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(1) [best piece for the year] color catalog, 10½x12" (31x27cms) [lf], 20 pp., white cover, red square with "V" & crest, line drawing top LH [rear view, couple alighting at hotel], title Cadillac for Nineteen Hundred and Fifty, original envelope with similar layout concentrated top LH side, small view of red sedan before town hall (p.3), [interior views with each model], Series 61 blue coupe (p.4), tan sedan (p.5), Series 62 cream convertible (p.6), green sedan (p.7), blue coupe (p.8), cream & brown Coupe de Ville (p.9), red Series 60-S sedan (pp.10-11), Series 75 black sedan (p.12), interior of sedan & limousine (p.13), interior & extended details (pp.14-15), motor (p.16), Hydra-Matic (p.17), specifications (p.18) {*}

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(2) 2-tone green catalog, 24x19cms (9x7½") [lf], 16 pp., title Cadillac for Nineteen Hundred and Fifty, line drawing of lady in jodhpurs standing at rear of car, "V" & crest, Series 62 coupe against scenic background (p.2), line drawing of Series 60-S before town hall (p.3), [as above, interior views with each model] Series 62 sedan. (p.4), coupe (p.5), Series 62 convertible (p.6), sedan (p.7), coupe (p.8), Coupe de Ville (p.9), Series 60-S sedan (pp.10-11), Series 75 sedan (p.12), rear interior of sedan or limousine (p.13), motor (p.14), Hydra-Matic (p.15), specifications (rear cover). Dated Jan.

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(3) Commercial cars catalog The Choice of Cadillac is a Sound Investment {*** ZTV sent photocopy of cover, in 1995, showing ambulance in front of hospital entrance}.

(3a)  Commercial cars catalog, issued by the Cadillac Division of GM.  It features typical professional car bodies built on Cadillac chassis by the five specialists: Eureka, Hess & Eisenhardt, Meteor Motor Car Co., A.J. Miller and  Superior. It measures 9x12" and has 19 pages.

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(4) Dutch product sheet, 2-tone blue, Series 61 sedan with technical specifications in Flemish on reverse;

(5) 2-tone orange booklet 20x13cms (7x5") [lf], 20 pp., title Cadillac = Body by Fisher, better than ever, orange cover with RH side view Series 62 sedan, rear interior view (p.2), driver compartment (p.3), LH side view Series 62 sedan + instrument panel (p.4), RH front view + rear window (p.5), front and rear windows (p.6), side vision (p.7), body construction details (pp.8-9), RH side view Series 60-S (pp.10-11), interior details (pp.12-13), touring equipment and weather protection (pp.14-15), door and seat details (pp.16-17), paint and glass (pp.18-19), traditional Fisher coach (rear cover).

(5a)  Annual salesman's Data Book

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(6)  1950 Cadillac accessories folder and brochure. Features “Syncro-Matic” radio, Fleetwood Robes, Visor Vanity Mirror, Vacuum Antenna and various Cadillac cleaning fluids.

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(6a)  Owner/operator manual

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(6b) Folder on Dor-Gard protective strip, 7x7½", 4 folds. Genuine Cadillac accessory {***}.

(6c) Fisher body booklet {***}.

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(6d) Four-sided folder/card, Edmunds Custom For Cadillac. This is A5 sized. It was published by Eddie Edmunds, in 1950, for all Cadillac owners interested in boosting their car's horse power.

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(6e)  Dutch brochure from K. Landeweer on the 1950 models (the "spots" on the cdar are from a faulty scanner) - ZTV collection

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(7) Small B&W booklet, 20x15cms. [lf], 12 pp., title General Motors Le Sabre - an Experimental Laboratory on Wheels, RH side view on cover, description GM experimental model that gave many styling features to Cadillac models of early fifties; RH side view (p.3), canvas top operation (p.4), engine (p.5), convertible top (p.6), hydraulic jacks (p.7), trunk area (p.8), instrument panel (p.9), specifications (pp.10-11), LH front view with Harley Earl at wheel (rear cover).

(7a) Service Training program booklet

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(8) Prestige catalog on Miller Centennial models (100th anniversary), 9½x12", 16 pp., blue suede-like covers embossed in gold, shows 3 hearses and 1 flower car {***}.

(8a) Miller professional cars, in manila envelope, circa 12x9½", with brochure stapled to the spine, circa 11x8½", includes B&W photo of a Miller ambulance, circa 8½x6",  and another brochure for the Miller Cadillac Limousine.  The inner brochure has 8 pp. plus two loose, 4 -pp. supplements numbered 9-12 and 9a-12a.

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(9) Color folder on Meteor commercial cars, opens to 17x23", shows 3 Cadillac hearses and 1 ambulance; also includes Chevrolet and Pontiac models {***}.

(9a) S&S Cadillac Promotional Fold-Out Book Brochure by Eureka, 12x8" opening to 24x16". Includes Superline Knickerbocker, Superline Kensington, Superline Victoria, and many more.

PR50EUK.JPG (5297 bytes)


(10) Superior professional funeral car, end loader, 2-sided sheet, 8½x11", blue, black and white, large picture of coach-builder’s drawing {***}.

(11a) Superior hearse limousine specification sheet:

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(11b) Single sheet on Cadillac Coupe De Fleur flower car by  Superior, 8½x10½"; reverse shows both Cadillac and Superior specifications.

[ photo ?]


(12) Superior product catalog (hearses)

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(12a)  Folder on Superior-Cadillac Ambulances entitled Dependable Performance, 10½x8¼", unfolds to 21" long {***}

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(1) [best piece], color folder, 28x28cms (opens to 22x33"), RH front view of red Series 60-S before city monument, title Cadillac for Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-One, inner LH fold = interior of Series60-S + front view [grille]; RH fold = title Presenting the Wonderful 1951 Cadillac, wedding scene, top RH side; next fold = Series 61 and Series 62 rear interior views + [RH side] rear interior of Series 62 sedan + green & black interior of Series 62 convertible; center fold [top] = blue Series 60-S, far RH [top] = green Series 61 coupe, [below] = blue Series 61 sedan; lower folds [LH - top] = blue Series 62 coupe, [below] = red convertible, [center top] = gray sedan, [below] = 2-tone green Coupe de Ville, [RH - top] = black Series 75 sedan or limousine with interior views below, rear cover [folded] = motor + specifications.  Dated 12/1950.

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(1a) Booklet, "Cadillac Care", 8 page non-color catalog, 9x6. Gray, white and black cover with Cadillac crest emblem, includes 11 photos and drawings of Service Department activities and publications "Designed to keep Cadillac service on the same high plane as Cadillac cars" {***}

li51CadCare.jpg (4927 bytes)


(2) Body by Fisher catalog, 5x7", 20 pp. {***}.

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li51bod2.jpg (18150 bytes)    li51Bod3.jpg (11195 bytes)


(2a)  Owner/operator manual

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(3) Folder on Eureka professional cars, opens to 18x24", large pictures of two hearses and one ambulance.

(3a) Folder on Superior professional cars. part-color catalog, 8¼x10½" with 10 pages.:

li51sup2.JPG (8193 bytes)


(3b) Product sheet on the Superior Kensington ambulance:

li51supr.jpg (2201 bytes)


(4) 75th Anniversary catalog by S&S [Sayers and Scovill], green, black and white, three Superline hearses shown on Cadillac chassis.

(5) Catalog of Miller commercial cars, 8x12", 12 pp., shows 2 funeral cars, 1 ambulance and 1 flower car {***}.

(5a) Product sheet on Miller Meteor hearses: Here are the 1951 Miller Cadillacs

li51milr.jpg (6155 bytes)


(6) S&S professional cars catalog, 8½x11", 12 pp., 75th Anniversary catalog, shows 3 funeral cars {***}.

(7)  1951 Cadillac owner's manual ($38)

(8) Annual Data Book:

li51dtbk.jpg (5089 bytes)    li51db2.jpg (7016 bytes)



(1) [best piece] color folder, 29x31cms, opens to 24x34½", white cover, RH side view of blue Series  60-S, red "V" & crest with 1902-1952 above, title The Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Two GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY Cadillac on gold background (p.1), pale green Series 60-S (p.2), motor (p.3), maroon Series 60-S with interior view (pp. 4-5), pale blue Series 62 coupe (p.6, top), red convertible (p.6, below), Series 62 interiors (pp.7-8, top), green Series 62 Coupe de Ville (p.7, below), black Series 62 sedan (p.8, below), black Series 75 sedan or limousine (pp. 9-10) with interior view (p.10, top), instrument panel, trunk, window controls (p.11), specifications and notes on New 190 HP Engine, New Hydra-Matic Drive and New Power Steering (p.12, rear cover).

li52fldr.jpg (5478 bytes)


(2) Small color folder, Dutch dealer K. Landeweer, 26x18cms. [lf], title Announcing the Golden Anniversary Cadillac ...with the finest performance of all time, red Series 60-S on cover with "V" & crest on globe, marked 1902-1952 Standard of the World, blue Series 62 convertible coupe and maroon Series75 imperial sedan (p.2), red Series 62 Coupe de Ville and green Series 62 sedan (p.3), specifications on rear cover, all text in Fl except front cover.

(3) Belgian catalog, 2-tone green, 27x24cms [lf], 8 pp., RH front view of Series 62 sedan on cover, title De "GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY" Cadillac 1952, style 6219 4-door sedan (p.3), style 6267-X convertible coupe (p.4), style 6237-D Coupe de Ville (p.5), instrument panel, trunk, hydraulic window controls (p.6), motor (p.7), specifications (p.8).

(4) Belgian sheet, 2-tone pink, 27x22cms [lf], RH front view Series 62 sedan, title Cadillac 1952 over "V" & crest, specifications in Flemish on reverse.

(4a) Norwegian sheet (as above but in Norwegian language)

LI52NORW.JPG (6889 bytes)    LI52NOR2.JPG (9044 bytes)


(5) 2-tone blue booklet 20x13cms [lf], 23 pp., title Cadillac = Body by Fisher on blue cover, RH side view Series 62 sedan (p.2), front and rear views (p.3), rear interior view + instrument panel (p.4), rear interior view (p.5), side vision (p.6), front and rear windows (p.7), rear interior view (p.8), driver's compartment and rear leg room (p.9), door handles and interior details (p.10), coat hook (p.11), more interior and extended details (p.12), body construction details (pp. 14-15), luggage space (p.16), insulation (p.18), seat construction (p.18), seat mobility (p.19), door construction (pp.20-21), paint and glass (pp.22-23).

(6) Color hand-out, distributed to visitors during Cadillac plant tour, title Introducing Cadillac, folder opens to 18x20"{***}.

(6a) Small color merchandising booklet (same size and design as owner's manual)

li52bklt.JPG (5713 bytes)


(6b)  Owner/operator manual

LI52OM.JPG (4260 bytes)


(6c) Small color folder of 1952 Cadillac accessories

li52acc.jpg (8369 bytes)


(6d) Two-tone folder on Cadillac commercial cars

li52comm.jpg (6070 bytes)


(6e) Annual Data Book:

li52db.jpg (5541 bytes)    li52db2x.jpg (7363 bytes)

(6f)  Original booklet introducing and describing Power Steering on the 1952 Cadillacs. Size is 6" x 4.5" with 12 pages.

li52stee.jpg (3977 bytes)    LI52STE2.JPG (5226 bytes)


(6g)  Blue Coral special body wax treatment brochure

LI52CORL.JPG (4520 bytes)


(6h)  B&W folder on the Series 75 cars.  Thanks to Cadillac enthusiast, Alden Jewell, for bringing this one to my attention and providing a scan for the database.

Li5275.jpg (5413 bytes)


(7) Color folder on Eureka professional cars:

li52eurk.JPG (4127 bytes)


(8) Color folder on Superior ambulances, entitled Styled for Top Performance, 10½x8¼" closed, 21x8¼" opened. Includes main features and specifications.

li52supr.jpg (5928 bytes)    LI52SUA3.JPG (6104 bytes)


(8a) Styled for Versatility, ambulances by Superior Coach Corp.

li52supr.jpg (5699 bytes)


(9)  Small piece on Hess & Eisenhardt S&S Superline Knickerbocker limousine, blue folder,  4½x12", features  75th Anniversary emblem.

[ photo ? ]


(10) French comic strip entitled Brand New Cadillac (reproduction copy) featuring Series 62 sedan

(11) Cadillac Employee Handbook entitled The Craftsman's Heritage; soft cover, 40 pages. Has lots of insider photos, locker rooms, cafeterias, Cadillac sport teams [this item offered for sale on e-Bay, 2/2004]

Li52hbok.jpg (4888 bytes)



(1) [best piece] color catalog, 29x29cms, 12 pp., white cover, couple admiring red Cadillac hood, gold keys [top RH], title Start of a Wonderful Journey ... in a 1953 Cadillac [red Series 60-S leaving salesroom (pp.2-3)], blue air-conditioning Series 62 sedan (p.4), blue/white Series 62 coupe, wire wheel cover, interior views, red rear (p.5), miscellaneous views and cars including front of white Eldorado, interior of green convertible, side of blue sedan, RH front view of black limousine, LH side view of cream Coupe de Ville (pp.6-7), pale blue Series 62 convertible plus smaller views of miscellaneous models including white Eldorado (pp.8-9), interior driver area (p.10), RH side view white Eldorado (p.11), rear of Series 60-S plus cream/black Coupe de Ville, red Series 62 convertible, tan Series 62 coupe, green Series 75 limousine, blue Series 62 sedan and white Eldorado (rear cover).

(2) Color folder, 29x29cms, opens to 23½x34½", large gold "V" & crest with diamond and emerald (???) "V" necklace below, on "V & crest" design [cloth?] background, title Cadillac for Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Three, inner LH fold = front of maroon Series 60-S, next fold = motor + instrument panel, rear fold = specifications + invitation to Inspect and drive the New Standard of the World; next fold = blue Series 60-S [covering 2 folds] with interior views [top]; center folds [top LH] = 2-tone gray Series 62 coupe, with interior view below [center] = green sedan also with interior view; [top RH], front and rear views, tan Coupe de Ville with interior view; center folds [lower LH] = yellow Series 62 convertible with red interior and black top, [far RH] = dark blue Series 75 sedan or limousine with interior views.

li53fldr.jpg (6747 bytes)


(3) Eldorado color folder, 31x28cms, opens to 11x24", cover has RH front view of blue Eldorado with five persons, white background, some red lettering, title Presenting the Cadillac Eldorado - a Special sports convertible - built in the Finest Cadillac Tradition, only two inner folds (pp.2-3) show bird's eye view of RH side of white Eldorado with red interior, partial bird's eye view of yellow Eldorado with blue interior [below RH], line drawings of body details [far LH and below], rear cover (p.4) shows bird's eye view of front of red Eldorado with black interior + partial view of motor.

Li53eld.JPG (7053 bytes)


(3) Eldorado color folder [unidentified - incomplete]; it is assumed to have been the cover of the press portfolio distributed at the inauguration showing in January 1953.

Lit53el.jpg (4305 bytes)


(3a) Mailer catalog: Precision is our watchword.  This is a 1953 Cadillac Dealership Mailer Brochure from George S. Paddleford Cadillac in Palo Alto, CA. It is believed to have been reserved for dealers only. It measures 6x9¼" closed and 6x18½" opened. It is printed on glossy, heavy card stock.

li53mlr.jpg (6940 bytes)


(3b) Mailer Yours for as Long as you care ???

(3b) Color mailer, folder, 9x6", opening to 18x6" entitled Yours for as Long as you Can... Inner folds read Let us Condition your Car this Spring...

    li53mlr2.jpg (9861 bytes)


(4) Swiss color catalog (D), 30x21cms [lf], 12 pp. ring binding left, "V" & crest on ruby-shaped and colored background with ornate title Cadillac, below; blue Series 62 sedan (p.4), red convertible (p.5), pale green Series 60-S (p.6), dark green Coupe de Ville (p.7), B&W motor and instrument panel (p.8), black Series 75 sedan (p.9), specifications (p.10), GM emblem, rear cover ($135).

(5) Same as above but in French.

(6) Commercial Cars catalog Cadillac for 1953 Commercial cars catalog Masterwork of the Motoring Age {*** ZTV sent photocopy of cover, 1995, showing Fleetwood Series 75 limousine}.

(7) Illustrated accessories catalog, stiff card, 4½x7½", 16pp.{***}.

li53options.jpg (10148 bytes)


(7a) Non color catalog, 8½x11", 20 pages and non-color folder, also non color folder; a special issue of the Fisher Body Service News devoted to the 1953 Cadillac Eldorado, showing complete operation of the convertible top, body and window repair, top operation, etc, also included is a service news index for 1953 {*}

(7b)  Advertising booklet of GM models for 1955, including Buick Skylark, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Cadillac, 9x5", opening to 18x10".

li53gma.jpg (6775 bytes)    li55gmb.jpg (8316 bytes)


(7c) Owner's Manual

LI53OM.JPG (4106 bytes)


(7d)  Blue Coral special body wax treatment brochure

LI53COL.JPG (4417 bytes)    LI53COR2.JPG (5131 bytes)


(8) Small, 2-tone sepia folder, Dutch, 25x19cms, cover has RH front view of 2-tone style 6237-D Coupe de Ville with lake in background, style 6267-X convertible against French château background (p.2), style 6219 sedan on similar background (p.3), technical details rear cover (p.4).


Li53bel2.jpg (5254 bytes)    Li53belg.jpg (6936 bytes)    Li53bel4.jpg (7245 bytes)


(8a)  Folder on custom  "Fina Sport" model, on Cadillac chassis, by Perry and Joseph Fina. Beautiful invitation-style announcement for the 1953 Fina Sport handcrafted sports car. Uses Cadillac V-8 engine. Lincoln or Chrysler V-8 could also be ordered. Vignale aluminum body. Measures 6.25 x 4.75; opens to 4x closed size. Has actual color photograph on inside page.  Actual car only came out in 1954.

[ photo ]


(8b Folder on Fina Sport roadster by Perry Fina.  One of these was built on the Cadillac chassis and bodied by the Italian coach builder, Vignale. That is NOT the car illustrated here. Just looking at the Cadillac "V" on the cover, I would iamgine that the preceding folder was much the same as this one.

liFina54.jpg (4940 bytes)    liFina2.jpg (4740 bytes)


(9) Large B&W catalog of Hess & Eisenhardt S&S ambulances and hearses, 40x28cms, 16 pp., white cover with gold S&S insignia, Cadillac crest, embossed World Standard, title We Proudly Present the Finest Cars ever to Bear the S&S Name; views of S&S designs for Cadillac rear fenders and loading door (p.4), Knickerbocker hearse (p.5), interior details (p.6), Victoria hearse with landau bars (p.7), more interior details (p.8), Florentine flower car (p.9), ambulance interior details (p.10), Kensington ambulance (p.11), construction details (pp.12-13), specifications (p.15).

li53ss.JPG (4375 bytes)


(10) [special service item ???] stiff cardboard folder [maybe portfolio] entitled Cadillac Thoro-Check Owner's Report, black letters on red cover, gold "V" & crest [cover only - checklist missing] ($18).

(11) Cadillac Accessories: part colored folder, 16 pp. 8x5. White cover, with red, white and black lettering, photo of emblem over emerald and diamond necklace. Thirty photo renderings and drawings show options Dated 1953.

Li53acc.jpg (5439 bytes)


(11a) Shop Manual, with "Body by Fisher" 19-page supplement on the bespoke Eldorado

(11b)  Brochure on air-conditioning systems in 1953 cars

li53air.jpg (3874 bytes)


(11c)  Seat cover samples booklets

li53seat1.jpg (15276 bytes)    li53seat2.jpg (8504 bytes)    li53seat3.jpg (8506 bytes)


(12) Catalog of professional cars by A.J. Miller of Bellefontaine, OH

li53mlra.jpg (2832 bytes)    li53mlra1.jpg (5591 bytes)

li53mlra2.jpg (6622 bytes)


(13) Catalog of professional cars by Superior

li53supr.jpg (4833 bytes)    Li53sup.jpg (6124 bytes)


(13a) Superior-Cadillac Promotional Fold-Out Book,  10x10", folds out to 29½x 10".   Features Superior-Cadillac Ambulance, new rattle-free dispensary cabinet,   Safe-T-Bar door locks, Cam-Loc fastener, Superior construction, incomparable performance report, Superior-Cadillac Rescuer ambulance, specifications and much more.

Li53supr.jpg (8488 bytes)


(14) S&S hearse by Hess & Eisenhardt, original cardboard standup counter display in shape of Superline Victoria model. Measures 11¾x3". Black and white.

(15) From the 1963 card series, World on Wheels: #74 Cadillac Eldorado 1953.

This 2x3 inch card is part of a set
depicting various Cadillac models of the fifties




(1) [best piece] large color catalog, 32x34cms,, blue cover, white center with dark blue border, embossed "V" & crest with embossed necklace below "V", title (in gold letters) Cadillac for 1954, original envelope with brown "V" & crest and blue necklace below [at top, LH side], front grille of gray car with admiring couple (p.3), Series 60-S instrument panel, with couple looking on (pp.4-5), light gray Series 60-S with interior views and red front of car (pp.6-7), top view of yellow Series 62 with black top (p.8), top view of jockey and horse (p.9), blue Series 62 sedan with interior, green trunk area (pp.10-11), 2-tone gray Series 62 coupe, green interior, gray door panel and hood emblem (pp.12-13), pale blue and pale green Series 62S Coupe de Ville with steering wheel and green interior (pp.14-15), red Series 62 convertible, with top view of green interior, and other details (pp.16-17), two Eldorados (one pale blue, open, other yellow with red interior and black top up], two interior views (pp.18-19), rear end of blue Fleetwood Series 75 limousine (p.20), two Series 75 mood photos (p.21), one maroon, one green Series 75 sedan and limousine with interior views (pp.22-23), notes on performance (pp.24-25), notes on motor and Hydra-Matic (pp.26-27), notes on air-conditioning (p.28), power-steering and power brakes (p.29), interior styling themes (pp.30-31), accessories and details (pp.32-33), specifications and RH rear view of 2-tone tan Series 60-S (rear cover). ($125)

(2) Standard color folder [format No. 6], 25x25cms, mostly same illustration as item (1), title Cadillac for 1954 - the Greatest Year in the History of a Great American Motor Car, front grille of gray sedan with couple looking on (p.1, cover), light gray Series 60-S with interior views and red front of car (pp.2-3), rear view 2-tone gray Series 62 coupe (p.4), blue Series 62 sedan (pp.4-5), interior views (p.5), motor + Hydra-Matic (p.6), power brakes, power steering, air-conditioning (p.7), red Series 62 convertible with top view of green interior (p.8), green Coupe de Ville with interior view (p.9), yellow Eldorado with red interior view (p.10), red Series 75 sedan with 2 interior views (p.11), couple admiring 2-tone tan Series 60-S (p.12, rear cover). Dated Dec. 1953 ($38)

li54fld3.jpg (6312 bytes)   


(3) Color catalog, 29x29cms (11½x11½"), 16 pp., photo montage on cover featuring lady in blue, in gown by Paris designer Jacques Fath, with Cadillac steering wheel and blue sedan, title Styled to be Copied for Years to Come, Harley Earl in Styling Studio behind gray scale-model (p.2), RH side view of yellow Eldorado (p.3), light gray Series 60-S with Earl below (pp.4-5), rear of 2-tone tan Series 62 coupe, Earl behind door of yellow Eldorado (p.6), front grille of blue car, hub cap, windshield (p.7), LH side view of blue Series 62 sedan and RH side view of maroon Series 60-S with Earl at rear of yellow Eldorado (p.8), LH side view of white Series 60-S + ¾-RH front view of air-conditioning Series 62 sedan (p.9), Earl overlooking interior of yellow Eldorado (p.10), blue sedan interior + material selections (p.11), Earl by front of yellow Eldorado, ¾-RH front view of 2-tone tan Series 62 coupe, ¾-LH front view of Series 75 limousine, ¾-LH front view of pale green Series 62 convertible (p.12), ¾-RH front view of maroon Series 60-S, ¾-LH front view of pale blue Series 62 sedan, same view of yellow Eldorado, RH side view of blue Coupe de Ville with white roof (p.13), Styling Division staff by hood of blue sedan (pp.14-15), front grille of tan sedan (p.16, rear cover).

li54mlr.jpg (5998 bytes)
This item is square; the top of the image has been cropped


(4) Color catalog, 30x30cms, 12 pp., title Wonderful Things Happen... [cover] ...when you Move up to a 1954 Cadillac [p.3], LH front bird's eye view of red Eldorado with lady and poodle (cover), ¾-RH front, view of gray Series 60-S in front of Cadillac showroom (p.2), ¾-LH rear view of yellow Coupe de Ville with black top, at horse race track (p.3), ¾-RH front view of yellow Eldorado on sandstone forecourt (p.4), ¾-RH front view of blue Series 62 coupe with white roof (p.5), ¾-RH front view of 2-tone tan Series 62 coupe in front of mansion (p.6), RH side view of 2-tone blue Series 60-S (p.7), ¾-LH rear view of light gray Series 75 limousine outside hotel at night (p.8), ,¾-LH bird's eye view of yellow Eldorado by triangular swimming pool (p.9), ¾-LH front view of blue Series 62 sedan in city scene (p.10), ¾-LH rear view of pale green Series 62 convertible (p.11), ¾-LH rear view of tail fins (rear cover).

(5) Swiss color catalog, 30x21cms, 12 pp., ring-binder, black cover with "V" & crest over emerald-colored and shaped background with ornate Cadillac script below, B&W front grille (interior cover), ¾-front LH view of blue 4-door Series 62 sedan (p.4), ¾-front LH view of red Series 62 convertible (p.5), ¾-front LH view of pale green Series 60-S (p.6), LH side view of green Coupe de Ville (p.7), B&W motor + instrument panel (p.8), ¾-front RH view of black Series 75 sedan (p.9), specifications (p.10), B&W rear view of Series 60-S (p.11).

li54swid.jpg (5253 bytes)


(6) Belgian folder [format No. 4a], 2-tone blue, "V" & crest on cover with title Cadillac 1954 below, instrument panel + steering wheel (p.2), motor (p.3), style 6219 4-door sedan (pp. 4-5), style 6267 convertible (p.6, below), style 6019 4-door sedan (p.7, below), style 6237-D Coupe de Ville (pp.6-7, top], specifications (p.8, rear cover).

(7) Air-conditioning color folder, 10x22cms, 16 folds, title For a Wonderful Motoring Experience... Step into an Air Conditioned Cadillac{*}

(8) Color hand-out, distributed to visitors during Cadillac plant tour, title Introducing Cadillac, folder opens to 18x20"{***}.

(9) Single color sheet, 28x21cms [lf], title '54 Cadillac ‘Californian’, ¾-rear RH view of lilac Coupe de Ville with Californian continental kit, photographed at the famous Ciro's restaurant on LA's Sunset Strip.

(9a) Hess & Eisenhardt brochure on S&S ambulance models

li54ssam.jpg (5508 bytes)


(10) Folder of Meteor funeral coaches and ambulance [format No. 6], opens to 17x33", 3-tone [red, green & blue], "V" & crest on cover, title For 1954 ... The Genius of Two Continents Unite to Produce Meteor Funeral Coaches and Ambulances [reference to British designer Albert H. Walker joining the Meteor team], Statesman landau funeral car (p.4), Emissary combination coach (p.5), interior views of loading tray (pp. 6-7), Courier flower car + Envoy limousine ambulance (p.9), Diplomat limousine funeral car (pp.10-11), intertwined globes (rear cover).

(11) Meteor professional cars, part color folder, opens to 11x17", There's only One Right Turn for 1954, large pictures of Statesman Landau hearse {***}.

(12) Meteor professional cars, part color folder, opens to 11x17", The 1954 Procession's Coming with Meteor in the Lead, large pictures of Continental Silhouette hearse{***}.

(13) Full and part color folder on Superior ambulances, 8½x11" (opens to 26x11"), You own the finest styling and performance... full color green ambulance on cover. ($30)

li54supr.jpg (6464 bytes)


(14a) S&S original non color folder from Hess & Eisenhardt, Announcing Superline Cars. Includes Knickerbocker and Victoria hearses, and Kensington ambulance and features. Measures 8¾x12¾" closed, 16¾x12¾" opened.

li54ss.jpg (4303 bytes)    LI54SSB2.JPG (5531 bytes)    li54ssc.jpg (5130 bytes)


(14b) Accessories catalog, Data Book, color & upholstery book

li54accs.jpg (6512 bytes)    li54db2.jpg (4038 bytes)    li54db1.jpg (5601 bytes)


(14c)    Booklet folder on operation and care of convertible top, non color, 6x4½", 14 pages. Explains also how to operate the folding top on the 1954 Cadillac convertibles.

Li54cvo1.jpg (5144 bytes)    Li54cvo2.jpg (7167 bytes)


(14d) Preview of 1954 GM models, with section on Cadillac, 9x6", 20 pages, entitled 1954 Preview of the New GM Cars

li54gma.jpg (7639 bytes)    li54prv2.jpg (13014 bytes)


(15 a, b, c, d) Miscellaneous other literature for 1954:

cftman54.jpg (6895 bytes)    Li54cman.jpg (4936 bytes)    li54flat.jpg (4527 bytes)
(Left and center) In-house magazines: Cadillac Craftsman
(Right) Flat-rate schedule of costs and time for repairs and maintenance

LI54GMRP.JPG (9656 bytes)    li54crd.jpg (5080 bytes)
(left) GM Annual Report
(Right) small, color card (part of an older set on fifties models)

Dealer invitation card


(16) Frick Tappet brochure on the Frick designed Fordillac (a regular Ford sedan powered by a 1954 Cadillac engine)

lifrdlac.JPG (4570 bytes)


(17) Folder on custom roadster-coupe by Vignale, Italy

liFina54.jpg (3170 bytes)    liFina2.jpg (4740 bytes)



James Joseph Irvin - a visitor to the CLC Message Board in January, 2003, wrote:  Like most people, I search E-bay and I found a grouping of original Cadillac photo albums. I really didn't know much about these but I figured they have to be mine. The first album is from 1954, it has approximately 1200 photos from Cadillacs own in house photographer of day-to-day life at the Cadillac plant - Cadillacs being assembled, Concept Cadillacs, famous people picking up their Cadillacs (Nat King Cole, Soupy Sails, etc.) V.I.P.s Plant photos, Beautiful models and the list goes on. The second album is from 1955 it has approximately 800 photos. Liberace's Cadillac, 1955 workers strike, V.I.P.s Cadillacs stoned, Cadillac delivery truck (very cool), models, auto show, several pre-1940 Cadillacs; there's just too much too list. I have been contacted by several people, these were not known to exist and have created quite a stir. I would like to know if anybody has any information about these that might be able to help me. I am willing to sell for my interest in Cadillacs years fall between 1930-1935.

It turns out that quite a number of these EXCEEDINGLY RARE factory albums were recovered from a dumpster (!!!) by someone who had his head screwed on the right way. All were subsequently offered for sale on e-Bay (Internet auction site). Fortunately, some of them were able to be acquired by the Cadillac-La Salle Club Museum and Research Center.  The most interesting among these MANY photos will be scanned and many will gradually be incorporated in The (new) Cadillac Database© for your viewing pleasure.



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