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Fake Cadillac crests and mascots

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FRFLAG.JPG (773 bytes)
(le résumé en français se trouve en bas de page)



crst30.JPG (6862 bytes)
This is a montage from an illustration
in the 1930 Cadillac Fleetwood catalog;
in that catalog, only the LH side of the crest

is used; so half of it is fake, right?



In more than forty years of collecting Cadillac memorabilia I have come across a number of fake Cadillac crests.  The best looking one was featured on a set of so-called  older Cadillac wheel covers that someone was offering for sale on the Internet, in October 1999.  Here it is:


crstfak1.jpg (9556 bytes)    crstfak2.jpg (10742 bytes)
On the image, right, note how the pearls in the crown are shaped
like diamonds instead of  being circular. The four quarterings also
are reversed; the top right quarter should be at top left and the lower
left quarter should be at lower right.  In addition, the four parts of
the first and fourth quarterings on this image are mis-oriented;
if you tilt them 90° to the left, then they would be OK.   BTW, the traditional merlettes of the authentic Cadillac wheel centers are replaced here with a geometric design in the form of  black dots with a white line cutting diagonally through them.  Also on the authentic Cadillac sombrero wheel covers, made from 1946 through 1952, there are, in addition, four concentric rings, in gold color, around the outer perimeter of the detachable, center crest piece



At first, I thought that the photos had been reversed in the preceding fake, but then I saw part of a name on the cardboard box, which reads correctly, so I guess the crest is in reverse and not the photo.  Here are some more:


  WC_FAKEB.JPG (5089 bytes)    WC_FAKEC.JPG (2168 bytes) 
This cover was for sale on e-Bay in Nov.-Dec. 2002; it was described as being possibly a Cadillac or Lincoln wheel cover. The "V" and crest suggest Cadillac in preference to Lincoln, but that's as far as the resemblance goes; on the red part of the shield (image above, right) is some kind of  a bird (swan?) reminiscent of Cadillac's "merlettes"

FAKE_EMB.JPG (4718 bytes)    FAKE_EM2.JPG (2840 bytes)
The same fake crest on a Sombrero hubcap
of the late forties or early fifties




wcfk50s.jpg (5059 bytes)    emfk50s.JPG (3290 bytes)
On the image, right, note how the "merlettes" are mixed in
with the other parts of the crest.  The dividing bar or "fess"
is missing.  This one includes concentric rings around
the circular emblem, but it is still a fake

wc_fake50s.jpg (13216 bytes)
This one is similar, though not as colorful




WC_FAKED.JPG (4752 bytes)    WC_FAKEE.JPG (2539 bytes)

WC57FAKE.JPG (4822 bytes)    WC57FAK2.JPG (2884 bytes)
Two more fake Cadillac wheel covers
and medallions



Fake75el.jpg (4478 bytes)    Fake75el2.jpg (3809 bytes)    Fake75el3.jpg (4427 bytes)
At far right is the center cap for the covers shown at left and center;
These covers were seen on a  1975 Eldorado convertible; they are not factory-issue




emfakem2.jpg (4623 bytes)    Fakembl2.jpg (2948 bytes)

scptxx.jpg (6288 bytes)
These are some more Cadillac wannabe items, probably from the early to
late sixties; the crest on the left has dots in lieu of ducks; in the 2nd and 3rd
quarterings, the colors are reversed (red should be at top left and lower right);
note in the RH Crest the absence of the merlettes and the addition of a stylized
custom car below the five-pointed crown; origin of lower Cadillac script
plate is unknown (perhaps it is a New York Cadillac dealer's plate)

scpt_mys.jpg (5278 bytes)
The script is convincing but the whole
medallion is a non-authentic Cadillac piece



Many firms in the fifties and sixties tried to capitalize on the Cadillac image by manufacturing Cadillac parts and emblems that looked authentic, although they would not stand up to scrutiny. I have seen a couple of other fake crests like the ones on the foregoing wheel covers, but the latter really almost fooled me into bidding for them.

Below are some replica hood mascots that closely resemble the authentic mascots of 1930-31, 1936-37, 1941 and 1946-1956.

In the mid-sixties a Cadillac aficionado by the name of Wilber F. Sanders was offering (in the Self-Starter for February, 1965) a reproduction 1930-31 Flying Lady for circa $55.  I don't know if this project ever came to fruition and, if it did, how many of these repro mascots were made.

The fake 1941 Cadillac Goddess was especially popular in the seventies with some customizes who found it necessary, inter alia,  to add a Rolls-Royce type grille cap to beautify (?) their Cadillac.


faketoot.jpg (4339 bytes)
This fake Cadillac "Trumpet Tooter"
was offered for sale on e-Bay in 2/2003

msctls29.jpg (3286 bytes)
This winged Icarus was described as a hood mascot for the 1929 LaSalle
I don't think so; it may have been an accessory house specialty for various makes of the time

fakemsct.jpg (5118 bytes)    fakemb3.jpg (3528 bytes)
This one bears a very vague resemblance with the V16 mascot for the 1933 models;
item on the right (sans "wings") was for sale on e-Bay in July, 2002

Fakemas1.jpg (3229 bytes)    fakemasc.jpg (2855 bytes)
These two similar mascots were offered for sale on e-Bay, in 2001,
as authentic Cadillac mascots; face and body are similar to the two abobve it

faklady1.jpg (4009 bytes)    FakeGodd.JPG (4477 bytes)    30msct.jpg (5401 bytes)
Left and center: I've seen this fake Flying Lady offered as a
genuine item for the 1930-31 Cadillac V16 (right)!

emfakx.jpg (2708 bytes)
Here is another fake Goddess from the 30s

32heronf.jpg (2333 bytes)    msct3233.jpg (3386 bytes)
Left:  fake 1930-32 mascot; right: a genuine article

msc40fk1.jpg (4352 bytes)    msc40fk2.jpg (4397 bytes)

msc40fk3.jpg (4072 bytes)
Seen on e-Bay, May 2000, this mascot was advertised
as a 1940 Cadillac Flying Lady.  Anyone seen it before?

fakecrsg.jpg (10524 bytes)    fakecrsf.jpg (3383 bytes)
This bizarre hood mascot was offered for sale on e-Bay in 2/2003
The stand-up portion of the unit appears to be from the seventies or eighties




The mascot used on Cadillac cars of 1941 and 42 was, in fact, the handle for the latch mechanism to lock and release the motor hood.   Probably the most
ornate of all the mascots was the 1941 model.  Like the one for 1942 it was cast in one piece, integral with the hood latch mechanism, which makes it difficult
to exhibit simply as an art object, unless you build a large, box-like base to conceal the bulky mechanism. In the seventies, the 1941 mascot became a popular
accessory with many customizers.  A light-weight replica was made; it sold by the hundreds.  The replica is usually easy to recognize because on many of them
the interior of the wings are smooth, although I have seen a couple with inner "feathers", suggesting there may have been two versions; the repro mascot
is hollow (light-weight) and smaller (shorter) than the original.  In addition, there is no base (i.e. no integral hood latch mechanism)

41msct.jpg (10905 bytes)

Msct41.jpg (6293 bytes)    msct41a.JPG (7083 bytes)
Above two rows: the authentic mascot for 1941 with latch mechanism and inner wing "feathers" (right) 


The fake units

Fake41.jpg (7483 bytes)

msct41fk.JPG (4311 bytes)     41fkd.jpg (4737 bytes)
Two different styles of the light-weight, fake mascot marketed in the seventies
by GEM Manufacturing Co., Inc. of Chicago, IL [box cover, top photo]
[ Photos: © 1999, Yann Saunders ]

fk42msct.jpg (7145 bytes)    msct41fk.JPG (5600 bytes)    Emfakems.jpg (5929 bytes)
The inside surface of the wings on most of these fake 1941 Goddess mascots are smooth,
which make them readily identifiable as fakes (although I have seen a couple with
the wings correctly "feathered" on the interior); these light-weight repro mascots were made in the
seventies and cost around $10 each; they were popular with customizers

41GODFAK.JPG (5369 bytes)    5875EMB.JPG (7657 bytes)
The replica '41 emblem regained  popularity among Cadillac cutomizers
in the seventies.  The one on the right gives a retro look to a 1958 custom Cadillac limousine

[ Photo:  Internet, 2004 ]




msctfk05.jpg (2964 bytes)    msctfk06.jpg (3336 bytes)
Although the face may look familiar, this hood mascot is not an authentic Cadillac item




msctfk2b.jpg (5865 bytes)
(Above and below) This is a fake winged Goddess representing that of the late forties and early
fifties It is easily identified by the spine that runs down  from the cranium to the lower
back; in addition, the wings (hair) flow back from the forehead in lieu of the shoulders;
according to one source, it was made for the Nash automobile

msctfk2a.jpg (6041 bytes)

Hoodorn3.jpg (3679 bytes)    fk50crs2.jpg (2991 bytes)    repmsctb.jpg (2948 bytes)
Notice how the wings on the authentic mascot (left) flow up and back from the bust line, whereas
on the replica (center and right) the wings flow straight and  back from the brow of the figurine




The following are authentic car mascots
that belong to other automobile marques

    godaubrn.jpg (6366 bytes)
This one is from an Auburn of the thirties

godbuick.jpg (4883 bytes)    godplymt.jpg (5563 bytes)
Left: Buick,  Right: Plymouth

god36bui.jpg (6811 bytes)
This 1936 Buick mascot resembles the
La Salle "bullet" mascot of the same vintage





emfakvsp.jpg (4601 bytes)
This Cadillac lookalike crest is, in fact,
an after-market item for the Italian Vespa motor scooter



If you have more of these replicas, send them in !
[wanted, in particular, a picture of the 1930-32 replica "Goddess"]



FRFLAG.JPG (773 bytes)
(résumé en français)

Cette page est consacrée aux faux emblèmes et figurines de proue que le collectionneur peut rencontrer parfois sur son chemin.  Avis aux amateurs!



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