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FRFLAG.JPG (773 bytes)
(résumé en français)


As the actress said to the bishop:
"philately" will get you nowhere


You will find this page self-explanatory.  Among the various items of automobilia I have collected that relate to Cadillac and La Salle automobiles are the postage stamps you can admire, below.

The stamps and first-day covers shown here in B&W first were published in the Cadillac-LaSalle Club Inc.'s Self Starter Annual for 1982. These are from the collection of my friend, the late Gene Babow. They include stamps from the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Maldives, the Principality of Monaco, New Zealand, the Philippines, the Emirate of Umm-al-Qfwain and ...Nagaland (hey, you're a better man than I, Gunga Din, if you can find it on the map!)1

STPNZCLR.JPG (7849 bytes)


In the article are also postmarks from Cadillac, Michigan, and La Salle, Illinois, as well as a first-day cover from the Philippines.

If any users with a penchant for philately know of others and can supply digital images of stamps mentioned here but not illustrated, I shall be pleased to add them to this page.

1 In fact, Nagaland is a tiny state of India, measuring some 6000 sq. miles that incorporate the Naga hills
    near Assam; the population (in 1961) was 370,000 souls; none of them ever heard of  the Cadillac, let
    alone the unique 1934 V-16 town car that illustrated the 60 cent stamp issued by that "state" to celebrate
    the centenary of  Winston S. Churchill, former British Premier.

 The geography lesson is free!


Some Postage Stamps
Illustrating Cadillac Automobiles

The "Stamp" of the Cadillac 
[if any Database users can supply color images of the stamps
and FDC shown here in B&W, I will gladly add them to this page]


stmpmnco.jpg (6611 bytes)
This is a regular postage stamp from the Principality of Monaco
(I don't have the original; this is a B&W copy}

Not a Cadillac, granted, but we all know that GM's Le Sabre [1951]
was the mother of  all Cadillac designs through the fifties.

astmph.jpg (7195 bytes)         stpmon06.JPG (7395 bytes)
Left:  a stamp from the Republic of Korea, depicting a Cadillac limousine of the early twenties
Right: a stamp from the Principality of Monaco featuring the 1906 Model K, "tulip-body" Cadillac tourer

astmpg.jpg (10606 bytes)         astmpb.jpg (8502 bytes)
Left:  This stamp from the Republic of the Maldives celebrates the first airplane flight of the
Wright brothers; they are seen standing, with Alexander Graham Bell, beside an early Cadillac landaulet
Right:  from the tiny Indian province of Nagaland comes this stamp featuring the custom 1934 Cadillac
V-16 town car (conversion from a limousine), owned by S. Pole explorer, Admiral Byrd

[ check it out in the "Survivors" page for V-16 Cadillacs, 1934-1937

      astmpe2.JPG (8593 bytes)         stpphili.JPG (5923 bytes)
Left:  this block of four from the Philippines features, in the lower LH corner, the rare Fleetwood
style #5825 town car built from 1935 through 1937 (only five units were built)

Right: blown up view of the same stamp [the singer-actress, Marlene Dietrich, had one of these]

 astmpa.jpg (7433 bytes)
From the Arab emirate of Umm-al-Qfwain comes this stamp
featuring the ever-popular 1903 Cadillac

Stamps12.jpg (9398 bytes)         Stamps5.jpg (8285 bytes)
Left: this stamp from the African nation of Liberia depicts a picnic scene in the early part of this century. In the background
stands a 1903 Cadillac with demountable rear tonneau.  Right, this one from the British island of Jersey, in the English
Channel illustrates a stately castle ("an Englishman's home is his castle", the saying goes].  In the foreground stands a
unique 1930 Cadillac built, in fact, for the Maharajah of Tikari, in India; it is one of just a handful of sixteens with RHD

stmp03liberia.jpg (9815 bytes)
This souvenir card incorporates the preceding Liberian issue

03stmp.jpg (12078 bytes)
Here's a similar philatelic souvenir item

Stpcomor.JPG (46638 bytes)
This cute stamp from the Islamic Republic of the Comoro Islands (an archipelago
in the Indian Ocean)  depicts the1932 Series 355 sedan for 7 passengers

    stptuva.JPG (7672 bytes)          stamps7.JPG (9020 bytes)         stamps6.JPG (8940 bytes)

 stp-stvn.jpg (7200 bytes)         stp_tuva.jpg (7728 bytes)
The five blocks of two stamps, above, form part of a set.  They depict (from L to R) the 1903-04 Model A runabout
[Funafuti, S. Pacific], the 1916 Tourer [St. Vincent, Caribbean], the 1930-31 V-16 roadster - believed to be inspired by
the car in the former Harrah collection in Reno - [Nevis, Caribbean], the 1953 Eldorado   - first of a proud series
that remained in production until 2002 - [Grenadines, St. Vincent] and the 1975 Eldorado [Tuvalu, S. Pacific]

Philatelist James Yeaw corrected my lousy geography by placing the Caribbean islands of
St. Vincent, Nevis and Antigua in the Leeward islands or more commonly the Caribbean islands; 
The inhabitants of St. Vincent call all their small islands, such as Bequia, "The Grenadines"

stpsht16.jpg (16668 bytes)

stptuva2.jpg (16547 bytes)
Here are two blocks of five from the preceding series

Stamps10.jpg (7250 bytes)         Stamps.jpg (11346 bytes)          Stamps4.jpg (12410 bytes)
Above, left: from Yemen,  comes this pair of Cadillacs; the lower car is correctly identified
as a 1970 model, but the upper caption reads "The first Cadillac - 1904" (in fact, the first Cadillac
was built in 1902 and the car illustrated is the 1905 Model F!)  The block of  5 stamps (10 cars),
center, from Sharjah [Gulf States], includes the two Cadillac models shown at the far right; again the
artist has taken some license with the 1970 Eldorado which looks somewhat like the Olds Toronado;
the early Model identified as a 1906 car is, in fact, a 1907 Model M with folding tonneau

Stamps3a.jpg (7703 bytes)         Stamps9.jpg (9561 bytes)          Stmp01.jpg (7368 bytes)
Left, from Fujeira [Gulf States], one of the first Cadillacs (1902  - with 14-spoke wheels) overshadows
the year's Eldorado model; center, from Umm Al Qfwain [Gulf States], the new 1970 sedan takes precedence
over a brass era Model M with rumble seat; right, from Manama [Gulf States], the artist has taken some license
with the Eldorado, while a 1903 model, complete with picnic hamper,  putters  in the background. 

stp49gha.jpg (7016 bytes)          stpbrgco.jpg (12085 bytes)
Left: from Ghana [Africa] comes this fine1949 model, identified correctly as a Cadillac Series 62 - 1949
Right: the Republic of Congo [Africa] issued this vignette depicting the bespoke 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham

[the image is too small to identify the brass-era car on that vignette; it could well be a Cadillac Thirty of 1910-11]

Many stamps illustrated here are known among philatelists as "wallpaper" stamps.  In an article in the 1982 annual magazine edition of the CLC Self Starter, the late Gene Babow explained how, in 1970, the tiny Arab Emirates began flooding the market with these so-called "stamps" to generate revenue for  themselves. After 1973, however, oil became a vastly more profitable source of  revenue! 

Between 1970 and 1973, 4000 different stamp issues were published in the Emirates, compared to only 360 in the same time frame, in the USA.  


Stp59.jpg (6656 bytes)          Stamps11.jpg (7934 bytes)
Left, celebrating an American icon, this bulk postage stamp features the 1959 Cadillac fin. 
On the right, from the Malagasy Democratic Republic is this late model Cadillac sedan
(Madagascar is a large island in the Indian ocean off the south-eastern part of the African continent).

Stmp55.jpg (9216 bytes)
1955 Cadillac Series 62 convertible
The above stamp was issued in the first semester, 2000, by the French postal authorities;
it is one in a series of 10 such stamps with a face value of  1 or 2 French francs, all on the
automotive theme,  intended to encourage stamp collecting among France's younger generation;
other cars in the set include a Bugatti Type 35 racer, a 1950s FWD Citroen, a Renault 4CV,
a Simca Chambord, a Citroen DS19, a Hispano-Suiza K6, a Ferrari GTO, a VW Bug
and  France's unmistakable "2CV" (the 2HP Citroen convertible with corrugated tin body)


More "Wallpaper" Stamps

Stamps8.jpg (11520 bytes)         Stamps14.jpg (9696 bytes)
In the row above are some interesting blocks of "wallpaper" stamps.   The block on the
left was  issued in the Republic of Paraguay, in Latin America;  the car at lower left of that
block is a 1903 Model with detachable rear tonneau.  The unidentified block at the right
includes - lower left also - a unique 1934 Cadillac vee-sixteen town car.  This car is [or
was in the seventies] part of the J.O. Raben collection located in the Aalholm castle
museum in Denmark.  It appears to be a conversion on a sedan or limousine body ( I was
never able to get from Count Raben the indications from this car's body tag)

  stpzamb.jpg (5788 bytes)          Stp30_12.jpg (7037 bytes)          stp60sco.JPG (6134 bytes)
I'm not sure of the validity of these gold-tinted items as postage stamps; however, the models depicted are interesting and
rare. The Zambian stamp, left, shows a 1930-31 V-16 roadster, while the one in the center and that on the right (issued by the
tiny Scottish island of Bernara) show, respectively, a rare V-12 town car of 1930 and a 1960 Eldorado Biarritz like mine

Stpdena.jpg (9698 bytes)          Stpdenb.jpg (9872 bytes)
Denmark issued these stamps celebrating the Cadillac and LaSalle marques;
below is a block of four that includes two stamps of each series

Stpdenc.jpg (17854 bytes)

  Stpstomb.jpg (14700 bytes)         Stpstoma.jpg (10050 bytes)
The block of nine stamps, left (that includes the single stamp on the right depicting the 1930 V-16 roadster),
was issued by the West African island of Sao Tomé and Principe, a volcanic island in the Gulf of Guinea

Stptoga.jpg (3530 bytes)
The 1927 La Salle convertible coupe is shown on
this stamp issued by the Republic of Togo, in Africa

stpturks.JPG (7592 bytes)
This one, depicting the 1933 V-16 all-weather phaeton [Fleetwood style #5579], of which only
8 units were built, was issued by the Caribbean islands of Turks & Caicos in the West Indies

stp59el.JPG (11967 bytes)
Walt Disney characters celebrated
on this lookalike stamp, sticker

stplsmoz.jpg (7143 bytes)
The 1934 La Salle convertible coupe is illustrated on this stamp
from the former Portuguese stonghold of Mozambique, East Africa




Thanks to Canadian enthusiast, John Giles of Ontario, Canada,
for sharing this recent (?) series of wall-paper stamps with us.
This series of wallpaper stamps forms part of the 100th Anniversary
projects of GM/Cadillac Motor Car Company
[ Remember, of the first Cadillac was built in 1902 ]


[ I have tried to show these in some kind of chronological order ]

 stpmisc.jpg (7545 bytes)        stpmis1.JPG (14232 bytes)
This first block of four $2 stamps from the Caribbean island of Dominica appears on a filigree image
of a Cadillac ad that was published in the Saturday Evening Post on March 10, 1928; the illustrated
cars all are from the firm's own Historical Collection and depict the 1903 Model A runabout with tonneau
(red), the 1912 Model 30 (dark blue), the 1918 Type 57 Victoria (sky blue) and the 1927 La Salle
roadster (yellow and black), which is erroneously described here as the convertible coupe

stp27.jpg (4966 bytes)         stp27a.JPG (6838 bytes)
This 20,000 cedi stamp (there were 7,650 cedis to the US dollar -
in 10/2003) is from the West African nation of Ghana; it illustrates
the 2-passenger coupe body style by Fleetwood for 1927;
the filigree ad used here was published in Country Life, in 1927

stp33vg6.jpg (9738 bytes)         STP33VGA.JPG (6779 bytes)
Another wallpaper stamp from the Caribbean island of Dominica; this one depicts
the Cadillac Series 355-C in V-8 configuration (Series 370-C was powered by
the V-12 motor and Series 452-C by the vee-sixteen); the car featured here is
style #259, a sedan for 5-passengers which, in
V-8 configuration,  cost $2895;
the filigree image is of a factory photo depicting unique Fleetwood style #5599, a fastback
coupe built on the V-16 chassis  for the Chicago World's Fair, A Century of Progress, in 1933

stpgmbia.jpg (10938 bytes)         STPGMBI2.JPG (7784 bytes)
This 45 dalasi stamp (there were 18 dalasis to the US dollar in 10/2003) is from the West African nation
of Ghana, located between Senegal (to the North) and Guinea-Bissau (to the south); it illustrates the
1953 Cadillac Coupe de Ville; I'm not familiar with this filigree image, which shows the rear clip
of the 1958 Cadillac models (other than the Eldorado Seville, Biarritz and  Brougham models)

stp55.jpg (6522 bytes)         stp55a.JPG (7202 bytes)
Another wallpaper stamp from the Caribbean island of   Nevis (St. Kitts and Nevis group);
the filigree image depicts an ad that appeared in Town and Country in 1954;
the car shown is that year's Series Sixty-Special sedan

stmpuga1.jpg (4284 bytes)         STMPUGA3.JPG (5351 bytes)
This wallpaper stamp is from Uganda (...of Amin Dada ill-repute) in East Africa;
the filigree image here depicts an ad that appeared in Fortune magazine in August, 1955;
the car shown is that year's sleek and sporty Eldorado model

stp53.jpg (10499 bytes)         stp53a.JPG (7988 bytes)
This one, is from the Caribbean island pair, Antigua and Barbuda in the Leeward Islands, located north of
Montserrat and Guadeloupe, and south of  Nevis, St. Kitts, St. Barts, and St. Martin;
the filigree image here may
have been used in an ad of the time and depicts the 1953 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, the stamp itself,
however, shows an (unlikely) Presley-pink Series Sixty Special sedan from 1956

stp50.jpg (6351 bytes)         stp50a.JPG (12326 bytes)
Here is a mixed batch, again from the West African nation of Ghana; illustrated are three (possibly even four)
cars in the Cadillac Historical Collection, including the 1941 Series Sixty-Special sedan, 1953 Eldorado,
1957 Eldorado Brougham (Al Hass' car) and a 1959 Eldorado Biarritz. The filigree image depicts an ad
that appeared in the Saturday Evening Post on June 3, 1950; featured also are jewels by Van Cleef and Arpels

STP56.jpg (7937 bytes)         stp56a.JPG (12304 bytes)
Another mixed batch, again from from the Caribbean island pair, Antigua and Barbuda;
illustrated are pre- and post-WW2 models, including what appears to be a 1937 Series 65
coupe, the 1955 Eldorado (from an ad that appeared in Holiday magazine for   May, 1955,
the 1959 Series Sixty Special sedan and an Eldorado coupe model (?) from the '90s;
the background image features an ad from Collier's magazine dated February 3, 1956

stpmisc2.jpg (6929 bytes)         stpmis2.JPG (12625 bytes)
This third mixed batch, is for a country that is illegible (probably another Caribbean island
group); illustrated (chronologically) are a 1949 Series 62 sedan, 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham,
1967 Eldorado and another Eldorado coupe model (?) from the nineties; the car
featured as a background image to the block of four stamps probably is a 2002 model

STPUGA2.JPG (6620 bytes)         STMPUG2A.JPG (12458 bytes)
This final mixed batch, once again from Uganda in West Africa, illustrates
four "modern" Cadillac models:  chronologically,  the 1979 (?) Seville d'Elegance
1982 (?) Seville d'Elegance, 1993 (?) Eldorado coupe and 2002 (?) Escalade SUV

StmpZamb.jpg (6577 bytes)
This issue from the former Zambia [now Zimbabwe]
depicts the 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham


Stamp Oddity

stmpbon2.jpg (9255 bytes)         stmpbon3.jpg (8862 bytes)
John sent also this stamp block from what appears to be a former Soviet state;
it recalls the James Bond roles played by British actor, Roger Moore:
[ John has one of the custom cars from the movie, Live or Let Die ]


Stamp Novelty

stp59eld.JPG (7538 bytes)
This one forms a part of the USPS' 2008 "Commemorative Stamp Program";
it illustrates the iconic 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

I believe this one was issued in 2009; it features the 1959 Cadillac Copupe de Ville




astmpc.jpg (7113 bytes)          astmpd.jpg (6342 bytes)
Postmarks from the towns of Cadillac, Michigan and La Salle, Illinois

stp_voa.JPG (6321 bytes)
This 10c "stamp" marked Cadillac Post
was issued by the Voice of America
broadcasting entity



This came in from James ("Jim") Yeaw in July 2000. James is an astute philatelist whom we have to thank for straightening out a few philatelic and geographical misconceptions of mine. It seems that my knowledge of geography is not what it used to be! Thanks, Jim, for your perspicacity and your help.

Message text written by "James Yeaw"

I thought I would provide some information to you about postage stamps and Cadillacs. We have automobile pages on our web site at www.philately.com

First of all, may I offer a suggestion or two and then I'd like to ask some questions:

1. The Monaco stamp is inscribed Timbre-Taxe. In many countries stamps may be used to pay various forms of government taxes, but it is not a taxation stamp. Specifically it is issued to pay postage due charges on mail.

2. All the stamps shown, with the possible exception of the Arabian sheikdoms are postage stamps. You can go to St. Vincent or one of it's Grenadines (Small Islands Offshore) and mail letters with them.

3. The USA Cadillac Tail fin stamp is for bulk postage use and nothing to do with the bicentennial celebrations in the 1970's

4. The Caribbean islands of St. Vincent, Nevis and Antigua are not in the Grenadines. They are in the Leeward islands although most of us would just call them Caribbean islands. Bequia as an example, is a part of St. Vincent  and the St. Vincent folks call all their small islands, such as Bequia, "The Grenadines"

Now that's the notes from the philatelic side of things. We now get to models, which you are a thousand times more qualified to classify than I am.

The St. Vincent 30 cent stamps are inscribed 1916 Touring Car, the Nevis as South Korea, Liberia and Niger all have stamps with 1903 Cadillacs. All are 1903 Cadillacs, Model A's? If not do you know the models?

Lesotho pictures a Cadillac Biarritz.  Do you know what year that car is?

Mr. Yeaw's web site lists the following stamps as featuring Cadillac automobiles;  you will find the majority of them illustrated here.  I am hoping that Jim will be able to help me fill in the blanks on this page:

Cadillac - United States

1903 - Korea, South KOR1970E20.3 [image needed]

1903 - Liberia LBR1973I11.2

1903 - Niger NER1975G16.4 [image needed]

1932 V16 Fleetwood Convertible - Nevis KNA1984G25.1-2

1932 V8 Sport Phaeton - Virgin Islands VIR1996F08.3

1959 - Antigua ATG1986J20.3; United States USA1995C17.1 [image needed]

???? Eldorado Biarritz - Lesotho LSO1985F10.4 [image needed]

1957-58 Eldorado Brougham - Zambia ZAM1998L23s2.10 [same as Congo, above?]


Some First Day Covers
Celebrating Cadillac History

astmpe.jpg (8197 bytes)
This B&W photo of a FDC from the Philippines
features a block of four stamps; the one in the lower LH

corner shows a rare sixteen-cylinder town car

         Stp51fdc.jpg (6867 bytes)

         Stp51fd4.jpg (6007 bytes)

STP51FDA.JPG (6778 bytes)         STP51FDB.JPG (4496 bytes)
Above three rows: various first day covers issued in the USA to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding
of Detroit on July 24, 1701, by the French adventurer, Antoine Laumet, aka Antoine de Lamothe-Cadillac

Stpsheet.jpg (10314 bytes)
Sheet of commemorative 3c stamps

stmps06.jpg (8309 bytes)
This first day cover from Monaco celebrates the automobile;
Prince Rainier, ruler of the Principality, is an avid car collector;

the stamp at top center depicts the 1906 single-cylinder Cadillac Model M tourer

Stptogb.jpg (7571 bytes)        
Two more interesting first day covers.  At left, the first LaSalle, 1927
At right: the rare 1933 V-16 all-weather phaeton [8 units built[; the latter is marked:

at the top
Cadillac V-16   -  La Cadillac V-16 and, at the bottom,
Fédération internationale de l'automobile - International Automobile Federation

Stp59fdc.jpg (9725 bytes)         MSC59STP.jpg (7455 bytes)
This Cadillac tail-fin stamp is for bulk postage

Fdc05.jpg (10333 bytes)         FDC02.JPG (9242 bytes)
Left: unidentified FDC which I believe celebrates 100 years of American automobile production
Right: First day cover for the new First Class stamp depicting a '59 Cadillac fin (March 17, 1995)
The cover itself illustrates a 1903 tonneau but is marked "1902 Cadillac Tonneau")

FDC03.JPG (5848 bytes)
This one from the International Automobile Federation (also marked in French Fédération internationale de l'automobile) celebrates the Cadillac Model A; it features the 1903 runabout, a tail-end view of a 1960 model as well as an artist's rendering De Lamothe Cadillac's landing near Detroit, in 1701; the stamp is the Liberian 3c issue (illustrated above)




FRFLAG.JPG (773 bytes)
(résumé en français)

Dans ma collection "Cadillac" figurent également quelques timbres poste glânés par ci et par là.  Il y en a d'autres, mais je ne parviens pas à mettre la main dessus depuis que nous avons déménagé de Suisse aux Etats-Unis.

Vous trouverez d'autres timbres et d'autres envelopes du premier jour dans la revue annuelle du club Cadillac LaSalle Inc., année 1982, dont des exemplaires en provenance de la Corée, de la République des Maldives, de Monaco, de la Nouvelle Zélande, de l'Emirat arabe d'Umm al Qiwain ainsi que du Nagaland (si tu trouve sur une carte, fais-moi signe!)

L'article dans "Self Starter" signé de feu mon ami Gene Babow comporte également des oblitérations des villes de Cadillac dans l'état du Michigan, et de La Salle dans l'état  de l'Illinois, de même qu'une envelope du premier jour en provenance des Philippines.

Si vous en connaissez d'autres, faites-le moi savoir.  C'est bien volontiers que j'en parlerais dans cette page.



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[ Background image: sheets of stamps commemorating the landing of Cadillac at Detroit in 1701 - Y. Saunders collection ]