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The Cadillac name and automobile have inspired many an artist, both amateur and professional.  By artist I mean painter, photographer, sculptor, musician, etc. The significance of the name and the quality of the automobile that bears it have inspired also many manufacturers to so name their own products. These have ranged from boats, to cigars and household appliances.  I will display some of the better drawings, paintings, photos, sculptures and other miscellaneous artifacts bearing the Cadillac name that I have come across in over 45 years of collecting Cadillac memorabilia.

The topic is so vast that I have had to split this section into the following, general sub-categories (further ones may be created in due course, as requirements dictate): 

1.  Cadillac paintings of all kinds comprise the main section [this page].  The provenance of some of the images is not known so, if you happen to recognize any of them, please help me identify the artist and I will give him due credit for his work. I have included some works by Cadillac's own artists and designers, although the accent here will be on artwork extraneous to the Cadillac organization.

1a.  Cadillac art in black & white  (charcoal sketches, line drawings, cartoons, etc.)

2.  Artistic photos of Cadillac automobiles

3.  Cadillac sculptures and 3-dimensional art [excluding toys and scale models covered here]

4.  Decorative plaques and mirrors carrying a Cadillac theme

5.  Collectible Cadillac "art" cards

6.  Cadillac-inspired  home and office furniture, as well as home fittings

7.  Tableware and glassware inspired by the Cadillac automobile or bearing the Cadillac crest

8.  Cadillac-inspired clothing and fashion items (including jacket patches and belt buckles)

9. Cadillac-inspired jewelry and related items (including charms, coins, medals,
pendants, pins, tokens, etc.)

10.  Cadillac keys fobs, lighters and pocket knives

11.  Cadillac inspired clocks and watches.

12.  Art inspired by the 1959 Cadillac, an American icon

13.  Miscellaneous other products that use the Cadillac name, inspired either by the
French explorer or by the world renown of the Cadillac automobile.

14.  Cadillacs in songs and music are covered in this section.

15.  Cadillacs featured in movies are covered in this section


Let's Start with Cadillac Art
by the GM/Cadillac's own draftsmen

Ar82pst.jpg (13457 bytes)    ar26rds.JPG (6064 bytes)

ar30LaS.jpg (12208 bytes)
1930 La Salle convertible coupe,
from the 1930 product catalog

Cadillac 1930 V16 Special Phaeton, the "Red Devil"
from a poster marking GMs 75th anniversary

 ar29brug.JPG (7114 bytes)    ar_brugs.JPG (7178 bytes)
Top row (left): 1982 artist's poster reminder of pre-WW2 Cadillac history;
Top row (right): tail-end of 1929 roadster, from a period publication (The Crest)
Lower row (left): 1929 Cadillac sedan in Bruges, Belgium (this painting has special  
appeal because we have in our TV room at home a water-color  of  this precise spot
in historic Bruges, sans Cadillac, by Belgian artist and friend, Walter Lootens

30LSBOOK.JPG (6700 bytes)    ar29tc2.JPG (6593 bytes)
(left) Superb art deco by Barclay McClelland, from 1928 Book of LaSalle
(right) 1929 touring car (from period ad ?)

art37limo.jpg (33168 bytes)

1939 grille proposal from 1938

Arls39.jpg (10900 bytes)
1939 La Salle front clip, from period ad

art49.jpg (21079 bytes)
1949 Cadillac Series 62 sedan, from the product brochure

Futuristic proposal from GM Designer, Peter Wozena

art51.jpg (30922 bytes)
1951 Cadillac Series 60 Special, from the product brochure

The artist's name is "Weber"; was he with the GM-Cadillac Styling Studio?

art53el.jpg (16636 bytes)    art53el2.jpg (12704 bytes)
1953 Cadillac Eldorado, from the product brochure

art54b.jpg (13073 bytes)   art54.jpg (15057 bytes)
1954 front and rear ensembles, from the product brochure

art55.jpg (14072 bytes)
1955 Cadillac Series 60 Special, rear quarters, from the product brochure

art56.jpg (25745 bytes)
1956 front ensemble (detail), from the product brochure

The 1956 Eldorado Biarritz, from a merchandising piece

56XmasCrd.jpg (9656 bytes)    56XmasCard2.jpg (13050 bytes)
Here's a nice Christmas scene by an unknown artist (detail at right)

art57cat.jpg (21175 bytes)
1957 front ensemble, from the product brochure

Ar57grl.jpg (8297 bytes)
A Cadillac stylist's proposal for 1957-58 front clip [artist: Bob Scheelk]

56BrgTC16b.jpg (22132 bytes)
Artist's view of the 1956 Eldorado Brougham town car, show car

Eb57art.jpg (8384 bytes)
This illustration is from a GM merchandising piece from 1957

Ar58brg.jpg (7708 bytes)
From a 1977 factory poster,   artist's view of the 1957 Eldorado Brougham

AR58GRIL.JPG (7160 bytes)    AR58GRL.JPG (14541 bytes)
Two artists (different) renderings of the 1958 Cadillac front ensemble

A Cadillac artist's representation of the 1958 Series 60 Special sedan

59biaart.jpg (14376 bytes)
The '59 Eldoradio Biarritz as seen by the company's art section for the '59 product catalog

59BIAEX3.JPG (18185 bytes)
...in reality the real car is taller and shorter!

art59rr.jpg (14494 bytes)
A day in the life of a Cadillac owner (from the product brochure)

Another Futuristic proposal from GM Designer, Peter Wozena,
possibly inspired by the Cadillac Cyclone dream car of that year

Art60el.jpg (13774 bytes)
1960 Eldorado Biarritz
[ from a large foldout Cadillac product brochure from late nineties ]

Unknown artist - possibly a styling studio sketch of 1970 fender proposal

1970 Eldorado proposal by Wayne Kady; cat-walk grille is reminiscent of the 1939 Cadillac grille;
Later, Wayne took over from Chuck Jordan and Dave Holls as Cadillac design chief

   ar81drm.jpg (9811 bytes)
Stylist's impression of a 1981 model
with a 1932 Cadillac style in the background

artmans.JPG (9602 bytes)   
2000 Le Mans race preview

This proposal for a modern-day LaSalle coupe
is by forner Chrysler stylist, Virgil Exner; it is dated 2004
[ Matt Larson collection, Detroit ]




Cadillac Art by Daniel Authouart
Born in 1943, this French artist  likes to paint the Rock 'n Roll years

ar50sgas.JPG (6003 bytes)
Old Texaco gas station
[fifties Cadillac in background]

ar56driv.jpg (8767 bytes)    ar56kenn.jpg (7623 bytes)
Left: Overgrown drive-in movie theater ['56 convertible]
Right: Street scene ['56 convertible]

ar59yelo.jpg (7656 bytes)    ar56auth.JPG (8299 bytes)
Left: Busy street scene [1960 convertible]
Right: Empty pool ['56 convertible]

Une Cadillac pour Marilyn




Cadillac Art by Robert Bechtle

65cadil.jpg (6252 bytes)    67cadil.jpg (5611 bytes)
Right: a 1965 Fleetwood Sixty Special; left: the same model for 1967
Notice how the artist's cars are partly hidden in the realistic decor




Cadillac Art by Alain Bertrand
He seems to favor Cadillacs in need of TLC

ARBTRAND.JPG (6279 bytes)    ARBTRAN2.JPG (8492 bytes)
Typical Cadillac subject from Alain Bertrand;
notice the detail  on this '53 sedan, right

ar53bert.jpg (6700 bytes)    ar54bert.jpg (6917 bytes)    ar56bert.jpg (7312 bytes)
Clockwise (from L to R): 1953, 1954, 1956

abertrnd1.jpg (16227 bytes)     abertrnd2.jpg (14425 bytes)
Depicted is a 1952, Series 62 convertible




Cadillac Art by Robert Blumhagen

Ar37dash.jpg (7236 bytes)
" Picnic in the Cadillac "
Poster size:  11x13"

 ar41bech.jpg (9404 bytes)
Entitled Cadillac Beach and measuring 11x14.7", this  is an original acrylic painting on canvas; Mr. Blumhagen is known
for his realistic paintings of the automobile as art.  He calls his  painting technique California Realism




Cadillac Art by Jerome Biederman

Another 1930-31 roadster on the V-16 chassis




Cadillac Art by Francis Brook

Art57FarncisBrook.jpg (5706 bytes)
Described as a 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham,
the car is in fact a regular 1958 Cadillac sedan




Cadillac Art by Richard Meredith Browne

Ar53EldBrowne.jpg (5672 bytes)
1953 Eldorado
[ giclée canvas art print ]




Cadillac Art by François Bruère

Ar47brur.jpg (13059 bytes)
1947 Cadillac
François is the official painter of the 24-Hour annual Le Mans race   (licensed AOC). This print
is offset on 250 g/m2 coated paper - measures 30 x 40 cms and issued by the artist.  Born in
Le Mans, France, François has painted, sculpted and produced rolling prototypes for more
than 20 years. I lost contact with him when we emigrated to the USA in 1998

Arbruere.jpg (5993 bytes)
CADILLAC 1950 at Le Mans

53elkeya.jpg (6973 bytes)
This one depicts the blue 1953 Eldorado in the
Keyaerts Cadillac Museum, Touraine, France

[ the car came originally from New Jersey - tag #746 YWF ]




Cadillac Art by Benjamin Buysse

Ar59cv.jpg (6263 bytes)
Acrylic on canvas, 9 x 12": © 2001




Cadillac Art by Danny Byl

ar59DannyByl.jpg (8204 bytes)




Cadillac Art by Alec Cahill (13-years-old)

alec_cahill.jpg (5176 bytes)
Alec wrote (in Jan., 2008): I love Caddys and this is a pic of a sixty [1960] in my area
and I was bored one day and I drew this;  u can use this on your site




Cadillac Art by Henry Austin Clark, Jr.
Ar29spp2.jpg (7908 bytes)

Left: a popular body style in 1929, the sport phaeton
(this painting hangs in the Long Island Auto Museum)
The car in this painting is believed to belong to Lawrence S. de Andrade of Colorado;
Mr. de Andrade has also another painting of it by well-known illustrator Harry Anderson




Cadillac Art by James Cleworth

"Arturs", wrote some unkind things in the Guest Book on Feb. 23, 2001; to set the record straight,
here is what I know about Mr. Cleworth, the Collectible Auto Artist
; he was the subject of an article in
CA 6/1986, p.71-75; the works mentioned include a blue, 1956 Coupe de Ville that was sold to a
Swiss bank executive for $5000 (the only blue Coupe de Ville of Cleworth's that I have seen is
the 1957 model (lower row, left); I have not seen either his painting of a '59 Cadillac with a smashed
front LH fender.  Another article on this skilled auto artist appeared in Car Collector, 3/91


With regard to the art of James Cleworth, Database visitor Larry Frank wrote: FYI, the two Cleworth paintings (...57 Coupe de Ville and the '38-39 Cadillac / La Salle) are in my personal collection. I was Harold's publishing partner for some years and I know of no other Blue Caddy painting....It might have been before my time, but I would think I would have heard of it. You have a great site....I'll be back!

AR39CLEW.jpg (8675 bytes)    Art54clw.jpg (6940 bytes)
Left: 1939 Cadillac and 1938 La Salle models by Harold James Cleworth for
the 75th Chicago Automobile Show; right: front clip of the 1954 Cadillac Eldorado
The original painting, on the left, and the blue"Coupe de Ville" (below) are in the collection
of Larry Frank who was Mr. Cleworth's publishing partner for some years

Art57.jpg (6452 bytes)    Ar59fin.jpg (5044 bytes)
Left: 1957 Cadillac Coupe de Ville front clip
Right: 1959 Cadillac icon tail-fin




Cadillac Art by Lyn Hamer Cook

Ar59cpe.jpg (5599 bytes)
Left: 1959 coupe, on the beach; art, © 2001




Cadillac Art by Evelyn Curro

ar05curo.jpg (42685 bytes)    ar05curo2.jpg (45865 bytes)
Evelyn Curro was known as one of America’s
leading Americana artists; this piece
is dated 1952; it measures 8 x 10 inches




Cadillac Art by Salvador Dali

41dali.jpg (32413 bytes)    41dali1.jpg (27960 bytes)
1941 Cadillac "clothed" models; the basic models are copied from the ring-bound, prestige
color catalog of 1941 models (Fleetwood Style #7523, left,  and Fisher style  #6719, right);
the artist himself owned a 1941 Cadillac convertible sedan;  when it had done its time,
converted it to a "statue" that is now exhibited at the Dali Museum in Figueras, Spain




Cadillac Art by Ken Dallison

Ken Dallison was born in England in 1933. He attended Twickenham Art School in Middlesex.
He began to specialize in vehicle illustration around 1959. He settled in Canada in 1974.
His works are in museums and private collections in the USA and Europe

Ar30knd2.jpg (7888 bytes)
1930 Cadillac V-16 roadster

dallison.JPG (16272 bytes)
Details of Ken's painting




Cadillac Art by D. Desorguer

ar53elbd.jpg (14887 bytes)
Cartoon-style color rendering of the 1953 Eldorado

ToonBrg.jpg (46399 bytes)
Cartoon-style color rendering of the 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham

In 2011, enthusiast Erik Deneyer commented: The [1953 Eldorado] drawing was made by Daniël Desorgher, artist of the series “Jimmy Tousseul”, first published by Dupuis and, later on, by Glénat. The drawing was made external for sale (as an ex-libris) and isn’t an image out of one of the comic albums. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if there were actual Cadillacs represented in the Jimmy Tousseul albums. In La Liste 66 from Eric Stalner a Cadillac Eldorado [Brougham] is used as well [photo above]



Cadillac Art by James B. Deneen

38LaS.jpg (8317 bytes)
Entitled An old-fashioned Fourth, the painting is 23.5x13.5"




Cadillac Art by Joanne Domka

ar60finDomka.jpg (4712 bytes)
Tail-fin of 1960 Eldorado
Joanne has painted also the '49 Cadillac "Goddess",
three different '59 Coupe de Ville tail fins
and a '59 Eldorado tail fin

[ these are 21x28 limnited edition giclée prints ]




Cadillac Art by Ken Eberts

[ missing image ]

A Classic Christmas   featuring a  1930
V16 phaeton
[ on cover of Antique Automobile Nov-Dec.  1989 ]




Cadillac Art by Pierre Dumont

ar22dumont.jpg (14832 bytes)
Don Lee custom 1920-21 Cadillac "6-fender" touring car, built for screen star, Ann May;
it is described also as a sport formal touring sedan with "California top"

23_63Dumont.jpg (15787 bytes)
1924-25 Cadillac Type 63 (or "V-63") 7-pass.  sedan




"Edwards Art Productions"

ar59conv.jpg (9551 bytes)
Front and rear ensembles of the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz




Cadillac Art by Stu Eichel

47StuEichel1.jpg (12523 bytes)    47StuEichel2.jpg (14859 bytes)
Seen in Saratoga Auto Museum, Saratoga, NY, 10/2009
[ Contact: www.stueichelart.com ]




Cadillac Art by Laura Lea Evans

1933 Cadikllac V16 AWP, "Among the Lilacs" painted at  Christmas 1990
[Matt Larson collection]




Cadillac Art by John Evans

arEvans5a.jpg (8558 bytes)    arEvans5b.jpg (7684 bytes)
1931 V-16 (?) phaeton for a club project

arEvans3.jpg (7617 bytes)    arEvans2.jpg (7541 bytes)
(left) 1937 sedan, (right)1954 Eldorado

arEvans1.jpg (5975 bytes)
1959 Sedan de Ville




Cadillac Art by Mano Forsman

mano_oil.jpg (6708 bytes)

1970 Cadillac front clip
This acrylic painting, on canvas,
is 4.3 feet high and 3.3 feet wide




Cadillac Art by Jorge M. Garcia

 This Latin American artist from Argentina paints the most elegant Classic Cars:  Rolls Royce, Packard, Cadillac, Duesenberg and other great marques.  He also paints racing cars; his digital work, "THE 55 FORMULA 1 WORLD CHAMPION CARS (1950-2004)" is amazing; it shows the evolution of the champion cars through 55 years of F1.  Among his patrons, Jorge has the great  Juan M. Fangio and FI champ Michael Schumacher.  Seven of his paintings are now available as signed, limited edition giclée prints, exclusively from Car Art Inc. in the Jorge Garcia Gallery

arv6gcia.jpg (16499 bytes)    arv6gci2.jpg (17113 bytes)
1930-31 Cadillac V-16 roadster, with close up detail (right)

ar55gcia.jpg (13088 bytes)    ar55gci2.jpg (12552 bytes)
1955 Cadillac Coupe  de Ville, again with close-up details (right)




Cadillac Art by Alfred Gockel

alfgock.jpg (6508 bytes)
" Classic Cadillac "
a 24x32" fine art print




Cadillac Art by Michael Goettner

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, this automobile and aviation artist immigrated to the United States and became a US citizen in 1956. Currently (2003), he and his wife, Nancy, reside in Sylvania, Ohio.

AR48CLIP.JPG (6833 bytes)
948 Cadillac front clip




Cadillac Art by Tom Hale

AR57HALE.JPG (6066 bytes)
1957 Cadillac front clip




Cadillac Art by Greg Hanlon

Hanlon is an emerging artist; he has received rave reviews for his drawings/paintings
and for the professional manner in which he conducts business.

59ARFIN.JPG (5568 bytes)      AR61HNLN.JPG (6501 bytes)

AR58ELD2.JPG (6100 bytes)      AR58FIN2.JPG (4915 bytes)
These 11x14" prints are by Greg Hanlon, of Encinitas, CA
As a young child, Greg recalls looking up at the immense fins
of the Eldorado (left) and visualizing a shark in the reflections.

To view other examples of Mr. Hanlon's art,
please click here





Cadillac Art by Hergé1

ARTINTIN.JPG (6281 bytes)    T38TINTI.JPG (12863 bytes)
Left: this accurate representation of the 1938 Series 75
convertible sedan  appeared in the comic strip, Tintin in Tibet

Right: the car was made available also as a 1:43 scale miniature

So far as I know, the only other Cadillac featured in any of Hergé's comics is a 1957-58
Eldorado Brougham; it is easily recognizable on the forecourt of Marlinspike Hall (Chateau
de Moulinsart), in the closing illustrations (?) of  one adventure of which I don't recall the name


1 The Adventures of Tintin (Les Aventures de Tintin)    is one of the most popular comic strips of the 20th century. Drawn and written by the late Belgian writer-artist, Georges Remi a.k.a. "Hergé" [which are his initials, sounded in French and reversed, i.e. "RG"].  Some 200 million copies had been sold by the end of the first millennium (2000) and there have been translations into nearly 60 languages. The hero is a young Belgian reporter and globe-trotter named Tintin; among the cast of characters are Snowy the dog (Milou in the original), Captain Haddock, Professor Cuthbert Calculus (Tryphon Tournesol in the original) and the comical detective-duo, Thomson & Thompson (Dupont & Dupond  in the original). The action takes place in many recognizable countries, cities and landmarks and the books are replete with cars of all years and models A MUST FOR CAR BUFFS OF ALL AGES, from 7 to 77 !



Cadillac Art by Walter T. Gomez

Ar4160s.jpg (6036 bytes)
1941 Cadillac Series Sixty Special
This piece measures approx.  18x24"

and is painted with art markers, pastels, colored
pencils and gouache on cotton rag vellum




Cadillac Art by Jack Juratovic

Beautiful 1934 LaSalle Convertible Coupe

1935 Cadillac V16, Series 60 Town car




Cadillac Art by Marty Helgeson

ar59moon.jpg (4876 bytes)
1959 Caddy rear clip
This piece measures approx.  9" X 12"

and is painted in acrylics on a canvas panel




Cadillac Art by mural artist, Hooley

ar59.jpg (10349 bytes)
An eight foot high, twenty foot wide mural painted by world famous Mural artist Hooley.
He has murals in Europe, and throughout the United States. This beautiful one-of-a-kind
mural depicts Hollywood legends, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, and James Dean,
as they cruise through the historic old west town of Prescott, AZ in a 1959
red Cadillac convertible. Prominent landmarks are fully displayed in this picture




Cadillac Art by Rolf Karlsson

58KARLS1.JPG (5568 bytes)

59KARLS2.JPG (5474 bytes)    60KARLS3.JPG (5185 bytes)
These beautiful, soft pastels are among the most lifelike car paintings I've seen;
for more information, visit the artist's gallery, in Sweden, by clicking here
[ the images have been slightly cropped to center on the cars ]




Cadillac Art by Patrick Kelley

Ar14taxi.jpg (8841 bytes)
East Orange Inn and a 1914 Cadillac




Cadillac Art by Gordon Kibbe

ar31kibb.jpg (7877 bytes)
This 10x8" print features the ever-popular 1930-31 Cadillac V-16
[ in this instance, Fleetwood style #4380, all-weather phaeton ]




Cadillac Art by Andy King

ar_XLR.JPG (4987 bytes)
This is a  20x30" ACTUAL painting
by the artist (click on above NAME link for details)




Cadillac Art by Steven John Koeppe

ar60cv.jpg (8151 bytes)
Back in the 1960's, bumper stickers and window decals proudly declared Love It Or Leave It , implying that if you didn't love America (exactly like the guy driving the car) you should
get the hell out of Dodge. Unfortunately, such attitudes are still alive and well, today.  John painted this wasted Cadillac as a metaphor for where such thinking has taken us.
We put business interests ahead of environmental and social concerns, we're in debt up to our necks again, and style is valued way ahead of substance. Heading
hell-bent down a bumpy road, we may be headed for a total breakdown.
(© 1988 - Acrylic on canvas, 48x72" -Collection of John Sheppard )




Cadillac Art by John Lander

ar40bohm.jpg (5749 bytes)
John Lander is an American artist born in Atlanta, Ga.
He painted this custom 1940 Cadillac convertible coupe
with body by Bohman & Schwartz




Cadillac Art by Jimmy Lee

ar5960s.JPG (5635 bytes)    ar57eld2.JPG (5909 bytes)    59fin60sLPhot.JPG (10220 bytes)
(Left and center) these are  27x27" ACTUAL paintings
by the artist (click on above NAME link for details)
The painting at right may have been inspired by a cover of Newsweek (at left)




Cadillac Art by Glenn Lewis

AR29LEWI.JPG (5834 bytes)
The 1929 Cadillac convertible coupe in this 11x17" painting is the work of Glenn  Lewis,  an accomplished artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and author.  For forty years, he has painted in diverse mediums, evolving to master his unique style. Today, most of his work is in private collections. His spirited work is distinguished by his vast imagination, brilliant color and uplifting themes. He is a member of the Santa Barbara Art Association, Goleta Art Association, and is a former college art instructor.




Cadillac Art by Lucinda Lewis

AR5859DN.JPG (5252 bytes)
Entitled simply Diner, this one measures 23x35"
[there is a '59 Cadillac at far left ]

LUCLEWIS.JPG (6167 bytes)
Fifties Cadillacs abound in Lucinda Lewis' book
Roadside America
[ the original measures 18x27" ]





Cadillac Art by R. Lewis

ar31emblewis.jpg (9568 bytes)    arv6richlewis.jpg (12965 bytes)
1930-33 Cadillac "Heron" hood ornament

ar53RLewis.jpg (11796 bytes)
1953 Cadillac front ensemble




Cadillac Art by Jan Lis

arcadrr.jpg (7098 bytes)
Jan Lis' Key West paintings capture the timeless quality of an exotic south. This colorful painting shows Jan's love of old Florida architecture with it's rustic buildings and stately trees. The painting was the Mitchell Graphics Award winner at the Florida Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition at the Pensacola Museum of Art,  Pensacola, FL. Size:  22" x  30" Acrylic on Arches watercolor paper.   The painting is double matted with a 5" white outer mat and a taupe inner mat.   It is framed with a taupe aluminum Museum frame.  The outside dimensions including frame are 32½" x 40½"




Cadillac Art by Michael Litvack

39Litvack.jpg (13990 bytes)
Size: 14" x 180" Acrylic

This new painting (at left) and the detail (at right) were provided kindly by Michael in  Nov. 2011




Cadillac Art by Günter May

Günter May was born in 1953 in Schüller/Eifel (south of Cologne).  He was trained as a typesetter and also attended a school of art and design. He studied art and design at Düsseldorf University.  Since 1982 he has worked as a freelance illustrator in Düsseldorf.  Among his clients are the German parliament (Bundestag),  post office,  Ministry of Agriculture of Rhineland-Palatinate, Düsseldorf Museum of Art and Ministry of Culture and Education of Rhineland-Palatinate.  His fascination with Cuba's unique way of life, where Classics of the fifties form part of every day life, is amply reflected in this group of four paintings of 1947, 1953 and 1958 Cadillacs that he saw there.  He has a web site where these and other car paintings of his may be admired.

GMay03.jpg (18099 bytes)    GMay02.jpg (13057 bytes)
[Left] Pink Cadillac, 1947 cadillac Fleetwood;  [Right] Cuba Libre, 1953 Series 62 convertible

Gmay04.jpg (14416 bytes)    GMay01.jpg (12332 bytes)
[Left]  Havana Club, 1958 Sedan de Ville; [Right] Trinidad, 1958 Cadillac Sedan De Ville
(the latter car is located in Germany, near Cologne, and is owned by the Webmaster of




Cadillac Art by Dan McCrary

partclou.jpg (7362 bytes)    cadhersh.jpg (6777 bytes)

ar59macr.JPG (7291 bytes)    unid58s.jpg (7042 bytes) 
Top row: (left) Partly Cloudy, featuring the reflection of a 1959 Eldorado Biarritz
in the LH rear fender of a 1949 Series Sixty Special sedan;

Top row: (right)  1954 Eldorado tail-fin with (possibly) a Series 62 convertible behind it
Lower row: (left) reflection of the 1959 Cadillac rear grille in the casing of a Continental kit

Lower row: (right) is entitled "Fin Perspective" and shows
the  rear clips of a 1958 Series 60 Special (LH) and a 1956 Seville (RH)




Cadillac Art by E.R. McIntosh

art12.jpg (7006 bytes)
This artist's work was identified kindly by Scott Braunstein.

In June 2003, he wrote this to the CLC:
I was at a yard sale and found a neat looking painting of a car (1912 Touring Cadillac). I was amazed by the print and wanted to learn more about it. So I got to a Web site and searched on "paintings cadillac"; there I found your site containing various prints from different artists. As I scrolled down, I saw a section labeled unknown artists. Well I would like to inform you that the painting of the 1912 Touring Cadillac was done by artist  E. R. McIntosh in 1972.




Cadillac Art by R. McKee

ar31RmcKee.jpg (13741 bytes)
1930-31 Cadillac V-16 roadster, Fleetwood style #4302

ar37embrlewis.jpg (10501 bytes)
1937 Cadillac Goddess emblem




Cadillac Art by Ted McLaren

ArTedMcLaren.jpg (6696 bytes)
" Pink Cadillac "
[ Size: 18x14" -  on heavy white paper ]




Cadillac Art by Jonathan Basil Medwid
Medwid, email: jmedwid@basilgallery.com, phone: 860. 416. 0993

AR74CAD.JPG (17244 bytes)
This pastel on paper measures 18x24" and is priced at $450




Cadillac Art by Paul Melia

Art1913.jpg (7776 bytes)
" 1913 Cadillac "
[ Size: 18x14" -  on heavy white paper ]




Cadillac Art by Kelly Newcombe

ar54KNewc.jpg (6545 bytes)
[ size 16x20" ]




Cadillac Art by Chris Osborne

[ size 16x20" ]




Cadillac Art by E. Pasteiner





Cadillac Art by John Peckham

ar21DonLee.jpg (14476 bytes)
This sporty touring "sedan" (?)   with side mounted coach lamps is said to have been Don Lee's personal car;
the color rendering from 1964 is by artist John M. Peckham [I found it and photographed it in GM's styling archives, in 1994]




Cadillac Art by Susan Pepler

AR52CUB2.JPG (10061 bytes)    AR52CUBA.JPG (8715 bytes)
Susan Pepler, a Montreal artist renowned for her energetic & lively paintings of vintage cars, found this 1950 "gold" Cadillac in the Botanical Gardens of  Havana, Cuba.  
After winning First Place at AJAC's (Automobile Journalists Association of Canada) Art of the Automobile Contest in 2003, she was invited to exhibit her automobile paintings
at the prestigious Concours d'Elegance Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA, where she was the best selling artist.




Cadillac Art by Thomas Petersen

AR30PTA.JPG (6184 bytes)     AR40PTB.JPG (6778 bytes)     AR40PTC.JPG (5364 bytes)
1931 sidemount (left), 1940 fog lamp (center), 1940 front clip (right)

AR53PTD.JPG (8093 bytes)     AR54PTE.JPG (10494 bytes)
1953 front clip (left), 1954 twin front clips (right)

AR55PTF.JPG (4298 bytes)     ar57ptk.jpg (7148 bytes)
1955 nose (left), 1957 tail fin (right)

AR59PTH.JPG (5403 bytes)     AR59PTI.JPG (5342 bytes)     AR59PTJ.JPG (6896 bytes)
1959 fins

The artist wrote last year: Hello, my name is Thom Petersen and I am an Automotive Artist.
I have been doing this professionally since 1979. My art has been featured in many major Automobile Magazines and Art Text Books on airbrushing. The site is one that might interest
you. Actually, it's my art gallery of automobile art. I have many Cadillacs on it and I am sure
that you'll find some enjoyment in it. Thanks for your kind attention. Yours Truly, Thom


For titles, dimensions, description and availability, please consult
Mr. Petersen's Web page from which he has graciously
allowed me to post these, his Cadillac prints




Cadillac Art by Bob Petillo

ARPTILLO.JPG (8024 bytes)    PetilloDr_RideS.jpg (23831 bytes)
Painting at left is Entitled Col. Sanders Cadillac,
On the right is Dream Rides




Cadillac Art by Ed Pickel

ar32pickel.jpg (9258 bytes)

ar53Pickel1.jpg (11777 bytes)    Ar53Pickel2.jpg (16694 bytes)

This is an 8.5x11"  print entitled 55 Caddy (McDonald's) is a limited edition of 250,
each signed and numbered;
  the original oil on canvas measures 30x40"




Cadillac Art by Bill Pruitt

AR55MCDO.JPG (7712 bytes)
This is an 8.5x11"  print entitled 55 Caddy (McDonald's) is a limited edition of 250,
each signed and numbered;
  the original oil on canvas measures 30x40"




Cadillac & LaSalle Art by Jack Pumphrey

Jack never stopped drawing pictures of cars, boats & people from the time he was just a kid in grade school.
He was once asked, "Have you been doing this all your life?". "Well, not yet!" he answered with a wry smile.
Self-taght as a precise pen & inl artist, Jack has now incorporated water color and markers to brighten up
his detailed art. I work from photographs that customers send me from all over America, Canada & Europe,
via eMail [inkyarts(at)comcast.net].  Jack provides  portraits of classic cars, yachts and other transportation art
out of his home-based studio in Las Cruces, NM. Samples of his work may be previewed at jackpumphreyarts.com

(Left) 1937 LaSalle Dual-Cowl phaeton
(Right) 1933 Cadillac V16 convertible Victoria

(Left) 1941 Series 62 convertible coupe
(Right) 1946 Series 75 Limousine

(Left) 1947 Series 62 convertible coupe
(Right) 1949 Series 60 Special Sedan

(Left) 1950 "chopped" Series 62 Coupe
(Right) 1951 Series 62 convertible coupe

(Left) 1953  Series 62 convertible coupe
(Right) 1955
 Series 62 convertible

(Left) 1956 Series 62 Coupe de Ville
(Right) 195
7-58  Eldorado Brougham

(Left) 1959   Series 62 Coupe "Low Rider"
(Right) 1960
 Series 64 Eldorado Biarritz

(Left) 1963  Series 62 Convertible
(Right) 1964
 DeVille Coupe

1965 Sedan de Ville




Cadillac Art by Ken Porter

1970 DeVille convertible



Cadillac Art by Tom Rawdon

ARV2WEST.JPG (5725 bytes)
Superb rendering of the 1934 Cadillac V-12
town car once owned by screen star, Mae West
(thanks to CLC member, Adam Schoolsky, for remembering the name of the artist)



Cadillac Art by Dan Reed

Dan started drawing very young.  He studied art at Westchester University in the early 90s, where he completed a series of pen and ink drawings of the 19th century campus buildings. Today, as may be seen in the examples below, the bulk of his work realtes to his love of classic cars.

Ar37cvsd.jpg (8036 bytes)
Dan is a member of the Valley Forge Region CLC  and also an automotive

illustrator; please check out his web site for more Cadillac (and other)
art in both color and B&W.   Dan was commissioned by fellow CLC member,
Adam Schoolsky, to capture the elegance  of his beautiful 1937 convertible sedan

arlas.jpg (4746 bytes)    ReedLas2.jpg (36361 bytes)
Here is Dan's pencil rendition of CLC member
Richard Stanley's 1928 La Salle roadster
[ Photo:  CLC Self Starter, June 2005 ]

ReedV12.jpg (41090 bytes)    ReedV12a.jpg (57065 bytes)

ar34LasReed1.jpg (11162 bytes)    ar34LasReed2.jpg (15143 bytes)

Reed34Las.jpg (34144 bytes)    Reed34Las2.jpg (39059 bytes)

Reed53s.jpg (34625 bytes)

Art56DerhReed.jpg (42225 bytes)    Art56DerhReed2.jpg (57009 bytes)

Reed57cad.jpg (12126 bytes)    Reed57cad1.jpg (18381 bytes)




Cadillac Art by Carl Johan Rehbinder, Sweden

If an artist has a specific interest, sooner or later it will surely
manifest itself in the artist's work. This is the case with
Carl Johan Rehbinder, who has been drawing and painting cars
since early childhood and photographing them since his early teens

AR53ELD.JPG (9046 bytes)
1953 Cadillac Eldorado
One of three very large paintings for the Restaurant Levinsky's
in Kista Centrum, north of Stockholm
Acrylic on canvas, glued on plywood
[ from the artist's own photo ]

SANTA.JPG (12393 bytes)
Santa rides in style...
Christmas card for American Car Club of Sweden.
Mixed techniques on paper.

AR30GRL.JPG (7219 bytes)
1930-31 Cadillac -8 grille and badge




Cadillac Art by Nicolas Repin

AR59BOO2.JPG (6312 bytes)    AR59BOOT.JPG (6963 bytes)
A Texan, a Cadillac and an oil well ...need one say more?

Measuring 20 x 24", this is an oil painting on heavy canvas by accomplished
European artist, Nicolas Repin; I have been unable to determine if  Nicolas'
painting (left) is based on the Levi's Western boot ad (right) or whether Levi's got
the rights to the Repin painting in order to advertise the boots!




Cadillac Art by Henry Rolodziej

brgpaint.jpg (9612 bytes)
This vintage poster on  extra heavy poster paper measures 28x42";
it is signed by the artist and features a 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
with the message: Restore the beauty of your Cadillac, whatever
the year, with our appearance reconditioning
.  At the lower edge
it says: Cadillac Service - A tradition of Excellence since 1902
Also featured is the  Cadillac crest and crown




Cadillac Art by Art Ross

Left: Shades of the 1939 coupe models, painted the previous year
Right: Early post-war proposal




Cadillac Art by Barry Rowe

b_rowe.jpg (7474 bytes)
Barry is the featured artist at the Meadow Brook Hall Concours d'Elegance in 2002, where he
already won awards of excellence in 1997 and 1999.  He studied design at the Coventry College
of Arts in England and later won the prestigious Sotheby's Transport Trust Award. His contri-
bution for 2002 is a painting of the V-16 Cadillac special phaeton  style #4260 that was donated
to the Cadillac Museum, some twenty years ago, by the widow of its first owner, Mrs. Ellis Little.

[ Photo:  Meadow Brook Hall flyer, 2002 - original in color ]




Cadillac Art by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky

   ar29phaSakh.jpg (13666 bytes)    ar29phaSakh2.jpg (27354 bytes)
1929 Cadillac sport phaeton

ls34cvc2.jpg (10887 bytes)
1934 La Salle convertible coupe, to promote the new model in that years adverising campaigns




Cadillac Art by Jacques Saoutchik

SAOLITV3.JPG (8450 bytes)    v6saoupha.jpg (19267 bytes)
This original piece of art is from the studios of the renowned French coach builder;
it is believed to have been painted circa 1930
[ the car is a custom proposal for the V-12 chassis - it was in fact built (image, right) ]




Cadillac Art by Yann Saunders

4260Yann.jpg (21999 bytes)
This is Fleetwood style #4260 on V16 chassis
20 x 9" - gouache on card
[ modeled after cover design from 60s Jo-Han 1/25 scale model box ]  


[amended] Cadillac Art by Yann Saunders

yann58stret.JPG (21902 bytes)
I had fun "creating" this stretched 1958 purple Cadillac limousine
from a manufacturer's illustration of a funeral coach for that year




Cadillac Art by Jack Schmitt

ar49ers.JPG (6875 bytes)
This 8½x12" print is entitled 49ers and includes the tail end of a 1949
Cadillac Series 62 convertible; the artist is well known for his detailed
Gasoline Art lithographs; this one is of the classic Mobilgas filling station



Cadillac Art by David Snyder
Motorama 1953 (left) and  Edward Cadillac (right)

armrama.jpg (6790 bytes)    ARSNYDR.JPG (6118 bytes)
LH image size unknown;
RH image size 18x26" on 22x28" heavy paper
Limited to 950 prints. Print cost :  $85.00

On the LH print you can see (far left) two Cadillacs, one dark green, the other gray:
on the RH print (foreground) is a '60 Eldorado Biarritz in the same Siena Rose color as mine,
at top (left) a Bahama Blue 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham, at center a white
'57 Eldorado Biarritz and (at far right) a red '59 Eldorado Biarritz

[ For more art by David Snyder, click here ]




Cadillac Art by Rick Spooner

AR58GRIL.JPG (6305 bytes)
1958 Cadillac - Soft pastel print

Rick grew up in Seattle, WA. He paints and draws in a variety
of media, his favorite being pen & ink drawings.




Cadillac Art by Don Staats

cadcouc.jpg (8399 bytes)
Cadillac Couch  (24 x 30")
This painting is a commentary on an old friend of Don's,
'Leo', who owned the actual Cadillac Couch that was complete
with working tail lights;  Leo represented the extreme
of things, including his art collections, wild
western outfits, bola ties and money!
(Don is also the actual 'model' in this painting)




Cadillac Art by "Stanford"

This ultra-modern design for a would-be Cadillac roadster was
brought to ma attention by an enthusiast in 2014;
if someone would kindly identify
the artist more fully, I shall give him due credit for the high quality of his art




Cadillac Art by John Starr
[ from the Bayview Gallery, Maine ]

ar40las.jpg (6672 bytes)
General Patton's staff car
a 1940 La Salle convertible sedan

AR41CV.JPG (6005 bytes)
1941 convertible coupe




Cadillac Art by M. Stehrenberger

Ar_alnt.jpg (8705 bytes)
Thanks to Alex Chrisanfov of Moscow's Auto Review for identifying the artist behind this lovely
Cadillac Allanté (my copy of the drawing is so small that the text is totally illegible); Mr. Stehrenberger
is a prominent automotive artist whose work is regularly published in different European
car magazines, including the French Automobile Classique and the Swiss Revue Automobile




Cadillac Art by Paul Stipkovich





Cadillac Art by Joseph Stone

Ar52hank.jpg (6053 bytes)
The late Hank Williams and his 1952 Cadillac Series 62 convertible; 999 of these 8½x11" prints of the original were made, each one numbered and  signed by the Alabama artist




Cadillac Art by Robert Toth

59Fin_RToth.jpg (9116 bytes)

59Hse_RToth2.jpg (4957 bytes)    59Hse_RToth1.jpg (4227 bytes)

59RR-RToth.jpg (5143 bytes)    59Side-RToth.jpg (14713 bytes)
As may be seen in this selection of his   automobile art, Mr. Toth, like many of his contemporaries,
is greatly influenced by the distinctive lines of the 1959 Cadillac (the lower car depicts a custom model)

A retrospective about this multi-talented artist may be found here; you may also visit Robert's Web site here




Cadillac Art by Joseph Urban

arturban.jpg (11518 bytes)
Joseph Urban is one of many artists who, in the twenties and  thirties,
painted Cadillacs and Cadillac  scenes for the firm's merchandising programs;
the vignette, above,  shows a 1929 Sport Phaeton in a sylvan setting;

below is the period ad in which this artwork appeared
[ Illustration from Saturday Evening Post for  July 13, 1929 ]




Cadillac Art by Hein Vandervoort

Coupe de Ville, ATF-74
100 x 130 cm, oil on canvas (2006)


1972 II, ATF-88
180 x 220 cm, oil on canvas (2006)

In 1988 Hein Vandervoort graduated from the Royal Academy for the Arts in the Hague.  He has received several subsidies from the Fonds voor de Beeldende Kunsten and his paintings have been bought by such institutions as the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst in The Hague etc.  For many years Hein's work has been influenced by his travels through the United States and his paintings have been inspired by photographs taken during these trips. The images he uses are related to experiences, locations, various items etc., rendered in his distinctive style and use of colour.  Sadly, in 2001 many of Hein's paintings were destroyed in a fire at his studio. The fire did not change the focus of his work and in the period immediately following this catastrophe he set about reconstruction 13 paintings that earlier had been purchased by Link Contemporary Art in the Hague. Since the fire all his works are denoted with the initials ATF (after the fire).




Cadillac Art by Ted Welch

ar304335.jpg (7911 bytes)    arwelch.jpg (7606 bytes)
Left: 1931 Cadillac, V-16 all-weather phaeton by Fleetwood, type #4335 (15x22" - one of 1,000)
Right: 1931 V-12 convertible coupe

    ar55grl.jpg (6291 bytes)     ar62fin.jpg (7494 bytes)
Left: 1955 Cadillac convertible front clip
Right: 1962 Cadillac rear clip

Edward L. (Ted) Welch is an established automotive artist based in McAlester, OK. Born in Hughes Springs, Texas in 1938, Ted's love of the automobile developed from an early age. His talent as a technical illustrator led to a career in new 
aircraft and weapons systems concepts.  In 1987, he began focusing his talents almost exclusively on automobiles.  He says, I started painting classic automobiles with enthusiasm and a passion that is hard to understand or explain.
There are several reasons I chose to paint automobiles... the availability of subject matter and an interest in automobiles that existed since childhood, and skills I have acquired in both fine art and technical art.
His work resides in private and corporate collections across the United States. Ted's preferred mediums for automotive illustrations are watercolor/gouache and acrylics.




Cadillac Art by Nicola Wood

Ar30pf.jpg (5916 bytes)    59nwood.jpg (6536 bytes)
Left: 1930 PF boat-tail speedster; it  was the centerpiece of the poster and program
book for the 43rd Annual Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, August 22, 1993;
Right: 1959 Cadillac Series 62  tail fin (NOT an Eldorado)

nwooddog.jpg (7907 bytes)    nwoodpnk.jpg (9448 bytes)
Left: 1955 sedan (foreground) ...it's a dog's life!
Right: Pink flamingos and a red Eldorado Biarritz

More art work on a Cadillac theme by Nicola Wood may be seen on this Web site




Cadillac Art by Ed White

Artist's view of a modernistic 1959 Cadillac coupe
[ Photo:  Internet 2012 ]




Cadillac Art by Danny Whitfield

1959 Eldorado Biarritz, in an unusual shade of bronze/brown
( from the artist's web site )




Cadillac Art by Raymond Wyatt

artgods.JPG (5860 bytes)
1930-32 Goddess hood ornament




Cadillac Art by Vincent Yuzon

Yuzon2a.JPG (9037 bytes)    Yuzon2b.JPG (9620 bytes)    Yuzon4.JPG (16401 bytes)
Left to right:  '59 tail fin, '57-58 Eldorado Brougham front ensemble, '53 Goddess hood mascot

Yuzon2c.JPG (12243 bytes)    Yuzon1.JPG (14857 bytes)
Left: '57 custom front ensemble; Right:  '57 "60 Special"

I met Vincent and his family in Las Vegas, on the occasion of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club "Grand National" meet in June 2009, where he was exhibiting some of his art for sale.   He has a style very much his own and is equally at ease working with acrylics, water colors and even an air brush. 




Cadillac Art by Paul Zanetti

Paul was born in 1961. He started cartooning at age nine, drawing the teachers in school ...and getting kicked out of class. He knew then that cartooning was his future. At age 18 he was appointed editorial cartoonist for the Sydney Daily Telegraph. He was Australia's youngest editorial cartoonist.  Today he is independently syndicating cartoons throughout Australia and overseas.

When he saw his first Cadillac (a '59 Eldorado Biarritz!) it was love at first sight and has been a lifetime love affair. Paul hs owned a number of collectible Cadillacs since the late 1980s.

His hobbies include Michelle, the children, architecture, restoring Cadillacs, locating and restoring mid-20th century modern furniture, collecting and landscaping cacti and succulents.

ar_PaulZ.jpg (32005 bytes)
1959 Eldorado Barritz on the beach at Surfer's Paradise, on Australia's Gold Coast
Lifeguard is sounding  the alert: Shark Alert !  Everyone INTO the water !

[unfortunately, space restrictions prevent showing the cartoon in full size; reduced
size and lower resolution do not allow for capture all the artist's pen and brush strokes]

Paul is a well-known Australian cartoonist. And, yes,
he does drive a 1959 Eldorado Biarritz.  Gita and I are
honored to have been guests of Paul and his lovely wife, Michelle,
during our extended Australian tour in March-April, 2005




Unidentified Cadillac Art

art0379.jpg (9576 bytes)    ART0379A.JPG (9766 bytes)
Model A on the right is part of the ensemble on the left

ar03ton.jpg (7188 bytes)    ar1902.JPG (5521 bytes)    Ar0406rb.jpg (4833 bytes)
Left and center: 1903 runabout with tonneau [center picture was described as 1902 Cadillac]
Right: an odd-looking Cadillac with dummy hood (1904) and tulip body (1906)

ar06.jpg (8637 bytes)
1906 touring car

Art05.jpg (5793 bytes)    Ar06tg.jpg (9049 bytes)
Left: 1905 Model E runabout with cape top
Right: 1906-07 tulip bodied Model K touring car (Long Island Auto Museum)

08LIMO.JPG (4050 bytes)    ar08lim.jpg (6752 bytes)
1908 Limousines [ possibly by artist Evelyn Curro ]

ar09sakh.jpg (4758 bytes)    ar10rdst.JPG (8639 bytes)     12CadElec.jpg (5450 bytes) 
Left: 1909 touring
Right: 1910 roadster

28rdsdrg.jpg (81539 bytes)
Art Deco rendering of the 1928 roadster

 ar29rdst.jpg (8116 bytes)
Fisher roadster for 2 passengers, 1929

Poster for the 1989 Silverado Concours d'Elégance;
it features a custom-built 1930 Cadillac 3-position convertible
by Paris' Hibbard and Darrin coachbuilders
(Matt Larson collection, Detroit)

ar30cv.jpg (8371 bytes)

4302Painting.jpg (54221 bytes)
Art rendering of the 1930-31 V-16 roadster,  Fleetwood style #4302 (105 units built)

ar30_4302a.jpg (11969 bytes)    arv6-4302b.jpg (22710 bytes)
Same car, different artist

 arv64380.jpg (7808 bytes)
1930-31all-weather  phaeton, Fleetwood style #4380 (250 units built)

ar30rds.jpg (6674 bytes)    arv64130.jpg (6592 bytes)

arV6rd.jpg (5660 bytes)    arv630rd.jpg (6467 bytes)
Left: 1930 Cadillac V-16 roadster, Fleetwood style #4302
1930 V-8 Cadillac roadster (left), Cadillac 1930-31 V-16 sedan for 5 passengers, Fleetwood style #4130

Ar3016pf.jpg (8260 bytes)
Boat-tail speedster on 1930 Cadillac V-16 chassis,
by Gian Battista Pinin Farina



This is from an album of collectible cigarette cards
bearing the German title, Das Auto von Heute (The Car of Today); the pages are numbered from 1 to 33 and the collection comprises 255 different cards, of which this sixteen-cylinder Cadillac Fleetwood limousine, style #4375; the inner front page of the album features a Nazi party “parade car” (a  Horch ?) flying Swastika pennants from both front fenders; the piece is undated, but I am guessing  it was published circa 1936-37

1930 V-16, Fleetwood style 4260 special phaeton ... for Christmas!

ArCadMasct.jpg (7414 bytes)
1930-32 Cadillac Goddess, by Stick Boy

Artv1632.jpg (5032 bytes)    Artv163b.jpg (7486 bytes)
Painting (left) and detail (right) depict a modified 1932 Cadillac V-16 town car
once owned by the late C.W. Hampton of England [check it out in the "Survivors" roster]

Ar32pha.jpg (5817 bytes)

v632pha2.jpg (16267 bytes)    v632Pha.jpg (20040 bytes)
(above 2 rows) 1932 Cadillav V12 or V16 phaeton

ar3216.jpg (5939 bytes)    ar33v16.JPG (7369 bytes)
(Left and upper image) 1932 dual-cowl phaeton by Fisher, style #32-16-280 (3 built)
(Right): poster ad for the 1990 CLC Grand National in Carson City, NV

arv633tc.jpg (6676 bytes)
Left: 1933 V-16 Town car, Fleetwood style #5525 (3 built)

This lovely painting of a 1933 Converible Sedan
hangs in the home of our friends, Matt & Michaline Larson;
it was painted by a friend of theirs

5499art.jpg (11745 bytes)    5499artB.jpg (21634 bytes)
1934 Aero coupe, Fleetwood style#5899

Arhtman.jpg (9066 bytes)
1937 V-16 roadster bodied by Willy Hartmann of Lausanne, Switzerland
(this is one color scheme that was NOT used on this car)

ar40dh16.jpg (10125 bytes)

Arv640.jpg (9142 bytes)   ar40tc.jpg (8353 bytes)   Ar41gril.jpg (5156 bytes)
Left: 1940 V-16 coupe; Center:  Artist's impression of a 1940 town car by Brunn
Right: 1941 Cadillac front clip

   Ar47fre.jpg (6339 bytes)    ar48.jpg (8585 bytes)    48PINU~1.JPG (5421 bytes)
Left:  1947 Cadillac front clip by unknown French artist
Center and right: Plain and sexy 1948 Cadillacs

ar49volc.JPG (5263 bytes)

AR49VOL3.JPG (4435 bytes)    AR49VOL2.JPG (4469 bytes)
There must be a message here. Will the white rabbit (top) survive
One thing for sure, the passengers on the ship (left) and 'plane (right) are doomed...

art48saou.JPG (20496 bytes)
This was copied from a catalog for a Concours d'Elégance

ar49dvil.jpg (7298 bytes)    arlmans.jpg (7704 bytes)    Art50.jpg (5564 bytes)
Left: 1949 Coupe de Ville with Harley Earl and Lockheed P38 Lightning in background
Center:  artist's impression of Cadillac's participation in the 1950 Le Mans road race
Right:  1949-50 front clip,  profile view (French artist, Confolens car meet)

cubart.jpg (9886 bytes)
Right:  colorful Cadillac art from Cuba

ar51cp.jpg (17725 bytes)
1951 Cadillac coupe

1951 pink grille

arel53.jpg (8828 bytes)    Ar53eld.jpg (10136 bytes)
Left: unknown artist's impression of the 1953 Eldorado from period ad
Right: the 1953 Eldorado [note turn of the century script!]

Sent in by friends, Kitty & Roy, in England;
if anyone knows the artist,  please let me know

arshocad.jpg (7751 bytes)
Tail-end of 1953 Cadillac

ar53monr.jpg (8119 bytes)
Marilyn Monroe, a 1953 Eldorado
and the California state flag

    El53cust.jpg (7670 bytes)
Marilyn, a low-riding '53 Eldorado lookalike [according to enthusiast, Mano Forsman it was built
a few years ago, on a regular Cadillac chassis, by John D'Agostino in  CA

1953 Eldorado in Azure Blue

I'm not able to fully read the filigree ".com" domain name; it could be "Spiderworld"

53ghiaart.jpg (18265 bytes)
1953 Custom coupe on Cadillac chassis by Ghia

1953 Cadillac Le Mans 2-pass roadster (4 were built)
[ from ZTV collection ]

ar54grl.jpg (25945 bytes)
1954 custom Cadillac grille

55ebrg.jpg (8225 bytes)
Artist's rendering of the front clip of the new
Eldorado Brougham prototype for 1955

55SwimCornte.jpg (15063 bytes)
This is half painting and half photo; I believe the mural stands on the lot
of the Cadillac dealership of Frank Corrente in Los Angeles

[ who is the artist / photographer? ]

Artist's view of a snow-covered "Graceland" ... the Elvis Presley estate

ar55grl2.jpg (5252 bytes)    arblucad.jpg (7270 bytes)
1955 and 1956 Cadillac front clips

Unk55dagmar2.jpg (13824 bytes)
'55 "Dagmars"

Christmas "Graceland" art, possibly inspired by the pink 1955 sedan bought by Elvis Presley for his Mum

AR56ELVS.JPG (6419 bytes)
Elvis' grape-purple 1956 Eldorado Biarritz

A 1956 Cadillac "in the pink"
Unfortunately, the artist's signature is almost illegible; who knows him/her?

Ar56bmor.jpg (6200 bytes)
Artist's impression of a special, 1956 Skyview, sightseeing limousine
built for Colorado's Broadmoor hotel  by Hess & Eisenhardt of Cincinnati, OH.

ar56toon.jpg (16516 bytes)
Cartoonist's impression of the '56 Cadillac

Christmas card theme with 1956 Cadillac tail-fins at lower LH side

arofcrse.jpg (6459 bytes)    ar5760s.jpg (8168 bytes)
Left: 1957 Cadillac front clip (I have a similar view, in blue,  by James Cleworth, above)
Right: from France comes this postcard featuring an artist's view of the

1957 Cadillac Series Sixty Special sedan, although it is marked
(in error) Cadillac "Eldorado" (Etats-Unis) [i.e. United States]

57art.jpg (14679 bytes)
Reflections in a 1957 bumper pod
[ Unknown ]

ar58cpe.jpg (7830 bytes)    ar58unk.jpg (7410 bytes)    art58fin2.jpg (13060 bytes)
Tail ends of two '58s

Ar58Sundae1.jpg (16333 bytes)    Ar58Sundae2.jpg (14753 bytes)

1958 Eldorado Biarritz impression

59ART.JPG (4360 bytes)    59art4.JPG (7610 bytes)
Left: '59 Sixty Special in quicksand?
Right: a gift from Jean-Michel Roux, a '59 fanatic

art59c.jpg (6784 bytes)    Art5960s.jpg (9880 bytes)    ar59fade.JPG (6258 bytes)

ar59xms.jpg (5669 bytes)    ar59toon.jpg (8170 bytes)

59mural.jpg (7868 bytes)    59mural2.jpg (10642 bytes)
The mural (left) - with detail (right) was used to advertise the moderm sofa, left

ar59fin1.jpg (6468 bytes)    ar59fin2.jpg (5433 bytes)    59pster.jpg (10263 bytes)

ar59sexy.jpg (11292 bytes)

Ar59grl3.jpg (8189 bytes)

poster59cadillac[1].jpg (5801 bytes)    poster59cadillac[2].jpg (10081 bytes)
This one was brought to my attention by French enthusiast, Jocelyn Lecocq

Advertising poster for the Petersen Museum, CA (2013)

Found on Internet, 2013 - who is the artist?

 Pretty pin-up in pink...

1959 Series 60 Special

1959 Series 64 Eldorado Seville custom coupe with side trim from the 1960 version ... BEE-OO-TEE-FUL

     59CRVL.JPG (11760 bytes)
Artist's view of the Superior-built Cadillac Caravelle tour bus (at right) for Colorado's renowned Broadmoor Hotel

Unknown artist's impression of a "formalized" 1959 Cadillac "75" limousine

ar60fins.jpg (4431 bytes)    Ar60cpe.jpg (5375 bytes) 
Left:  1960 tail-fins and, tight,  pink Coupe de Ville by an unidentified German artist

Slightly cropped painting of 1961 Eldorado Biarritz

Leggy pin-up poses with '62 convertible

Fleetwood Series 60 Special

1963 custom Cadillac "Surfin' Wagon"

ar65sdn.jpg (6456 bytes)
1965 Fleetwood 60 Special sedan, side view

ar67cad.jpg (4647 bytes)
1967 Cadillac De Ville coupe

Ar67Cad1.jpg (8078 bytes)    Ar67Cad2.jpg (22822 bytes)
1967 Cadillac Eldorado coupe

 art0379.jpg (9576 bytes)    ART0379B.JPG (11891 bytes)
1979 Eldorado Biarritz on the right is part of the ensemble on the left




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( résumé en français)

Les automobiles Cadillac ont été source d'inspiration pour de nombreux artistes tant amateurs que professionnels (j'entends par "artiste" les artistes peintres, photographes, sculpteurs at autres musiciens).

Cette page est consacrée aux meilleurs dessins, tableaux, photos, sculptures qu'il m'a été donné d'admirer depuis plus de 45 ans que je suis collectionneur de Cadillac.

Je n'ai pas inclus l'ensemble des dessins et tableaux realisés au sein même de l'entreprise; il se pourrait cependant que par la suite je leur consacre plusieurs pages!

Pour ce qui est des Cadillac en chanson et en musique, reportez vous a cette page.



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[ Background image:  drawing of a'59 Cadillac convertible, a gift from J.-M. Roux ]