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Hub caps and wheel cover insignia
[Part 1 - 1902-1979]

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FRFLAG.JPG (773 bytes)
(le résumé en français se trouve en bas de page)


Wheel covers and hub caps have been used on Cadillac and La Salle automobiles from the earliest years of production.  On these pages I will try to show you as many of them as possible.  The different models available number well over 100.  New ones appeared almost every year and sometimes there were two or three different ones for a given year, especially after 1975.

I have always found them very decorative.  When we still lived in Switzerland I built up a collection of some 100 of them over a period of twenty years. The finest of them were exhibited in the "music room" of our former home; that's where we used to get together, my brother, some buddies and I to make rock 'n roll noises. I started making a suspended ceiling to show them off to better advantage, but then we decided to emigrate.  I donated the collection to my eldest son, Philip [he's from way before Gita]; Philip used to own and operate a slot-car racing club near Geneva, in Switzerland. They were decorated with Cadillac wheel covers! Now he's into home decoration.

The collecting bug got me again soon after we landed in the USA and I now have, once again, a modest but growing collection of these colorful covers.

As I omitted to take pictures of all those in my former collection, this page will be built up gradually as I acquire more covers. You may also contribute to it by sending me a photo of one of the covers on your car, if it is not already displayed here; of course, you will be credited for your submission. In addition, if any Database users can provide better images of the wheel covers in this section, please feel free to do so.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  In many cases, it is wise to photograph the wheels and covers from a slight angle to better appreciate the depth of the dish (e.g. 1953, 1954-55, 1956, 1961 through 1964).

The purpose of the earliest hub caps was that of our contemporary grease cups over the wheel bearings, that is to keep out dirt and grime.

Very quickly they became a strategic location on the car where the manufacturer could discreetly advertise his products four times (...unless he was a maker of three-wheeled vehicles!)

And then it was not too long before these hub caps and wheel covers became highly  decorative adjuncts to the cars themselves.

Before we get too deeply engrossed in the topic, I should like to take this opportunity to thank CLC member, Tom Hall, from California, for his corrections and suggestions how to improve these pages. I am no expert on post-1970 Cadillacs, so do let me know if you find any erroneous captions for these covers as well as any others listed below.

And for those who are looking to buy hub caps and wheel covers or to get additional images, especially of late-model covers, I recommend a visit to this site [the link was working in 2006 but I can't guarantee its permanence].


Early Hub Caps
[ 1905-1929 ]


1.wc04frt.jpg (3047 bytes)
This snapshot of an early, round-shaped, brass Cadillac hub cover was
supplied kindly by Andrew J. Monahan of the Raritan Region CLC;
it came blank but you could get the "Cadillac" script at extra cost

1a1904hub.jpg (4614 bytes)   1bWc0305.jpg (4914 bytes)
1a and 1b. Cadillac wheel hub cap and center inscription from circa 1904-05
[ Photo (right): © 2007 and courtesy Andrew J. Monahan, CLC ]


Thanks to CLC member, Andrew J. Monahan of the Raritan River Region CLC for suggesting to separate the pre-1905 hub covers (above),
marked "CADILLAC AUTOMOBILE COMPANY" from those of 1906-08 (below) marked "CADILLAC MOTOR CAR COMPANY" -
Andrew wrote:
  After this year's Grand National [2008], we should have enough photos of hub caps to cover all early years and models.
Models had different sizes of hub caps as well because of the axles being up-graded for heavy duty.   I'm in contact with a couple
of club members now who
are also helping me lock in some of these years of hub caps. I will keep you posted with everything.


2 06hub.jpg (5317 bytes) 2a wc04-05.jpg (6762 bytes) 2b WC1914.JPG (5249 bytes)  2cwc05.JPG (4731 bytes) 3 Wc05.jpg (5224 bytes)
2.  Artist's rendering of the embossed lettering reads Cadillac Motor Car Co, Detroit, Mich., USA
2a/2b/2c.  Center cap inscription, circa 1906-08
3.  All these models could be tightened and loosened with a wrench; the earliest ones apparently  were only hand tight

4 WCOLD.JPG (3946 bytes)  5 wc20s.jpg (6281 bytes)     wc_swan.jpg (3970 bytes)    wc_swan2.jpg (4424 bytes)
In 1908, Cadillac adopted the slogan Standard of the World
and had the latter embossed on the subsequent hub caps

4. Here we have mixture of polished brass and nickel
5.  This pair of hub caps is all nickel over bronze; CLC member Andrew J. Monahan, of the Raritan Region,
identified this one as being from 1914 (the last of the 4-cyl. Cadillacs); the crown features 18 "pearls" or "points"
[the enlarged views, right, show the 18-pearl crown, with swans in lieu of merlettes]

5a WC20S.JPG (4067 bytes)
Not sure about this one; late twenties ?
(possibly just a duplicate of #5, above)

6 WC20S1.JPG (3293 bytes)  7 WCUNK2.JPG (3381 bytes)
6.  My guess, 1908-09, pointed crown, worn off nickel-plating
7.  Mistake (???) or "personalized" Cadillac wheel hubs? Or perhaps "Dodge Beothers"???

8 wcap20s.jpg (3786 bytes)  9 WC20SCAP.JPG (3685 bytes) 10 wlhb20s.jpg (4459 bytes) 11 WOOD_WHL.JPG (5177 bytes) 12 24WodWhl.jpg (8508 bytes)
8. 1915 and later;  9.  early twenties;   10. and 11.   Similar type, restored  with erroneous chrome-plating; 12. 1924 artillery wheel
[ Photos #10 and 11: © 2002, J. Scott Harris ]

12 WC31V8B.JPG (3839 bytes)
Unsure: my guess is a sidemount
hub cap from 1928-29



Classic Hub Caps and Wheel Covers
[ 1930-1942 ]


13 WC31812.JPG (5241 bytes) 14 WCSP31V8.JPG (4255 bytes) 15 WCSP31VB.JPG (3794 bytes)
Screw-on hub caps of the early thirties featured "arrows" around the circumference, and the
words "On" (left) and "Off" (right) to indicate the clockwise and anti-clockwise turning directions

13.   1931 V8 and V12 hub cap;  14.   Sidemount cover, same year and models;  15.  [Hub detail]

 16 wl32wod.jpg (5799 bytes) 17 Wc16wood.jpg (5910 bytes)  17awc30vdp.jpg (6432 bytes)
16. Standard Cadillac wheels up to the early thirties were the wood artillery type;
they tended to look quite "odd" when equipped with chrome-plated hub caps
17.  This was the more appropriate hub cap for these wooden, artillery wheels; here on a V16
17a.  Cadillac made also a steel, dished wheel in the late 20's and early '30s; these used a similar cap to the wooden, artillery wheels

18 Wcv630.jpg (5700 bytes)    18awcv6b.jpg (3801 bytes) 18abwc3031v6b.jpg (7443 bytes) 18ac30v6cvr.JPG (4893 bytes) 18ad31v12spare.jpg (28005 bytes)
18/18a/18b: This early V-16 hub cap was more suited to and suitable for the increasingly popular spoked wheels;
they were available with a blue center (V-12 models) or black center (V-8 models)
18ac/ad.  [for info] This is what the side-mounted spare looked like with the chromed steel cover option

18aWC32V6B.JPG (5983 bytes) 18bWC32V6.JPG (4202 bytes)
18a and 18b. This hub cap is from a 1932 V-16; the black
paint on the outer ring has rubbed off [see #16, above]

19 WC32DISC.JPG (5586 bytes)  20 wdsc31.jpg (4346 bytes)
It is said that the wheel "disc" was invented by a chauffeur who hated cleaning wire wheels!
19.  Catalog illustration of the new, 1932 wheel "discs"

20.  Detail of the new disc (this one was for sale on the Internet in 2000)

21WC3233CP.JPG (5229 bytes) 2233HubS.JPG (54631 bytes) 22a33Centers.jpg (6405 bytes)
21. and 22.   Screw-on hub caps continued to be popular in 1933; these are the V8 and V12 models
22a. brass center medallion for 1933 V-8 hub cap (unrestored and restored) 

23 WC33DISC.JPG (5676 bytes) 24 wc3316.JPG (3529 bytes) 24awc34aero.jpg (7682 bytes)  25wc37V16.jpg (8065 bytes)
23.  This full wheel disc and screw-on hub cap was photographed on a V12 in Colorado in 2000
24/24a/25.   V16 "Hollywood spinner" hub cap popular on sixteen-cylinder Cadillac models from 1933-37

25awc34.JPG (5034 bytes) 25bWc34spar.jpg (3727 bytes)

25cWC3435.jpg (3979 bytes) 26 WC36.JPG (5749 bytes) 27 WC36B.JPG (4023 bytes)
25a and 25c.  Spin-off hub cap for the 1934-35 models, with CADILLAC in block letters
25b special hub cap with winged emblem for side-mounted spares (1934-35?)
26.  Full Full wheel cover for 1936 with Cadillac in script

27.  More commonly used in 1936 were these hub caps, also with the Cadillac script

28 WC37.JPG (4540 bytes) 28a 37wc.jpg (4725 bytes) 28bwc37aa.jpg (8406 bytes) 29 Wc39b.jpg (3111 bytes) 30 WC39V6.JPG (4132 bytes)
28/28a/28b.  Full  wheel cover for 1937-38, with gold crest on gloss black background
29.  Artist's impression of the full wheel cover for the 1939-40 models
30.  Another artist's view of the full wheel cover for the V16 models from 1938-40

31awc40v6b.jpg (5675 bytes) 31bWC40V6.JPG (2894 bytes) 32 wcap40.jpg (4665 bytes)
31a and 31b:  Full wheel cover for the V16 models from 1938-40, with "V16" center medallion
32. 1939-40 model [not sure about that medallion, though!]

33 WCLAT30S.JPG (3457 bytes) 34 wc20s2.jpg (3820 bytes)
These are unidentified
33.  May have been in use in the late thirties and early forties
34.  Could be a fake, although the crests on both these hub caps are typical of post-1941 cars

35a wcap41a.jpg (3721 bytes) 35b WC4142B.JPG (1922 bytes) 35c wc47.JPG (4639 bytes)
Introduced in 1941, this "cheaper" hub cap remained  in use on some cars up to 1953

36 WC41FULL.JPG (6319 bytes) 37 WC42B.JPG (5855 bytes) 37aWC4275.JPG (4449 bytes)
These are the full wheel covers usually seen on 1941 and 1942 cars



Post-WW2 Hub Caps and Wheel Covers
[ 1946-1979 ]


38 WC46.JPG (4774 bytes)
The 1946 hub cap is basically the same
as the 1941-42 model, above

39a WCSBRERO.JPG (3250 bytes) 39b WC4852.JPG (5479 bytes) 39c wc4752.jpg (6196 bytes)  40 wc53c.jpg (5943 bytes)
39a-b-c:  The popular Cadillac  sombrero   wheel disc, made from 1947 up to 1952
40.   1953 full wheel disc; has center "moon" with attached convex crest


About the early "Sombrero" covers from 1947 to 1952, here are some interesting comments made by CLC members, Bill Ingler and Warren Rauch, on the Forum of the Cadillac and LaSalle Club, Inc., in  late 2009.  The images immediately below show the covers being discussed; they are not in the best condition:

wc4752B.jpg (11138 bytes)     wc4752B2.jpg (10970 bytes)

wc4752C.jpg (11924 bytes)     wc4752C2.jpg (11542 bytes)

Bill:  The top cap could be a 47 cap as the 47 cap has a flat ring. The 47 cap has only one drain hole in the retainer ring on the back of the cap. The 48-52 cap has two drain holes in the retainer ring. The two holes could be side by side or 180 degrees apart. In 48 the wheel width was made larger to accommodate the new 820X15 tire. The 48 retainer ring then was made deeper by 1/4 inch to 2 1/2 inches to fully grip the wheel disk clips. A 47 cap will not stay on a 48-52 wheel but a 48-52 cap will stay on a 41-47 wheel, but the 48-52 cap will stick out about 1/4 inch from the rim. Many a full wheel cap for a 41-46 or a 47 sombrero has been lost because of being attached to 48-52 wheels. The original poster didn`t say the width of the caps but it could be the cap on the right is for a 16 inch wheel. 

Warren:   Between 1947 and 1952 at least four different 15 inch caps were used:

    1) The 1947 cap with only one drain hole in the rear retainer
    2) The 48-early 51 ( to serial #7000) steel cap  with two drain holes
    3) The late 51 - mid 52 cap stainless steel
    4) Late 52 cap, still stainless (see April 52 Serviceman) with a deeper retainer to be used with the new wheels.

40a WC50SRR.JPG (3108 bytes)
This cover was used on Continental
kits in the early fifties

41 wl53el.JPG (5901 bytes)    42aWCP54EL.JPG (9445 bytes) 42aawl53elB.JPG (8680 bytes) 42abwl53el.jpg (10561 bytes)
41/42a/42aa/42ab:  Authentic wire wheel, was standard equipment on the
1953 Eldorado model and optional on the 1954 model

42bwc54eldd.jpg (3948 bytes) 43 wc53wire.jpg (6731 bytes)
42b: Center cap or hub cap for both the authentic wire wheel and the simpler wheel cover

43.  A similar styling effect was achieved with these cheaper, wire wheel discs, offered optionally from 1953 to 1955

44 WLEL53B.JPG (6827 bytes)
This authentic wire wheel is a not-quite-true
modern replica of the 1953 original

 45 WC5455C.JPG (7350 bytes) 46 WC5455B.JPG (8576 bytes) 47 Wc56.jpg (7089 bytes)
45 and 46: the full wheel cover and unique center medallion used in 1954 and 1955
47.  One of my favorites are these  1956 covers; featuring the deepest dish of all post-WW2 covers

   48 WC57.JPG (5160 bytes) 49 WC57B.JPG (6593 bytes) 49aWC57MOON.JPG (4152 bytes)
48 and 49: The "spoked" 1957 cover is the customizers' dream, hence its high value and relative rarity]
49a  The 57 wheel cover after "customizing" [ here, the addition of   a "moon" hub]

    wc57_58whl2.jpg (14793 bytes)
Set of five (5) cast alloy wheels for
the 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham

[ sold on Ebay, in March 2009,  for $6,500 ! ]

50wleb57a.jpg (4155 bytes) 50awc57_58whl.jpg (11629 bytes) 50bWLCAPEBG.JPG (3553 bytes) 50cwc58.JPG (6202 bytes)
50 Cast aluminum alloy wheel for the bespoke 1957-58 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
50a. 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham turbine wheel, complete with center cap
50b.  Wheel center cap for 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham turbine wheel
50c.  The regular 1958 cover, with brass crest finished in full color

51 wl55sabr.jpg (6177 bytes) 51a56elwl2.jpg (4720 bytes) 51bwcsabr1.jpg (5907 bytes) 51bwcsabr2.jpg (6541 bytes)
51.  Cast aluminum-alloy, so-called sabre-spoke wheel, available for the 1955-1958 Eldorado models
51a.  2nd view, with center hub cap
51b.  Full face view, without center hub cap
51c.  Close-up of sabre spokes

52 wlel56.jpg (5268 bytes) 53 Wcghia.jpg (5990 bytes) 
52.  From 1956 to 1958 the cast wheels were available also in gold-anodized finish with matching gold center cap
53.  A non-authentic (since) highly polished gold-anodized alloy wheel and center cap

 54 lsmissng.JPG (50421 bytes) 55 WC56ELCP.JPG (4252 bytes)
54.  Center cap or hub cap for the basic aluminum sabre-spoke wheel [ image missing ]
55.  Center cap in gold finish for the gold-anodized sabre-spoke wheels

Better view of center cap

56 wc59ex.jpg (6522 bytes) 57a wc59.jpg (7140 bytes) 57bwc59b.jpg (9373 bytes) 57cwc59eld.jpg (8417 bytes)
56.  regular 1959 covers [like 1958 but aluminum instead of  brass for center crest, and no color];
57 b.  1959 turbine-blade cover for 60 Special and Eldorado models; 57c.  1960 turbine-blade cover for 60 Special and Eldorado models

This one came up in 2012 for a 1960 Eldo convertible;
vendor described them as having "new centers", but
these are actually regular centers for 1957 Cadillacs

58 WC59EL.JPG (5208 bytes) 59 wc59stsh.jpg (8875 bytes)
58. 1959 turbine covers, without the black painted rings in the center;
59.  a stash of '59-60 Eldorado wheel covers located "somewhere in the USA"
[ I promised I wouldn't tell! ]

60 wc60.jpg (5593 bytes) 61 wc60wht.jpg (5351 bytes) 62 60rings.jpg (8571 bytes) 63 WC60AMBU.JPG (5005 bytes)
60 to 62: regular covers for 1960 models (except 60 Special and Eldorado); they were available in bare metal (satin) finish
or with painted center and concentric rings in either white (61) or black (62); the 1960 Data Book reads thus: New Cadillac
wheel discs feature a ribbed concave outer ring around a raised center hub with concentric rings of chrome and either white
or black enamel or brushed chrome as selected by the owners
; at least one professional car maker offered color-coordinated
wheel discs, like this one (63), on their 1960 ambulance models

64 wc61burg.jpg (5971 bytes)  65 wc61aqua.jpg (5950 bytes)  65b

66 wc61blue.jpg (6196 bytes)  67 wc61rose.jpg (10115 bytes) 67awc61gold.jpg (5051 bytes)
Above: (64 to 67) four deep dish covers for 1961; in 1961and 1962, Cadillac wheel covers were available in plain
chrome finish or painted to match the color of the car; the Master Parts List  for 1961 and earlier cars lists these
colors as being available: black (code #10 - image 64),  white (code #12 - image 65b),  platinum (code #14),  
gray (code #16), blue (code #22),  blue (code #24),  blue (code #26 - image 66), turquoise (code #29 - image 65),
green (code #32), green (code #34),  green (code #36), tan (code #44),  beige (code #46),  rose (code #48 - image 67), 
red (code #50), blue (code #94), jade (code #96),  gold (code #97 - image 67a),  topaz (code #98) and  pearl (code #99).

68 wc62whit.jpg (5914 bytes)
68: typical 1962 cover [note elongated crest compared to "square" crest for 1961]; like the 1961 covers, those for 1962
also were color-coordinated with the cars: ebony (code #10), Olympic white (code #12 - image 68), Nevada silver
(code #14), Aleutian gray (code #16), Newport blue (code #22), Avalon  blue (code #24),  York blue (code #26), turquoise
(code #29),  sage (code #32), Granada  green (code #36), sandalwood (code #44),  maize (code #45), driftwood beige
(code #46),  laurel (code #48), Pompeian red (code #50),  Burgundy (code #52),  Neptune blue (code #94),
Pinehurst green (code #96),  Victorian gold (code #97),  bronze (code #98) and  heather (code #99).

69 wc6364.jpg (6166 bytes)WC6364B.JPG (5326 bytes) 70 WC65.JPG (4657 bytes)WC6869.JPG (4486 bytes)
69: the 1963 and 1964 Cadillacs both used this deep dish cover featuring alternating black and chrome rib/stripes;
70: for 1965 Cadillac adopted a wider central hub decorated with concentric rings in lieu of the "spokes" of 1961 and 1962

71a Wc66.jpg (3624 bytes)WC66.JPG (5476 bytes) 71b66wc.jpg (3131 bytes) 72wc60s.jpg (4336 bytes) 73WC6869B.JPG (4371 bytes)
71a-b: Two versions of this 1966 wheel cover were made; the second, later version had 12, long, oval holes
around the base of the hub for improved cooling of the front brake drums; it was used also on the 1967 models;
72. This full front view of a 1968-69 cover shows cooling slits like those used in  1966 and 1967; 73.  (same, without slits)

   74 Wc6768el.jpg (5893 bytes) 75 Wc70.jpg (5440 bytes) 76 WC7273.JPG (4933 bytes)
74.  These super-sized, rectangular "holes" allowed a lot of air through to the brake drums on the 1967-and 1968 Eldorado
75/76.  standard cover for 1970;  with the exception of the concentric ring around the crest emblem, the latter is quite
similar to the covers used for the rear-wheel drive Cadillacs of 1974-76 [see below]

77 wc6970.jpg (6910 bytes) 78 wc73x.jpg (4261 bytes) 78aWc7172.jpg (5723 bytes)
77.  Special wheel covers for the 1969-71 Eldorado model
78/78a.  Once again a semi-spoked wheel cover, this time for the regular, rear-wheel drive models of 1971 and 1972

79 wc73el.JPG (5692 bytes) 80 WC7374.JPG (4119 bytes)
79.  Modified version of the Eldorado cover of 1969-71; this models was used for the Eldorado of  1972-73
80.  Eldorado cover for 1974-75 returned to spokes, although shorter than in 1969-71

81 lsmissng.JPG (50421 bytes) 82 Wc7273.jpg (5481 bytes) 83 Wc7479b.jpg (4871 bytes) 84 WC7479.JPG (5327 bytes)   
81.  [missing image] totally smooth and shiny covers of the regular rear-wheel-drive models of 1973-74
82.  Similar models for 1974-76 got these plain covers with rim "spokes",  similar to the 1970 covers;
for those same years, the Fleetwood models got a wreath around the central crest emblem
83. the covers for 1974-79 were introduced in 1974 as standard equipment on the Fleetwood Talisman and Fleetwood Brougham
d'Elégance; the Turbine Wheel Disc was later called the Turbine-Vaned Wheel Disc; from 1974 it was available at extra cost
on the Fleetwood 75, Fleetwood Brougham, DeVille and Calais.  In 1976 it became available on the Seville. There were two versions:
one without a wreath for DeVille and Calais (#83) an one with a wreath for Fleetwoods and Seville (#84). 
This cover was last used in 1979; the special, bicentennial Eldorado models of 1976 had white centers instead of  black (#85)

84a wcel76.jpg (5619 bytes) 85 WC76EL.JPG (4135 bytes) 86 WC76ELDO.JPG (4189 bytes) 86a wc76_83opt.jpg (4361 bytes)
84a to 86: the 1976-77 Eldorado cover could be matched to the body color
86a is an optional cover available on all models that year except the Eldorado; it was again available in 1983-84

87 wc77.jpg (4258 bytes) 88 WC77A.JPG (4091 bytes) 88a87_88Fake.JPG (3885 bytes) 89 WC77B.JPG (5030 bytes) 90 wc80s2.jpg (7451 bytes)
87 and 88:  Wheel cover for the regular 1977 cars; #88a "Fake" cover for 1977 cars; #89:   1977 Fleetwood cover [color and crest]; #90. 1978 regular cover

91 wc7778el.jpg (4790 bytes)  91a 7778wc.jpg (7051 bytes) 92 wc78el.jpg (4889 bytes) 93 wc79.jpg (5127 bytes) 94 wc74.JPG (5322 bytes) 94aWC80UNK.JPG (6407 bytes)
#91/91a: 1977-78 Eldorado cover [ brushed chrome or color coordinated with the body]; #92  1979 De Ville;

#93: 1979 regular wheel cover; #94: cover for regular 1980s Cadillacs, #94a 1980-87 optional?

95 wire7584.jpg (5766 bytes) 96 wire7585.jpg (5759 bytes) 97 wire8586.jpg (5884 bytes) 98 wire8692.jpg (5940 bytes)
A number of different models of optional wire wheels and center caps were offered in the 80s and 90s;
here is the main selection: (95) 1975-84,  (96) 1975-85,  (97)   1985-86,  (98) 1986-92

99 WCP77SVL.JPG (9904 bytes)
   Custom wire wheel (what years?)




La Salle wheel covers and hub caps



   [ to come ]



Skirts & medallions


2930SidMntCentr.jpg (5116 bytes)
Center emblem off  1929-30 sidemounted spare wheel

41skirt.jpg (6580 bytes)     41emwc.jpg (4576 bytes)
Forties skirt emblem, 1941 center emblem

   39caps.JPG (4760 bytes)     v1638.jpg (3852 bytes)
(Left) early V-16 cloisonné hub cap center emblem
(Right)  V16 center emblem,  1938-1940



Custom Wheels from Show Cars


WCLEMANS.JPG (5548 bytes)     WC_MAN2.JPG (2985 bytes)
Rare turbine wheel (left) and center cover (right):
From Cadillac Le Mans  roadster, 1953 [SO 1709]

wc_54ElCam.jpg (10027 bytes)     wc_54LaEsp2.jpg (11262 bytes)
[Left] Custom cover (or alloy wheel?) off  Motorama "El Camino" coupe
[Right] Custom cover (or alloy wheel?) off  Motorama "La Espada" roadster

56EBTCwc.JPG (10594 bytes)    wc_cyc1.JPG (3691 bytes)    WC_CYCL.JPG (4826 bytes)
The cover on the left graced the 1956 Eldorado Brougham town car [XP-48]
the one in the center was used on the 1959 experimental Cadillac Cyclone [ XP-74];
that showcar was modernized in the eighties (?) and received new aluminum-alloy wheels (right)

wc77cus.jpg (5341 bytes)
Custom cover off a custom 1977 Eldorado Biarritz
[see #85-86, above, with wire "cage", spinner & crest ]



Custom Wheel Covers
[ professional cars and others ]


Wc60ambu.jpg (5005 bytes)
At least one professional car maker offered color-coordinated
wheel discs, like this one, on their 1960 ambulance models

1 WC42SS.JPG (3434 bytes)  2a WC51SS1.JPG (5927 bytes) 2b WC51SS2.JPG (4068 bytes)

3a WCSS.JPG (4554 bytes)  3bs&scaps.jpg (4391 bytes)  3cwc70nart.jpg (4402 bytes)  3dwc77ss.jpg (4667 bytes)
1.  Hess & Eisenhardt  S&S full wheel cover for 1942; 2a and 2b. S&S hub caps seen  on a 1951Cadillac
3a.  S&S hubcap from 1947 through 1952
3b. S&S medallion of he late forties and early fifties
3c. 1967-68 cover with "Z" [for Zagato] custom center medallion
[this one is  from a unique, mid-engined custom 1967 Eldorado, completed in 1970]
3d. S&S cover for 1977

4 wc77su.jpg (4890 bytes)    
4. Superior commercial car cover for 1977

5 WC75MRAG.JPG (6091 bytes)   6 WCGUCCI.JPG (4996 bytes)  7 wc79cachet.JPG (13423 bytes)   8WC_UNK00.JPG (5128 bytes)
5. This custom 1975 wheel cover was mounted on an equally custom Cadillac Mirage pick-up truck
6. This is the wire wheel cover used on 1978-79 Sevilles signed by fashion mogul, Aldo Gucci
7. This one is found on the Cadillac Cachet by that other fashion giant, Pierre Cardin
8.  Unidentified wire wheel [80s-90s ?]

9    10
9. Unidentified custom spoked wheel disc (early 2nd millennium?)
10. Custom alloy wheel for Cadillac prototype CART-PPG on Cimarron chassis, 1985


Various Cadillac hub cap emblems


1 WC4142.JPG (5616 bytes)  2 WC49CAP.JPG (7099 bytes)  3 WC49CAPB.JPG (3521 bytes)
1.  Center medallion, 1941-42;
2.  to all intents and purposes, the 1949 part is the same
3.  This is the label from the box in which new parts were packaged

   1 53crst.jpg (5117 bytes)  2 em55ctr.jpg (4238 bytes)   3hub5455.JPG (5125 bytes) 
1.  A "flattened" 1953 crest;   
2.   Unique crest emblem used in 1954 and 1955;
3.  The same part, in like new condition

4 WCPRSTR.JPG (7667 bytes)
4.  Late forties and early fifties emblems are readily
interchangeable and not too difficult to restore

 5 57wcmed2.jpg (5079 bytes)  6 57wcmedl.jpg (5466 bytes)  7 wc58ctr.JPG (5230 bytes)   8
wc59cntr.jpg (4166 bytes)
5.  1956 center crest (metal);  6.   1957 center crest (plastic); 

7.  1958 center crest (brass, painted);  8.  1959 center crest (aluminum, painted] (missing image?)

wcap80s.JPG (5816 bytes)     whlemb.jpg (5941 bytes) 
(Left) eighties (?); (Right)  nineties (?)

Medllion.jpg (14453 bytes)
Repro items currently on the market:
Top row (L-R): 1956, 1946-1947, 1948-1952, 1953 (?)
2nd row (L-R) 1930-1931, 1937-1938, 1940-1942, 1957 (?), 1959 (?)
Bottom row (L-R): 1957, 1938  La Salle, unknown La Salle, 1940 La Salle (?), 1959-1960 Eldorado and Series 60S






FRFLAG.JPG (773 bytes)
(résumé en français)

Cette page est consacrée aux roues et enjoliveurs de roues des automobiles Cadillac de 1902 à 1979. Ces pièces, aussi essentielles que décoratives, sont renouvellées presque chaque année.  Parfois, on trouve plusieurs modèles différents pour une seule et même année, en fonction du modèle de la voiture.  Il en existe beaucoup plus d'une centaine;  pour celui qui a de la place, voilà une collection inédite au moyen de laquelle on pourra décorer un garage, voire un salon un peu kitsch.



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