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When I sold my Cadillac toy collection to a gentleman in Zürich, back in July of 1989, it comprised around 750 different pieces.  Since that time, many new and interesting models have appeared on the market and I have discovered also some older ones that were not in my collection at the time.

By my current estimate, there may be upwards of 1,200 different Cadillac and La Salle toys and miniatures out there, to attract the serious (or crazy?) collector. 

I have noticed, however, that many toy makers seem to delight in churning out toys and scale models already available from other manufacturers, albeit in another color or scale.  Popular among these "repetitive" models are the 1903 Cadillac runabout with tonneau, the 1913 gentleman's coupe (the first of these was produced in the seventies by Matchbox, England, in the Yesteryear series - it was modeled on a full-sized version in the former Harrah collection, Reno, NV), the 1930-31 V-16 roadster and convertible coupe, the 1932 sport phaeton, the 1953, 1957 and 1959 Eldorado models and (the most prolific of them all), the 1967-68 front-wheel-drive Eldorado.

I always wished the toy manufacturers and model makers would offer scaled-down versions of some (or more ) of MY favorite Cadillacs, i.e. those of the roaring twenties, classic thirties and fabulous forties, not forgetting the custom jobs by coach builders other than Fisher and Fleetwood. I am getting fed up with the 1932 V-16 sport phaeton, for example; everyone and his uncle is churning it out. How about some sleek coupes, convertible Victorias, sedans, formal sedans, limousines and elegant town cars and town broughams for a change?

The post-WW2 years are becoming popular with new models appearing on the market depicting, for example, the early fastbacks, the first Coupe de Ville, the Eldorado Brougham of 1957-58, some models of the sixties, the big-block front-wheel-drive Eldorados of the seventies and the bustle-back Seville.  More are needed!

Although most of us would love to own a 1953 Eldorado for real, they only made 532 of them; the survivors, therefore, hardly are numerous enough to go around.  It's nice to have a scaled-down version to admire, on your desk, or in your showcase. And the advantage is that they are cheap on tax, insurance and fuel. But there are other superb Cadillacs beyond the 1953 Eldorado.

Those of us who are lucky enough to own pre- and post-war Cadillacs would love to have scale-models of the old cars we actually drive, in addition to the fancy models that sleep in museums or that none of us ever will be able to afford!  



(1)  editing of these pages is a continuous, ongoing process; when I have the time, I always try to finalize any additions or modifications before uploading revised pages; other times I will add an image or a few lines of text that may seem out of place or incomprehensible to you; please bear with me; I will do my best to finalize these pages at the earliest opportunity.

(2)  so far as possible I will try to list the toys by year of model depicted, then in ascending order of size (scale) and finally in alphabetical order by manufacturer (when known); if I am not sure of the scale of a particular toy, that fact will be mentioned.

(3)  Missing toys (photos / images) or entries to be completed may also be shown in red, like this:


[ missing ]

Jo-Han, USA, 1976 Eldorado coupe





Circa 1:72 scale



t03ahi.jpg (3892 bytes)
I had this one listed in error as being in 1:43 scale;
I was put right by toy enthusiast Steve Masson
who kindly provided the additional images below

t03Ahi1a.JPG (10907 bytes)    t03Ahi1c.JPG (9977 bytes)

t03Ahi1b.JPG (7492 bytes)
The first AHI toys hd metal wheels; a second issue
had plastic wheels and was slightly smaller

[ Photos these 2 rows: © 2009 and courtesy Steve Masson ]




t03Chadw1.JPG (8206 bytes)    t03Chadw2.JPG (7649 bytes)
Believed to be a re-issue of the preceding AHI toy,
again in a slightly smaller scale
[ Photos: © 2009 and courtesy Steve Masson ]



Circa 1:43 scale



03TonnEMC.JPG (17265 bytes)
Image:  EMC product catalog

1903 Cadillac Model A. A very precise and graceful model of the first Cadillac. It is highly detailed. The cast brass springs are correctly detailed, right down to the shackles and wheels axles. The frame and springs were designed on the computer and cut out by a computer operated machine. Eleven of the 110 components are cast from brass, 28 are photo-etched. The headlights and klaxon are gilded. Limited to 50 units.

t03EMCa.jpg (13253 bytes)    T03EMCb.jpg (12273 bytes)
#16, high-quality scale model consisting of  84 separate parts: resin cast body, plastic wheels
and spokes, 28 photo-etched parts, bent steel and brass; production limited to 50 units

T03EMCc.jpg (14845 bytes)
Shown here with detachable tonneau in the rear

T03EMC4.jpg (16465 bytes)    t03EMCtopUp1.jpg (7262 bytes)    t03EMCtopUp2.jpg (7262 bytes)

t03EMC.jpg (15147 bytes)    t03EMC2.jpg (10417 bytes)    T03EMC3.jpg (12094 bytes)     t03-2006b.jpg (11414 bytes)
This version (above 2 rows), with or without demountable tonneau is an unfortunate (non-authentic) color    

t03Signa.jpg (67688 bytes)

Three exclusive models from the same manufacturer in the Ukraine: 1937 V16 roadster by Hartmann,
Switzerland, 1961 Cadillac "Jacqueline" by Pinin Farina, Italy and 1903 Cadillac's own Model A runabout




T03itck.jpg (9687 bytes)     T03_48th.jpg (7825 bytes)    
These toy car building kits (two cars in each box)
were marketed in the early fifties by ITC



t03cpr.jpg (8678 bytes)
A Cadillac in miniature, though not really a "toy", this
small die-cast burnished copper looking "car" is very
attractive; the Cadillac sits upon a section of cobble stoned
street.  The car itself is 2.25" long; the base is marked
  CADILLAC 1903. The bottom is marked Made in Japan
and has a world globe symbol with bars on either side
(not so much a "toy" as just a 3D miniature)



Circa 1:32 scale



T03TonnX.jpg (4988 bytes)    t03_32ndSigna.jpg (12707 bytes)    T03_NMM1.jpg (12272 bytes)     T03NMM3.jpg (10191 bytes)

t03_32nd.jpg (10832 bytes)    T03Mus4.jpg (13424 bytes)    T03Mus1.jpg (11076 bytes)    T03Mus2.jpg (14435 bytes)    T03Mus3.jpg (8856 bytes)    
To all intents and purposes this "new", miniature antique car appears to be modeled after the Revell kit
(and probably others too.  For the price (circa $5) it is well made; it even has an opening rear entrance
door to the tonneau. Even the base color is authentic, except that the "wine" colored trimmings
and running gear are a bit too crimson; also, the pleated leather seats should be black, not red.



Trv03kit.jpg (11007 bytes)
Above: Revell construction kit depicting the
Cadillac Model A runabout with tonneau

trevmec2.jpg (7605 bytes)    trevmech.jpg (5952 bytes)
Cable controlled model of the same
scale and year, also by Revell  (USA)

t03gow2.jpg (4278 bytes)    t03gow3.jpg (3996 bytes)    t03gowl.jpg (5181 bytes)
The Gowland & Gowland (Revell) Model A tonneau was available also showcase ready

t03kt.jpg (4776 bytes)    t03rvhpi.JPG (6000 bytes)
1903 Cadillac assembly kit (left) and built model (right);
I assume it is based on the older, Revell kit



[ Limited-Edition Collectibles ]

t04sur32.jpg (7518 bytes)
Die cast 1904 Cadillac Model B surrey
complete with brass lamps and picnic hamper




Toy car construction kits were all the rage in the mid-fifties;
Hudson Miniatures, Revell, ITC, AMT and Monogram all made fine
scale models of the Cadillac; some of these names are now forgotten



Circa 1:18 scale



t03engn.jpg (5253 bytes)
This scale model of the single-cylinder Cadillac
engine of 1902-1908 is believed to be in circa 1:18 scale




1:16 scale



Thm03wod.JPG (10404 bytes)

Thm03wo2.JPG (9224 bytes)    t03balsa.jpg (7506 bytes)
Above and below:  Hudson Miniatures construction kit depicting the 1903-04 Model A; this one required more
advanced skills; the body parts mostly were to be cut from sheets of  balsa wood; when I built up this replica in
the early seventies (below), I even stitched the seat material on top of a foam backing for elasticity

t03big.jpg (6171 bytes)    t03bgr.jpg (6364 bytes)



Circa 1:12 scale



t03wod1.jpg (5959 bytes)    t03wod2.jpg (4592 bytes)
This scratch-built model of a 1903-04 Cadillac runabout, with tonneau,
although crude, is most attractive; it is approx. 10½" long, 4¾" wide

and 5½" tall, making it approx. 1:12 scale [seen for sale on e-Bay, 2001]



Circa 1:8 scale


A  S   I,  USA

Tasi03rb.jpg (5528 bytes)
Amaretto liqueur flask by ASI, from the mid-seventies; chinaware model
depicting a 1903-04 Model A runabout with tonneau and picnic hamper



Circa 1:2 scale


[ Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA ]

One of these turned up for sale on the Forum of the Cadillac LaSalle Club in Feb. , 2007. Initially, a potential buyer thought it was an authentic, old Cadillac.  In fact it was a replica built circa 1975 by this Florida outfit, located at 4380 N.E. 11th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, makers  of horseless carriages.

With a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of 1321 lbs, the "car" is powered by a 8hp Tecumseh gasoline engine fitted with a floor-mounted electric starter and a belt-driven centrifugal clutch with final chain drive.

The vendor said it had been in his family since new, in 1975. It has a top speed around 30 mph., a forward and reverse gear, as well as neutral, and can carry 4 passengers. There are seat belts all round.

T02ukrb.jpg (6554 bytes)
Again, not exactly a "toy" but still an attempted replica
of the earliest Cadillac runabout, seen here with a cape top; 
this electrically driven car with motorcycle-type wire
wheels was used in parades in the seventies

CadElec1.jpg (6658 bytes)    CadElec3.jpg (5647 bytes)    CadElec4.jpg (5298 bytes)    CadElec2.jpg (4506 bytes)
Not an exact replica, rather a "lookalike", especially with those spoked "bicycle" wheels and tires.
It is powered by an 8 H.P. lawnmower engine. Top speed is about 35 MPH; the "toy" is NOT street legal

T02elec2S.jpg (5115 bytes)    T02elec3S.jpg (5641 bytes)    t02elec4S.jpg (4112 bytes)    t02elec5S.jpg (5160 bytes)

02repl1.jpg (7878 bytes)    02repl2.jpg (4799 bytes)
Two others in the same scale
[ not sure if the manufacturer is the same ]




Circa 1:18 scale [guess!]



t06misc.jpg (6785 bytes)
Believed to be from the fifties, this multi-purpose, tinplate 1905
Cadillac "Osceola" look-alike from Japan is a wind-up music box
and liquor dispenser; the roof opens up and the interior will hold a bottle
of liquor; the rear of the car also folds open and will hold a few shot glasses



Circa 1:32 scale



T00cgunk.jpg (8307 bytes)
By Cragstan (Japan) - this brand name was manufactured
subsequently in Israel -  this tin toy is said to depict
a surrey-topped Cadillac touring car from the early part of
last century; the front hood, however, is anything but
Cadillac; I am guessing the scale to be around 1:32



T08TIND.JPG (7020 bytes)    t08tina.jpg (6535 bytes)

t08tinc.jpg (9063 bytes)    t08tinb.jpg (8594 bytes)
#6: Golden Auto Series, battery operated, by TN, Japan




t10Lim1.jpg (10185 bytes)    T10Lim2.jpg (12216 bytes)

t10rev2.jpg (5628 bytes)    t10rev3.jpg (8422 bytes)




1907 Model M, "straight-line" tourer
erroneously advertised as a Model K
[ believed to be from the Motor Museum series ]




Another scale model of the 1907 Model M, "straight-line" tourer



Circa 1:50 scale



Tto06cpe.JPG (5981 bytes)    t06ttsie.jpg (7583 bytes)
Tootsietoy Dowst (USA) began making toy cars in the twenties; this one is from the early sixties;
it depicts the first closed production car built on the single-cylinder Cadillac chassis;  this Model K
coupe of 1907 is close to 1:50 scale; the first run, issued in 1960, had metal wheels; a second series,
issued in 1961, had plastic wheels; the toy is also a fair reproduction also of Osceola, the first ever
closed car commissioned for Cadillac's then CEO, Henry Martyn Leland, and built by Seavers & Erdman
of Detroit [ left: the toy in the raw; right: the detailed toy from my former collection ]

tOsceol.jpg (14675 bytes)
Here is another "before" and "after" pair




1:32 scale



t09pytrg.jpg (8115 bytes)
From Pyro (USA) comes this finely detailed construction kit
depicting the 1909 Cadillac Model H touring car

t09diap.jpg (5377 bytes)    T09diap2.jpg (6374 bytes)
Immediately above, the built-up kit [with top down] in a diorama setting
[Photos: © 1971, Yann Saunders]



t09trg.jpg (4588 bytes)    t09trg2.jpg (5372 bytes)
This is a pewter replica; etched below it says 1919 Cadillac '30" tourer


Tun10tin.JPG (9268 bytes)    T10cgst.jpg (11808 bytes)     Ttin1911b.jpg (13387 bytes)    Ttin1911a.jpg (19803 bytes)
The scale of these tin, friction toys of Japanese origin (Cragstan) is close to 1:32;
they are intended to depict the 1910 Cadillac Thirty limousine and touring car



Tlim10ti.JPG (14016 bytes)    Tlim10t2.JPG (5346 bytes)
Line Mar of Japan built this other tin, friction toy Cadillac Thirty touring car of the mid teens; with many
of these Japanese tin toys, finding a resemblance with an existing Cadillac model sometimes is difficult



Circa 1:24 scale



t10rds2.jpg (8074 bytes)    t10rds5.jpg (9541 bytes)

t10rds1.jpg (6989 bytes)    t10rds3.jpg (6161 bytes)

t10rds4.jpg (6763 bytes)    t10rds6.jpg (7450 bytes)
Collector's model by the Franklin Mint; done in metal and plastic, it depicts
the 1910 Cadillac Thirty gentleman's roadster; an exceptionally fine replica




T05aS.jpg (6206 bytes)    T05CS.jpg (6460 bytes)

T05DS.jpg (6391 bytes)    T05ES.jpg (5593 bytes)



Circa 1:18 scale



t07-prize5.jpg (38911 bytes)      t07-prize1.jpg (55608 bytes)      T07-prize4.jpg (35179 bytes)

      t07-prize2.jpg (48208 bytes)       t07-prize3.jpg (44295 bytes)

t07-prize6.jpg (50515 bytes)

Award05.jpg (8963 bytes)     Award02.jpg (5767 bytes)

t07-prize7x.jpg (22600 bytes)

This 24kt gold-plated  scale-model of the first Dewar Trophy winning, "all-interchangeable" 1906-07 Cadillac
Model K runabout, is believed to have been  commissioned by the Cadillac Motor Car Division of GM, 
to be awarded annually to worthy service  personnel in Cadillac's national service organization. 
Thanks to the late Ansell Sackett, one of the founding members of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc., a very
limited number of these RARE models [ 9 of them? ] were diverted from their initial purpose and awarded, instead
(and on a less than annual basis) to CLC members considered to have made a significant contribution to preserving
the Cadillac history and heritage. I was honored to be the recipient of this award in 1999.  There have been
only eight recipients in all; the penultimate unit was awarded in 2000 to my friend, Joe Gildea, and the last one
was donated in 2001 to the CLC Museum and Research Center [Photos: © 1999, Gita Saunders]



Circa 1:3 scale



06MOD.JPG (6333 bytes)
This 1:3 scale (or thereabouts)  1906 Cadillac Model K runabout is believed to have been
on display at the Cadillac factory circa 1963; the photo was found in an old factory album
that had been discarded in a dumpster but fortunately found there and recovered by an avid
collector of auto memorabilia
- I wonder whatever became of the model?




1911 - 1929

Circa 1:50 scale



t27tootf.jpg (9597 bytes)
Above and below: the (almost) full set of Tootsie Cadillacs
Brougham, Paddy wagon, sedan, roadster and coupe [repainted]

t27tootr.jpg (9446 bytes)
These are among the earliest known die cast Cadillac toys made in approx. 1:66 scale

by the Tootsietoy Dowst Mfg. Co. (USA); they are part of a series of  GM models
for 1927, each make being identified by its name in block letters across the radiator grille
here are the six Cadillacs in the series; button wheels were available either in gold or black

Tto27rds.JPG (3867 bytes)    Tto27brg.JPG (4115 bytes)
Left: Tootsie #6101, roadster; right:   #6103 (brougham
with decorative landau bars and oval quarter window)

Tto27sdn.jpg (4873 bytes)    Tto27pol.jpg (4462 bytes)
Left:  #6104 (sedan); right:  #6106, Paddy Wagon;
the latter style may have been actually built by Judkins

ttootd.jpg (9307 bytes)    ttoote.jpg (10829 bytes)
In red and blue, the coupe, #6102; in blue and black, the touring car #6105
[ These two photos: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Bob Blake collection, AZ ]

t27cpe.jpg (5049 bytes)

t24cpe3.jpg (3352 bytes)    t27cpe3.jpg (6679 bytes)    t27cpe2.jpg (3717 bytes)
This orange and gray coupe was for sale on Internet, in October 2003




Circa 1:43 scale



T13mbbox.jpg (10026 bytes)    T13mbtrg.jpg (8878 bytes)
The 1913 Cadillac Thirty roadster has been offered in miniature by countless toy manufacturers;
the first one (above),  was made by Lesney (UK)  in the seventies, under the Matchbox label

t13ysdtl.jpg (6639 bytes)
This is the first Lesney version (from my former collection); it  was detailed
and painted the correct color for 1913, that is
Cadillac blue; the toy is modeled
on a full-sized version in the former Harrah collection, in Reno, NV

t13mb2.jpg (5152 bytes)
#Y-6, second edition

t13bb.jpg (5227 bytes)
New Matchbox issue: 1913 Tourer



Tun13pew.JPG (4180 bytes)
The same car, in pewter, is from the Danbury Mint;
variations on this toy were issued in 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1974 and 1976 [possibly others too]

t13dnb1.jpg (7216 bytes)    t13dnb2.jpg (5928 bytes)
Two more views of the pewter version from the Danbury Mint



t13styka.jpg (7431 bytes)   T13styk2.jpg (6938 bytes)
This version is from  Estetyka, Poland (1986)
[ Photo:  Argus de la Miniature - © 1988, E. Flament ]



t13tint.jpg (7221 bytes)
Presumably one more over-mold of the Yesteryear toy first made by Matchbox,  UK;
this one is from Tintoys in the Models of Classic Car series, #WT-233



Circa 1:32 scale



13ceram.jpg (4633 bytes)
Ceramic Double Springs Series #D326 decanter
showing on the base: Designed by B. Hasenslab

[ Photo: e-Bay auction site ]



t13lghtr.jpg (5329 bytes)
Mini table-lighter alleged to depict
a Cadillac model of 1913
[ Photo:  e-Bay auction site ]

t12lghtr.jpg (6190 bytes)
Not a toy but a table lighter purported to be
in the image of a 1913 Cadillac roadster


Circa 1:32 scale
[ measures 5½ long by 3" wide  ]


[ possibly for/from National Motor Museum, UK ]

T13unkt2.JPG (9137 bytes)    T13unktr.JPG (7940 bytes)

T13unkt1.JPG (11657 bytes)    t13trg32.jpg (5116 bytes)

 t13MotMus32.jpg (4991 bytes)    t13aa.jpg (3762 bytes)
Apparently a recent issue (2004-5?), this toy depicts the 1913 tourer


t13trgvic.jpg (5313 bytes)    T18Vic.jpg (11823 bytes)

t18vic4.jpg (3253 bytes)    t18vic5.jpg (2971 bytes)

t18vic.jpg (4361 bytes)    T17Fire.jpg (13340 bytes)    t18FireCh2.jpg (20876 bytes)

t18vic32nd.jpg (2676 bytes)    t18vic3.jpg (3065 bytes)    t18FireCh32nd.jpg (9379 bytes)
[These 4 rows] New 1919 Touring Victoria (Fire Chief version)

t19signA.jpg (14102 bytes)    t19SignB.jpg (5946 bytes)


T19TrgSigna1.jpg (180192 bytes)      t19TrgSigna2.jpg (100760 bytes)
1919 touring car
[ Believed to be Motor Museum, "Signature" series ]


Above and below: 1919 Touring Car (right) and 1927 LaSalle roadster (left)

t20scadA.jpg (3604 bytes)    t20scadB.jpg (3129 bytes)    t20sCadC.jpg (3825 bytes)
Crude tinplate toy said to depict an open Cadillac of the 20s

t27LaS.jpg (7037 bytes)
This appears to be a replica of  the 1927 LaSalle roadster

t27NatMus.jpg (5583 bytes)    T27_32nd.jpg (7039 bytes)

t27rds7NatMus2.jpg (50069 bytes)
Another well-made replica of a 1927 convertible coupe
for the National Motor Museum




Circa 1:16 scale



T30mrx1.jpg (7802 bytes)    T30mrx2.jpg (8363 bytes)
This early tinplate is described as a 1930 Cadillac.  Well, with a little imagination
it might pass for a 1929 model [hood louvers];  it is 11½ inches long

T30mrx3.jpg (8390 bytes)


t30MarxB.jpg (11928 bytes)    t30MarxD.jpg (13668 bytes)    t30MarxC.jpg (10656 bytes)     t30MarxA.jpg (7253 bytes)

T30MarxE.jpg (13946 bytes)    t30MarxG.jpg (10788 bytes)    t30MarxH.jpg (10079 bytes)
The toy in the preceding two rows was offered for sale at auction on eBay in June 2009;
it is very similar to the preceding one, but does not appear to have a folding luggage rack;
the spaces between the wheel "spokes" are body color (on the upper toy they are black

t29marx.JPG (31447 bytes)

Although it is described as a Marx 1930 tin wind up Cadillac, it actually depicts a 1929 model. The toy is 11 -11½" long. This one appears to be complete, with the orignal litho paint, tin litho driver, all 5 tin wheels including the single, sidemounted LH spare tire, sunvisor, bumpers and headlights.  It has the large "Marx Toys" logo on the door of the rumble seat!




Circa 1:18 scale



T12AWARD.jpg (13665 bytes)
This 24kt gold-plated model of the Dewar Trophy winning,
"self-starting" 1912 Cadillac V-8, is believed to have been
commissioned by the Cadillac Motor Car Division of GM, from
LACHMAN & Co, Detroit, to be awarded annually to worthy service
personnel in Cadillac's national service organization.  I would imagine
it to be VERY RARE [possibly fewer than fifty pieces]; I guess it was
issued in the mid-eighties, like the 1906-07 award model, above;
this one is from the collection of the late Ansell Sackett, one of
the founding members of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc. [CLC]
[Photo: the Self Starter, CLC]

t14-prize2.jpg (43749 bytes)      T14-prize.jpg (55926 bytes)

GOLDTOY.JPG (9826 bytes)
This one is from the private collection of CLC member, Gail Pawl
[ Photo:  © 2002, Jannick Halben, Denmark ]



Circa 1:16 scale



Tlg09trg.jpg (5388 bytes)
Thanks to Chris Hardegger, a friend and Cadillac toy collector
from Switzerland, for correctly identifying this crude "toy"
as a 1913 Cadillac (not 1909); it is built of Lego blocks

t29Landau.jpg (38065 bytes)
By Kingsbury, USA, this pressed steel representation
of a Cadillac landualet style limousine from 1927
carries a paper label that reads "Body by Fisher"



Circa 1:8 scale



   earltoy1.jpg (5497 bytes)    
This "toy" is in the hands of the great Harley Earl who created (and headed
for many years) Cadillac's Art and Color section in the late twenties and thirties;
the scale model is that of a 1927 La Salle sedan, Earl's brain child;
the scale appears to be circa 1:8 ...and, yes, Santa, I want one for Xmas!



Circa 1:5 to 1:3 scale



Pedal car? No!  This is a rare electric toy car in circa 1:3 scale (4-foot wheel base) built by Frederick S. Bennett, CEO of London's earliest Cadillac dealership in England; the "toy"
was made to promote the car's new electric ignition, starting and lighting system, introduced in 1912, a revolutionary system for the time that won for Cadillac the coveted Dewar Trophy that rewarded each year the manufacturer making the greatest progress in automotive engineering

At least three of these electric mini-cars were built.  In the book Henry M. Leland - Master of Precision, by his daughter and second wife, it is said that car #1 [below, left] was given as a gift by Britain's Queen Alexandra to her nephew, Prince Olaf of Norway; in the words of the author(s), however,  by the time Bennett [Frederick S.] got around to build it, Prince Olaf had outgrown the [toy] car and a larger one was ordered for him. So the original was sent over for Wilfrid Jr. on his fifth birthday. The bigger (?) one [car #2, below ] has different, squared off front fenders and wider doors. 

It is still in Norway.  Wilfrid Jr.  is seen in the third row [below, right] taking a cousin for a ride around the family estate in Detroit. From the rounded ends of the front fenders, that car is believed to be the same one as featured in the early publicity shots taken in London as well as on the French PC that was on sale at the Paris Salon.


Car #1

t12elecf.jpg (7657 bytes)     t12elecd.jpg (7352 bytes)
In the original photo [left], Stanley Bennett was seen standing behind the car, his hand resting
on the convertible top; I removed him "digitally" to focus on the toy itself; the photo (right)
was cropped from an original that was taken  in London, in 1912, outside  the premises of
J. Lockwood & Company, where the scaled-down electric car(s) were built to Mr. Bennett's specifications

toylelnd.JPG (12383 bytes)     T12urch.jpg (4463 bytes)     tBennet.jpg (7246 bytes)
These French PCs (left and far right) and the close-up (center) appear to have been taken at the same time
as that in the preceding row (top row, right); the children are wearing the same foul-weather attire;


This electric toy was exhibited at the Paris Motor Show in 1913, where PCs (like the one with the French
postage stamp - left) were on sale on the Cadillac stand. At the various auto shows, the toy car ran around the
exhibition floor to demonstrate the power of its battery motor. The children in the car initially  were thought
to be a couple of street urchins coaxed into Bennett's London showroom for the photo shoot and the
promise of a ride in the car; in fact, they are Mr. Bennett's own children, Geoffrey Frederick at the wheel
and Mona in the hooded duffel-coat. The upper text of both PCs is in French; translated, it reads:
Miniature Cadillac, run by the electrical starting, lighting and ignition system that is standard equipment
on all Cadillac automobiles
. The lower inscription is in English on the LH pic and French on the RH one;
it reads: The Cadillac that has no Crank - To order this automobile of world renown, please contact
F.S. Bennett, Ltd., 19-229 Shaftesbury Ave., London, Cable address: Efisben
.  In the upper LH corner
of the stamped PC (left), someone has scribbled in a price of 5000 French francs (equivalent,
today, to about $13,000); I assume that to  be the price of the actual car and not the toy!

 Nortoy2.jpg (8469 bytes)     wilftoy.jpg (11093 bytes)
Again, this is car #1, the most well known of the Bennett electric cars; it was acquired in 1913  for £62  by Queen Alexandra, wife of
England's Edward VII, as a birthday gift for her grandson,  Prince Olaf  (later King Olaf V)  of Norway.  This is the one that was
subsequently sent to Wilfrid Leland Jr., in the USA, when the Norwegian royal children had outgrown it.

Car #2 (?)

 t12elecc.jpg (8808 bytes)
This poor photo is from a news clipping of the time and shows Car #2 (?) being
driven down London's fashionable Pall Mall, probably headed for Buckingham Palace;
the driver could be Stanley Bennett himself.  The license tag reads A-10-FS
("FS" being the initials of Mr. Bennett's first names); later it got the Norwegian tags "A-3"

Nortoy3.jpg (7725 bytes)     Nortoy1.jpg (8012 bytes)     toynorw4.JPG (6317 bytes)
This is believed to be Car #2, commissioned by the Norwegian Royal family to replace the car sent to Wilfrid Leland, Jr.
You can't really tell from the angle of these shots that this car has a longer body (as does Car #3, below); however, if
you compare the door in the RH  photo [above] with that on the Leland Jr.  car [two rows up] you will notice immediately
the difference in size; the royal toy is on display today in the Norsk Teknisk Museum, Norway; the B&W photo
(center) shows the electrically-powered toy car with the folding top in the raised position

(These three photos: © Norsk Teknisk Museum, Norway, courtesy Dag Andreassen)


Car #3 (?)
The outfits worn by 2 of the 3 occupants of the car on the right, below,
suggest that both electric toys were photographed on the same day

t12elece.jpg (9442 bytes)    
A third car [similar to Car #2 built for Prince Olaf] also features squared-off front fenders; it is painted a darker hue and has fewer hood louvers; Car #3 went to Siam (now Thailand)
as a gift for the young Prince Chula Chakrabongse,  great-grandson of King Rama IV [remember Yul Brynner in The King and I ?]; you can tell it has the longer body from the
location of the unfolded top that covers most of the rumble seat).  This toy car was restored in the mid-seventies, on behalf of the Thai royal family, by Mr. David Weguelin,
CEO of PROJX, The Tabletop Production Company, Ltd. of  Piccadilly, London.  In the LH photo appear to be seen (again) young Geoffrey and Mona, Mr. Bennett's children; they are
wearing much the same rain gear as they had on for the first photo shoot. Mr. Weguelin later told Robert Maidment that the Thai Royal family had sold the electric car
to a Japanese collector who wishes to keep its current location secret.


A toy very similar to this one was offered to me for $10,000 (!!!) at an open air toy car
Swap Meet in Huntington Beach, CA, in June 1978; but that day I had budgeted $100 to
spend on Cadillac toys and literature! Today, I often wonder if that toy might have been Car #1.
Were any Cadillac Database users in attendance at that swap meet, in 1978? 
Do the Leland great-grand-children know what became of Wilfrid Jr's wonderful toy?


Additional photos and information relating to these toys are from the Cadillac-LaSalle Club Inc.'s Self-Starter magazine [4/2003], courtesy Robert Maidment, UK. Robert also wrote extensively about these electric cars in the "Newsletters" of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club of Great Britain [ http://www.cocgb.dircon.co.uk/newslett.htm ]. Additionally, in early 2010, Robert was surprised when a Cadillac enthusiast from Hungary brought to his attention an old newsreel film from 1913 featuring the first (?) of these (three?) electric "Baby Cadillac" models. The reel last for 5-6 minutes and shows the miniature car being driven through the London streets by a young man (?) wearing a chauffeur's uniform and cap.  First you see the car leaving the Bennett Cadillac showrooms on Shaftesbury Ave., then passing the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square and Marble Arch, en route to Hyde Park. Further footage shows the car being "tested " by three children, identified as Mona (5), Tommy (3) and "Bobbles" (1), whom I assume to be Bennett's own children. The youngest, "Bobbles", is hoisted onto the rumble seat by the "chauffeur" just as the car is about to drive off, in the penultimate scene, which features a comical "chase", near the end, where the children are stopped for speeding by an equally comical "Bobby".  The foliage in the final scene suggest the movie was made in the height of summer (July-August 1913?).

About this rare footage, Robert wrote: Here's one out of the blue - a film I was told about that had surfaced sometime last year [2008?] is now on YouTube - click the link [below]. Julian Bennett's grandfather [Frederick S.], in ever-present bowler hat, can be seen at times running alongside, keeping an eye on things! It appears also to be him in an average sort of hat sitting second left with others - including his young father and aunts - in the last scene. It's presence on the web was pointed out to me by a Hungarian Cadillac enthusiast - he asked a while back to use my Baby Cadillac story on the COCGB website, and then came across this. I am trying to obtain a hi-res copy to distribute to all who could be interested. 


I have studied that film footage in detail and conclude that the car driven through the those London streets is Car #1. The number plate on this car reads: "A 1 FS".  It features an open rumble seat at the rear (clearly visible as it passes Nelson's column at Trafalgar Square); the folded top does not cover the auxiliary seat, as on Car #3.  It has also the rounded-off front fenders. The similar electric miniatrure Cadillac being driven down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace [which I believe is Car #2 - photo above] is registered "A-10-FS"; the number plate on that one is slung across the radiator grille, hiding from view the "Cadillac" script nameplate.

This is a still from the old movie reel

(Photo and enlargement: Courtesy The Old Motor.com, 2012)




LSMOD2.JPG (6148 bytes)    LSMOD.JPG (6821 bytes)
This 1:3 scale (?) model of the first La Salle (1927)
was on display at the factory during an official tour
organized in 1963 - I wonder whatever became of it ?



t25pdlc.jpg (5860 bytes)
This Kiddy's pedal car is intended
to depict the Cadillac Type V-63 of 1924-25
[ Photo:  e-Bay auction site ]




Established in the latter part of the 19th century, this majpr hardware corporation operated out of Portand, OR, and specialized in catalog sales of  paints, wrappping paper,  saddlery, fishing tackle, millinery supplies, household goods, Art Nouveau stoves, logging tools, trunks, horse blankets, bicycles, hammocks, row boats, canoes, croquet sets, baseball supplies, baby carriages, sleds, skates, guns, revolvers, office supplies, watches, harmonicas, clocks, glassware, spitoons, toy banks,  iron bedsteads, bird cages,   wagons & buggies, axes, roof tiling, electric light and gas fixtures ands "Children's Automobiles" ... inter alia.

The catloge said, the chief delight of a child is to imitate grown ups and we know of no other form of amusement so conducive to pleasure and health as the use of these Miniature Automobiles; the benefits of outdoor exercise are multiplied when the child derives real pleasure from his exertions.

The cars theselves were described as very complete and eagerly desired by every child;  disc wheels add the last perfect comparison to Dad's car. Equipment includeds a knuckle-joint seteering wheel, wood steering wheel with gas control lever, durable bumpers, drum metaal road lamps with  with non-glate lens, horn, aluminum motor meter, gear shift,  licence number, instrument board, nickel-plated hubcaps,windshled with spotlight, tail lamp and fenders.

The Cadillac was 44" long and weighed 66r lbs. It was finished in red or blue with striping and other decoration. It rode on ball-bearing, double-disc wheels with10x3/8" rubber tires.   And all of that cost $27.50!

T-WellsPedal1.jpg (11062 bytes)      T-WellsPedal2.jpg (20952 bytes)      T-WellsPeda3.jpg (23869 bytes)

Tun10pdl.jpg (8938 bytes)
"Cadillac" (?) sheet metal pedal car advertised for sale on the Internet
in 1999;  the only thing Cadillac about it is the name in script
across the front of the radiator

Tpdla5.JPG (4137 bytes)    Tpdla1.JPG (7217 bytes)    Tpdla2.JPG (7298 bytes)

Tpdla4.JPG (7829 bytes)    Tpdla3.JPG (7959 bytes)
Above two rows: here is a second, lovely, lithographed steel pedal car that was offered for sale on the
Internet, also  in 1999; it is quite detailed, although the front grille is more typical of Ford than Cadillac



T26PDLCR.JPG (7036 bytes)
This third cute pedal car was made by Steelcraft (USA);
a fine restored example, this one was for sale on the Internet in March, 2001




T30SPDL1.JPG (6784 bytes)    T30SPDL2.JPG (6525 bytes)

T30SPDL3.JPG (5224 bytes)    T30SPDL4.JPG (4608 bytes)
Above two rows: another "Cadillac" sheet metal pedal car, also advertised for sale
on the Internet, in 2001;  again, the only thing Cadillac about it is the name badge!




Unknown origin and scale

Tun28pha.JPG (7849 bytes)
This appears to be ceramic model of
the 1928 Cadillac sport phaeton;
I am guessing it was made in the nineties



Click here for toys of 1930-31



FRFLAG.JPG (773 bytes)

Lorsque j'ai vendu ma collection à un Monsieur de Zürich, au mois de juillet 1989, elle comportait à l'époque environ 750 pièces différentes. Depuis lors, de nombreux nouveaux modèles sont apparus sur le marché; par ailleurs j'ai découvert plusieurs jouets parmi les anciens qui manquaient à ma collection. J'estime aujourd'hui à plus de 1,200 le nombre  de jouets et miniatures Cadillac et La Salle proposés aux collectionnaires sérieux, voire illuminés.

En revanche je constate que les fabricants sont nombreux à innonder le marché de modèles ayant déjà paru chez d'autres, quoique de couleurs ou d'échelles differentes. Parmi ces jouets populaires "à répétition" figurent la voiturette Cadillac de 1903, le coupé de 1913, le spider et le convertible V16 de 1930-31, le torpédo V16 de 1932, les modèles Eldorado de 1953, 1957 et 1959 de même que le coupé Eldorado de 1967 à traction AV.

J'ai longtemps souhaité voir apparaître sur le marché de la minaiature les Cadillac et La Salle les plus belles, y compris les voitures de rêve, fabriquées dans les années vingt, trente et quarante. Nous savons désormais tous à quoi ressemble le spider V16 de 1930; à quand, enfin, des torpédos, torpédos sport, coupés, coupés Victoria, berlines, berlines d'apparat, limousines, coupés chauffeur et grandes remises de la marque?

Il y a regain de popularité pour certains modèles d'après-guerre et notamment les berlines et coupés à pavillon fuyant, le premier Coupé de Ville (1949), les rares berlines Eldorado Brougham de 1957-58, quelques modèles des années soixante, les coupés Eldorado à traction AV et gros V8 [8 litres] des années soixante-dix, de même que la Seville des années quatre-vingt "à malle anglaise".  On en souhaitetrait d'autres encore.

Qui n'a pas rêvé de posséder un jour, pour de vrai, un superbe cabriolet Eldorado de 1953, dont seuls 532 exemplaires furent construits? Malheureusement, il n'y a pas un nombre suffisant de survivants pour satisfaire la demande. Cependant, ceux d'entre nous qui ont la chance de rouler ou d'espérer rouler en Cadillac "ordinaire" d'avant ou d'après-guerre, nous aimerions bien pouvoir nous procurer des modèles réduits de celles-là aussi, en dehors des modèles de rêve hors de portée de nous tous.   



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