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1932 - 1942

The most bandied 1932 Cadillac in miniature is without any doubt the rare, sport phaeton style for five passengers, built on the V-16 chassis by the Fisher Body Corporation (style #279). Only two of these cars were actually ever made so it is quite irritating to see so many of them flood the market in so many sizes and in so many colors, especially considering the vast selection of other, exquisite body styles built in 1932 both by Fisher and by Fleetwood.



Circa 1:43 scale



t32frica.jpg (5816 bytes)    t32fricb.jpg (6232 bytes)
Here is the 1932 V-16 sport phaeton mounted on a wooden base;
it is from Yatming, China and has a pull-back propulsion system
[ seen on e-Bay, 2001 ]


[ missing ]

Guisval, Portugal 1932 sport phaeton #17006 white/tan


t32dcunk.jpg (5406 bytes)    t3216unk.jpg (6320 bytes)
These were in my own, former collection



T32KLINE.JPG (6079 bytes)
Another version of the same model, by K-Line




t32MtrMus.jpg (30938 bytes)
Left:  1932  V-16 limouisne



Circa 1:40 scale



t32v6_40th.jpg (9004 bytes)
Seen for sale on Ebay, June 2008, vendor did not know its provenance




1:27 scale



t327inb.jpg (9074 bytes)

t327ina.jpg (12510 bytes)

t32ansbx.jpg (8558 bytes)
This gift set contains six of these toys
Offered  by Anson in 1:27 scale, they are less well
made than as the 1:18 version ...and also much cheaper

t32Sdn.jpg (5789 bytes)    t32signa.jpg (3673 bytes)
This V-16 sedan is from the same maker; it is said to be in 1:32 scale



t32pha01.jpg (8374 bytes)    t32pha00.jpg (9267 bytes)
This one  features opening doors as well as pinstriping
[ Photo: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Bob Blake collection, AZ ]



Circa 1:32 scale



T32FranMnt1.jpg (5262 bytes)    T32FranMnt2.jpg (5644 bytes)    t32FranMnt3.jpg (5873 bytes)
Seen on the Internet, this build kit is not done in the Mint's usual 1:25 scale



Circa 1:25 scale


MG, USA (?)

TKIT32A.JPG (7893 bytes)    TKIT32B.JPG (6844 bytes)
Seen on the Internet, this build kit of yet another 1932 Cadillac sport phaeton is from MG [details sought]



1:24 scale



32SPTPHA.JPG (15995 bytes)

Tdm32pha.jpg (6913 bytes)    T32fmpha.jpg (10085 bytes)
The Danbury Mint version of the 1932 V-16 sport phaeton by the Fisher Body Corp [style 32-16-279]
is in the same price range as the Franklin Mint edition, i.e. very high ! But the quality is excellent

T32DBM.JPG (8051 bytes)
Re-issued model from the Danbury Mint (2003)

tv632sp2.jpg (7997 bytes)    tv632sp3.jpg (9478 bytes)

tv632sp1.jpg (9744 bytes)    tv632sp4.jpg (8353 bytes)
Apart from the fact that some of the photos are slightly blurred,
the detail is such that these could be snaps of a real, surviving hearse
[ Photos (above 2 rows): © 2005, Yann Saunders ]


New model from The Danbury Mint [Fall, 2003]
1932 Cadillac V-16 Sedan

to32v60.JPG (10599 bytes)    to32v62.JPG (8783 bytes)

to32v61.JPG (8536 bytes)    to32v63.JPG (9223 bytes)

to32v64.JPG (7335 bytes)    to32v68.JPG (9586 bytes)

to32v67.JPG (7736 bytes)    to32v69.JPG (10369 bytes)    t32DM16f.jpg (7591 bytes)

t32DanMnt.jpg (22999 bytes)

t32v6Lim24thDM.jpg (19049 bytes)

t32DM16b.jpg (7512 bytes)    t32DM16c.jpg (9259 bytes)    t32DM16a.jpg (6060 bytes)

t32DM16d.jpg (13289 bytes)    t32DM16e.jpg (10679 bytes)    t32DM16g.jpg (9152 bytes)
Above six rows: one of the latest and finest creations from The Danbury Mint is this V-16 sedan for 5 passengers.
Actual V-16 production in 1932 was limited to 300 cars; of that number,   Fisher built just 29 of these luxurious sedans (to Fleetwood
design  #5130-S). The  base price was $5095, i.e. around $65K in today's dollars; however,  if Cadillac were to build 29
custom V-16s today (and they DO have already ONE complete running car !), I'm guessing that each one probably would
cost closer to $650K ! The Danbury Mint model is perfectly proportioned and detailed down to the tiny assist handles
on the "C" pillars and even the lull straps hanging from a minute chrome rail above the rear quarter windows ! Trim color
is authentic and the walnut wood trim garnish moldings are well done !  Even the plush carpeting looks and feels real.

t32philc.jpg (6731 bytes)    t32phild.jpg (6248 bytes)

t32phile.jpg (6495 bytes)    t32phlb.jpg (5329 bytes)    T32phil.jpg (5646 bytes)
More views of the same "toy"

t32-32AWP1.jpg (14671 bytes)    t32-32AWP2.jpg (14518 bytes)    t32-32AWP3.jpg (10120 bytes)
The same replica in another color?


New model from The Franklin Mint [2002?]
1932 V-16 All-Weather Phaeton

t32AWP.jpg (153286 bytes)      t32AWP2.jpg (46993 bytes)

t32ness1.jpg (6292 bytes)    t32ness2.jpg (7385 bytes)    t32AWP3.jpg (10586 bytes)
Only thirteen units were built of this Fisher, style #32-16-273 all-weather phaeton for 5 passengers;
The text accompanying the ad for one such toy, on e-Bay, reads: Experience the thrill of owning a
sensational model of the car that Eliot Ness used in his crusade against the Capone syndicate

[I wonder who gave them THAT b/s!]. Every detail is captured in true-to-life accuracy -- from the
vintage Cadillac hood ornament to the exposed door hinges and running boards. Then there's
the intricately detailed re-creation of the powerful 16-cylinder engine under the hood. Working
features include doors and hood that open and close, steering and road wheels that turn, and a fully
functional suspension system. Complete with a scale-size accessory kit to evoke its role in Ness' crime-
fighting arsenal. There are scale-size confiscated bootleg barrels, a Tommy gun, hat and G-Man briefcase.

t32phaFM.jpg (13325 bytes)    t32AWP2.jpg (11962 bytes)

t32AWP1.jpg (13475 bytes)    t32AWP3.jpg (10666 bytes)

t32AWP1.jpg (13430 bytes)    t32AWP2.jpg (10241 bytes)
Here it is in another, more pleasing color

t32rdst1.jpg (6437 bytes)

t32-V6rdsDM1.jpg (149780 bytes)

 t312V6rdsDM2.jpg (128204 bytes)      t32-V6rdsDM4.jpg (103177 bytes)      t32-V6rdsDM3.jpg (149660 bytes)
#778 is the latest in Danbury Mint offerings on the Cadillac chassis [2008];
it depicts an exquisite roadster powered by the mighty V-16 engine;

in reality, only three full-sized versions were ever built [Fisher style 32-16-155]



Tmo32ph3.JPG (9117 bytes)    Tmo32pha.JPG (6895 bytes)
These two versions in 1:24 scale are by Monogram (USA);
on the left, the plastic kit; on the right the metal kit.  Both are finely detailed

t32monk.jpg (7299 bytes)    t32moph.jpg (6820 bytes)
This is the Monogram plastic kit in assembled form, built in this case by Angel Cabrera, a keen
model  builder in the Canary Islands, Spain; Angel is also a regular visitor to the Cadillac Database
[ Photos: © 1999, Luciano Rodríguez, Tenerife Scale-Model Club ]




1:18 scale



t32ans5.JPG (11256 bytes)

Tan32a.JPG (9128 bytes)    Tan32c.JPG (9419 bytes)
For the price, this version is by far the most desirable.  It is made by Anson in 1:18 scale

This diorama features a "rough but restorable" 1932 Cadillac V16 Sport Phaeton
[ it was on display at the Gilmore Museum in Kalamazoo, MI, when Gita and I visited there in June 2012 ]

T32CHIN2.JPG (7798 bytes)    T32CHIN1.JPG (7325 bytes)     T32CHIN3.JPG (7698 bytes)
Described as The State Limousine of Puyi the last emperor of China, this model by Sunstar features a miniature Cadillac V-16 engine.  Nothing else about the car resembles a Cadillac other than the general limousine body shape. The skirted front and rear fenders are more reminiscent of a 1933 model than one from 1932. The front grille looks like it came off a Ford and the front bumpers off a Duesenberg.   I certainly would like to hear from anyone who has seen or heard of the original car from which this 1:18 scale model is derived.  We must assume that the toy manufacturer had access to either the car itself or to some authentic documentation and photos of it. Another source asserts that the car was ordered from GM, in 1932, by the Maunchurian Government; the car was used for the ceremonies during which Pu Yi became puppet emperor of Manchuria. The hood mascot is the "Dragon Seal" of the emperor

t32puyi1b.jpg (4767 bytes)    t32puyi1a.jpg (6620 bytes)    t32puyi1c.jpg (6495 bytes)
The replica is available also in black, as seen here

t32PuYiX.jpg (20689 bytes)    T32PuYiY.jpg (15220 bytes)
The photo, above (with an enlargement, right) - courtesy of the Ford Motor Company - is from the magazine American Heritage for November 1996;
it is said to show the Emperor of Manchuria leaving his Imperial Palace aboard a Ford automobile; don't you think that car looks strangely like the toy illustrated
above? Could this be a Ford with a Cadillac V-16 engine, or is it a Cadillac V-16 on which the body of the Emperor's Ford has been mounted?




t32FairFld1.jpg (4056 bytes)    T32FairField2.jpg (5264 bytes)
I saw this toy/replica  one offered for sale on Ebay in May, 2008
[ one more version of the rare, 1932 Cadillac sport phaeton on the V-16 chassis ]



T32V6Weng2.jpg (25396 bytes)
This is a very nice, amateur-built model of Fisher style #32-16-252 town sedan
on V-16 chassis; the body carved from bass wood, by V-16 owner-enthusiast,

Terry Wenger,  on the  basis of factory catalog illustrations and drawings
[ Photos:  Self Starter, June 2006 ]

T32v6Weng.jpg (23596 bytes)
Here is another of Terry's finely-detailed scale models; this on depicts Fleetwood
style #5185 from the 1932 catalog offerings;  only one was ever built
and (I assume) this is the only 1/18 scale-model of it !
[ Photo:  Self Starter, June 2006 ]



1:43 scale



Tma3316.JPG (9856 bytes)
This is a Matchbox (UK),  1933 town car on the V-16 chassis,
depicting a car bought by the actress Joan Crawford;
it is again the most bandied 1933 Cadillac in miniature;
note the erroneous, inverted landau bars!

Tdk33tc2.jpg (12257 bytes)
Mounting the landau bows upside down seems to be quite a common mistake with model builders

Tdk33tc1.JPG (9834 bytes)




t33MotMus.jpg (11811 bytes)    t33TC_MotMus.jpg (14705 bytes)
Left:  V-16 all-weather phaeton;  right: the ever-popular, V-16 town car (ex Joan Crawford)

tphil15.jpg (8056 bytes)
Made by Matchbox (UK), this miniature replica depicts a fire engine built
on the Cadillac V-12 chassis, that was in actual service in Aarau, Switzerland,
for many years; it features the 4-bar bumpers of the 1933 V-16 cars;
this one is from the collection of my son, Philip

The second version (below) is vastly different although it is said to also represent  the above car,
but on the V-16 chassis, although it features the regular, horizontal hood vent doors of the
V-8 and V-12 models; this toy includes quite an array of   hoses as well as a ladder

T33mb16f.jpg (9999 bytes)

Tma33fi1.jpg (7988 bytes)    Tma33fi2.jpg (6332 bytes)    Tma33fir.JPG (7932 bytes)
Although it carries the 4-bar bumpers and front fender spears of the V-16 models of 1933, the hood side vent
doors are from a V-8 or V-12 model; the manufacturer may have been inspired by a custom 1934 Cadillac V-8
fire-wagon that was in use for many years by the local fire fighters of Affoltern, near Zürich, in Switzerland




Tun33uta.jpg (8205 bytes)   T33POLAC.JPG (9199 bytes)
I believe this is quite a recent toy, depicting in 1:43 scale
an imaginary Accident Prevention Bureau police van from Salt Lake City, UT



A Rare 1933 Model...

t33wesa.jpg (6380 bytes)    t33wesb.jpg (5659 bytes)

t33wesc.jpg (7418 bytes)    t33wesd.jpg (8307 bytes)

T33wmph1.jpg (7551 bytes)    T33wmph2.jpg (10056 bytes)
This collector's replica from Western Models, England (1980), depicts a very rare
sixteen-cylinder Cadillac, dual-cowl,  sport phaeton;  it is Fleetwood style
#5559 of which only one unit  was ever built; the scale model is available also in tan-brown;
Reference numbers are: #28A (closed), #28B (open), #28C (open or closed and specially
assembled by the manufacturer), #28D (in kit form, either open or closed)



1:32 scale



t33tcnatmus.jpg (4152 bytes)

T33TCGL2.JPG (17092 bytes)    T33TCGLD.JPG (15426 bytes)
This "gold" toy depicting the 1933 V-16 town car
was available in 2005 from the National Motor Museum in UK


t33JolsonAnson.jpg (6046 bytes)

t33Signa.jpg (4858 bytes)    t33sign4.jpg (5762 bytes)

t33_32nd2.jpg (12628 bytes)

t33_32nd1.jpg (9043 bytes)

t33sign6.jpg (4426 bytes)    t33sign5.jpg (5924 bytes)

t33v632nd2.jpg (146648 bytes)    t33cvsd.jpg (4515 bytes)

t33v632nd.jpg (3568 bytes)
I guess these are supposed to depict the 1933
Fleetwood convertible sedan style #5559

I believe this is quite a recent "Signature" series toy (2006-07)


t33SignTC1.jpg (160946 bytes)      t33SignTC2.jpg (156779 bytes)




1:24 scale



Tte33tc.JPG (10917 bytes)
This is a 1:24 scale construction kit by Italeri (Italy) of a special 1933
sixteen-cylinder convertible sedan, Fleetwood style #5579, of which only eight
units were built, one being purchased new  by Al Jolson, The Jazz Singer
[new reference number (2001) = #706]

t33it706.jpg (9966 bytes)

t33ital.jpg (7952 bytes)




T33v6Weng2.jpg (26873 bytes)    T33v6Weng3.jpg (14479 bytes)
This is an amateur-built model of Fleetwood styyle #5999 Aerodynamic coupe
on V-16 chassis, shown at the World's Fair in Chicago that year; it was built by
V-16 owner-enthusiast, Terry Wenger, on the basis of Testors' 1933 V-16 AWP (above)

[ Photos:  Self Starter, June 2006 ]



1:18 scale



T33fir3.jpg (7817 bytes)    33v6fire.jpg (6638 bytes)
Possibly an over-mold of the Lesney 1:43 scale toy
[ Photo, left, by my son, Philip, at a toy swap meet in France, 2004 ]



1:16 scale



Ttst33tc.JPG (8429 bytes)   
Many kit manufacturers have offered this replica of another rare 1933 Cadillac V-16
town car (Fleetwood style #5525) of which only three units were built. One of them was
acquired by screen-star Joan Crawford [this one]; another may have been purchased by
Marlene Dietrich but there are no known photos of her with that car, which is currently
in the Keyaerts Cadillac Museum at Langeais, France. The Crawford car, used for the
model, was delivered to Hillcrest Motor Car Co. in Hollywood and was in their collection for
many years after Ms. Crawford had tired of it. 

t33v16b.jpg (11807 bytes)    t33v16g.jpg (11024 bytes)

   t33v16d.jpg (7228 bytes)    t33v16c.jpg (5805 bytes)    t33v16f.jpg (7572 bytes)
The detail on this model is quite remarkable, down to the leather door retainers
and the wiring of the distributor cap (below, left and center)

v633toya.jpg (10571 bytes)    v633toyb.jpg (8463 bytes)
This 1933 V-16 chassis in  1:16 scale was built
by modelist, Anthony Hazelaar of Holland

[ I can't wait to see the finished car ! ]



Tmi33v16.jpg (8376 bytes)



t33ntx.jpg (8613 bytes)



t33it707.jpg (9787 bytes)
Italeri (Italy), ref. #707

t33ital2.jpg (7194 bytes)
One built up kit


[ missing ]

Awaited from friend and model-builder, Angel Cabrera from the Canary Islands (Spain),
some photos of the scale-model he is building of  Ms. Crawford's town car



Circa 1:20 scale



Tba33cnv.JPG (7081 bytes)    T33BNDAI.JPG (6389 bytes)    T33BandaiBlue.jpg (12926 bytes)
Bandai (Japan) made this cute tinplate
toy of the 1933 V-8 roadster in approx. 1:20 scale



Circa 1:8 scale



Starting in 1932, the Fisher Body Corporation (Cadillac's official coach builder) sponsored the Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild competition in which some 245,000 American boys between the ages of 12 and 19 participated. Each of them had to build a replica of the Fisher coach [two examples of which may be seen, below]. These were based on a model completed by the Fisher craftsmen themselves.  Blueprints were non-existent and had to be drawn up. Frank Riess, former head of the industrial arts department of a Detroit high school, created the master plans. Walter Leuschner of Germany, a skilled coach-builder in the Fisher plant at Fleetwood, PA, built two prototype coaches from these plans; these were around 1:15 to 1:18 scale (1 inch = approx. 1' 3" to 1' 6")

Fsh_coch.jpg (11740 bytes)     cch_surv.jpg (7731 bytes)
The model on the left was up for auction at Scottsdale, AZ, in January 1999; I have no idea of the actual
sale price; the coach on the right is a family heirloom; it was built by the grandfather of Kendra Kroll,
a visitor to the Cadillac  Database, in July 2001, whom I should like to credit with this photo



Unknown scale and Manufacturer

v6RussToy1.jpg (4828 bytes)    v6RussToy2.jpg (4703 bytes)




Circa 1:87 scale


Ricko Limited was incorporated in 2001 and manufactures finely detailed automobile models in 1:18 scale under the RickoRicko label.  It seems they have begun also to make diecast toys in 1:87 scale, like the magnificent V-16 aero coupe below.

t8734ricko.jpg (6570 bytes)    t34v6_87th.jpg (15277 bytes)    t34v6_87thB.jpg (18801 bytes)
Die-cast 1:87 scale model of ultra-rare 1934 V-16 aero coupe
Ricko makes the same model also in 1:18 scale; it is  SUPERB !



1:43 scale



T34lscp.jpg (5500 bytes)    t34LaSBRKcp1.jpg (13290 bytes)    t34LaSBRKcp2.jpg (7830 bytes)
LaSalle, 2-pass. coupe

T34Lsas_Ols12.jpg (7487 bytes)

LaSalle’s streamlined 1934 coupe is one of the most pleasing automobile designs to emerge from the era. Priced at $1595, the Fleetwood-bodied
beauty was quite the car;  Brooklin Models chose a smoky dark blue metallic for its handbuilt white metal replica, issued in August 2000 (#BRK-84)
[ Photo courtesy  
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing,  author, Randall Olson ]



t34lsdnt.jpg (6014 bytes)
Made by Dent in the USA. this Tootsietoy lookalike 1934 La Salle coupe was seen on e-Bay
in February 2002; the minimum bid was to be $900; there were no bidders!

tdenta.jpg (16751 bytes)

tdentb.jpg (15985 bytes)

tdentc.jpg (13947 bytes)

tdentd.jpg (14288 bytes)
On these four rows are what is believed to be the full set of  La Salle-based models by Dent, USA;
[ Photo: © 2002, Yann Saunders -  Bob Blake collection, AZ ]

t34dntcha.jpg (9735 bytes)
Underside view of the Dent truck




t34LaSDCa.jpg (14191 bytes)    t34LaSDCb.jpg (16930 bytes)
LaSalle, 2-pass convertible coupe

T34lspac.jpg (6739 bytes)    t34LasDC.jpg (19907 bytes)
LaSalle Indianapolis Pace car,  #30E

T34Las_Ols13.jpg (6653 bytes)
1934 LaSalle top up by Durham Classics Automotive Miniatures of Canada
handmade in white metal, #DC-30
[  Photo courtesy  
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing, author, Randall Olson ]




ttoolasb.jpg (8045 bytes)

ttoolasa.jpg (7829 bytes)
The poor quality of these two photos reflects my excitement at finding
in one place a full set of these pre-WW2 La Salle promotional toys;
I hope to get a better photo next time I am in Arizona!
[ Bob Blake collection, AZ ]

ttoota.jpg (11973 bytes)
Dealer promotional set from 1934; the La Salle coupe and sedan

ttootb.jpg (6757 bytes)    ttootc.jpg (7806 bytes)
Close-up view of these two promotional models issued by the Chicago company, Tootsietoy Dowst
[ Above four rows of photos: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Bob Blake collection, AZ ]

t35Toots1.jpg (4574 bytes)    t35toots3.jpg (6098 bytes)    t35toots2.jpg (4001 bytes)
Not sure if this one is authentic or a repro copy

t35Tootsie1.jpg (4272 bytes)    t35tootsie3.jpg (6322 bytes)    t35tootsie2.jpg (4896 bytes)
This one, in rough shape, was offered for sale on Ebay in Jan., 2008




t34LaSTin2.jpg (9732 bytes)    t34LaSTintin.jpg (7692 bytes)
Comic strip car from The Adventures of Tintin (The Sceptre of Ottokar)



Circa 1:32 scale


Banthrico (?), USA

t34LasBank.jpg (13979 bytes)    t34banls.jpg (7581 bytes)    t34LasBnk.jpg (10889 bytes)    t34bank.jpg (4998 bytes)
Die-cast brass bank in the shape of the 1934 La Salle coupe



Circa 1:18 scale



t33mtrz6.jpg (7900 bytes)    t33mtrz3.jpg (4993 bytes)

t33mtrz.jpg (4923 bytes)    t33mtrz2.jpg (5473 bytes)

t33mtrz4.jpg (6455 bytes)    t33mtrz5.jpg (5254 bytes)
High quality tinplate, clockwork toy by Matarazzo, Argentina, built in the mid to late thirties;
Described as a 1932 vintage Cadillac sedan, in my opinion it more closely resembles a
Cadillac V16 of 1934 vintage on account of the bi-plane front bumper [no rear bumper is present],
the three horizontal hood louvers typical of V16 models from 1934-1940 and the split "V" windshield.
There are no markings, either on the box or the toy itself; however, the vendor said it had always been

known as the Matarazzo Cadillac toy.  It is a beauty, at 14" long, complete with tin "driver" figurine
[ BTW, this actual toy sold for $660, on e-Bay, in September, 2003 ]



Ricko Limited was incorporated in 2001 and manufactures finely detailed automobile models in 1:18 scale under the RickoRicko label.   This one appears to be a replica of a surviving 1934 V-16 aerodynamic coupe that I photographed at a Barett Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ, circa 1998.

T34aero.jpg (5329 bytes)    T34V6.JPG (9924 bytes)

T34AER1.JPG (12183 bytes)    T34AER2.JPG (11585 bytes)    t34Ricko.jpg (9920 bytes)

T34AER4.JPG (18651 bytes)
The Cadillac V-16 cars of the era 1934-1937 are among my all-time favorites;
I only wish Ricko would do the other 20 or so models in the same series



1:8 scale



T34v6w1.jpg (5626 bytes)    T34v6w2.jpg (6440 bytes)    T34v6w3.jpg (3413 bytes)
Work in progress on a replica the 1934 Fleetwood V-16 style #5876 coupe; I  commissioned it in 2001
from my friend Philippe Ruel who has been helping to translate into French some
pages of  The (new) Cadillac Database; the model is being whittled by hand from iroko and ebony woods
by local artisan-sculptors in West Africa's Ivory Coast, from photos that I supplied of the original car

wood34c.jpg (7510 bytes)
Still missing when this photo was taken are the solid ebony wheels

wood34b.jpg (9464 bytes)

wood34a.jpg (9990 bytes)
This is one of only two similar replicas hand carved   by craftsmen in Yamassoukro;
one unit is in the collection of my son, Philip, in France, and the other in the private collection of my
friend, Philippe Ruel, through whom I was able to obtain these replicas when he lived in the Ivory Coast
[ the Zippo lighter gives an idea of the size of  the model ! ]

The finished model is in my son's collection, in France

t34v6Wood.jpg (9120 bytes)
This is 1934 V-16 coupe #2 of two


Art & Color Section Models

32ArtColor.JPG (11409 bytes)    ArtColor.JPG (37082 bytes)
The oval image was scanned in a GM brochure advertising the
1933 World's Fair, Century of Progress exhibition in Chicago;
from the size of the furniture [armchair in LH photo], I reckon the models
on display [right] e are 1:8 scale; I would love to see them for real !



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