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It has been said in jest (and sometimes in all seriousness) that if you were to put end-to-end every Cadillac purported to have been owned or used at one time by Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n Roll, they would stretch half-way around the globe!

Here are just a few of them for your entertainment.  And if you want to visit a Web site devoted entirely to cars of "The King", click here.


Lookalik.jpg (6293 bytes)
An Elvis impersonator, in Memphis, TN,
poses with a Cadillac of the fifties


The "King" and his 1954-1955 cars


1954 "Series 60S" Fleetwood


Elvis' first Cadillac was a pink & white 1954 Series 60 Special; it was totally destroyed by fire, in June 1955, on the road from Hope, Arkansas (where he had been performing) to Texarkana (where Elvis was going to spend the night.) A brake lining had caught fire! Elvis had the car fitted with a roof rack to carry the band's instruments.

Elvis bought a second 1954 Fleetwood Limousine just before going on a tour in March 1956. Originally blue, he had it painted yellow. In the spring of 1957, Elvis moved to Graceland, and this vehicle was used to stock the grounds. One time it was used to haul fowl - chickens, ducks, guineas, peacocks and a turkey back to Graceland. The car had so much bird droppings in it that even after he sent it to the Cadillac dealer to be cleaned and fumigated, it was never the same again. Elvis told his Dad it was time to buy a new car. That's when he bought a 1958 black Cadillac Limousine.

Str55elv.jpg (5384 bytes)
In this row and the one immediately below we see Elvis and the
1954 Series 60 Special in pink and white
he used
on his early gigs with the Blue Moon Boys



You can just distinguish the tell-tale hash marks on the rear fenders  of Elvis' pink 1954 Series Sixty Special

This 54-60S is reportedly the sedan once owned by the King and destroyed by fire

I have another color pic of this car ... if I can just lay my hands on it !

elvis 55-56.jpg (45178 bytes)
A surly portrait of "The King" in early 1956, showing some "external signs of wealth";
in the foreground, right, is his '54-62 convertible (later replaced with a '56 Eldorado Biarritz),

over his left shoulder, the blue '54-75 "tour bus" and in the background, left, the '55-60S he bought for his mother

This pair of photos probably was taken the same day as the one above them; the one on the right appears to be a digitally "colorized" version of the LH snapshot

Left: By the car port of his first new home at 1034 Audubon Drive
Right: On tour in 1956

Elvis first new home at Audubon Drive in Memphis

This 1954 Series 75 "tour bus"  is reported (like so many other Cadillacs) to  have been owned by  Elvis




1954 Series 62 convertible and 1955 Series 60 Special

Elvis' yellow 1954 convertible (left) and the 1955 Series 60 Special he
bought for his Mom; he had it repainted from gray to pink and white

Kay & Linda Wheeler, founders of Elvis' first "Fan Club", bagged
this snapshop of the King's yellow 1954 Series 62 convertible

Artist's painting of Elvis in his yellow 1954 convertible
[Gita snapped the photo at the Gilmore Museum in Kalamazoo, MI, in May 2012]




Gladys Presley's 1955 Series Sixty Special

str56ep8.jpg (8619 bytes)     Str55prs.jpg (8513 bytes)
(Left and right) Gladys' pink 60S is still on display at Graceland; originally, it was originally gray

presl55mom.jpg (66436 bytes)    
This is the car Elvis bought for his mother; it was first registered by him on June 15, 1956

Here's a popular replica in 1/18 scale of Gladys Presley's 1955 Series 60 Special sedan




1955 Series 75 Fleetwood

Str54pry.jpg (6529 bytes)     Str54prm.jpg (4116 bytes)

elv55a.jpg (5466 bytes)          prsl55.jpg (8309 bytes)
Recently sold at RM's Monterey auction, August 2007, for $275K, this car was acquired by Elvis in January 1956 for transporting himself and his band to gigs. The  chassis is
 #557547481. Originally painted light blue (LH photo, top row), Elvis quickly had it repainted a more appropriate black (RH photo). Elvis used it to tour throughout the south with his original
band members, Scotty Moore, Bill Black and D.J. Fontana. Reportedly, Elvis and his band would strap their instruments to the roof of the car (LH photo)
and drive through the night
to make it to the next town where they were going to perform.  I believe the sale included several photos of Elvis with the vehicle, one outside his home in the summer of 1956, as well
 as another outside the CBS Studios in Los Angeles moments before his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Also included were the original conditional sales contract and the
original 1955 Cadillac Owner’s Manual stating, “Elvis Presley 1034 Audobon Ave. Memphis, Tenn.;” handwritten on the inside back cover. The car was on display at

the Elvis Presley Museum during the 1990s, before being put on permanent display at the Elvis-a-rama Museum in Las Vegas.

Here's an artists's rendering of Elvis with his  1955 Fleetwood


Late Extra (10/2011): The 1955 Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood limousine that Elvis Presley used to transport his band to shows all over the Southern United States will go up for auction at Bonham's Classic California sale on November 12. This well documented car was purchased by the King in January of 1956 and immediately repainted Black. He may have died a very rich man, but in '56 Elvis still needed his father to co-sign on the car. Unlike many older Cadillacs that head to auction with questionable Elvis ties, this Limo is a well documented car with clear proof it was owned by Presley. Pre sale estimates have the Fleetwood selling somewhere between $100,000 and $150,000. [Bonhams via Hemmings]


 [ Photos: Jalopnik - http://jalopnik.com ]




1956 Sedan de Ville

56PSLGVA.JPG (11149 bytes)     Str56prs.jpg (8196 bytes)     str56ep1.jpg (6694 bytes)
[These two rows] This car was once on display at Geneva's Automobile Museum, near the airport.
Like so many others, this '56 Sedan de Ville is reported to have once belonged to the "King"
[ LH photo supplied by Jean-Claude Ferrier,  a journalist on the staff  of 
La Tribune de Genève (Geneva's daily newspaper
), courtesy of the Museum ]




1956 Eldorado Biarritz


 Elvis with his Mom, Dad and brand new '56 Eldorado; the RH photo was later colorized

This photo of the 1956 Eldorado Biarritz was taken after Elvis and his family moved to Graceland, in 1957

Left and center: Hanging with a Memphis meter man in '56
Right: early girlfriend, June Juanico from Biloxi,  strikes pose for the King; the Eldo was still white then

(Left) Before the repaint; (Right and below) the car now repainted "...the color of crushed grapes"



56prs2.jpg (9966 bytes)     56prsly1.jpg (7411 bytes)
The older color photos here show the car with the original gold-anodized sabre-spoke wheels;
I'm guessing they may have been sold, later, to a collector with a lot of cash to spare




1957 Eldorado Seville

57elvisSvl.jpg (47526 bytes)         
Photo (left):  MSN home page - courtesy Jason Edge and the Forum of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc.

Thanks to CLC member, Ralph Messina, for correctly identifying the year and  model of the car in the center photo

This green 1957 Eldorado Biarritz (formerly pink) was NOT first acquired
by Elvis; it was bought much later from a local diner by Elvis Presley Enterprises
for display outside the Elvis Presley museum in Memphis, TN;
BTW, after I had bought tickets to the museum, I was told "No cameras allowed";
so I got my tickets refunded and forewent the tour! Thanks for nothing!

This 1957 Cadillac Series 62 convertible (?);
it is NOT one bought by the King

Not sure if it's a Cad ...but quite sure it's the King!



1959 Coupe de Ville

59elvs1.jpg (5314 bytes)     59elvs2.jpg (2954 bytes)     59elvs3.jpg (9630 bytes)
Like so many other Cadillacs like it, this 1959 Coupe de Ville was advertised for sale with a note in the rear window reading
"ELVIS OWNED CAR" (left and center); Elvis was in the forces, in Germany, in 1959; to my knowledge, there is no evidence

(or photo) of Elvis in this or any other 1959 Cadillac model; as the most photographed personality (next to the late Diana,
Princess of Wales), I think that if Elvis had owned this car, we would have seen   quite a few photos of him with it or in it.



1960 Coupe de Ville
(purported to have been owned by Elvis)

Like so many other "Elvis" cars, I have seen no photos of the King with (or in) this one




1960 Fleetwood Series 75 Custom Limousine
(bought second-hand and customized by Barris)

str60ep7.jpg (11278 bytes)     Dr60prsl.jpg (10545 bytes)     st60prs5.jpg (15482 bytes)

Elvis bought this one off a used car lot and had it rebuilt to his personal specifications by California Kustomizer, George Barris.  This "wild" limousine is done in a gold and white motif with portholes in the sail panels a la '57 T-Bird.  All the metal on this car is 24kt gold-plated; the top panel is gold frieze imported from France and tufted with pearl buttons. Aboard, on the headliner, there is a display of duplicates of some of the "King"'s gold records.  The semi-circular rear seat is upholstered in pleated white Naugahyde [with that kind of money, I would have got leather!].   All the windows are screened with gold lame drapes and the floor covering is white mouton throughout.  Facing the rear seat  in the rear compartment is a center lounge seat; incorporated in the division are a gold vanity case with gold electric razor, hair clipper, shoe buffer and other grooming items.  A refreshment bar is prominent; it will freeze ice cubes in 2 minutes.  A gold-plated swivel TV set completes the rear accoutrements.  Passenger and driver both may control electronically a 10-record automatic record changer, intercom and air-conditioner.  The driver has a gold-flake telephone at hand to receive and relay calls.  The translucent body color has forty coats of "pure diamond dust pearl which consists of crushed diamonds and pure fish scales from the Orient rubbed to a mirror-like luster".  This car is on display in the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum in Nashville, TN.  It was donated to the Museum by Elvis, Colonel Parker and RCA Records.  The museum "cut it open" to allow patrons to view the headliner decor!



Presl60a.JPG (37626 bytes)     Presl60.jpg (119096 bytes)

Presl60b.JPG (51104 bytes)     Presl60c.JPG (42723 bytes)
Above two and next three photos: B&W shots of the interior of  of the 1960
promotional limousine customized for "The King" by George Barris

stpsl09.jpg (4347 bytes)     stpsl06.jpg (4730 bytes)     stpsl03.jpg (5770 bytes)

Presl60d.JPG (36215 bytes)

Color Photo Album of the 1960 Limousine

     st60EPxx.jpg (26303 bytes)     st60EPxz.jpg (37098 bytes)     st60EPxy.jpg (19823 bytes)

60limoElv.jpg (7209 bytes)         

Str55pr7.jpg (7629 bytes)     Str55pr8.jpg (5122 bytes)     strps60z.jpg (7683 bytes)

The original 1959-60 Eldorado-style wheel covers later were replaced with the custom covers
seen here; the costly Eldorado covers may have been sold  to help finance the restoration!

     presl60e.jpg (236007 bytes)    
The story of this car's restoration is told in SS, 7/65, p.7



The RH rear bulkhead compartment even houses an electric shoe buffer!




1964 Fleetwood Series 75 Limousine

     64prsly.jpg (7911 bytes)    
Here is a photo of Elvis driving one of these 1964 Series 75
limousines himself. My guess is that it was one of a fleet of such
cars used (but not necessarily owned) by him for comfortable travel on tour

6475lan6.jpg (13382 bytes)
Perhaps this is one of the cars before it was restored

64prsly2.jpg (10466 bytes)     elvis64-75cus4.jpg (55380 bytes)
Whoever did the restoration put the imitation landau bars back on the wrong sides of the car.

How dumb is that?

elvis64-75cus.jpg (26514 bytes)     elvis64-75cus3.jpg (36017 bytes)

elvis64-75cus5.jpg (32818 bytes)     elvis64-75cus2.jpg (29947 bytes)




1965 "Gold" Fleetwood Eldorado
[ by George Barris of Hollywood ]

ep65l2.jpg (9210 bytes)
George Barris himself with the "King's" Cadillac


This one was built by Hollywood customizer, George Barris. He spent a lot of time with Elvis and Priscilla and then in building the car. Regretfully, Elvis passed away before Barris could finish it. The car was unveiled in 1987. It was licensed by and sold to E. P. Cosmetics and debuted in presentation events held at The Equestrian Center in Toluca Lake, California with Elvis' father,
Mr. Vernon Presley, acting as the spokesman officiating for the cosmetic company. The car began a national tour throughout 1987, sponsored by E. P. Cosmetics.

The Elvis Dream Cadillac was then purchased by Barris Kustom Industries in North Hollywood, California to extensively tour as a “Feature” in the World-of-Wheels, Autorama, and
Rod & Custom Auto shows throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.

Among its features: 14 karat gold plated exterior components, hand swirled gold leaf striping by Bob Bond,  40 coats of gold/pearl of essence lacquer paint, machined and formed gold E. P. hood ornament, interior upholstery conceived by Dick Dean, rear seat entertainment compartment, guitar-styled rear seat speakers, guitar-styled sun visors, gold RCA record discs mounted into tonneau cover, ten-year anniversary guitar pins by P.I.T.T.S. (?), etc.

Never restored since 1987, it is in its original condition, it was offered for sale on eBay in September 2007 with a $119,000 "Buy it now" price tag, the bidding stalled at $25,000. I wonder who has it today (2014) and when it will be offered again for sale at a "ridiculous" price!




Str65elv.jpg (6469 bytes)
Above,   "gold" 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado
convertible owned also by the King



ep65i.jpg (9119 bytes)     ep65b.jpg (7225 bytes)

ep65f.jpg (8310 bytes)     ep65aa.jpg (6054 bytes)     ep65g.jpg (6134 bytes)

ep65h.jpg (6167 bytes)     ep65e.jpg (6190 bytes)     ep65d.jpg (5432 bytes)     ep65ee.jpg (6467 bytes)

ep65c.jpg (5983 bytes)     ep65a.jpg (9854 bytes)     ep65ff.jpg (4867 bytes)     ep65gg.jpg (5319 bytes)
[ Photos (upper 4 rows): Internet, April 2003 ]

str65epb.jpg (9197 bytes)     str65epa.jpg (7475 bytes)
Immediately above:  1/24 scale model of that car is highly detailed,
down to the three gold records encased in the car's convertible boot cover

Check out also the "Dream Cars" section for 1965




1967 Coupe de Ville

This one too is said to have Presley connections, although I know of no photos of him with or in the car




1968 "Gold"  Fleetwood Eldorado coupe

This car was offered for sale on Ebay in Dec. 2007, with a "Buy-It-Now" price of $250,000 ...less $32 change! Described as one of pop culture’s ultimate conversation pieces, Elvis traded in his '66 Olds Toronado, in Memphis, and got this 1968 Cadillac Eldorado. He drove it on personal business a little more than a year until one day it refused to start. Elvis drew a pistol and fired a shot into the right front fender. Fortunately, the shot was not fatal (to the car). Thrilled with the recent birth of his daughter Lisa Marie, Elvis gave the Cadillac to his stepfather, Col. Beaulieu. It was eventually purchased by an Australian businessman and later returned to America. Elvis’s logo, “TCB” (Takin’ Care of Business) appears on each door. Documents offered with the car included the original title signed by Elvis as well as copies of the original bill of sale, registration and certificate of insurance, all in the King's name.

Late Extra [April, 2009]: Now located in Auburn, Indiana, the car was offered again on Ebay, this time with a starting bid of $90,000.  There were NO bidders.



Str68ply.jpg (7262 bytes)     Str68psl.jpg (12160 bytes)
Above, a 1968 "gold" Eldorado also reported to have belonged to Elvis Presley;
he is said to have taken a shot at it with a hand gun!

This photo probably was taken close to the time Elvis took delivery of the Eldorado;
on the left is another Elvis favorite: a Lincoln continental of the same vintage

st68elPrs1.jpg (9758 bytes)     presl67a.jpg (32439 bytes)

presl67b.jpg (39739 bytes)    

st68elPrs2.jpg (5390 bytes)     st68elPrs3.jpg (1217 bytes)     st68elPrs4.jpg (3290 bytes)     st68elPrs5.jpg (1499 bytes)
The images at the right show the (alleged) bullet hole in the front, RH fender;
if you've ever shot at a car, you'll know that a bullet hole does not look like this!
[ Photos:  Internet, Dec., 2007 ]




1968 Sedan de Ville




1970s Fleetwood 75 Limousine

str70sElv.jpg (7267 bytes)
1970s Fleetwood Series 75 sedan

This car may not have been owned by the star, but may have been used
simply as chauffeured transport to and from one of his rare concert appearances




1971 Sedan de Ville

         elv71a.jpg (6074 bytes)
Thanks to CLC member, Ralph Messina, for correcting the model from "Fleetwood" to "Sedan de Ville"




1972 Station Wagon (conversion)


Late Extra [Dec., 2008]: The car was been offered for sale on Ebay with a "Buy-It-Now" price of $160,000 (give or take $50); it is located in Largo, FL, and has 73,000  mi. on the odometer. Later [Aug., 2009]:  The car is again on eBay. It still resides in Largo, FL. The "Buy-It-Now" price is up by $90K to $250,000! Here's what the vendor has to say about the car: What you are looking at is Elvis Presley's personally owned custom built Cadillac station wagon. Of all the cars Elvis owned this Cadillac station wagon is considered the rarest and most sought after. This car is extremely rare as only two of these wagons were made identical in 1972 by the American Sunroof Co. which is no longer in business. The other identical wagon to this was built for legendary singer/actor Dean Martin however its whereabouts are unknown and remain a mystery. This wagon is titled in Elvis Presley's name and is highly documented including the original Tennessee title. There are a lot of phony copycats out there but only 1 real  one that was owned and driven by Elvis Presley. This wagon is totally original except for repaint. The chrome, glass, interior, drive train, vinyl roof and luggage rack are in fantastic shape. Elvis was often seen driving this wagon all over the country and once left it at a Palm Springs airport for 6 months. Elvis also gave this car as a gift to  Colonel Parker but the Colonel gave it back to him because Elvis always wanted to borrow it. Elvis spent a lot of time with his family and friends in this wagon because it was comfortable and roomy. He drove this Cadillac more than any other car he owned. This Cadillac wagon remained at Graceland after the Kings death in 1977. The staff at Graceland used it regularly. In 1999 it was auctioned off to help cover expenses of the Elvis Presley Museum. Now it is ten years later and being offered to all you Collectors. Also included in the sale are lots of Elvis memorabilia, posters, pictures, autographs and collectibles. You will not be dissapointed with the purchase investment of this outstanding collectible. For further information or to view call Gary at 727-530-0075. Later still [Feb., 2010]:  The car appeared on eBay for the third time. In this instance, the "Buy-it-Now" price was set at $5 short of $150,000 (that is $100,000 LESS than the price advertised just 6 months ago).   On this occasion, bidding reached "only" $55.600; is it possible that the memory of Elvis has begun to fade, after "only" 32 years, in the minds of those who MIGHT have bought in the past a car with which "The King" had been closely associated? Even Later [Mar., 2010]: The car was relisted but this time bidding reached "only" $16,600. Again [Mar., 2010]:  The wagon was relisted (4th time). The high bid was $35,900 (better than last time but still not enough). The dealer wanted $150.000.  No sale ensued. Latest [Sept. 2013]: I saw the car in Holland, in September 2013; apparently it finally found a new buyer at an agreed price.




prs72wag2.jpg (6103 bytes)     elv72wag2.JPG (8973 bytes)     elv72wag1.JPG (7061 bytes)     elv72wag3.JPG (7167 bytes)
Conversion from 1972 sedan (top row) to station wagon
This one remained for a long time at Graceland, after the king's death
[ Photos: © and courtesy of the current (2007) owner, Ken Lucci ]

preslwag1.jpg (24790 bytes)     strPres2.jpg (13604 bytes)     preslwag7.jpg (24124 bytes)

 preslwag2.jpg (19314 bytes)     preslwag6.jpg (21143 bytes)

 preslwag4.jpg (24020 bytes)     preslwag5.jpg (21513 bytes)     preslwag3.jpg (41624 bytes)

The car resides currently (2013) in Amsterdam where I was able to have a close look
during the biennial Cadillac Grand International meet there





1973 Fleetwood Eldorado

str73epr.jpg (5826 bytes)     st73psl3.jpg (5804 bytes)

Above is Elvis' triple white 1973 Eldorado coupe that he purchased from Madison Cadillac
in Memphis for $10,002.48.  The car had the full options package as well as a custom radiator
cap and hood.  On the invoice, Elvis' address was given as 3764 Elvis Presley Blvd.
An Internet source says Elvis presented this car to his karate professor, Master Kang Rhee. 
Photo at top right  was taken at night behind Kang Rhee's Karate studio, off Brooks Rd. in   Memphis




The would-be "million-dollar" (1974) Presleymobile

This 1974 Fleetwood Brougham was acquired by Elvis and used by him for a couple of years. It was later on display in the Bayville, CA,  showroom of Boardwalk Mazda & Subaru, on Route 9. In an article published in the Ocean County Times Observer on Sunday December 14, 1980, the owners (automobile dealer Ernie Snyder and his wife,  Shirley) said  the car was a gift by the King to one of his aunts, from whom Snyder acquired it in 1980 ... at an undisclosed price (but surely a LOT less than the couple were asking for it, later, after asserting vehemently that they would NEVER sell it, NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY WERE OFFERED  [my emphasis].

I guess the Snyders must later have changed their mind (and their tune). Indeed, they effectively attempted to sell the car on Ebay on a number of occasions  between 2003 and 2009 (with little success, I might add). Methinks the owners were perhaps a mite too greedy! The first starting price I saw for this "ordinary", 4-door Cadillac sedan was $1.2 million !!! Later, it was reduced to $750,000, then  $600,000 (actually $599,000! ... in an ad published by "Jalopnik" in 2002), then $400,000, then $250,000 [in June 2007] and then back up to $1 short  $600,000 [in 2009]. I wonder who has the car today (2014) and what the ACTUAL selling price was ...

Interestingly, it was described thus on eBay: This one of a kind automobile that was originally purchased buy Elvis Presley for his personal use. He and his special family and friends used drove the vehicle for pleasure and local tours in the Memphis area. This 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham has only 17,000 original miles and has all the Cadillac special options. Specifically, it’s [sic] many options include: Elvis’s choice of Special white leather interior, custom sunroof, custom front grill and hood ornament and safety/security features. Adding to its singular distinction among celebrity autos, it was used in Elvis’s funeral motorcade [my emphasis], as seen in video of that memorable passing.” 

One person who commented on that description, later, said:  From the grammar and mechanics of that paragraph, I’m guessing the seller is a former member of the Memphis Mafia. Uh-oh ! He added that although the car is valued at over $1 million dollars, according to the seller [and again my own emphasis], you can have it today [2009] for the giveaway price of "only" $1 less than $600,000. That is not much of a bargain considering the buyer of  a 3-lot "Elvis" package at the same venue got the "gold" 1968 Eldorado (the one with the bullet hole in the RH front fender), a private jet AND a large diamond ring, for just $1,000 more.  

Mr. Snyder is quoted as saying, "We didn't buy it for business reasons; we bought it for personal reasons, because we loved Elvis. We have all of his records. If I did [make a business of it] I would take out an ad saying, 'Come see Elvis Presley's car'.   Everybody wanted to make money off him after he died."  In my opinion, despite his assertions to the contrary, Mr. Snyder himself is one of those who wanted to "make money" off this particular (not very desirable) Presley car.  Were he selling one of the King's' early Cadillacs, like the Graceland 1955 Fleetwood Series 60 Special or the "grape-juice" purple 1956 Eldorado, then he might hope to find a buyer willing to pay over $100 grand for the car;  but who, in this world,  is ready to pay six figures (nay seven, as first claimed by the vendor) for a "run-of-the-mill" 1974 Fleetwood Brougham with only a grille-cap and replica Flying Lady to distinguish it from its 18,250 sister-cars?

I was not alone in expressing some negative comments about the vendor's estimate as to what this Presley-mobile might be worth.  Here are a few of them:

-  The buyer is under the mistaken impression that this caddy, once owned by Elvis, is worth more than $100,000. I mean, Elvis owned so many cars this should probably be closer to $59,000, 1/10th the current asking price. Even at $59k. I would call it crack; but then again I'm not a rich Elvis fan. Someone would buy it at $59k, anyone who has smoked enough crack to buy it at $599k doesn't have the brain cells left to complete the eBay transaction.

-  For that price I would want the thing to be personally driven by Elvis upon delivery.

-  It's a nice old Caddy, but even if you did find a toenail clipping while rummaging for change in the back seat, it would still be worth a few grand at best (the car, that is).

When I (and others) suggested to the vendor that he was simply exploiting the King's memory he said: You are an horrible, negative person.  Such people [he meant to add "like you"] die of cancer, and what  goes around usually, by Karma, comes around.

Well, folks,  I guess the nasty crab is gonna get me!

Aaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh  ! ! ! ! !


Str55p11.jpg (7097 bytes)     74psly.jpg (4345 bytes)     elv74brm.jpg (5886 bytes)   





1975 Fleetwood Brougham

      74elvis.jpg (6665 bytes)

This car was on show in Germany, in 2007, with a placard stating
that it was "Elvis' Last Car"; it is like the "Million Dollar" car, above
[ check out this You Tube video of the car ]




1976 Fleetwood "Talisman" Super-Fly


ElvisCustA.jpg (89012 bytes)     ElvisCustB.jpg (63207 bytes)
 This car allegedly belonged to the King; it (is?) displayed in the (SUPERB) Loumann auto museum in Holland




1976 Fleetwood Eldorado

76psvaca.jpg (9076 bytes)     76epelde.jpg (9125 bytes)

76epelc.jpg (5881 bytes)     76epeldo.jpg (3508 bytes)    
76epeldd.jpg (6826 bytes)

Str55p13.jpg (8543 bytes)     76epeldb.jpg (5356 bytes)     Str55p14.jpg (8859 bytes)
This 1976 Eldorado coupe [VIN #: 6L47S6Q181197 ] is described as Presley's last "vacation car" to be purchased by the King before
his death on August 16, 1977.  Elvis bought it in Denver, CO, on January 14, 1976, to take him on skiing trips to Vail.  With options,
including an electric sunroof, the car cost Presley $14,409, a lot more than the suggested retail price of $10,586.  Wheel covers are
burnished brass and the doors carry the King's trademark initials "TCB" [Taking Care of Business].   Presley subsequently added
a TV, mini-bar and cup holder in the rear passenger area, as well as CB up front.  His name is engraved on a plaque on the dashboard
[presumably added later by the speculators from Tennessee who bought the car and insured it for one million dollars before taking
it on a country-wide tour].   Elvis bought this one used it for a vacation and then donated it to a police officer in his employ. It resided
for many years in the Imperial Palace Collection, Las Vegas, NV;  the hotel offered the car up for sale, by auction, in April, 2001;
[The photo on the left, immediately above, is © by Jim Smithbauer];

LATE EXTRA: the car was again for sale through the Kruse organization, June18, 2001.




1976 Fleetwood Eldorado

Str55p12.jpg (10975 bytes)     st76psl1.JPG (10932 bytes)
It is reported that Elvis bought this one after a concert in Denver, CO, on January 14, 1976;
he got the dealer out of  bed so that he could buy the Cadillac that was in the showroom window;

it is exhibited today (?) in the Car Collectors Hall of Fame museum on Music Row in Nashville, TN




1976 Cadillac Seville

This car is reported to have Presley connections; it was sold at auction on June 16, 2001; there was no indication of the selling price but the starting bid was $30,000! It was described thus in the vendor's ad: Elvis Presley's Cadillac Seville.  A 1976 silver and maroon Cadillac Seville, fuel injected 350 Oldsmobile, with red leather interior, originally purchased by, and registered to, Elvis Presley. Vin No. 6S69R6Q456183 and Title No. 4306098 The Cadillac has 60,000 on the clock. This Cadillac was given to Elvis' dentist, Dr. Hofman, as a gift. It is accompanied by corresponding paperwork including; the car's original title signed by Elvis, a copy of the original Elvis Presley signed affidavit transferring the title to Dr. Hofman, together with a letter from Dr. Hofman describing the day Elvis personally delivered the car to him. The lot is also accompanied by a photo of Elvis driving the car through the gates of Graceland together with a letter of authenticity from the ELVIS-A-RAMA Museum. Late Extra (January, 2003): The car was again offered for sale at auction on e-Bay (item #1876830299); the description read Purchase Elvis Presley's Cadillac. Most vehicles purchased by him were not registered to him. This vehicle was purchased by and registered to Elvis Presley on July 30, 1975. Incredible BONUS is that there is a PHOTO of him driving this vehicle through the gates of Graceland. This Cadillac has been on display at the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM in Las Vegas, NV. With the Cadillac comes a photo of Elvis driving the car [above], a copy of the State of Tennessee certificate of title in Elvis Presley's name, a copy of  the signed affidavit gifting the car to his dentist, and a copy of the assignment of title signed by Elvis. This car was given to Dr. Lester Hofman, who was his dentist of 20 years and saw Elvis on the eve of his death. Similar cars without the equivalent documentation have sold for $90,000 at the 1994 Butterfield auction and $75,000 at the 1999 Guernsey's auction [ this last statement would suggest that the owner won't be entertaining any bids under $100,000; BTW, the car now has 65K miles ]

I said in 2001: "Like all the other 'common' Presley cars, I guess we'll be seeing this one for sale regularly". Well, it reappeared at the annual Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, on January 22, 2011. The catalog description reads:

This '76 Cadillac was given by Elvis Presley as a gift to Dr. Hofman and was kept in his hands for 22 years. It exchanged hands with only a few people since then, but none have had a more special connection than Dr. Hofman. The grey and burgundy 4 door '76 Cadillac features a fuel injected 350cid Oldsmobile engine with an automatic 700R4 transmission. The vinyl roof along with accent stripes adds to the character of the car. Red leather covers the interior that seats six people comfortably. The vehicle features power windows, power locks, automatic trunk lock, remote control mirrors and automatic climate control. The high energy ignition system cranks up Elvis's ride, while front disc brakes, a 2.56:1 axle ratio and Firestone steel-belted radial tires put the car to the pavement. With only 61,500 original miles on the odometer, this vehicle is still in great condition. Besides the history, this vehicle comes with a copy of the car's original title signed by Mr. Presley, a copy of the original Elvis Presley signed affidavit transferring the title to Dr. Hofman and a letter from Dr. Hofman describing the day Elvis personally delivered the car to him.



Str55p15.jpg (11595 bytes)

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st76SvlPrs1.jpg (42375 bytes)     st76SvlPrs2.jpg (40333 bytes)



1976 and 1977 Cadillac Seville models

     Str55p16.jpg (18011 bytes)
Two more 1976-77 Cadillac models with reported Presley connections




1977 Fleetwood ?

Str55p17.jpg (11481 bytes)
1977 Fleetwood also reported as having been used by "The King" 
...who died in August that year




Elvis' funeral in 1977

stpsl02.jpg (7368 bytes)     stpsl01.jpg (9655 bytes)
Left:  the King's mortal remains leave Graceland in a white Cadillac hearse, which then winds its way
through the city of Memphis, TN, leading a long motorcade of similar cars (right and below)

Stpsl0.jpg (7725 bytes)     stpsl00.jpg (5759 bytes)
A motorcade of white Cadillacs for the King's funeral

Str55p19.jpg (6525 bytes)
"The King"'s funeral procession contained tens of white
Cadillac limousines and hearses like this one, in which
he was driven through the streets of Memphis to his burial spot



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