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Unless otherwise specified all photos and illustrations are from Yann Saunders'
collection of Cadillac photos, advertisements and product catalogs,
reproduced courtesy of the Cadillac Motor Car Division and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club


Cadillac single-cylinder Models K and M

[see also 1906]



06chas.jpg (37607 bytes)
Single-cylinder Cadillac Model M chassis
basically unchanged from the previous year;
it cost $800 and included the dash and hood]



Model K

Basically unchanged frfm 1906, the 1907 single-cylinder Model K runabout and Model M Victoria retained their distinctive and
gracious charm of the previous year; only the "box" shape of the Gray and Davis brass side lamps enable the casual observer
to distinguish between the two years;  base price of the runabout was $800, while the Victoria light touring sold for $950

The standard color for all the single-cylinder models in 1907
was Brewster green upper with red lower; black pinstriping highlighted the wheels and lower body.


06ModKrbtTop.jpg (32759 bytes)
This leather "surrey" top cost $30;
an equivalent top made of  leather cost $50



06ModKRbt.jpg (41301 bytes)
Model K Runabout; it cost $750 without the lamps


06ModKrbtVicTop.jpg (34064 bytes)
I don't have the price for this more
protective "Victoria" top


Model M

06ModMx.jpg (44041 bytes)
Model M  Light Touring Car
(the so-called "straight-line" model)


06ModMTop.jpg (36430 bytes)
The same model
with optional cape top



New for 1907 was this Model M light touring car with so-called "straight-line" body
underscored by the molding through the rear, side-entrance door and the base molding
of the front and rear seats; this model cost $950

On January 16, 1907, the automobile magazine, Horseless Age, listed the year's new models as  "Cadillac Model M
with new, Straight-Line (tonneau) body";  all single-cylinder bodies were interchangeable on the same chassis

07MODM.JPG (12685 bytes)     08ModM.jpg (5056 bytes)     P07mstln.jpg (10418 bytes)
Left and center:  this old photo from the Croger Photo Company of Danville, IL, identifies
the car as a Cadillac 1904-05, whereas in fact it depicts the Model M light touring car for 1907





As may be seen from the preceding 7 rows, there are quite a few survivors despite the car's age




06ModMVic.jpg (47929 bytes)
The Model M Victoria for 4 passengers cost $950, FOB Detroit

06ModMvicTop.jpg (36444 bytes)
With cape top it cost $1025



06ModMfldg.jpg (46442 bytes)
Model M Folding Tonneau




 06ModMfldg2.jpg (23865 bytes)
Model M Folding tonnneau (folded)


Also new for 1907 was this Model M convertible runabout with its ingenious
folding tonneau (see RH photo); it cost $1000 without lamps


          1907 modM.jpg (22044 bytes)    
Drawing of nice survivor, at right, obviously is based on the photo at left




The first fully-enclosed Cadillac built in any numbers was this single-cylinder Model M coupe, derived
directly from the prototype commissioned  by Henry Leland, for himself, just over a year earlier,
from the Detroit coach builders, Seavers and Erdman; it proved a very popular model among
doctors and traveling salesmen; at $1200, it was the most expensive of the one-lungers

06ModMCpe.jpg (32060 bytes)      P07mcp2.jpg (8725 bytes)
Model M coupe




The 1907 Model M delivery van remained
basically unchanged from the previous year;
priced at $950 it was the favorite of Detroit tradespeople

06ModMdlvry.jpg (33847 bytes)
Model M Delivery


Cadillac four-cylinder Models G & H

New for 1907 were the Model G runabout and touring car,  each priced at $2000; the runabout resembled closely its counterpart Model H
of the previous year; it  received new, downward sweeping rear fenders; the Model G touring car was an all-new design with a straight-line
body resembling the four-cylinder Model D of 1905; body and running gear of both cars were finished in two shades of the
ever popular Brewster green, the lighter tint being applied to the lower body; the latter was also highlighted with white pinstriping; 
Gray and Davis brass lamps continued to be offered at extra cost on both models; the body of the lamp was now cube shaped instead of cylindrical


06ModGtrg.jpg (43810 bytes)
Model G Touring



06ModGrbt.jpg (39386 bytes)
Model G Runabout




P064cyl.jpg (6238 bytes)
Models G, H and L were powered by the tried
and tested four-cylinder motor of 1905.  Its  4½" bore
and  5" stroke turned out a hefty thirty horsepower




Cadillac four-cylinder Model H

The touring car (left) was made less ornate around the rear body and side entrance doors; it was priced at $2500, that is $1250 less than the
Model L touring car of the previous year; optionally available for an extra $150 was Cadillac's cape cart top; the all new Model H limousine
on the right quite clearly was a toned-down version of the highly ornate Model L limousine of 1906; the quarter windows were lengthened, which 
- while diminishing somewhat the privacy of the rear compartment occupants -  gave the heavy limousine a more balanced appearance; like the
Model G, above, body and running gear of  both cars were finished in two shades of  Brewster green; white pinstriping was applied only to the
lower body; this year the price was down  by $1400 to a more affordable (in 1907?) $3600;  brass lamps remained optional items at extra cost


06ModHtrg.jpg (43174 bytes)
At $2500 (without the brass lamps!) the new
Model H touring car was ultra-elegant


06ModLlimo.jpg (40438 bytes)
Cadillac's first semi-enclosed limousine, forebear of the renowned "Series 75",
at $5000 (FOB Detroit), the big limousine probably found few buyers


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