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(le résumé en français se trouve en bas de page)


Many books have been written about Cadillac and La Salle automobiles.  Unfortunately, the majority of them are now out of print.  Nonetheless, they sometimes turn up at swap meets and automotive trivia sales.  The pictures, below, of the books in my collection or that I have encountered in other collections will help you in your search for Cadillac and Cadillac-related books.

Where dust jackets are missing and where the book cover is blank, the image (below) is of the inner title page.

When I find time, I will add a description of each of these books (size, number of pages and summary of contents).

Check out also the next page for images of books that include sections, articles or good photos of Cadillac and La Salle cars.

The books listed here address mainly Cadillac history, production and styling. Not included are the popular "Fix-It" books and manuals. If these are your area of interest, you are advised to use some of the discount book sellers that advertise on the Internet (e.g. Amazon.com).

Finally, a couple of addresses for out-of-print books :

(1) T.E. Warth, Esq., Automotive Books, 1830A Hanley Rd., P.O. Box 1617, Hudson, WI 54016-3617, Phone  (715) 381-7248,  Fax (715) 381-7258, Web site: www.tewarthautobooks.biz.

(2) Abebooks, #4 - 410 Garbally Rd., Victoria, BC, Canada, V8T 2K1. Web site:   www.abebooks.com


B_fethrs.jpg (4912 bytes)
by David Fetherstone


B_grund.jpg (3296 bytes)
Cadillac "Picture Book"

B_78.jpg (6102 bytes)
Brooklands series


B_49_59.jpg (5445 bytes)
Brookland's series


B_59_69.jpg (6532 bytes)
Brookland's series
B_60.jpg (3923 bytes)
Brookland's series


B_hosain.jpg (8150 bytes)
LeRoi Smith and Tony Hossain
Cadillac "Picture book"


B_salmri.jpg (4710 bytes)
Stephen Salmieri
(beautiful photo album)
B_hendry.jpg (4721 bytes)
Maurice D. Hendry
[a "must" for all Cadillac aficionados]


[Two-Volume Box Cover]
HendrCvr.jpg (10698 bytes)
"Cadillac at 100"
Legacy of Leadership, 1902-2006
by Maurice D. Hendry
A two-volume masterpiece by the greatest Cadillac historian of all
© 2008, Automobile heritage Publishing & Communications



"Cadillac at 100"
HendrCvr1.jpg (14360 bytes)
Volume One (1902-1945)
Legacy of Leadership, 1902-2006
by Maurice D. Hendry
ISBN 1-59613-001-6 (978-159613-001-2)



"Cadillac at 100"
HendrCvr2.jpg (15221 bytes)
Volume Two (1946-2006)
by Maurice D. Hendry
ISBN 1-59613-002-4 (978-159613-002-92



B_1919.jpg (1927 bytes)
Cadillac book, published in 1919
on its participation in WW1


B_bnsall.jpg (5403 bytes)
"Cadillac-The American Standard"
by Thomas E. Bonsall, 1993
[another good history of the marque]
B_sabat.jpg (5812 bytes)
Fabien Sabatés
[in French]

B_16schn.jpg (1910 bytes)
Roy Schneider's magnificent work
on sixteen-cylinder motor cars


B_40sch.jpg (5489 bytes)
Roy Schneider again,
on all Cadillacs of the forties
B_59schn.jpg (5942 bytes)
Roy Schneider again,
on all Cadillacs of the fifties
[missing image ]

"Cadillacs of the Sixties"
by Roy Schneider
Royco Publishing, Box 7,
Temple City, CA 91780

Walter F. Robinson, Jr.

History of Cadillac
[see next entry, right]


cadfrnch.jpg (5780 bytes)
Translation into French of the book by
Walter F. Robinson, Jr.
ISBN #2-85120-236-7



B_80yrs.jpg (5747 bytes)
1st Edition (1903-1990)
Edited by Mary Sieber & Ken Buttolph
[very good statistical reference book]


bkstacat.JPG (5752 bytes)
2nd Edition (1903-2000)
Edited by James T. Lenzke
[very good statistical reference book]

19032005.jpg (10490 bytes)
Standard Catalog of Cadillac
This is the third in the series
put out by Krause Publications;
a "must have" for the aficionado in search
of production numbers and specifications



B_adsbk.jpg (5772 bytes)
Gwil Griffiths & Rich Philips
An interesting collection of older ads


B_buygud.jpg (6224 bytes)
Richard M. Langworth
Good source of info and car values
B_lehwld.jpg (5511 bytes)
Edward A. Lehwald
Good statistical info (B&W)

B_allnt2.jpg (4437 bytes)
by Cadillac and Pininfarina
Another superb coffee table book


B_allnt3.jpg (3840 bytes)
Giorgio Bocca [trilingual],
English, French, Italian
B_allnt1.jpg (2696 bytes)
Portfolio, by Cadillac and Pininfarina
A beautiful coffee table book

B_cd_crd.jpg (5536 bytes)
Colored cards for most years
Small, interesting


B_gtmrq.jpg (4985 bytes)
Andrew Whyte
A Cadillac "Picture Book"
B_gtmqf.jpg (5388 bytes)
Andrew Whyte
[same book, but text in French]
B_bwphot.jpg (7280 bytes)
Mark A. Patrick
a B&W photo album; very nice

heiliga.jpg (7358 bytes)
John Heilig
Chartwell Books, 1998
Nice photos but far too many
erroneous photo captions !!!


B_prcgud.jpg (4951 bytes)
Just what it says

B_lemans.jpg (7460 bytes)
Robert C. Auten
Cadillac participation in LM race


B_mccall.jpg (5789 bytes)
Walter M.P. McCall
On a par with M. Hendry's book
B_sevill.jpg (5451 bytes)
Thomas Falconer wrote this
excellent treatise on the Cadillac Seville

B_pruch.jpg (5287 bytes)
By Peter Ruch, Switzerland
This one is in German


B_red59.jpg (6404 bytes)
One of many "picture books"
devoted to the Cadillac
B_grman.jpg (3527 bytes)
Georg Amtmann
wrote this one in German

B_stdexc.jpg (6358 bytes)
"Consumer Guide" series,
includes some nice color pics


B_eldos.jpg (6491 bytes)
[to be completed]
B_eldsrc.jpg (4453 bytes)
Thomas E. Bonsall
[excerpts from contemporary literature]
B_mag77.jpg (5516 bytes)
A magazine, rather than a book on
Cadillac historical facts and feats

bookendu.jpg (4328 bytes)
"Cadillac -
The Enduring Legend"
by Nicky Wright
Gallery Books, 1989
ISBN0 8317 1120 5
(only the top banner is seen here;
the photo is the same as on
the Dutch edition, right)


B_dutch.jpg (4659 bytes)
Nicky Wright
(this is the Dutch version)


Newbook.jpg (7008 bytes)
Auto-Focus book by James E. Dietzler; includes: Introduction, Standard of the World,
Brass Era, Power and the Glory, Styling Extravaganza, other suggested reading;
lots of beautiful photographs


B_LAS.JPG (4519 bytes)
Ron Van Gelderen & Matt Larson
[the definitive LaSalle book]

B_lasall.jpg (4572 bytes)
Thomas E. Bonsall
[contemporary literature excerpts]


bk_flwd.jpg (3883 bytes)
[the definitive book on Fleetwood]
by James J. Schild
published by the Auto review
ISBN #0-9624958-9-1
© 2001, James J. Schild
[ a 2nd edition was published in Fall 2011 ]


bkctrane.jpg (7168 bytes)
"Coltrane in a Cadillac"
by Robbie Coltrane and Graham Stuart
Publ. Fourth Estate Classic House
© 1993, Robbie Coltrane
ISBN: 1-85702-120-7



bkrivbox.jpg (7012 bytes)    bkRiveBox.jpg (15501 bytes)
"Cadillac" 2
by Bob de la Rive Box
80 pp., ISBN 3-921796-07-5

Cover and title page of Bob de le Rive Box's
book on GM's passenger cars

[I noticed quite
a few erroneous photo captions!]
Das Autobuch, Jürgen Bold, Kleine Bruckenstr. 12,
D61352, Bad Hamburg Ober-Erlenbach, Fax 45.75.45)


[ more Cadillac V8 history ]

"Big Inch Cadillac"
by Doc Frohmaders
This book contains a 9 page Cad V8-development history.  A very
amusing book about getting the most performance out of a 500 cid Cadillac


[ missing image ]

Greenberg's Guide to
Cadillac Models and Toys
by Jeffrey C. Gurski, Robert Straub (Illustrator) 
Hardcover Published by Greenberg Publication
Date: June 1992, ISBN: 0897782887



by Charles Temple, Lynne N. Lockhart
School & Library Binding - October 1995
[ for children, ages 4-8 ]

[ missing image ]

"Cadillac - The American Standard"
by Dave Ritchie ($35)
[info: from Paul Politis, Box 238, HC75, Fort Littleton,
PA 17223 [Fax: (717) 987 4248]


bks_hemm.jpg (8487 bytes)
Hemmings Motor News
(a compilation of articles
published in Special Interest Autos)


B_ackrsn.jpg (2534 bytes)
Robert C. Ackerson
[see footnote, below]

Bkwagner.jpg (8429 bytes)
Rob Leicester Wagner
Cadillac: A Century of Excellence 
Nice, colorful presentation but, like many
similar coffee table books there are too many
errors in the photo captions

© 2002, ISBN 1-58663-168-3


memor1.jpg (8109 bytes)
" Cadillac Memories "
by John Heilig
Kutztown Publishing Co., Inc., 1997

[A "rip-off":  64 pages (or almost
half the book!) is a bland and boring list
of  6000+ names of Cadillac owners
who "participated" in the book]



PerfPort.jpg (12015 bytes)   PerfPor2.jpg (7253 bytes)
Cadillac Performance Portfolio 1948-1958
Models Covered : Series 60 Special, Series 61, Series 62,
Series 70, Eldorado, Brougham, Convertible

Road Tests - New Model Introductions
Consumer Analysis - Specifications-
Technical & Performance Data

This is the Latest Edition and replaces Brooklands
earlier 100 page book which is now out of print.
During the '50s, Cadillac celebrated its 50th Anniversary

and enjoyed the reputation of being America's favourite
luxury car and this book traces the progress of the
post-war 60, 61, 62 and 70 Series


mstrprec.jpg (6811 bytes)
"Master of Precision"
Henry M. Leland
Mrs. Wilfrid C. Leland, with
Minnie Dubbs Millbrook
Wayne State University Press, 1966
BKBOGART.JPG (9712 bytes)
"Cadillac-100 Years of Innovations"
by Angelo Van Bogart
[IMHO, best Cadillac book since Maurice Hendry's

75 Year History in 1977]
©2003,  Krause Publications

ISBN: 0-87349-690-66

BKBNSALL.JPG (4719 bytes)
"The Cadillac Story"
[ The Postwar Years ]
by Thomas E. Bonsall
Deals with postwar WW2 years up to 2004, including
CTS and SRX.  Discusses heated battles and rivalries
in the luxury car market and the inner dealings at GM

© 2004, Board of  Trustees of the
Leland Stanford Junior University
ISBN: 0-8047-4942-6


BkFwd75s.jpg (37819 bytes)
"Cadillac Fleetwood Series Seventy-Five
Limousines 1937-1987
[ Photo Archive ]
by Thomas A. McPherson & Walter M.P. McCall
Published by Iconografix, Hudson, WI

© 2009, Walter M.P. McCall and Thomas A. McPherson
ISBN-13: 978-1-58388-248-1
ISBN-10: 1-58388-248-0

BkTfinYrs.JPG (19586 bytes)
"Cadillac - The Tailfin Years"
by Robert J. Headrick, Jr.
Simple, color reproductions of company sales catalogs
for 1948-1964, plus 17 magazine ads from those years
[ color reproductions are mediocre at best¨]

© 2008, Robert J. Headrick, Jr.

ISBN-10: 1-58388-212-X

BkCCummings.jpg (39211 bytes)
"The Cadillac that Followed me Home"
by Christopher W. Cummings
The story of one man's passion for old Cadillacs
especially the bespoke 16-cylinder models of 1930-31

© 2006, Christopher W. Cummings

ISBN-10: 0-7864-2808-2


CadBook07.jpg (8172 bytes)
"Cadillac Classics"
by the editors of "Consumer Guide"
Small, color reproductions of Cad-LaS ads from 1912-1978
plus photos of surviving models of those years

© 2007, Publications International, Ltd.

ISBN-10: 1412715342
ISBN-13: 9781412715348


Bk_Eng.JPG (13271 bytes)


BkSleepyCad.jpg (10081 bytes)
[ Children's  Story Book ]

Cadillac V-16s Lost and  Found
by Christopher W. Cummings

Chris' passion for the early Cadillac V-16 models sent him
on a quest to find and document as many survivors as possible

© 2014, Christopher W. Cummings

ISBN 978-1-4766-1329-3


1 Published by Tab Books, Publication date: October 1988 ISBN: 0830691200. Book News, Inc., 08/01/89.   This is about the key people responsible for Cadillac's success, the car's innovative engines and styling, comparison with domestic and foreign competition, marketing strategies. Covers the post WWII models up to 1987 with their features, shortcomings, available options, prices, performance data, engine specifications, styling, and special developments. Ackerman is not harsh in his judgements.  No bibliography.  This annotation is  copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or (the cover of this book is black, so I have shown here the inside front cover, with a legible title)
Cover photo kindly supplied by Gordon Wall, in Germany [Gordon is a hearse enthusiast; check out his Web  site]
3 I know Jeff well; he did a series of articles about many of the Cadillac toys in my former collection for "Cadillac Connoisseur", the magazine of the Cadillac Club International, Palm Springs, CA; surprisingly, none of these toys are mentioned in the book, which centers principally on large-scale models of recent manufacture


Frflag.jpg (773 bytes)
(résumé en français)

Dans le tableau ci-dessus sont illustrées les jacquettes des ouvrages consacrés aux automobiles Cadillac et La Salle d'où sont extraites de nombreuses informations contenues dans la (New) Cadillac Database©.   Ceux qui comportent un petit sigle dans le coin supérieur droit (pouce relevé - mais malheureusement pas très visible) ne traitent pas uniquement des voitures de ces deux marques, mais contiennent en revanche un chapitre qui leur est consacré.




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