars, Cadillac's and Hillbilly Music"
[ Dwight Yoakam ]

"Heaven is in the Back Seat of my Cadillac"

"Herding Cattle in a Cadillac Coupe DeVille"

"I'm a Cadillac"
[ El Camino Doloroso ]

"I’m Like a Caddy"1
[ High Performance ]

"Joe Stalin's Cadillac"

"Jody's got your Cadillac"
[ Vietnam / GI Songs ]

"Life is a '59 Cadillac"
[ Fabulous Thunderbirds ]

"Lightning's Discourse on the Cadillac"
[ Lightnin' Hopkins ]

"Long White Cadillac"
[ The Blasters ]

"Look at that Cadillac"
[ Stray Cats ]

"My Pink Cadillac"
[ Hal Willys ]

"Night of the Cadillacs"

"Northside Cadillac'

"Pink Cadillac"
[ Natalie Cole -  extended Club Mix ]

"Pink Cadillac"
[ Luke and Laura Spencer ]

"Pink Cadillac"
[ Southern Pacific ]

"Pink Cadillac"
[ Rusty Draper -  7/13/1956 ]

Record56Elvis.jpg (5699 bytes)
"Pink Cadillac"
[ Elvis Presley - 24 original recordings ]


"Pretty Girls and Cadillacs"

"Rainbow's Cadillac"

"Ray's Dad's Cadillac"

"Red Cadillac and Black Mustache"
[ Bob Lumann ]

"A Redhead And A Cadillac" 1
[ Floyd Dixon ]

"Rev. Jack & His Roamin' Cadillac Church"

"Sandpaper Cadillac"

"[Save me a Seat in that] Cadillac Hearse"
[ Cadillac Tramps Specials ]

"She's an old Cadillac"

"Slick Black Cadillac"
[ Quiet Riot ]

"Slow Ass Cadillac"

"Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac"
[ Dizzy Gillespie ]

"Texas Cadillac"
[ Smokin' Joe Kubek Band -  featuring Bnols King ]

"The Cadillac Kind"
[ Confederate Railroad ]

"Twin Cadillac Valentine"
[ The Screaming Blue Messiahs ]

"V 12 Cadillac"3

"Voodoo Cadillac"

"I Want a Lavender Cadillac"
[ Maurice King & His Wolverines -
with lead singer Bea Laverne Baker]

"Wanted: a Solid Gold Cadillac"
[ The Aquatones ]

"We and our Cadillac"
[ Hep Stars (1965) ]

[Hep Stars was Björn Andersson´s band before ABBA]

"Welfare Cadillac"
[ Jerry McCain
1 ]

"Long White Cadillac", Dwight Yoakam

"Whose Cadillac is that?"

"Why Brothers Drive Cadillacs"

"Willie the Wimp (and his Cadillac Coffin)"
[ Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble ]

"You Call Yourself a Cadillac"
[ Robert Nighthawk ]

1    Information supplied by Chandler White, 5/2005
2    Added by Joe Rakes, 1998
3   Tip from CLC's Matt Merserau, 2/2005
4    From Olaf Meesters, March 2006


Late extra [May, 2000]: 

This just came in from Cadillac aficionado Lance Hirsch in Texas:

The last time I counted, there were over 1,000 songs with Cadillac in the title licensed by BMI. I didn't check with ASCAP. My estimate is that there are between 10,000 and 50,000 songs with the word Cadillac in them.

Well, I guess I had better stop this listing now, since I don't have enough Web space to include all of them here!

Check this Web site for another list of other songs with "Cadillac" in the lyrics:




Here's something that's not new but that I thought should go in this section : vinyl record covers and music CD boxes with interesting Cadillac -LaSalle models on them.  I had a whole collection of the 33 r.p.m and a few 45 r.p.m. , some of which you can see in the background image to this page.  Unfortunately, I can't find the photos. If any of you have them, please let me know.


Record covers (vinyls, tapes, CDs)
featuring a Cadillac on the cover
( many from my former collection )


RecoBE.jpg (15908 bytes)
This "brand new" 1948 Cadillac Series 62
convertible is slightly the worse for wear
[ Photo: courtesy Jerry Jansson ]

reccvr15.jpg (7194 bytes)
Hidden by the band,  a Fleetwood "75" limousine,
circa 1946-1949

reccvr01a.jpg (8463 bytes)    reccvr03.jpg (6295 bytes)    reccvr12.jpg (7428 bytes)
Lefty and center: 1951 Series 62 convertible [ obverse and reverse of same cover ]
Right:  1951 Cadillac front clip

reccvr05.jpg (6652 bytes)    RecoBL.jpg (17806 bytes)   
Left and center: 1953 Cartoon Cadillacs
Right:  Artist's view of Aretha Franklin driving a pink Le Mans,
the 1953 Motorama show car
[ Center Photo: courtesy Jerry Jansson ]

reccvr18.jpg (7807 bytes)    reccvr20.jpg (7872 bytes)    reccvr21.jpg (5130 bytes)
Left:  1954 front clip
Center: 1955 model on a vinyl from Chuck Berry
Left: Dion and the Belmonts, with '55 front clip at top right

RecCvr03.jpg (12178 bytes)
Looks like a '53, but could be also 1950-52
[ Cover photo supplied kindly by Jerry Jansson, Sweden ]

RecoBK.jpg (14322 bytes)
Looks like a 1954 model, possibly also 1955
[ Photo: courtesy Jerry Jansson ]

BrokSpok.JPG (19551 bytes)
Broken Spoke - a Texan combo,
and a 1954 Cadillac

reccvr08.jpg (7047 bytes)    RecoBO.jpg (10543 bytes)
1956 front clips
[ Photo (right): courtesy Jerry Jansson ]

Prsly_cd.jpg (6201 bytes)    RecCvr00.jpg (12550 bytes)
1958 rear clip (left); 1958 side-view (right)
[ Cover photo (right) supplied kindly by Jerry Jansson, Sweden ]

reccvr22.jpg (17107 bytes)    RecoBB.jpg (14677 bytes)
1958 Eldorado Biarritz
[ Obverse and reverse of same cover  - Photo (right) courtesy Jerry Jansson ]

reccvr19a.jpg (8473 bytes)    reccvr19b.jpg (6331 bytes)
Left (obverse): excerpts from 1958 product brochure
Right (reverse): excerpts from 1959 product brochure


Not surprisingly:  Lots of '59 tail fins

rec_covr.jpg (4594 bytes)    reccvr16.jpg (8641 bytes)    reccvr10.jpg (7429 bytes)

reccvr04.jpg (5902 bytes)    reccvr02.jpg (8007 bytes)    reccvr01.jpg (5432 bytes)
Center:  You can just see the tail end of a '59 Cadillac behind the kid in the blue jeans and blue shirt
Right:  The title of this vinyl is On the Beach

reccvr06.jpg (5156 bytes)    reccvr11.jpg (6296 bytes)    reccvr13.jpg (7373 bytes)
Left: Photo is of Hard Rock Cafe in LA

RecCvr01.jpg (17024 bytes)    Recor2.jpg (14473 bytes)    Recor3.jpg (10058 bytes)

RecoBF.jpg (15773 bytes)    RecoBG.jpg (15001 bytes)    RecoBN.jpg (14231 bytes)
The six covers in the above two rows were found and sent to me by Jerry Jansson, Sweden

Recrd'59.jpg (8476 bytes)
Not sure if this is a record ...or a book !

61INXS.JPG (13891 bytes)
This one is a poster, not a record cover
The car is a 1961 Series 60 Special sedan

reccvr14.jpg (6016 bytes)    61moroco.jpg (4698 bytes)
Behind the jukebox is a custom 1961 Fleetwood "75" convertible sedan
built for Mohamed V, King of Morocco, by France's Henri Chapron

[ in reality (right) the car is shorter than it appears on the record cover ]

RecoBD.jpg (14025 bytes)
I'm thinking 1962 Cadillac
[ Photo:  Jerry Jansson ]

RecCvr4.jpg (17529 bytes)
One more for the collection, from Jerry Jansson, Sweden4;
this one shows a 1965 Cadillac sedan (DeVille, Calais?)

reccvr17.jpg (6143 bytes)   
Custom grille cap on seventies (?) Cadillac

RecCvr02.jpg (16016 bytes)    Recor1.jpg (15206 bytes)

RecoBJ.jpg (17118 bytes)    RecoBI.jpg (14554 bytes)    RecoBC.jpg (16222 bytes)

RecoBH.jpg (12103 bytes)    RecoBM.jpg (14590 bytes)
The covers in the above two rows feature unidentified Cadillacs of the '70s, '80s and '90s
[ Photos supplied kindly by Jerry Jansson, Sweden ]



Known but missing covers

? ? ?
[ White '57 Eldorado on cover ]


4 Jerry wrote:   The Hep Stars were Sweden's biggest selling rock act in the 60's, even outselling The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The name "Hep Stars" means "Stars in the know". They were formed in 1963 and were "big" up until the late 60's. Some members of the band still get together on occasion5. In the early 70's the keyboard player, Benny Andersson, together with three other artists formed the world famous ABBA "quartet"! After ABBA, Benny and the other male ABBA member, Björn Ulveus, started writing "musicals". They composed  the musical hits for Chess, Kristina från Duvemåla  & Mamma Mia. Currently (Feb 2006), Mamma Mia plays in Broadway, Las Vegas, Antwerp, Belfast, Edinburgh, Hamburg, London, Madrid, Manchester, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Osaka, Cape Town and Pretoria. There is also an North American Tour. Jerry wonders if the Hep Stars ever owned Cadillacs back in the 60's.  He says he saw them perform lots of times then. They toured a lot in a Mustang and two Thunderbirds. Was that the thanks they gave  Cadillac for supplying them (the Hep Stars) with the title for one of their first hits!

5 Reminds me of the band, the "Furax", that I joined as a beginner bassist in 1963. We cut no records but we did regular gigs in Geneva, Switzerland, until 1965. We (and Paul Anka - remember "Diana"?) were "instrumental" in helping  the SSR (Swiss TV)   win the Rose d'Or de Montreux, in 1964!  For the last 40 years and despite crippling arthritis for some of us (i.e. me!), four out of five of the original "Furax" still get together each year for a jam session.

furax10a.jpg (8199 bytes)    furax10b.jpg (10850 bytes)
Left (1963) and from L-R:  Mike (15), Dany (15), my kid brother, Alan (16), Jack (18) and yours truly (24)
Right (2004) and from L-R:  brother Alan (57), Jack (59), Dany (56) and yours truly again (65)

styl60a.jpg (35999 bytes)
Alan is the only one who has kept up with the music; his current band is Guitars Plus;
the above photo was taken in 1989 when Alan [far left] was lead guitar with the band, Styl 60
[ the car is my former Pink Lady, a gorgeous 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz painted Siena Rose ]




Frflag.jpg (773 bytes)
(résumé en français)

La Cadillac a été "chantée" par de nombreux artistes de variété;  on doit la liste ci-dessus a John Coyle, dit "Caddy Daddy", un passionné de Cadillac qui vit au Texas et que d'aucuns d'entre vous connaîssent sûrement car il vend aussi des pièces d'occasion pour nos belles voitures.  

Certaines adjonctions/modifications sont dues aux membres de la "Cadillac Mailing List" (CML) dirigée par un autre collectionneur averti en Belgique, mon ami Rik Gruwez.

Cliquez ici pour rendre visite au site Internet de "Caddy Daddy".  Vous y trouverez entre autres quelques fichiers ".wav" pour votre plaisir auditif.


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