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1.  Film Strips

Another Kind of Merchandising Tool

Cadillac Division of General Motors provided 35 mm filmstrips to train both sales and service staff. The earliest known filmstrips are from the late twenties and have captions. Later, phonograph records added sound. In the mid-seventies, Cadillac used Super-Eight millimeter film cassettes with sound tracks. These required a special viewer.

It is likely the 35 mm filmstrips have not been made since the seventies. The films include new product information, tips for selling, technical information to repair new features and even instruction on body repair. At some point, a booklet began to accompany each new film. It contained points for discussion and sometimes test questions.

Among the curios I have acquired over the last forty-five years, as a collector of automobilia related to Cadillac and LaSalle automobiles, are a number of these filmstrips (that I have erroneously referred to in the past as "loop films")   and sound recordings, mostly from the fifties and sixties. Many of my  film strips came with a sound track in the form of a 78 rpm record; others were missing that sound track; others came without the corresponding film strip. Also one of the films was in the wrong protective can (see footnotes in list). Some time ago also, I foolishly sold such a film and sound recording relating to the '59 Cadillac models; now I am trying to get the related information from the present (Swiss) owner who currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand.

These films are frail. The less they are handled the longer they will last.  I have copied onto VCR the most interesting of the frames (i.e. those that show a Cadillac or other interesting scene).  I have also copied the sound recordings onto audio tape.  The next step would be to combine the images and sound track onto a CD-ROM ...but I'm not ready to get into that just yet.

After I began to compile this listing I discovered that a good source of information about them is The Cadillac Serviceman, an in-house publication complementing the annual Cadillac Shop Manuals.  In fact, this publication may be still in circulation (the latest issues I have are dated in 1978).  Generally, on the last page of most issues of The Cadillac Serviceman, was an insert headed Round Table Slide Film, describing that month's film strip contents. Also the "Index" page for any given year will give a summary listing o that year's "Round Table Programs."

I should like to thank Tom Hall, from California, Warren Rauch, from New York, Robert Millian from Massachusetts and enthusiast Tom Moore for their kind and invaluable help in editing, improving and adding much useful information and MANY more titles to this page.  I would be happy to hear from any other collectors who own or know of someone who owns such film strips or who has access to old Cadillac Serviceman bulletins, so that, together, we can add to this list and keep it up to date.

If Teddy Grill is reading this, I know he has many of these film strips and records from 1959; perhaps he would be kind enough to make up a list for us [I mislaid your e-Mail address, Teddy].


Some "Insider" Information from an Expert

One of the greatest sources of information for this page has been Warren Rauch of Hamburg, NY. Thanks to him I will soon be adding 200-300 new titles to the listing. Warren had been updating his film  strip holdings when he spied my request for more information about them on the Message Board of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club (CLC). He mentioned that the Sales Training Films pose a problem in that he (nor I) have ever found a major listing of them. The listings in the Cadillac Serviceman bulletins ceased when the format changed in mid-1978; however, a summary book from 1981 states that slide films (film strips) OR videodiscs may be procured, based on the equipment at the dealer's disposal.

I'd like to share with you some additional information that Warren supplied. He said: The early (37mm) films has text [captions] on them and sometimes an accompanying  lecture. I have no information on the Sales Manager series. In the fifties, the charts were the Service information source, and the loop films were 'stories with morals'. In late 1957, with the arrival of the first 1958 models, the loop films took over the Service function as well. In January 1956 handouts, that were smaller versions of the charts, were first handed out. The session leaders' documents included typical comments, questions and answers. each film and chart came with posters (usually 9 x 12") and some forms to be returned to GM as feedback.


Based on the documents that Warren kindly sent me, we may establish that Cadillac's Service Department first used screen pictures in educational programs in or around the spring of 1927, with the coming of the new La Salle. The new Service films were shown first to a convention of service men in Philadelphia, PA. The issue of Cadillac Service Man for May 1, 1927 (Vol. 1, Number 13)  carries on the cover a photo taken during that convention and illustrates also a typical film strip projector of the period, stating that the latter (and the slide films themselves) could be ordered from the Service Department.

lo_proj.jpg (5921 bytes)
Early Cadillac slide film projector;
its use began in spring, 1927


The theory behind the slide films was that showing an operation in pictures simplified understanding even the most complex and difficult of them. In addition the scheme was admirably adapted to group training.

In September, 1930, a new monthly Service Guide program was begun by the factory's Service Promotion Department. This is mentioned in Cadillac-LaSalle Service Man for September 15, 1930 (Vol. IV, number 18).  Described as more than a slidefilm the guide included not only the slide film  but also a lecture, a program for the meeting, questions for discussion and so-called  "Timely Topics". Essential to training was the treatment of the customer, efficient work practices and co-operation within the organization. The first film in the new series dealt with the Cadillac 355 and LaSalle 345.



svcgui2.jpg (9874 bytes)   svcguide.jpg (8883 bytes)
This illustrates a typical sales and service
training session in the early thirties



In early 1931 a similar program was begun for Sales Promotion. The service films were mailed in small blue cans and the sales films in gray ones. Later, blue plastic (then red plastic) cans were adopted for both the service and the  sales training films.

In the early fifties was introduced the Cadillac Service Round Table. The full set of materials consisted of large, fully illustrated Round Table Charts as well as a parallel Leader's Guide. In 1952 "sound-slide" films were added to the scheme. Sound-slide projectors could be ordered from the factory.

rnd_tabl.jpg (5546 bytes)


I hope Warren will forgive me for not preparing immediately the list of all the programs he sent me. Unfortunately, as he knows, it all takes time and I am running the show single-handed. We are now approaching 2067 and still I have not found the time nor energy to attack this major updating operation.  Perhaps this  new year?...

flm49pu2.jpg (6479 bytes)    flm49pub.jpg (6418 bytes)
I understand that these movie stills are from a Cadillac
merchandising film on the 1949 models; can anyone confirm?


List of Known Filmstrips  

Title of Filmstrip Producer Name and Date of Production Model
Reference Number B&W or Color
"Gagging Loose Talk" 2, 6 ? 1953 ? ?
"The Big Wheels" 2, 6 ? 1953 ? ?
"The Black Eye" 2, 6 ? 1953 ? ?
"The Shield of Safety" 2, 6 ? 1953 ? ?
"Something to Shout About" ? 1954 ? ?
"Partners in performance" ? 1954 ? ?
"The Formula" ? 1954 ? ?
"The Final Touch" ? 1954 ? ?
"Partners in Performance"2a ? Sep. 1954 ? ?
"The Invisible Man"7 ? Oct. 1954 ? ?
"Still Waters"2a ? Nov. 1954 ? ?
"The Chain"2a, 6 ? Dec. 1954 ? ?
"The Great Event
Delivering a New Cadillac"
? 1955 ? B&W
"The Lone Wolf"7 ? Jan. 1955 ? ?
"This Show is for Men Only"2a ? Jan. 1955 ? ?
"Let's Go"2a ? Apr. 1955 ? ?
"The Slight"2a ? Jun. 1955 ? ?
"The Trojan Horse"7 ? Sep. 1955 ? ?
"The Hit of the Year"2a ? Oct. 1955 ? ?
"Hunting for Trouble"2a ? Nov. 1955 ? ?
"The Stigma"2a ? Dec. 1955 ? ?
"The Desolate Dealership"2a ? May 1956 ? ?
"A New Look at Selling"
(part I)
Florez Inc., Detroit 1956 Program No. 9 B&W
"A New Look at Selling"
(part II)
Florez Inc., Detroit 1956 Program No. 10 B&W
"Matter of Record"2a ? Jan. 1956 ? ?
"Man's World"2a ? Feb. 1956 ? ?
"Green Thumb"2a ? Mar. 1956 ? ?
"The Search for Mr. Nelson's Head"
(Film No. 4)
Haig and Patterson Inc., Detroit Apr. 1956 ? ?
"Desolate Dealership"2a ? May  1956 ? ?
"Perfect Man"2a ? Jun. 1956 ? ?
"Right to be Proud"2a ? Sep. 1956 ? ?
"Straight Ahead and Stop"2a ? Sep. 1956 Film #7 ?
"The Familiar Man" 1 Haig and Patterson Inc., Detroit Oct. 1956 1487 B&W
(Film No. 9)
Haig and Patterson Inc., Detroit Nov. 1956 1488 B&W
"Bommerang"2a ? Dec. 1956 ? ?
[Cadillac December Film]
Haig and Patterson Inc., Detroit 1957 1582 B&W
"Gold is Where You Find It"
(Film No. 3)
Florez Inc., Detroit
(cartoon drawings)
1957 FL-11176-1 B&W
"Objection Overruled"
(Film No. 4)
Florez Inc., Detroit 1957 FL-11374-1 B&W
"The Priceless Ingredient - Quality"
(Film No. 5)
Florez Inc., Detroit 1957 FL-11507-1 B&W
"It's Everybody's Job"
Used cars (Film No. 6)
Florez Inc., Detroit
(cartoon drawings)
1957 FL-11320-1 Color
"Dollar Talk Makes Selling Sense"
(Film No. 7)
Florez Inc., Detroit 1957 FL-11617-1 B&W
"Prospects by the Million"
(Film No. 9)
Florez Inc., Detroit 1957 FL-12127-1 B&W
"Most Important Fella"
(Film No. 10)
Florez Inc., Detroit 1957 FL-12128-1 Color
1957 Competitive Comparison
"The Competition Sells Cadillac"
GM Photographic, Detroit 1957 ?


"Let's Put The Show On The Road"
An actual (excellent) copy of this slide show, with audio, may be available here: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/nAKbAvV9/Letsputtheshowontheroad.wmv
[thanks to Cadillac aficionado, Philippe Ruel from France]
Florez Inc., Detroit 1958 FL-10960-1 Color
"The Talk of the Town"
(Film No. 2)
Florez Inc., Detroit 1958 FL-12737 B&W
1958 Competitive Comparison (part I - Cadillac v. Lincoln Premiere) GM Photographic (?), Detroit 1958 ? Color
1958 Competitive Comparison (part II - Cadillac v. Chrysler Imperial) GM Photographic (?), Detroit 1958 ? Color
"Riding on Air"2a ? Jan.1958 ? ?
"Customized selling" ? 1958 ? ?
"Double or Nothing"2a ? Feb. 1958 ? ?
"Under the Big Cleaner"2a ? Mar. 1958 ? ?
"To the King's Taste"2a ? Apr. 1958 ? ?
"If the Shoe Fits1a, 2a ? May, 1958 ? ?
"Showdown in Utopia"2a ? Jun. 1958 ? ?
"The Cloud"2a ? Sep. 1958 ? ?
"The 1959 Cadillac"2a ? Oct. 1958 ? ?
"1959 Service and Style"2a ? Nov. 1958 ? ?
"The Angel Who Had it Made"2a ? Dec. 1958 ? ?
"Prospects you know" ? 1958 ? ?
"Mr. Demo points the Way" 2 Florez Inc., Detroit 1958 FL 1-13346 Color
"The 1959 Cadillac" ? 1959 [ 2 films ] ?
"Accessories After the Facts" 2a ? Jan. 1959 ? ?
"Full Measure"2a ? Feb. 1959 ? ?
"When Winter Goes"2a ? Mar. 1959 ? ?
"The Loaded  Dice..."2a ? Apr. 1959 ? ?
"The Last Inch"2a ? May 1959 ? ?
"Mr. Bailey Comes Home"2a ? Jun. 1959 ? ?
"The Yardstick"2a ? Sep. 1959 ? ?
"A New Era of Elegance" 2, 6 ? Sep. 1959 ? ?
"The 1960 Story for Service"2a ? Oct. 1959 ? ?
"The Winter Guardian"2a ? Nov. 1959 ? ?
"May we Take your Order, Please"2a ? Dec. 1959 ? ?
"McGood Rides Again" 2, 6 ? Jan. 1960 ? ?
"Goodbye, Joe" 2, 6 ? Feb. 1960 ? ?
"Fuels, Filters and Flames" 2, 6 ? Mar. 1960 ? ?
"The Noose Hangs High" 2, 6 ? Apr. 1960 ? ?
"Love, etc." 2, 6 ? May, 1960 ? ?
"The Critical Angle" 2, 6 ? Jun. 1960 ? ?
"An Appointment for Delivery" 2, 6 ? Sep. 1960 ? ?
"The 1960 Story for Service" 2, 6 ? Oct. 1960 ? ?
"The Winter Guardian" 2, 6 ? Nov. 1960 ? ?
"The Looks of Leadership"2a ? 1960 ? ?
"Service News Release-1961 Cad..."2a ? 1960 ? ?
"Eye Witness" 2, 6 ? Dec. 1960 ? ?
1 - [Missing} 2, 6 Cadillac Sales Craft 1960 ? ?
2 - "Every Sale" 2, 6 Cadillac Sales Craft 1960 ? ?
"Image of Success" 2, 6 Cadillac Sales Craft 1960 ? ?
"Cadillac, a Lady's Choice" 2, 6 Cadillac Sales Craft 1960 ? ?
"Proved by Performance" 2, 6 Cadillac Sales Craft 1960 ? ?
"No Magic Way" 2, 6 Cadillac Sales Craft 1960 ? ?
"The Inside Story" 2, 6 Cadillac Sales Craft 1960 ? ?
"What Car Lives Here" 2, 6 Cadillac Sales Craft 1960? ? ?
"Prospects Unlimited" 2, 6 Cadillac Sales Craft 1960 ? ?
"The Shopper" 2, 6 Cadillac Sales Craft 1960 ? ?
"Getting Ready for the Finish" 2a Service Summary Jan. 1961 ? ?
"Rx For a Liquid Diet" 2a Service Summary Feb. 1962 ? ?
"Warm up for Spring" 2a Service Summary Mar.1962 ? ?
"The Short Fuse" 2a Service Summary Apr. 1962 ? ?
"What Everybody Knows" 2a Service Summary May 1962 ? ?
"The Gray Light of Dawn" 2a Service Summary June 1962 ? ?
"Nights of the Round Table" 2a Service Summary Sep. 1962 ? ?
"Leadershio - 1963 Style" 2a Product film Oct.1962 ? ?
"Satisfaction in '63" 2a Product film Nov.1962 ? ?
"Coachcraft by Fleetwood" 2a ? Dec.1962 ? ?
"A Matter of Current Interest" 2a Service Jan. 1963 ? ?
"Symptoms - Systems and Diagnosis" 2a Service Feb. 1963 ? ?
"Tiger by the Tail" 2a ? Mar. 1963 ? ?
"Blend for Comfort" 2a Service Apr. 1963 ? ?
"Never on Sunday" 2a ? May 1963 ? ?
"Chart the Course" 2a Service June 1963 ? ?
"The Jungle"  2a ? Sept. 1963 ? ?
"Kings or Better" 2a Features Oct. 1963 ? ?
"The Thrust Ahead for '64"  2a Service Nov. 1963 ? ?
"Right off the Cob" 2a Training Dec. 1963 ? "
"Used car - the key to retail success"4
(Cadillac Salescraft release #8)
? [1963] ? Color
Cadillac Service Roundtable "On the level " This training release covers The automatic leveling control of the 1965 Cadillac . Kit includes 2 summary books,1 Record album and 1 filmstrip5 ? [1965] ? ?
Two 8mm films and one record. There is an 8mm film and a corresponding record entitled Targets for Conquest. The other is entitled The Perfect Match;  it shares the same record 5 ? [1965] ? ?
"Friends of Finnegan"2a ? Jan. 1966 ? ?
"Depth, Detail, Direction [stereo]" 2a ? Feb. 1966 ? ?
"Don't do me Any Favors"2a ? Mar. 1966 ? ?
"The Care they Need"2a ? Apr. 1966 ? ?
"A Matter of Concern"2a ? May  1966 ? ?
"What Would You Say..."2a ? Jun. 1966 ? ?
"A Time to Remember"2a ? Sep. 1966 ? ?
"All of the Aces are Showing"2a ? Oct. 1966 ? ?
"Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado"2a ? Nov. 1966 ? ?
"The Mark and the Man"2a ? Dec. 1966 ? ?
"The Best all Around" #66-4 2 ? Dec. 1966 ? ?
Cadillac Salescraft release no.8 ,
Report from Amarillo
? 1966 ? ?
Cadillac Salescraft Package . Item includes one 33 &1/3 record 2 filmstrip 2 meeting guides. Filmstrips and meeting guides are designed to help salesmen with important 1966 Cadillac selling tips5 ? 1966 ? ?
Cadillac Salescraft Package . Item includes one 33 &1/3 record 2 filmstrips 1 meeting guide. design to help the salesman5 ? 1967 ? ?
[1967 sales training item]3 ? [1967] ? ?
Cadillac seating fabrics4
(Cadillac Salescraft release #3)
? [1967] ? ?
"The Show-Off"9 ? [Jan. 1968] ? ?
"Things to Look For"9 ? [Feb. 1968] ? ?
"The Man Without any Problems"9 ? [Mar. 1968] ? ?
"Tracking Down Trouble"9 ? [Apr. 1968] ? ?
"Oh, Promise Me"9 ? [May 1968] ? ?
"Single Piston Disc Brakes"9 ? [June 1968] ? ?
"A Pride of Cadillacs"9 ? [Sep.1968] ? ?
"The Cadillac Engine"9 ? [Oct. 1968] ? ?
"I Certainly Do Positively Know
What The Warranty Says. I Think"
? [Nov. 1968] ? ?
"Put the Harp Down, Josephine"9 ? [Mar. 1969] ? ?
"The Power of Negative Thinking"9 ? [Apr. 1970] ? ?
Set of eight original Cadillac dealers filmstrips. Service Roundtable, "The Flower Bug", "Class of 71", "Owner relations", "Emission Control", "Temp Control", "Eldorado Striping" and "Who's Going to make
Them Change now?"
? 1971 ? ?
Set of two Original dealer filmstrips. "What's New in 72" and "Bad News in the Morning Mail"5 ? 1972 ? ?
"The Cadillac Customer
Satisfaction System"
? 1977-78 ? ?

1    In metal film can marked Quicksand
1b   Info from enthusiast, Bill Charnley, 4/2005.  Bill got the canister lid at a garage sale; the vendor
      asserted that he "had a whole bunch more"
1a  Enthusiast Tom Moore wrote, in December 2003, "These films were not called film loops. They were not loops. They were called Film Strips and were projected in normal film strip projectors that were also used in schools for educational purposes in the 1950's and 1960's".
2a   From "The Cadillac Serviceman" listings; loop film is missing from the collection
  Seen for sale on e-Bay, 10/2000
4   Seen for sale on e-Bay, 1/2001
5   Seen for sale on e-Bay, 2000-2001
6   Info supplied kindly by Bob Millian
7   Info excerpted from the CLC Message Forum, July 2004
8   Seen for sale on eBay
9   Info supplied kindly by Ron Wilson;
these are a mix of sales and workshop titles; all are in color (see below)

filmstrips1a.JPG (31750 bytes)    filmstrips1b.JPG (29420 bytes)    Film1968-1a.jpe (4278 bytes)    Film1968-1b.jpe (3628 bytes)



Some Film Strip Titles
that need to be dated


A nose for news [circa 1959 ?]
Love, etc. [circa 1959 ?]
Mr. Quilby's Terrible Crime [late sixties ?]
Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado [1967 ?]
A Time to Remember [1967 ?]

LOOPFLM.JPG (6380 bytes)
These items were offered for sale
on Internet in September, 2003


Some Typical Film Strip Cans
[ these are about 1½" dia. by 1½" tall ]


loop55.jpg (4482 bytes)
1955  film strip




LOO56_9a.jpg (5567 bytes)

LOO56_9.JPG (5158 bytes)    LOO56_10.JPG (5241 bytes)
1956 film strips (2 parts)

I have used some of the frames from these film strips to make up a demo page in The (new) Cadillac Database ©, which you may view by clicking here



Some Typical Images from 35mm Slide Films


56sa14.jpg (6385 bytes)    56sa01.jpg (8178 bytes)

56Adpic.jpg (6949 bytes)    56sal03.jpg (6046 bytes)
Here is a selection of photos from  preceding 1956 film strips
A more complete selection may be found in the Cadillac photo pages for 1956




LO571582.JPG (5017 bytes)    LOO57_10.JPG (5101 bytes)    LOO57_3.JPG (4739 bytes)    LOO57_4.JPG (4971 bytes)

LOO57_5.JPG (5091 bytes)    LOO57_6.JPG (5184 bytes)    LOO57_7.JPG (5346 bytes)    LOO57_8.JPG (5295 bytes)

LOO57_9.JPG (4783 bytes)    LOO57CMP.JPG (4857 bytes)
1957 film strips [many]



LOO58_2.JPG (5240 bytes)    LOO58_3.JPG (5621 bytes)    LOO58_4.JPG (5312 bytes)

LOO58LIN.JPG (4748 bytes)    LOO58LTS.JPG (5342 bytes)
1958 film strips




LOOP59A.JPG (4405 bytes)    LOOP59B.JPG (4438 bytes)   
1959 film strips

59films2.jpg (3174 bytes)    59films2a.jpg (4839 bytes)
Lecture guide book cover and detail  for "The Last Inch" filmstrip




loop66.jpg (4385 bytes)
1966 film strip




57flmstp.jpg (4937 bytes)    
Script of a 1957
Service Round Table



Database Users tell of their Finds

This piece was brought to my attention in September, 1999.  The information was graciously supplied by its owner, Kim Taylor.

I have recently come across a 1955 35mm Cadillac styling film  [film strip]. The film is in very good shape however I have no record to go with it. The introductory picture says 1955 Cadillac Styling. The last picture says Salescraft Program, produced for the Merchandising Department of Cadillac Motor Car Division, by Pictures, Inc. Along the side of the film it says Safety Film , color, Eastman 1. It is in color.


And here is more loop film information. These three films were advertised for sale by auction, on the Internet, in March 2000:

Three 12" 33 1/3 RPM records and the corresponding 35mm. filmstrips, One pair from 1957, and two pairs from 1958. These records were played while the filmstrips were shown to the salespersons as a training aid at the dealerships. All the films have some nice Cadillac pictures! The 1957 film "The Priceless Ingredient-Quality" [I have that one] shows pictures during assembly and testing. Also pictures of the engine block, transmission parts and Demonstrates Cadillac quality! The 1958 strip "Customized Selling" teaches sales people how to sell the features of the cars, approx. 17 Cadillac car views on this one plus the sales pitch part. The strip "Prospects You Know" deals with who would be a good sales contact. It has 20 Cadillac pictures and the training information. These filmstrips can also be mounted as slides or printed as photographs.


looprcrd.JPG (3921 bytes)
Script on vinyl LP record of
1958 merchandising film strip



Here is a description of another interesting sales training piece that was brought to my attention in October 1998 by a user of The (new) Cadillac Database©.  In my collection I have some similar material which compares the 1958 Cadillac models with the Chrysler Imperial and Lincoln Premiere models.

This 1959 sales kit has two Filmstrips. One compares the Lincoln Premiere with the Cadillac; the other compares the Chrysler Imperial with the Cadillac.  It has two meeting guides (Imperial and Lincoln) for the indoctrination and dealer training  of their sales force, as well as a step by step program for sales meetings including opening remarks, when to initiate discussion, approaches to customers, typical sales problems, and closing the meeting. The 12- page Competitive Comparison booklets in the training series are specific to Cadillac vs. Lincoln (red lettering) and Cadillac vs. Chrysler Imperial (blue lettering). These booklets compare exterior and interior styling, instrument panels, ride, and engineering. There are six booklets each in this training set as well as a 33 1/3 RPM LP record which narrates the Filmstrips (one side for Cadillac vs. Lincoln vs. and the other side for Cadillac vs. Chrysler Imperial.  All of this "propaganda" comes in a blue box marked Cadillac Sales Craft Training Film Series with a Cadillac V crest.

flm59a.jpg (10951 bytes)     flm59b.jpg (10338 bytes)    flm59c.jpg (7788 bytes)
These images give a fair idea of what came in a training loop film package:
loop film strip in blue plastic canister, 33 rpm vinyl record, training notes and text quiz

[ this is a complete set for 1959 entitled A world of Pleasure; it compares Cadillac with Lincoln and Chrysler ]



Another Database user, Chuck Noppe, says he has an original 72 Cadillac 35mm film called The Saga of the Salesman. It is a black and white film in two parts. the first section discusses Cadillac history and legacy as well as challenges to sales. The second part is a look at 5 popular models including the Coupe deVille, Fleetwood Brougham, Eldorado coupe and Eldorado Convertible.

Chuck also won two other filmstrips on e-bay that came with records; he will let us know more about them when he has received and viewed them.

Cory [Eldorado Country], a Cadillac Database user had this to say: You might recall I had a bunch of Buick films a while back that I converted to videocassette. Well, I was able to acquire a handful of Cadillac dealership films, but I can only get audio, then visual, separately (and the visual pat is slower). My cartridge playing projector has always been broken optically (stripped gears). If anyone ever comes across a Technicolor 1000 or greater cartridge projector, let me know and I will get these films to videotape. I've been keeping my eyes open. The Buick conversions were done with computer editing equipment to which I no longer have access. ANYWAY, there's a great film of the Mercedes 450 SEL vs. the Seville. Two owners exchange cars for the day and critique each others vehicle, I really love the comments. "What a harsh ride!" and "Why isn't my dash pad color keyed to the interior, it's just black." Other films include the infamous Cadillac Trip Computer, Deville Magic, Magical Cadillac Options, and a great film showing these Cads being built at the factory.  Among noteworthy items, they test the FI systems with an assembly line analyzer with many flashing LEDs and show the cranks being drilled and balanced for the 500's. Pistons being checked, De Villes rolling off the dyno, etc. This one guy tosses about the hood of an Eldo like it's child's play, with suction cups keeping it from crashing to the factory floor.  So, if anyone can find one of these cartridge projectors, let me know, and this great footage can be seen by all!

In November, 2005, Tony Campbell wrote: Hello, my name is Tony and I have about 11 films from Cadillac including "The Lone Wolf", "The Invisible Man" and many others.  Could you tell me anything about these films? Sorry Tony, all I can tell you is listed right here, on this page.  If any of your films are NOT listed here, I shall gladly add them.


2.  Slides

In August 2000, I got this piece of information from a Mr. Dave Stromberger:

Mr. Cadillac, I love your site, very cool! I wanted to ask you if you know anything about the 1952 Cadillac dealer sales piece that I have. It is a set of stereo photo slides with a "Stereo Realist" slide viewer. There are color photos of all Cadillac models, with interior shots. Just put the slide in, and see them in 3D! Its a very awesome piece. It all comes inside a box with imitation green leather on it, and the Cadillac crest in gold embossed on the cover. I can email you some photos if you would like to see it. Any idea how rare this piece is or what kind of value it might have? I search e-Bay regularly to see if any others come up for sale, but so far have never seen one.


52slid1.jpg (9408 bytes)    52slid2.jpg (6565 bytes)
This row:  the slide and viewer box open (right) and closed (left)

52slid3.jpg (7761 bytes)    52slid4.jpg (10258 bytes)
This row:  typical 3D slide (held to a light source - right)
[ Photos: courtesy of the owner, Dave Stromberger ]



Well, Mr. Stromberger, it seems there is another set around, that is similar to yours.  This one was sold on Ebay in December 2006 for around $800.  It was described as a 1959 Cadillac Dealer Sales Picture Viewer with 5 different slides of interiors & colors and 8 different slides of 59 Cadillac models and colors.The Stereo Realist viewer (3-D) runs on 2 D batteries. This came from the Cadillac Dealership in Grangeville, Idaho. The viewer comes with a hard case & instruction booklet. Viewer Model #ST-61 has a focusing knob & interocular (eye separation) adjustments.

59loop2a.jpg (4233 bytes)    59loop1a.jpg (3493 bytes)    59loop3a.jpg (3258 bytes)
I believe this item may be similar (or even identical) to the one shown in the previous frame



CLC member, B.G. Randlett, wrote in 2003: I decided to go the CLC site instead of the mail to renew my membership this year.  While browsing through the site I saw a green box [ above? ] that looks identical to the one I purchased at an antique store in Snohomish Washington five+ years ago.  Mine has slides numbered 1 through 17 (18 is missing) and 19 & 20.  They are pictures of the 1955 model cars. There are 30 slots for slides so I don't know if more are missing.  These slides have the slide number, Cadillac crest and V, the car series number, and model in red lettering in the center of the slide.  There is also a single slide, number 7, with blue lettering of a 1954 model

Enthusiast Bill de Santis supplied this interesting information about another Cadillac "film" that he believes includes a frame for every page of every item of factory literature for the 1950 and 1951 Cadillacs.  Here's how Bill; describes the piece:

I started to unravel the film and it appears to have many, many frames. From what I can see, it may have a frame for every page of every piece of factory literature available for the 1950 and 1951 Cadillacs. It is broken down in indices.  In the first couple of frames there is a START frame then a GM frame with the following indications: Division, Location, Department, Plant, Date Photographed,  etc.  Then it goes into the Indices proper; I may have missed some of them  as I tried to handle the film as little as possible.

Here they are:  INDEX 1: 1950 Cadillac Data Book -- 124 pages (all photographed), INDEX 2: 1950 Cadillac Owner's Manual (40 pages); INDEX 3: 1950 Cadillac Shop manual (254 pages); INDEX 4: 1950 Cadillac Dealership brochure (16 pages); INDEX 5: 1950 brochure (I think its a different Cadillac dealer brochure - 24 pages); INDEX 6: 1950 Cadillac Accessories guide (28 pages); INDEX 7: 1951 Cadillac Data Book (89 pages); INDEX 8: 1951 Body By Fisher Brochure (20 pages); INDEX 9: 1951 Cadillac Owners Manual (40 pages); INDEX 10: 1951 Cadillac Hydra-Matic transmission brochure; INDEX 11: 1951 Cadillac Shop manual (110 pages); INDEX 12: 1951 Cadillac Dealership Brochure.

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(résumé en français)

La plupart des multinationales américaines ont une stratégie de vente particulièrement aggressive. Cadillac n'échappe pas à la règle.

Parmi le matériel publicitaire de la firme que j'ai pu acquérir çi et là au cours des trente dernières années, se trouvent plusieurs "loop films" (ce sont des "bandes" de diapositives, au format 35mm environ), chacun accompagné d'un texte correspondant, enregistré sur disque 33 tours.

Ce matériel didactique servait à la formation des concessionnaires Cadillac et du personnel de vente.

Il existait aussi, pour la formation des concessionnaires Cadillac, des diapositives de type standard ainsi que d'autres permettant d'admirer les voitures en trois dimensions. 


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