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d'Agostino (USA):  Custom 1957 Eldorado Seville low rider

Another outstanding example of d'Ādostino's work: here, a 1958
Cadillac Eldorado Brougham matched with a customized 1958 Cadillac grille


Allender & Co., Detroit (USA):  These actually are NOT Cadillac models, but the customized 1957 Chevrolet El Morocco. It really has no place in the Cadillac Database©, other than the fact that, viewed from the rear, for example, it might easily pass for an Eldorado Brougham of the same vintage.  And that was, without any doubt, the ultimate intention of the customizer. The El Morocco models, nonetheless, are extremely rare and were made by Chevrolet for only two years (1956 and 1957). In 1957 they made convertibles, two door hardtops, and four door hardtops. They were sold and warranted by Chevrolet and sold by the latter's own dealer network.

elmor01.jpg (10274 bytes)     elmor00.jpg (8595 bytes)

elmorcv.jpg (11334 bytes)     eb_conv.jpg (7083 bytes)
What's this ? A 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham ...convertible ???  Sadly, no.


Barris, George (USA) Custom design for Larry Watson [no other details].  I have information about a customized 1957 Eldorado Brougham [car #14] built for the same Larry Watson who had a shop beside that of George Barris in Hollywood.  That Brougham, however, does not appear to have been designed by Barris

57brg14.jpg (6529 bytes)


Dore, Rick (USA) 1957 custom Eldorado roadster

rickdore57.jpg (6980 bytes)     rickdore57c.jpg (6624 bytes)     rickdore57b.jpg (8034 bytes)


Erles, Steven (USA) Interesting proposal for a 1957 custom Eldorado wagon


Fleetwood (USA) 1956 prototype of 1957 Eldorado, with 1956 textured grille [photos]

Fleetwood (USA) 1955 prototype of 1957 Sixty-Special [photo - rear ¾ RH view]

Fleetwood (USA) 1957 prototype of "Series 75" limousine

5775cus1.jpg (10731 bytes)
Note vent in rear quarter window and '57 park and turn signal lamps


Fleetwood (USA) 1959 Series 75 limousine rear clip, clay prototype

5975Clay.jpg (13790 bytes)
This factory shot by Madler [#17160], is from Sept. 27, 1957


Fleetwood (USA) special 4-door Eldorado Seville 4-door sedan, style 6239SX. Only 4 were built. Two members of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club own one of these rare cars: Don S. Pike and John W. Vandegrift [see 1997 membership roster]. These four cars have block ELDORADO lettering centered on the trunk above the Cadillac "V". Also there is a "Seville" script on the front fender. But for their four doors in lieu of two, these cars are like regular '57 Eldorado Coupes. One of these Seville hardtop 4 door sedans was sighted in 1991 in a junkyard called "A-Autoparts" on Arrow highway near the 605 freeway intersection in Arcadia, CA, by Cadillac enthusiast Michael J. Morton. It was in unrestored original condition, black, complete and not rusty. At the time, the yard said they were taking offers on it. They did know about its rarity but did mention it was #4.

dr57svl1.JPG (12523 bytes)     dr57svl2.jpg (10296 bytes)

dr57svl4.JPG (12031 bytes)
This photo courtesy of Katie Robbins, MI

el57sdn1.JPG (8715 bytes)     el57sdn2.JPG (8672 bytes)
These two photos courtesy of Lance Hirsch, TX

57svlsdn.JPG (11230 bytes)     57SvlSdn2.jpg (7192 bytes)

57SvlSdn3.jpg (22346 bytes)     57SvlSdn4.jpg (9725 bytes)


Fleetwood (USA) To make up for the absence of the Motorama show in 1957, Cadillac exhibited the special Cadillac Sixty-Special "Director"; this was another "mood" car, a mobile executive suite. The RH front seat pivoted 180° to permit a secretary to turn and face "the boss" - and to take dictation at speeds from 70 to 100 mph! - seated in the rear, at a special desk. Features included dictaphone, telephone, filing space and even a semi-concealed storage compartment on the driver's side of the front seat "secretary position" concealing a hand gun and holster behind a sliding door; more on this car: McC p. 320 [no picture].

Dr57dir1.jpg (8763 bytes)     Dr57dir2.jpg (4958 bytes)         57direc1.jpg (3894 bytes)

57Director.jpg (5112 bytes)     Dr57dir5.jpg (4818 bytes)     Dr57dir4.jpg (5263 bytes)     Dr57dir3.jpg (4460 bytes)

     57drctr3.jpg (6904 bytes)    
Most of these are stills  from a GM merchandising film of 1957; others are from Time magazine.  Top (far left):  the "Director"at the "Tavern on the Green"
in New York's Central Park; top row (next)  radio-telephone (in cabinet) and writing desk, both  within easy reach.  Top (next 2): secretary position, with back to dash:
next row (left): secretary types while boss makes phone call and takes notes;   (next 2) more views of boss' position; (far right) file storage behind front seat back;
Bottom row (left and center); admirers at NY car show; (right) driver gets to ward off would-be aggressors with Colt .45 automatic pistol !


Fleetwood (USA) Custom Series 62 convertible Cadillac Allegro with interior by Sue Vanderbilt, a lady designer in the Cadillac Interior and Color Studio of the GM Styling section. The "biscuit and button" design of the [open] door panel differs significantly from the regular   2-inch piping seen in the production Cadillac models that year

57allegr2.jpg (8545 bytes)     57allegr3.jpg (9701 bytes)
[ Photos:  © GM Styling -  Self Starter annual, 1998 ]


Fleetwood (USA) [???] Special Sedan de Ville with vinyl top similar to Eldorado Seville. Photo supplied kindly by the present owner, Steve Sepowski, who said this: I have a question regarding my Cadillac that I was hoping you might be able to answer. It is a 1957. The emblems (gold) say "Sedan deVille". The VIN is 5762137132. It has what appears to be an original vinyl or leather top in perfect condition. An automotive upholsterer friend said the length and straightness of the seam leads him to believe it's original. Another friend said it might be a special model for export and could be quite rare. I just want to know how I can be sure it's an original Sedan deVille. The trim tag says 57-6239. Paint code says 24-20. It also has "NX" and "EHX" on the tag.  ANY information would be greatly appreciated. Well, Steve, this one has me stumped; the paint codes certainly indicate a two-tone combination [#24 (upper) = Tahoe blue and #20 (lower) = Orion blue]; yet it looks like the lower color is #24 and the roof covering much darker, hence it was probably re-trimmed after leaving the factory.  The accessory codes "EHX" and "NX" suggest that the car was fitted at the factory with E-Z-Eye tinted glass ("E"), a heater ("H"), power windows ("X") and power vent panes ("N" or "NX"). Anyway, I find it interesting enough to warrant a place in the "Dream Cars" section.

57sdvcus.jpg (8078 bytes)


Fleetwood (USA) [???] Special Series Sixty Special for U.S.General Omar Bradley. The lower rear section had a unique trim.

Fleetwood (USA) [modified] Who trimmed the tail fins off this Eldorado Brougham?  I say they should be shot!

Dr57finl.jpg (11372 bytes)


Fleetwood? (USA) Prototype?  Was it ever built ? The 1955 and 1956 wagons like this found only very few takers. They were built under Cadillac supervision by Hess & Eisenhardt.

57wagpro.jpg (5171 bytes)


Frick/Vignale (USA/Italy)  Sliding roof coupe with body by Vignale; This car (with roll-back roof) was ordered by one John Wood Blodgett, Jr., the son of a lumber baron in Portland, Oregon; it was powered by the 1955 Eldorado motor and featured a steel body (others were made of aluminum).  Frick broke off his association with Vignale after this car; the whereabouts of the 1955 prototype [above] and the Clark car are unknown (1994); the Blogett car is owned since November 1989 by Michael Pomerance (1994); previous owners were Blodgett's secretary (mid-sixties), Emmet Boitz (an Oregon truck driver), Earl Benz (also from Oregon), then various West Coast dealers; SIA143 pp.24-31.

57vigna5.jpg (9085 bytes)     57vignal.jpg (10097 bytes)

57vigna1.jpg (10260 bytes)     57vigna3.jpg (6069 bytes)

57vigna2.jpg (6319 bytes)     57vigna4.jpg (9292 bytes)
[Photos:  © 1994, Special Interest Autos]


GM Canada: Eldorado Biarritz "bubble top" for 1957 Royal Tour by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II; photos below.  Here is a press release about the car, issued at the time:  OSHAWA, CANADA---A Cadillac with a crystal-clear Plexiglas top has been specially outfitted by General Motors of Canada for the use of the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip during the royal stay in Canada. The "bubble" canopy, molded in one piece by A. V. Roe, the Canadian aircraft manufacturer in Toronto, has been fitted to an Eldorado Biarritz convertible to provide an unobstructed view of her Majesty by thousands who will line the streets during her visit to Ottawa. The windproof and waterproof top is easily removable if true convertible weather prevails. The car, complete with bubble, will be flown to Washington from Ottawa to be available for the royal party's arrival at the U.S. Capital. Special interior lighting for night use is provided through the installation of small spotlights on each armrest. Another light will play from the floor between the two specially-installed bucket-type front seats. This illumination will insure the royal couple being visible at all vantage points at dusk and darkness. The right-hand front seat has been specially designed to fold under the instrument panel to allow for maximum freedom of movement in entering and leaving the automobile. When the seat is folded, the entry space is about 30 inches -- equal to the width of a standard house door. The floor is covered from front to rear in deep-pile black carpetry. The upholstery and interior trim in genuine leather. The interior color scheme is black and white.  This from CLC member, M. McClure in March 2002: I am searching for the location of a one-off car specially prepared by A.V. Roe in Toronto,Ontario for the Queen during her visit to Canada in '57. Most notable was the 3/4" thick crystal clear, Lexan bullet proof bubble hardtop, hand fabricated utilizing the latest vacuum forming technology of the time developed for jet fighter canopies. The car may have been shipped to Washington shortly after her visit, for later visits to the U.S. My father, now in his 80's was one of a select few, chosen to produce this fine automobile, and my wish is to locate it for him and personally take him to see it if it still exists.



Pininfarina (Italy) [Added to 1957 "Dream Cars" page in April, 2007 - is featured also in 1958 and 1959] Skylight coupe and convertible.  These stylish cars were shown first at the Geneva salon, Switzerland, in March, 1958 (the coupe version) and at the Paris salon, in October 1958 (the convertible). Pininfarina asserted to me, in 1976, that the Skylight coupe and convertible models had been  mounted on Cadillac chassis, standing at 130 inches. Since the wheel base of  the 1958 Sixty-Special chassis is 133 inches, the chassis could NOT be from a 1958 Cadillac "60-S".  Regular 1957 and 1958 Cadillac models used a chassis with 129.5" wb (close enough to PF's stated WB). The chassis of the 1959 Sixty Special and the restyled Eldorado Brougham both have a wheel base of 130 inches; but then the car could not have been shown in Geneva in March 1958, because the '59 chassis were not available until the fall of 1958.  Initially, I had assumed in error that the coupe version had made its debut at the Paris show in October, 1958; in fact it was at Geneva. Late Extra (6/2005):  Michael W. Schultz of Houston TX sent me a startling ad from the December 1970 edition of Hemmings Motor News (p.1324). Offered for sale for $5,000.00, in a ¼-page ad,  is what appears to be the light-colored coupe (shown below) with the hood scoop. The text reads: Unique Cadillac - 1957 motor, chassis, 1959 [1958?] custom body by Pininfarina, Torino, Italy. Perfect condition. Can be inspected at Vicmar Garage, 8 E. 83rd Street, New York, NY 10008. Mileage over 50,000 - Asking $5,000.00. The text was "signed" H.v. T. Schwier, 342 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017. The phone number 697-4639 was listed. When I corresponded with Fredy Valentini of PF's PR department in 1976 (i.e. some six years AFTER publication of that Hemmings ad), he did not hint that the Skylight had survived, even less that it had been sold. If the ad is true, I wonder where that car is now? Did it find a buyer? Is it still around? A Google search in June, 2005 revealed that there is still a Vicmar Garage Corp. operating a parking garage at 8 E. 83rd Street, New York. The telephone number listed is 212-650.0675 ...if anyone is interested! Later still (4/2007): Australian enthusiast, Ron Wilson kindly went through his extensive auto history files and sent me some pertinent information from period magazines in his possession that put a definite time-line on the story of these two PF customs. Ron was able to confirm that the coupe was exhibited first at Geneva, in March 1958. He included a photo taken at that show and published in The Autocar for the week ending March 21, 1958. The caption reads: A sleek Cadillac by the same master [the previous caption had referred to a PF-designed Alfa Romeo]. The article describes the car thus: A new Farina work is a sporting saloon on a Cadillac chassis, commissioned by G.M. [???]. Externally this is sleek considering its vast dimensions, and its functional and delicate grille treatment is an object lesson for transatlantic stylists. It has a more capacious living room – trimmed in pale blue leather – than the Buick he showed at Paris and Turin, but there is evidence of compromise. Thus the floor level is high relative to the waistline [the belt], and the front seat backrest has had to be curtailed [kept low] to maintain this line. The steering-wheel looks oddly high in relation to the lower screen rail [what is the "lower screen rail"?], but cannot be lowered without jeopardizing clearance above the seat cushion. In line with other current Farina creations, there are very deep front and rear windows and side windows of curved glass.  I have my doubts about G.M.'s "commissioning" these customs from PF, even despite the special brochure edited by Cadillac, in collaboration with Pininfarina, in 1999, on the occasion of the Concorso Italiano staged in conjunction with the annual Pebble Beach event in California. PF said that both these Pininfarina designed coupes featured a taut line that created an impression of slenderness in spite of its [the Cadillac's] large frame [chassis?]. The 1959 version [suggesting there had been an earlier - 1958? - version] presented some changes such as a hood scoop and an altered waist line. While the added air-scoop is visible in the later photos, there are, in my opinion, no noticeable changes at the belt line. Ron suplied also a photo of the convertible version, taken at the Paris Salon in October, 1958. That photo was published in The Autocar for the week ending October 10, 1958; that is the week preceding GM's release to dealers of the new, 1959 Cadillac models (an early released 1959 Fleetwood Series 60 Special  was also shown at that Paris show). Ron remarked that the instrument panel of the PF custom job appeared to resemble more closely that of a 1958 Cadillac than a 1959 model; indeed, an enlargement of the Autocar bird's-eye-view confirms Ron's opinion. The article goes on to describe the car as a cabriolet version of the Cadillac coupe exhibited at Geneva last March – another example of [Pinin Farina’s] work as consultant to the styling department of General Motors [???]. The tail fins are thin and mostly horizontal; the front grille is a clean simple design, also with a horizontal motif and the four head lamps blend nearly [neatly?] with the styling. Ron theorizes that the same chassis [one from 1957] was used for all "three" cars: first, the dark-colored coupe with white roof [Geneva show, March 1958], the convertible [Paris Show, October 1958] and the light-colored coupe with the new hood scoop [1959?]. The latter is the car that was offered for sale in Hemmings, in 1970. For want of a better explanation, I will go along with Ron's theory.  What we need now is to find the light-colored coupe with the hood scoop ...and put it under the microscope!

SkyGva2.JPG (8334 bytes)     DR58PF2.JPG (5104 bytes)     DR58PFCP.JPG (11554 bytes)
These photos show the dark colored "Skylight" coupe that was on display at the Geneva salon in March 1958;
the car in the row below (photos supplied by Pininfarina, in 1976) is painted a lighter hue (possibly the same color as the
convertible below it; an air-scoop has been added to the hood (there is none on the hood of the convertible); the convertible appears to be a similar,
light color to the second (?) coupe, that appeared for sale in Hemmings Motor News in 1970; that car was located  in  New York
and according to the ad was mounted on a 1957 Cadillac chassis; it is now believed that all "three" PF custom jobs
were mounted successively on THE SAME 1957 Cadillac chassis.
[ B&W photo (above, left): © The Autocar, week ending 21 March 1958, courtesy Ron Wilson ]


 $5,500 ?

PFskylgh.jpg (6744 bytes)
For sale in New York, in 1970
Will it ever show up again?

Brpfcv2.jpg (3889 bytes)     drpf59by.jpg (7928 bytes)

The PF Skylight convertible on show during the Paris Salon, October 1958

    SkyParis1.JPG (5297 bytes)     SkyParis2.JPG (6934 bytes)     SkyParis4.jpg (5175 bytes)
[ Sepia photo (left) and enlargements (center and right): © The Autocar, week ending 10 October 1958, courtesy Ron Wilson ]

Brpfcv4.jpg (9340 bytes)     SkyParis3.jpg (7767 bytes)
The color photo of the PF convertible  shows it to be painted a light metallic gray with bright red upholstery;
that color scheme was confirmed to me by Pininfarina in 1976. 

[ Color photo and enlargement: © 1958, Pinin Farina, courtesy Revue Automobile, 1958-59 ]

Brpfcv3.jpg (10463 bytes)     dr59pfc2.jpg (6420 bytes)
It is highly likely that the dark-colored coupe on display at Geneva in March 1958 and this silver gray
convertible shown at Paris in October 1958  were one and the same car
[ Photos: © 1958, Pinin Farina archives, courtesy Fredy Valentini ]

SkyTurin1.JPG (4738 bytes)
[ Image: © 1958 The Autocar, week ending 14 November 1958, courtesy Ron Wilson ]

PFspec1b.jpg (16755 bytes)     pfspeciab.jpg (23095 bytes)
I got these two photos from the PF archives in Turin; they show a light-colored coupe, apparently with a metallic paint finish
and (again) with a white roof; it features an air scoop on the hood; both this car and the Geneva coupe have Borrani spoked wheels
[ Photos: © 1959, Pinin Farina archives, courtesy Fredy Valentini ]

      PFskylgh.jpg (6744 bytes)
This image is from a classified ad in  Hemmings for December, 1970 


[Unknown, France ???] special custom Eldorado convertible sans fins, with a front clip that is no longer recognizable as a Cadillac. Who knows the whereabouts of this car today ?

dr57nofi3.JPG (9007 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] special Series 62 Coupe filmed in Scottsdale, AZ, January 1999.  A similar car was shown at Auburn, IN, in May 1999 [lot #793] and was reportedly sold  there for $14,000; mileage was 33k.

dr57cpe.JPG (14737 bytes)
Poor image is from TV/video; © 1999, Yann Saunders


[Unknown, USA] Mildly customized coupe

57cust.jpg (8580 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] special Eldorado Biarritz convertible with 1955-56 Eldorado rear end features; I saw and photographed this car at Reilly Cadillac, in Kingston, PA, 1982.

5557el4.jpg (7047 bytes)     5557el3.jpg (6569 bytes)     5557el2.jpg (5482 bytes)     5557El1.jpg (6336 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] special Eldorado Seville coupe sans fins and dechromed; seen at "Mac" McCord used car dealership in Tulsa, OK, 6/82 [photos].

dr57nof2.JPG (7546 bytes)     dr57nofi.JPG (5598 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] Another special Eldorado Seville coupe sans fins and dechromed; for sale on the Internet in February, 2003:

57FINLS1.JPG (7027 bytes)     57FINLS2.JPG (7383 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] special custom coupe.

dr57Cust.jpg (15277 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] special custom Eldorado Seville (possible John d'Agostino?)

dr57eld.jpg (7656 bytes)

[Unknown, USA] special hard-top convertible on Seville chassis

57svl.jpg (12462 bytes)

57svl2.JPG (11924 bytes)     dr57svin.jpg (6766 bytes)

[Unknown, USA] And yet another "finless fifty-seven"

57SVLNOF.JPG (8121 bytes)    
[ Photos:  Internet ]


[Unknown, USA] And one more for the collection! It seems that quite a few  buyers did not like the finned "chipmunk cheeks" of this model.




[Unknown, USA] Custom Eldorado Seville


[Unknown, USA] Another mild custom coupe, on the block at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, AZ


[Unknown, USA] "Boosted" 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham.  It's a shame, in my opinion, to do this to such a rare and desirable collector car.  Three or four of these models have suffered the same fate.


[Unknown, USA] "Marilyn Monroe" dream (?) creation




[Unknown, USA] CLC member Walter Youshock has a group of photos of a '57 convertible with cloth/leather interior, an Eldorado Brougham glove box (compartmented?) and Eldorado hard boot.  The car was called Allegre but I've never found anything else about it.

[Unknown, USA] Possibly from France (notice the tricolor French flag on the RH front fender) I came across this image of a semi-custom, blacked-out 1957 limousine while surfing the net in Feb. 2014. I will gladly give due credit to its author and copyright holder if he/she would identify himself/herself.



[Unknown, USA] Retro van on 1957 Cadillac chassis.

Photo: Internet, by "King Caddy Daddy"


[Unknown, USA] Camper conversions on 1957 Cadillac commercial chassis by Superior Coach Corp.

57cmper1.jpg (8067 bytes)     57cmper2.jpg (7351 bytes)     57cmper3.jpg (7179 bytes)





Van der Stricht, Patrick (Belgium) Patrick is a devoted Cadillac enthusiast.  This is his artist's proposal for a 1938-39-40-41-48-49-51-53-54-55-56-57-58 custom Eldorado coupe (...and I may even have missed a couple of years in my speedy examination of this delightful drawing!

38lesuer.JPG (12420 bytes)
Drawing courtesy of Patrick Van der Stricht


Vignale (USA/Italy) [see Frick/Vignale (USA/Italy)] 



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