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t59unk2cm.jpg (2343 bytes)
This Eldo Seville lookalike is just 2cms long

T59cats.jpg (3418 bytes)
This cute piece is not really a toy although
it does depict in miniature the 1959 Cadillac
convertible; it needs to be properly identified

59cerbox.jpg (5277 bytes)
...as does this cookie box (?)

t59toon2.jpg (5071 bytes)     t59toon1.jpg (4581 bytes)
This one was pointed out to me by French enthusiast, Jocelyn Lecocq

t59mini1.jpg (3446 bytes)
Here's another "funny" '59 Biarritz

t59MadMax.jpg (4375 bytes)
[ unidentified ]



Circa 1:87 Scale


t59HO87.jpg (13171 bytes)
That stainless steel sie molding is not a perfect match for the original,
yet the model is easily recognizable as a 1959 Eldorado Seville coupe




[ missing ]

1:87 HO scale plastic replica, '59 Cadillac by Praline, similar to Herpa. This is a special car,
the hood is decorated with Nurnberger Spielwarenmesse 1992. Item #5199.

1:87 HO scale plastic replica, '59 Cadillac Hardtop by Revell Praline, now the Busch Company
which is similar to Herpa. It is 2 1:2" long. It is item #5107


t5987BuschKitA.jpg (2588 bytes)      t5987BuschKitB.jpg (2071 bytes)

t5987BuschKitC.jpg (3122 bytes)
This is a 1959 Eldorado Biarritz
kit car from Busch, in the same scale





[ image missing ]

Dube GmbH, Germany 1:87, '59 Eldorado #5103



Circa 1:77 Scale



t59unkbi.jpg (8566 bytes)
This one depicts the 1959 Series 64 Eldorado convertible
[ resembles Hot Wheels scale, i.e.  1:77 ]

T59hotw.jpg (6691 bytes)

T59hot2.jpg (8825 bytes)
Two more miniature 1959 Cadillac Eldorado models in Mattel's
Hot Wheels series; Hard Rock Cafe Eldorado Seville coupe
and Biarritz convertible

t59new.jpg (5551 bytes)
Custom 1959 Cadillac coupe, stripped of its original   paint, polished and repainted
in dark metallic green, button  wheels replaced with custom 6-spoke type, raised rear

t59jada.jpg (4234 bytes)
[ before picture ??? ]

t59jad3.jpg (9045 bytes)
Another custom job, this toy was stripped of all its original paint then sanded smooth before
being primered and painted black; after drying, hand painted flames were added before 3 coats of
2-part automotive clear, mixed with HOK Micro Rainbow Flake for shine and sparkle;
chassis was then given a set of wheels from a Hot Wheels Big Mutha

T59HotSteve1.jpg (4534 bytes)     T59HotSteve2.jpg (5020 bytes)
There are many of these custom jobs on the market; this one was sent by Steve Masson
[ Photos: © 2007 and courtesy Steve Masson ]

T59HotW1.jpg (16896 bytes)     T59HotW2.jpg (16767 bytes)
Another "Hot Wheels" custom job




59FOB.JPG (6535 bytes)
Not precisely a toy but a miniature nonetheless,
I feel this 1959 sedan cute key fob has its place here...

t59MadMax.jpg (2917 bytes)
"Mad Max" version of a 1959 Cadillac coupe

T59mrbl2.jpg (3824 bytes)     T59mrbl1.jpg (4934 bytes)
...as does this crude, marble paper weight that depicts
the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado convertible

t59KndrSurp.jpg (2388 bytes)
From a "Kinder Surprise" chocolate egg



Circa 1:66 scale + slightly larger



t59hmxma.jpg (4167 bytes)
This is one of a number of small Xmas ornaments
from the Hallmark Co. (USA)



t59_64M2Machines.jpg (27210 bytes)     t59jadad.jpg (28645 bytes)
Custom, stretched limousine

t59jada64a.jpg (39896 bytes)     t59jada64b.jpg (38836 bytes)

t59M2Mach1.jpg (34478 bytes)     t59M2Mach2.jpg (37608 bytes)     t59M2Mach3.jpg (31597 bytes)
This "Series 62" coupe has non-authentic wire wheels and a rear ensemble aping the "Fleetwood" and "Eldorado" series




T59woody.jpg (9624 bytes)

T59wood2.jpg (9298 bytes)
This is a miniature version of a custom 1959 Cadillac "woody" wagon
that hangs above the bar in Hawaii's Hard Rock Cafe;
probably from Mattel's Hot Wheels series  [available also in orange, below]

Scale-model of the full-sized car in Hawaii

tphil12.jpg (7648 bytes)

t59wagn.jpg (5645 bytes)     t59surfwagn.jpg (4770 bytes)
Two other versions of a '59 "surfin wagon"

t59wag1.jpg (3836 bytes)     t59wag3.jpg (5257 bytes)     t59wag2.jpg (4994 bytes)

Not sure about this other wagon; it has a modfied rear roof


T59HRS1.JPG (4762 bytes)     T59HRS2.JPG (3430 bytes)     T59HRS3.JPG (3601 bytes)

t59hrsHW.jpg (8419 bytes)
Seen on Internet, I'm assuming this hearse is a conversion of the above wagon;
it is done in high-gloss black auto paint, top-coated with high-gloss lacquer
and hand polished to a mirror shine; the chrome is done with
Bare Metal Foil;  the interior is cherry-red gloss with highlights

t59mbcok.jpg (6091 bytes)
One of a multitude of  1:66 scale models of the 1959 Series 62
convertible; this one advertises Coca-Cola



T59camin.jpg (8292 bytes)     T59ElCamino.JPG (9871 bytes)
This "59 Cadillac El Camino" pick-up truck in circa 1:64 scale was pieced together by Cadillac enthusiast and Database user,
Merrill Gibson, who kindly sent the snapshot. He says: I took a Hotwheel's 1959 Cadillac, mated it to a 1959 El Camino cab
(Jada Toys), and a 1959 El Camino bed (Hotwheel), and Revell's 1958 Impala's tires and rims.
It's all roughly 1/64th scale. I was inspired by your picture on the "Dream Cars 1959" page



T59PlaythingMantis64.jpg (4020 bytes)     t59-64thPlayMantis.jpg (13498 bytes)
Eldorado Biarritz



t5964th.jpg (10710 bytes)
White metal model in circa 1:64 scale

t59_64th.jpg (14112 bytes)
"Series 62" coupe

t59JoLigh.jpg (9726 bytes)
"Johnny Lightning", 1:58 scale
1959 Cadillac "Ghostbusters" ambulance

[ Photo: © and courtesy Antoine Potten, France ]




Circa 1:43 Scale


(Richard) CARLSON PRODUCTS, Tucson, AZ., USA

T59cls2.jpg (9528 bytes)
Fleetwood 75 Landau limousine by Richard Carlson Products; resin model
with imitation padded roof , small back light and blank rear quarters
[ conversion from standard 1959 toy by Vitesse, France/Portugal ]

Tun5975.JPG (7754 bytes)
Fleetwood 75 limousine by Richard Carlson products; resin model

t59Carl1.jpg (9050 bytes)     t59carl7.jpg (6838 bytes)

t59carl6.jpg (5976 bytes)     t59carl4.jpg (5856 bytes)
Considered very rare, this is #15, an elegant, miniature 4-window Sedan de Ville




Tma59cnv.jpg (7613 bytes)
Matchbox, UK, Dinky collection issued this well-detailed replica of the 1959 Cadillac
Series 62 convertible, Ref. #50-207 DY 07;
missing is the Cadillac crest on the front fender

T59mich.jpg (8899 bytes)
Matchbox toys

t59mbsp.jpg (7387 bytes)
This is a special edition "Platinum Series" Matchbox toy from the UK




Beautifully crafted, limited edition  Pininfarina 1961 Cadillac Jacqueline
showcar  "pushmobile" presented at the 1961 Paris auto salon




t59fm43a.jpg (5482 bytes)    T_Fmint59.jpg (17406 bytes)     t59fm43b.jpg (6048 bytes)
This is one in a series of twelve replicas of  Fifties cars made in 1988;
they came in gift set complete with show stand

[ for a head-on photo, see Argus de la Miniature, #108, p.3 ]

T59fmnt.jpg (8952 bytes)

T59fmn2.jpg (9638 bytes)    T59fmn3.jpg (11236 bytes)
Illustrations are from the company's introductory flyer for the new model




t59mae.jpg (6248 bytes)     t59maeb.jpg (7541 bytes)
Nice, heavy cast model of the 1959 Series 62 convertible from Model Auto Emporium
(MAE), made in Canada in 1984
Ref.#101 (closed), Ref.#102 (open), various colors

t59MAEFire1.jpg (15545 bytes)     Tmae59a.jpg (6295 bytes)     t59MAEFire2.jpg (11352 bytes)

t59MAE59Fire3.jpg (10268 bytes)     t59MAEFire5.jpg (6325 bytes)
Here's an (unlikely) Fire Chief car from the "Memphis Fire Dept"

Tmae59cv.JPG (9968 bytes)
MAE, Canada
[ no, it's not 9" long ...look at the ruler ]



(coming in 2012?)

The regular Cadillac Series 75 sedan and limousine

Custom "Bubble Top" limousine for royal visit to Canada of HM Queen Elizabeth II




t59flc2.jpg (8662 bytes)
Amazing amount of detail on this 1:43 scale model; it is available also in black

t5975MCG.jpg (17202 bytes)    t59MtrCit2.jpg (4717 bytes)     t59MtrCit1.jpg (5994 bytes)
In the "Gold" series comes this stately Series 67 Fleetwood sedan/limousine style, #MCG003




t59NEOamb.jpg (22848 bytes)
Crown Royale ambulance by Superior Coach Corp.




Enthusiast, Taral Wayne, wrote (in October, 2005): New Ray has a fascinating line of 1/43 cars. These are mainly of three types -- contemporary models (up to at least 1994), 50's and 60's classics, and foreign sports cars. They produce three different Cadillac convertibles.  The '59 Caddy comes in canary yellow (saddle & tan interior), metallic medium blue (tan and deep red interior), and I believe red. I have the yellow and metal blue in my collection.

t59NewRay.jpg (2823 bytes)
New Ray, #48409-1N Series 62 convertible




speedway.jpg (7415 bytes)
Speedway (1987 ???),  based on Vitesse (more detailed than Vitesse equivalent)


 VF Modellen, Germany
[ click here for full details and prices ]

IMPORTANT NOTE: these true-to-scale model cars are built and assembled with the utmost patience and care;
production numbers are VERY limited (from 12 to a maximum of 250 units of each) it is quite possible that some
models illustrated may no longer be available and cannot be re-issued; in making up these RARE models, many
photo-etched, chrome-plated or black-plated parts are used, as are also the finest decals; carpets also are depicted

T5975vc.JPG (7997 bytes)
Series 75 limousine by Fleetwood [ may be already out of production ]
[#CC0017, costing DM399 or circa $185]

    t59SupFire.jpg (7195 bytes)
Superior Crown Royale fire rescue ambulance "Bunker Hill Fire Rescue"
VF #CC0005B, costing 399.- Euros (circa $500)

tvf09.JPG (8846 bytes)
Superior Crown Royale  flower car  - this model may be already out of production
VF #...., costing DM.... (circa $....)

tvfh&e.jpg (6436 bytes)
S&S funeral car by Hess & Eisenhardt with optional roof rack
VF #CC0004, costing 399.- Euros (circa $500)

t59vfhe.JPG (7376 bytes)
Another S&S funeral car by Hess & Eisenhardt with optional roof rack

t59SupCrn2.jpg (8204 bytes)
Could this be VF #CC0005E Superior Crown Royale Landaulet funeral coach (black)

T59supcr.jpg (7113 bytes)     tvf08.JPG (7231 bytes)     tvf59am.jpg (7227 bytes)


Superior Crown Royale ambulances on Cadillac chassis;
this is VF #CC0005D, 2-tone,  costing 399.- Euros (circa $500)

[  this is the actual car; the toy (if it werr ever made) is missing from this selection ]

CC0005F Superior Caravelle, Broadmoor Hotel, 12-seater sightseeing coach




T59clsn.jpg (7632 bytes)

T59vijma.jpg (9026 bytes)
Ref. #382:  one of many versions of a 1:43-scale model of the 1959 Cadillac
Series 62 convertible by Vitesse (first made in France, then in Portugal)

T59vielp.jpg (9006 bytes)
Here is another version of the same toy, claimed to be one of Elvis Presley's
many Cadillacs; however, I have seen no documentary evidence (photo?)
suggesting that "The King" ever owned a Cadillac of this vintage 
[ he was in the military, in Germany, that year ]
The color pink is just a cliche; Elvis' favorite color for cars
was black with red interior. The famous 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood
he bought his mother was originally gray



(manufacturer or simply retailer?)


Car #66146
These models in 1:43 scale depict the special "bubble top" Series 75 limousine that was specially prepared
for the state visit to Canada, in 1959, of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II of the UK and Prince Philip
[it is frequently advertised (in error) as a 1958 model]



The 1959 "bubble-top" limousine ... without the "Royal" trimmings

T59bubbl.jpg (7655 bytes)     59QUEN1A.JPG (10685 bytes)
Not sure if the toy [at left] is factory issued or an amateur conversion

t59_75.jpg (9352 bytes)
I believe this is a conversion from a Vitesse toy;
who did the conversion


[ missing ]

Ref.#380 (1987) various colors

Ref.#381 (1987) closed,. white

Ref.#383, 1959



t59SupCrn.jpg (9357 bytes)
Superior Crown ambulance on Cadillac commercial chassis






This scale model resembles a custom wagon built on the 1959 Cadillac chassis by Peter Stengel of London and LA (original car, right)




Circa 1:32 scale


Tgz59s.jpg (11528 bytes)
Here are the thirteen different 1959 Cadillac models in miniature, including the Eldorado Brougham
sedan (the gold-brown model, just above center); these thirteen scale-models all were made or derived
from the excellent Gunze Sangyo 1:32 scale plastic kits of the mid-eighties.  They were assembled,
modified and painted by my friend, Helmut, a real Austrian Baron whose noble title is
Herr Baron Otto Johan Helmut Von Anzengrüber Cserer Albasy zu Heidendorf

Here are the individual models in the series
[ all but two are conversions by Baron Von Anzengrüber or Jean-Michel Roux ]
[ they are shown below in the order presented in that year's Data Book ]

tmyrouxna.jpg (7004 bytes)     tmyrouxnb.jpg (6181 bytes)
The Series 62 coupe

tmyrouxoa.jpg (5972 bytes)     tmyrouxob.jpg (5882 bytes)
The Series 62 sedan (6-window)

tmyrouxma.jpg (6877 bytes)     tmyrouxmb.jpg (6727 bytes)
The Series 62 sedan (4-window model)

tmyrouxj.jpg (6788 bytes)
The Series 62 convertible
[ rear-view negative missing ]

tmyrouxg.jpg (5626 bytes)     tmyrouxi.jpg (5903 bytes)    
The Coupe de Ville
[ modeled after the author's former car ]

tmyrouxe.jpg (6745 bytes)
The Sedan de Ville (4-window model)
[ rear-view negative missing ]

tmyrouxpa.jpg (6436 bytes)     tmyrouxpb.jpg (6273 bytes)
The Sedan de Ville (6-window model)

tmyrouxo.jpg (6855 bytes)     tmyrouxp.jpg (7459 bytes)
The Series 60 Special sedan

tmyrouxk1.jpg (6927 bytes)     tmyrouxk2.jpg (6399 bytes)
The Series 75 limousine [ no chauffeur's division ]

tmyrouxj1.jpg (7331 bytes)     tmyrouxj2.jpg (7416 bytes)
The Series 75 limousine [ with division ]

    tmyrouxa.jpg (6407 bytes)     tmyrouxk.jpg (7225 bytes)
The Eldorado Seville [ not a conversion ]

tmyrouxc.jpg (6720 bytes)     tmyrouxd.jpg (6499 bytes)
The Eldorado Biarritz [ not a conversion ]

BRTOY59.JPG (6781 bytes)     tmyrouxlb.jpg (5658 bytes)
The Eldorado Brougham [ a difficult conversion ]
[ negative on right got damaged - color is supposed to be Champagne Gold ]


More conversions from Gunze Sangyo kits

Trv59kit.JPG (6053 bytes)
This is one of the presentation boxes for these kits

tphil03.jpg (7346 bytes)     tphil07.jpg (8825 bytes)

tphil10.jpg (6833 bytes)
More customs and conversions from my son Philip's collection

t59diapo.jpg (7642 bytes)
I found this cute diorama at an annual toy swap meet in Geneva, Switzerland
in the late seventies; it is one of only two items that I sold separately from the
entire collection in 1989; it is now in the collection of my friend Louis Henrard, in
Seraing, Belgium  [the other item was the 1:50 scale Diapet 1962 sedan]

t59ftop1.jpg (9995 bytes)     t59ftop2.jpg (9979 bytes)
This other conversion of the 1:32 scale kit by Gunze-Sangyo is the work of "master craftsman"
and friend, Jean-Michel Roux, whose meticulous attention to detail is his stock in trade

T59gzbia.jpg (6776 bytes)     T59gzbi2.jpg (7910 bytes)
Two finely detailed 1:32-scale models (kits) of the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz, from Gunze-Sangyo,
Japan; on the left, top down, on the right, top up (the color is non-authentic for that year)



t59biaSig.jpg (32584 bytes)     t5932eldsign.jpg (7500 bytes)
Eldorado Biarritz


SUNSTAR (Far East???)

t5932SnStar.jpg (6829 bytes)
Series 62 convertible



tweetyb.jpg (4322 bytes)     tweetya.jpg (4305 bytes)
Ceramic, cartoon-like 1959 Cadillac convertible with Sylvester and Tweety-Bird aboard
[ Photo: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Bob Blake collection, AZ ]

Tun59snd.JPG (5280 bytes)
This rather crudely-built scale replica of a 1959
Series 62 convertible appears to be molded from body filler

t59sand1.jpg (4026 bytes)     t59sand2.jpg (3337 bytes)

t59sand3.jpg (4903 bytes)     t59sand4.jpg (4816 bytes)
I believe these views are of a similar car
This one is identified as the "Mr. Sandman pink Cadillac"
It is part of the series "1950's Dream Machines" and is 8" long

59CERAM2.JPG (8507 bytes)     59CERAM1.JPG (7159 bytes)
Ceramic rendition of the 1959 Eldorado Seville

T596incha.jpg (6603 bytes)     T596inchB.jpg (4314 bytes)
This 6-inch long "ugly duckling" obviously
is intended to depict the 1959 convertible



tchinb.jpg (8560 bytes)     tchina.jpg (9370 bytes)
Crude, Chinese-built Eldorado Biarritz in circa 1:32 scale
[ Photo: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Bob Blake collection, AZ ]

t59chi1.jpg (11480 bytes)     t59chi2.jpg (12260 bytes)
Another unidentified toy from China
Description says it's 1:87 scale, yet it measures 17cms (more lke 1:32 scale)
The design of the interior replicates  the 1956 Eldorado models, not the '59s



t59cnv.jpg (6342 bytes)     T59cnv2.jpg (7681 bytes)
[ Unidentified - possibly smaller than 1:32 scale ]

59toyad.JPG (6380 bytes)
This classified ad appeared in the Swiss weekly Automobile Revue on
April 12, 1984; a real car is being offered for sale but the ad seems to feature
a '59 Cadillac toy (tinplate?) that I have never been able to properly identify



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1902 - 1931 1930/31 Solido 1932 - 1942 1946 - 1953
1954 - 1958 1959 only 1960-1969 1970-2001


...or pick one of the following model builders or collectors
...ou choisissez l'un des modélistes ou collectionneurs suivants
The author's former Cadillac toy collection
The bespoke "Elegance" models of Claude Thibivilliers
The rare "RD-Marmande" Cadillac models of René Daffaure
Jo-Han kits and Promotionals, USA
The Kits of TKM, USA
The Paper and Card Cadillacs of Emmanuel de Horne
The Custom Limousines of Philippe Emami
The Wooden Models of Otto Vallastro


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