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[ photos sought ]

[ some models of Cadillac-powered US tanks to be added ]



The early fifties were a prolific period for crude Cadillac toys made of Bakelite and other early plastic compounds, as well as lithographed tinplate (usually from post-WW2 Japan). Dozens of them are to be found and it is not always easy to identify a particular year or body style.  I have bundled them together on this and the next page.  Perhaps an astute reader or Cadillac toy car collector can help me to identify some of them.




Circa 1:43 scale



BAM (Bruce Arnold Models), USA



Circa 1:50 scale




T4647fb.jpg (6933 bytes)
1946-47 Series 61 fastback coupe, a slush model by Metalcast (USA) in circa 1:50 scale;
these were re-issued in the mid-seventies, below, and are still available on the toy market

t47slsh.jpg (5441 bytes)    t47slsh2.jpg (5035 bytes)



Circa 1:8 scale



1946-47 Cadillac Series 60 Special fastback [styling model]
[First photo and text, below, courtesy of Grayson Ainsworth]

t40mock2.JPG (10261 bytes)
According to collector Grayson Ainsworth, this scale model was made circa 1940 by GM Styling;
it depicts a Fleetwood Series 60 Special, 4-door Sedanet fastback. It is one of many Cadillac styling
exercises done in early 1940, prior to the factory halting car production for three years during WW2.
These 1:8 scale models are just under 40 inches long and 10 inches tall.  Made of wood or plaster,
GM stylists would commission these models just before starting work on full-scale clay mock-ups.
This particular exercise illustrates a proposed "fastback" version of the 1942 Cadillac Fleetwood
60 Special. Notice the shorter wheel base of the standard Series 62 Cadillac as well as the unusually
narrow space between the front and rear doors. Work on design proposals such as these would
have been discontinued when  the country went to war in late 1941.  After the war, all
Series 60 & 62 design proposals revolved around the new styling of the 1948 models

Tun46ir2.JPG (5129 bytes)    Tun46ir3.JPG (5229 bytes)

Tun46ir4.JPG (3225 bytes)    Tun46ira.JPG (5751 bytes)
The above two rows depict an almost identical model (this one is made of  wood and plaster);
it is one of the largest, most incredible Cadillac "toys" I have ever seen
[ Photos: © 1999, Yann Saunders - Ira Bernstein collection, AZ  ]

Lucky Mr. Bernstein with the
GM styling model





[ Unknown Scale ]



T49cadz.jpg (5374 bytes)
Custom Cadillac, based on the 1947 fastback coupe.
The manufacturer of the model is Milestone Models

t47rdrat.jpg (7004 bytes)



1:43 scale


Brooklin Models is one of the world's leading manufacturers of 1:43 scale, collectible white metal model
automobiles and trucks. Dollar for dollar, Brooklin is the best value in white-metal models.

T47bkln.jpg (11153 bytes)    t47Brkln.jpg (25512 bytes)
White metal diecast 1:43 scale by Brooklin,   #BRK74, 1947 convertible
This one is Brooklin's #74Xa, one of only 200 made in glossy black

T47BROOK.JPG (10698 bytes)    T47BROO2.JPG (11280 bytes)

t47BRKfb2.jpg (15179 bytes)    t47BRKfb1.jpg (14875 bytes)
Brooklin #105, Series 62 club coupe (new release for 2005)
Lots of chrome items (hood ornament, emblem, hood spear,
front bumper, grille, headlamps, door handles, wipers,  side moldings,
script, rocker panels, tail lights, trunk emblem, wheel covers



tbam471.jpg (5189 bytes)    tbam474.jpg (5014 bytes)
Issued in spring 2005, this 1947 Series Sixty Special is the second in the series
of four BAM Cadillac 60S models now available in three colors.
The four top of the line sedans make up the Standard of the World series.
They include the years 47, 48, 53 and 56.

t47BAMc.jpg (11124 bytes)    t47BAMd.jpg (12755 bytes)    t4760sBam.jpg (18234 bytes)

t47BAMb.jpg (20171 bytes)

t47BAMe2.jpg (9853 bytes)    t47BAMe1.jpg (11156 bytes)
Stately in black:  the 1947 Series 60 Special
[ Photos: © 2005 and courtesy of Bruce Arnold ]


In these three rows, BAM models has created a very plausible 1942/1947 Cadillac town car
[ Photos: © 2014 and courtesy of Bruce Arnold ]





t47CQuestWdy.jpg (118273 bytes)
I believe this 6-window "woodie" wagon may be attributed to Maurice Schwartz

T47ba75b.jpg (5935 bytes)    t47CON30.jpg (23245 bytes)
1947 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75 Limousine by Conquest Models of Holland. CNQST #30:  This superb
1:43rd scale white metal Cadillac is the finest model offered by Conquest. The master was created by
Cadillac's official pattern maker, Bruce Arnold. In April of 2000, Bruce Arnold Models offered
a specially prepared version of this model with even more detail (!), which retailed for $499.99

This very finely detailed 1:43 scale-model of the 1947 Cadillac
Series 75 limousine is made by Bruce Arnold Models (USA)

t47bran.jpg (7093 bytes)    t4775BAM.jpg (14278 bytes)
The edition on the right carries a large searchlight on the "A" pillar

T47bam3.jpg (7885 bytes)    T48li75.jpg (7778 bytes)



[ Jerry Retig ]

t47flc.jpg (5104 bytes)
Flower car on 1947 Cadillac chassis



[ Redruth, Cornwall, UK ]

T47milst.jpg (6397 bytes)    T47mils2.jpg (6291 bytes)
This highly-detailed white-metal scale replica has chrome front and rear bumpers, wheels covers, grille, hood
ornament, rear fender stone guards, trunk handle, headlight bezels front and rear; it features also a fitted interior

t4743rdAV.jpg (15448 bytes)
In the 43rd Avenue series comes this smart Series62 Sedanet  or fast back coupe




T47tron2.jpg (6285 bytes)    T47tron3.jpg (6435 bytes)
1947 Cadillac Series 62 sedan and club coupe by Provence Moulage, France (1988).
Both models are discontinued; they could be ordered assembled at the manufacturer's premises;
castings are very clean, with great detail including interior with dash; correct bumpers, grille,
wheels, windows, headlights, rubber tires and all mounting hardware are included. There are
also many photo-etched parts and flawless decals for dash gauges, body emblems and hubcap centers

Tpm47cv.jpg (7735 bytes)    T47tron.jpg (8004 bytes)

t47ProvMoul2.jpg (32045 bytes)      t47ProvMoul3.jpg (33916 bytes)
The molds for this car are attributed to E. Dhont

t48milmn.jpg (5089 bytes)    t48milm2.jpg (4386 bytes)
Series 62 Sedanet fastback

t47prvm2.jpg (5895 bytes)    t47prvmo.jpg (6688 bytes)  

t47pvm3.jpg (7106 bytes)    t47pvm4.jpg (6490 bytes)
[ Photos, above 2 rows: courtesy Randall Olson, author of GM in Miniature ]

t47ProvMoul1.jpg (31987 bytes)
Series 62 sedan



[ click here for full range and prices ]

IMPORTANT NOTE: these true-to-scale model cars are built and assembled with the utmost patience and care;
production numbers are VERY limited (from 12 to a maximum of 250 units of each) it is quite possible that some
models illustrated may no longer be available and cannot be re-issued; in making up these RARE models, many
photo-etched, chrome-plated or black-plated parts are used, as are also the finest decals; carpets also are depicted

tvf12.JPG (7568 bytes)    TVF14B.JPG (9468 bytes)
Series 62 convertible coupe (#REV005); the cost is 299 Euros (circa $370)

TVFTRLR2.JPG (9108 bytes)
I don't have the number of this diorama but am guessing that
the price is the same as for other VF dioramas, i.e. 799 Euros (or circa $990)

tvftrlr1.jpg (7064 bytes)
Here is a close-up of the 1957 Coupe de Ville tow car
(#REV001 - weathered)

tvftrlr3.jpg (8611 bytes)
Above three rows: these lovely dioramas show off   VF's special-order "weathered" model cars;
in this case a bruised '57 coupe or a beaten '71 sedan hauling a battered '47 convertible;
(immediately above is VF's Limited Edition set, #LED002, priced at 799 Euros, e.g. about $990)

t4762cv.jpg (8107 bytes)    t47vf2.jpg (5706 bytes)
[ Photos: courtesy Randall Olson, author of GM in Miniature ]

t47_vf.jpg (7111 bytes)
(Upper two rows) Series 62 convertible (#REV005B ?); this one may come mounted on a base;
the model appears to have the Cadillac script placed near the bottom edge of the front fender,
which is the usual position for it on the larger,  Series 75 cars; could this be a mistake ?

tvf13.JPG (10333 bytes)
Fleetwood Series 75 limousine (#REV008); here, the Cadillac
script is shown correctly on the lower edge of the front fender

tvf16.jpg (7807 bytes)    TVF16A.JPG (6406 bytes)
Here is a rather dark image of VF's 1947 Fleetwood Series 75  limousine (#REV008);
the basic body style of the Cadillac "75" series remained unchanged from 1941 up to 1949


[ missing ]

4-door sedans (#s REV006 and REV006B)



t4718th.jpg (15301 bytes)
Of unknown origin, this 1:18th scale 1947 convertible
was used in this cute diorama




t47misc3.jpg (58238 bytes)t47misc4.jpg (58311 bytes)

This collection of six  1:43 scale 1947 Cadillac models belongs to my friend Volodymyr Soroklat of the Ukraine



Signature Series

t4732ndSign1.jpg (12633 bytes)
Cadillac convertible coupe



Circa 1:24



t47Jada24th.jpg (4513 bytes)    t47jada24th3.jpg (4897 bytes)
Cadillac "Series 62" convertible




T47Sdnt3S.jpg (22570 bytes)

T47Sdnt2S.jpg (18431 bytes)    T47Sdnt1S.jpg (19015 bytes)
Series 62 fastback sedan


T47Flc1S.jpg (19753 bytes)

T47Flc2S.jpg (20113 bytes)    T47Flc3S.jpg (20669 bytes)
Custom flower car

T47Woody1S.jpg (25051 bytes)

T47Woody2S.jpg (20784 bytes)    T47Woody3S.jpg (21068 bytes)
Custom "Woody" station wagon



Signature Series

t47_18Anson.jpg (9297 bytes)
Cadillac convertible coupe [with airstream trailer in tow]

[ From the collection of ©Philippe Saunders-Jolivald ]




t47hrs2.jpg (5873 bytes)
Cadillac funeral car on commercial chassis





Circa 1:80 scale



t49fbck.jpg (5604 bytes)
Mercury, Italy: Small, plastic replica of 1948 Cadillac Series 62 sedan;
Thee Italian firm is better known for its 1:43 scale 1948 Cadillac Series 60 Special (below)

t48minf.jpg (8018 bytes)    t48minis.jpg (6734 bytes)
On the left, another view of the same toy [painted and detailed by me], together with two other Cadillac mini-toys




Circa 1:66 scale



tgzill2.jpg (8431 bytes)
Hotwheels (USA) made this Redline Club Exclusive Evil Twin
inspired by
the Custom 1948 Cadillac CadZZilla coupe designed
by Gibbons, Coddington, Erikson and Naff (USA)  for ZZ Top's
Billy Gibbons
; this is RLC car #003 and is numbered 999 of 10,000
[ Boyd Coddington, who built CadZZilla, passed on in Feb., 2008 ]

tgzill3.jpg (6162 bytes)    tgzilla.jpg (9603 bytes)
More Hot Wheels representations of CadZZilla




t49-64RacCham.jpg (14208 bytes)    t49RacCham2.jpg (16636 bytes)
Cute 1:64 scale Coupe de Ville



Circa 1:43 scale



t50spl2.jpg (6572 bytes)
Two more crude but cute plastic Cadillac toys purported
to depict the 1948 Cadillac;  they are circa 5½inches long




[ missing ]

Resin model of Cadillac-powered Le Monstre, entered by Briggs Cunningham in
1950 Le Mans road race and  driven to 11th place overall by him and co-driver, Phil Walters




t48bkln.jpg (5472 bytes)   t48bk40a.jpg (5035 bytes)
1948 Sedanet fastback, 1:43 scale, by Brooklin Models, UK
On the right:  Model serial #40A

t48BRKfb.jpg (15423 bytes)    t48BRKfb2.jpg (17198 bytes)
Left:  "Series 61" Sedanet and right, "Series 62" (this one with an after-market sun visor)

[ more images ]




tbam473.jpg (4718 bytes)    T4860sBAM.jpg (15084 bytes)
Left: the pattern model for #BAM8, the 1948 Series Sixty Special, third in a new series issued in 2005; right: the finished model
[ The last car in the series will carry #BAM6; it will depict the 1956 Series Sixty Special ]

t48bam2c.JPG (14314 bytes)

t48bam2a.JPG (13124 bytes)    t48bam2d.JPG (12032 bytes)    t48bam2b.JPG (12851 bytes)

t48bam.jpg (5945 bytes)    t48bam3a.JPG (8187 bytes)    t4860sBam8.jpg (15190 bytes)    t48bam60s1.JPG (12001 bytes)

t48bam2.jpg (4295 bytes)
New for 2007, this exact replica of the 1948 Series 60 Special
[Photos: © 2007 and courtesy Bruce Arnold ]

The actual car in a NY street in 1948



The preceding 4 images depict a VERY limited BAM edition (only 10 units) Derham conversion of Cadillac's Series 60 Special Sedan for 1948

48Bam60s.JPG (42979 bytes)
Foreground: the same car as above but with the stately black leather top



This is a new marque created by Ilario CHIERA and Yves EVRAT; the duo's ambition is to offer exceptionally high quality 1:43 scale models of cars built in the era from 1930 to 1960. Their presentation will be on a par with the high quality of reproduction work. The new company first built 1:87 scale replicas about 10 years ago. Here is one example of a unique Cadillac designed by Jacques Saoutchik; it is the fruit of the pair's long experience and love for beautiful miniatures.

t48Saou1proto.jpg (11202 bytes)      t48Saou2 proto.jpg (6708 bytes)

t48saou6.jpg (144241 bytes)         

t48saou4.jpg (143600 bytes)

t48saou5.jpg (191574 bytes)

t48saou2.jpg (145794 bytes)      t48saou3.jpg (202806 bytes)

t48saou1.jpg (188196 bytes)
[ Photos: courtesy "Forum 43" - Internet ]





t47CQuestWdy.jpg (13218 bytes)

t49Conqwoody1.jpg (16924 bytes)     t49CONQwoody2.jpg (24900 bytes)
New for 2010, this fine replica of a rare, custom "Woody" built on the
Cadillac Series 75 chassis by Maurice Schwarz, coachbuilders, USA (see the original here)
[ Photos: © 2010 Christoph Baum and Legacy Motors' Forum 43 ]



1948 Series 62 sedan




tlionel.jpg (21432 bytes)    t48Lionel.JPG (6800 bytes)
Cadillac enthusiast, Jeff Maltby, tells me this Lionel model railroad flatbed with two Cadillac Sedanet models is made in China



Tmr4860s.jpg (5686 bytes)    Tmr48sedn.JPG (7394 bytes)

t48merc.jpg (5172 bytes)    t48mer2.jpg (5140 bytes)
Ref. #9 (1950), 1948 Series Sixty Special sedan
[seven  different colors were available - mine was blue)




[ missing ]

Discontinued 1947 Cadillac flower car, black, hand built, resin cast
[ only 15 units were made ]





[ missing ]

Series 62 Sedanette, hand-built, well-detailed, white metal, fitted interior




T48MimMrq.jpg (10996 bytes)

t48MMarq1.jpg (5761 bytes)    t48MMarq2.jpg (11400 bytes)

This information came from enthusiast, Charlie Hutton.  He says it's a would-be replica that never actually saw the light of day. He claims it is the brass master pattern, originally commissioned in the early nineties by
Sergio Goldvarg of Argentina for his now defunct model line. He asserts that the pattern sat unused for many years until Steve Overy of Illustra Models purchased it with plans to manufacture resin hand-built
copies under the old "Mini Marque" brand. He asserts that Illustra received several orders for the new model, however when collectors saw photos of the crude and inaccurate master, these orders
were withdrawn and Illustra cancelled its release. He asserts also that the brass master has since been destroyed owing to its many flaws


Late extra [9/2007]: Dick Browne, who is the moderator of "Forum 43" for collectors of 1:43 scale models [www.diecast.org] says he has no idea who the afore-mentioned Charlie Hutton might be, but asserts vigorously that the information he has furnished is incorrect. Dick has talked with Sergio Goldvarg who now resides in Florida. He never made or commissioned this master. The brass master was not destroyed but was made specifically for Steve Overy at Minimarque by a well known pattern maker. Steve has now released a series of 200 of this model in four different colors and they are being sold by the leading dealers of 1:43 handbuilt models.   The picture (above) is of an early version of the master and many of the criticisms have been corrected before production. Unfortunately there is a "war" going on between another model manufacturer who also made a model of this car and Minimarque. The other manufacturer makes an excellent product but sadly is trying to discredit Minimarque's version.

Understandably, Dick would like Charlie's comments to be simply deleted.  However, as moderator of the Cadillac Database, I have a duty to give each party the right to his opinion. I leave it to the collector to decide wherein lie the true facts. Personally, I am in favor of Mr. Browne's explanation.




Circa 1:40 scale



T48to.jpg (6209 bytes)    T48to2.jpg (6009 bytes)
Ref. #6; they are intended to depict the 1948 Cadillac
Series 60 Special sedan; they were available with or without a base plate and with or without a trailer tow hook

t48tootmy.jpg (5556 bytes)
Detailed version from my own, former collection

t4862unk.jpg (5354 bytes)
Originally a crude plastic toy, I detailed it
before placing it in the showcase




Circa 1:25 scale



t_zilla2.JPG (9091 bytes)   
Custom 1948 Cadillac CadZZilla coupe by Gibbons, Coddington,
Erikson and Naff (USA) built by and for
Billy Gibbons, lead guitarist of ZZ Top
[ smaller toy is circa 1:66 scale ]
Boyd Coddington, who built CadZZilla, passed on in Feb., 2008



t48yon2.jpg (4853 bytes)    t48yone.jpg (4859 bytes)

t48yon3.jpg (5752 bytes)
Japanese-built, tinplate, friction toy depicting the 1948; 7½" long;
Series 62 convertible (ID'd by the chevrons below the rear tail-lights);
it seems a crude toy compared to later creations by the same firm



1:24 Scale



T48elcus.jpg (10025 bytes)

tFM48A.jpg (17131 bytes)    tFM48b.jpg (15146 bytes)

tFM48c.jpg (13540 bytes)    tFM48d.jpg (13143 bytes)
1948 Cadillac Eldorod in 1:24 scale
by the late Boyd Coddington [he passed in Feb., 2008]




To48sao1.jpg (10455 bytes)    To48sao2.jpg (9721 bytes)

This is a 1948 Cadillac with a custom convertible coupe  by Paris' Jacques Saoutchik; originally issued as a resin model,
in 1997,  only 80 were actually built because of the high cost involved; this new edition, done in heavy metal, is limited to
450 pieces; the toy weighs about 5 pounds and comes on a wooden base



1948 Cadillac Saoutchik 013.jpg (17937 bytes)     tOVsaouD.jpg (13796 bytes)     tOVsaouA.jpg (14824 bytes)

tOVsaouC.jpg (12578 bytes)    tOVsaouF.jpg (10010 bytes)    t48SaouVal.jpg (8910 bytes)    T48saou1a.jpg (9485 bytes)
This hand-built, wooden model displays
Otto's model building talents to perfection



1:16 Scale


tDMnt16th.jpg (13554 bytes)
Custom 1948 Cadillac low rider
[an atypical model from this US manufacturer ]






Circa 1:64



t49Jada64.jpg (3896 bytes)
This metallic green custom job is tyypical of Department Store "$1"t oys



1:43 Scale



[no image yet ]

BAM is making available in miniature the 1949 Autorama custom Cadillac 60 Special Coupe de Ville show car

bam9b.JPG (14207 bytes)    Bam9a.JPG (14009 bytes)    bam9c.JPG (12906 bytes)     bam9d.JPG (16696 bytes)
BAM #9 depicts the 1949 Cadillac "Series 60 Special", available from May 1, 2010
Fully finished both inside and out, each model will be signed and numbered. Available in either “Hampden Blue Metallic” (left) with
two-tone gray Bedford Cord and broadcloth interior or “Lynton Green Metallic”(right)   with two-tone brown Bedford Cord and broadcloth interior

[ Photos: © 2010 and courtesy of Bruce Arnold Models ]

tbam9_4960s.jpg (16257 bytes)
Here it is again in 2-tone gray

Bruce49TC2.jpg (18078 bytes)

TBamDerhA.jpg (14447 bytes)    Bruce49TC3.jpg (13169 bytes)    Bruce49TC1.jpg (14691 bytes)

tBamDerhE.jpg (31414 bytes)    tbamint.jpg (16260 bytes)
(These 3 rows);: another novelty from Bruce for 2010: this is a replica of a custom town car
by Derham of Rosemont; the small, oval backlight was a Derham trademark

bruce49proto1b.jpg (16564 bytes)

bruce49proto1a.jpg (13911 bytes)     bruce49proto4.jpg (11746 bytes)      bruce49proto1c.jpg (13092 bytes)
Subject: 1949 Cadillac Fleetwood Series Seventy-Five prototype (it never went into production - check here)

Dr48960s.jpg (8927 bytes)
New from Bruce, for 2010 (above 2 rows): prototype of a "Series 75" limousine; the actual car (immediately above, right)
did not make it into production; buyers had to wait until 1950 for Cadillac to re-tool its high end "Series 75" cars



t49BrunnEleg.jpg (36929 bytes)
This is an imaginary V16 landaulet body style from the period 1938-1940; it is based on a real
design by Brunn of NY which, I believe, was effectively mounted on a Buick chassis of that period 




To49hmrk.jpg (7513 bytes)    t49cdvb.jpg (3891 bytes)
Xmas ornament, sculpted by Nello Williams:
1949 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, circa 1:43 scale



T50smx1.jpg (4365 bytes)    T50smx3.jpg (4955 bytes)
Irwin (USA ???)
[Argus de la Miniature, #109, p.4]



T49_Ols20.jpg (10365 bytes)
Motor City USA produced handbuilt white metal replicas of the 1949 Cadillac in 2dr hardtop, convertible, and sedanet body styles;
a few hundred total models were issued at around $250 each. They are very rare and will fetch multiples of their original price
when they appear infrequently for sale today (#MC-20, 21, and 19)
[ Photo courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing, author Randall Olson ]




t49NEOamb.jpg (17839 bytes)




TThibi49b.jpg (23227 bytes)    TThibi49a.jpg (14570 bytes)    TThibi49c.jpg (22782 bytes)
This is a very limited production replica depicting a flower car built on a 1949 Cadillac commercial chassis
[ it came out in 2010 - only 5 units were built in total ]




ttriang.jpg (3705 bytes)
This 1949 Series 62 sedan, Ref. #108M, appears in the Triang "Minic" catalog (UK);
it is said to be plastic and fitted with a clockwork movement; was it ever built?



t50scola.jpg (7399 bytes)
This 49ish Cadillac Coupe de Ville, advertising Pepsi-Cola,
carries the portrait of singer Britney Spears on hood and top

t50allard.jpg (5477 bytes)
Not a Cadillac, per se, but a Cadillac-powered, LeMans Allard



t4975.jpg (4488 bytes)    t49limo.jpg (9620 bytes)
I believce this is VF #REV003 Fleetwood Series 75 limousine



Tmi49cars.JPG (11983 bytes)

T49wes3.jpg (7861 bytes)    T49wes2.jpg (7655 bytes)
Two white metal models from Western Models, UK;
Left: Coupe de Ville in stunning but non-authentic red and black
Right: Series 62 convertible coupe in equally unlikely lemon yellow

t49WMScdv.jpg (16306 bytes)    t49WMScv.jpg (17772 bytes)
These are two better views of the same models in a different color scheme

t49WMS_2a.jpg (9964 bytes)

t49WMS_2.jpg (35117 bytes)
Also from Western Models come these striking Series 62 Sedanets (fastback coupes)

t49Sdnet.jpg (47559 bytes)

t49unk.jpg (6460 bytes)
Model #HH94223 1949 Series 62 convertible is in 1:43 scale;
it features lots of chrome detailing; this toy is put together by
Harts Hobby Shoppe from an existing, unidentified model



t49road4.jpg (6838 bytes)

t49road2.jpg (5854 bytes)    T_yat18th49c.jpg (14042 bytes)    t49road3.jpg (5112 bytes)

T49YAT43.JPG (14286 bytes)    T_yat18th49.jpg (16141 bytes)
New from Yatming Road Legends
Signature Series, Ref. 94243-B
1949 Cadillac convertible, a very nicely detailed model

T49yming.jpg (8191 bytes)    T49ymin2.jpg (6761 bytes)

t49_43Yat.jpg (17600 bytes)    t49_43b.jpg (12754 bytes)

t49_43Yat2.jpg (15878 bytes)    t49_43yatC.jpg (14268 bytes)
Issued by Road Signatures, a division of Yat-Ming, in 2001, this Series 62 convertible is marketed erroneously
as a Coupe de Ville. (Top row): limited-edition replica, the door panels are marked The New Century Toy Fair Edition

t49signa.jpg (41506 bytes)

T_yat18th49d.jpg (13567 bytes)    T_yat18th49b.jpg (14662 bytes)
Here is Yatming's Road Signature series Cadillac Coupe de Ville




1:25 Scale

MODELHAUS, Germany [?]

T49modhs.jpg (7257 bytes)

T49modh2.jpg (5874 bytes)    T49modh3.jpg (4132 bytes)
This is a highly detailed, diecast replica in 1:25 scale  




1:24 Scale



t49cdv5.jpg (6916 bytes)    t49opn.jpg (6140 bytes)
1949 Coupe de Ville by Franklin Mint in 1:24 scale; this is an excellent
replica of a car owned by my friends Bill and Jay Ann Edmunds of Lenoir, NC

    t49fkln4.jpg (8033 bytes)    t49fkln3.jpg (5663 bytes)     t49cdv.jpg (7450 bytes)

    t49cdv2.jpg (7801 bytes)    t49fkln2.jpg (6501 bytes)
This maroon 1949 Cadillac Coupe DeVille in 1:18 scale is a limited edition of 10,000.  Made by the
Franklin Mint (USA), it has a metal numbered plate in the trunk and comes complete with appropriate paper work



    T49woody2S.jpg (23306 bytes)     T49woody3S.jpg (21300 bytes)     T49woody4S.jpg (21652 bytes)
Custom "Woody" station wagon by Maurice Schwartz




1:18 Scale




1949 Series 62 "Fastback" coupe
("NEO" #181535




t49ancvb.jpg (8570 bytes)    t49ancva.jpg (8393 bytes)
Despite their attractive price, these Road Legends 1:18 scale models from Yatming
are finely detailed; this one depicts the 1949 Series 62 Cadillac convertible coupe

t49ancvc.jpg (7349 bytes)    t49ancvd.jpg (7301 bytes)
Apart from the thickness of the steering wheel rim and those
massive door hinges, this could pass for the real thing

t49ancdv.jpg (8494 bytes)    t49ancd2.jpg (8455 bytes)

T49ansn.jpg (8050 bytes)

49YatConv.jpg (4728 bytes)
Here is Yatming's convertible version of the same car

t49Camp.jpg (13009 bytes)
This special gift edition shows the car with a camping trailer in tow




Early Fifties


Circa 1:43 Scale



T50yjob.jpg (6150 bytes)
Yes, I know, it's not a Cadillac; however it has a place here
on account of its being the "mother" of all Cadillac "Dream
Cars", "Show Cars" and "Concept Vehicles"; this is the
1950-51 Buick
Le Sabre replica by GADM of  New Jersey
[Ref. GADM #1, made in England by SMTS]




Circa 1:40 Scale

Ttporter.jpg (9396 bytes)
This page from an old Hubley Toy catalog shows the tinplate car transporter with its four Cadillac 1949 sedan toys;
below, left, a surviving trailer in poor condition with all four cars (right) in very good condition [other car colors
were available]; I believe the small plastic cars were built by Hudson Miniatures or Wyandotte (USA)
T55hubt.jpg (8772 bytes)    T55hub2.jpg (6338 bytes)

t56wyane.jpg (6611 bytes)

t56wyanb.jpg (7085 bytes)    t56wyanc.jpg (5816 bytes)

    t56wyand.jpg (7533 bytes)    t56wyana.jpg (6247 bytes)
Similar again to the Hubley and Structo toy transporters, above, this one is by Wyandotte (USA); though
issued in 1956, it came with Wyandotte Cadillac toys from around 1950; the scale is similar to the Hubley
it has a loading ramp that slides out the rear of the truck; the latter is 22" long

mytntrka.JPG (7923 bytes)    mytntrkb.JPG (8885 bytes)
This one is from the author's former collection; the four Cadillac model cars also are tinplate

ttruka.jpg (6146 bytes)    ttrckb.jpg (6849 bytes)
This truck is made of an early plastic acetate material
as are also the miniature Cadillac sedans [above and below]

T50sstr2.jpg (5147 bytes)    t50sst~1.jpg (4448 bytes)

T50mxsd.jpg (4561 bytes)    t50sgray.jpg (5970 bytes)
Another early fifties plastic Cadillac in circa 1:40 scale from Marx Toys, USA
At the right is a painted and  detailed version of what could be the same toy, from my former collection

Tkh50sd1.jpg (5187 bytes)    Tkh50sd2.jpg (5227 bytes)
Definitely Cadillac ...but what year ?
This toy is fitted with a tow hitch; it comes also as a set, complete with camp trailer [below]

Tnoahcad.jpg (12719 bytes)
 Above toy Cadillac set complete with camper trailer and lawn furniture, by Kahn Toys;
includes fence for camp site s well as many items for the trailer, including a sofa,
TV set, tables, toilet and kitchen sink; O'Briens Toy Guide deems it too rare to price!

ttinfift.jpg (7636 bytes)
The hood crest looks good, as do the fake, lateral air scoops aft
of the doors ...but that's as close as it gets to a Cadillac

t50stin2.jpg (5661 bytes)
Crude 2-door tin litho 1956 (?) Sixty Special [rear fender chevrons]
The only name I see is on the rear trunk area is G/W product S.F.

T50s60s0.jpg (5054 bytes)    T50s60s1.jpg (4341 bytes)

t50stn1.jpg (5798 bytes)    t50stn2.jpg (4229 bytes)
Unidentified tinplate, friction model,  probably is from early post-WW2 Japan; the
vertical louvers on the rear fenders belong without any doubt to the Series 60 Special

t50tax2.jpg (6054 bytes)    t50taxi.jpg (6368 bytes)
This Yellow Cab taxi version presumably is from the same manufacturer

 t52bby.jpg (9131 bytes)    t52babb2.JPG (4232 bytes)

Tsss50s.JPG (4437 bytes)

t52babb1.JPG (6393 bytes)    t52babc.jpg (4468 bytes)
This crudely stamped tinplate toy resembles the 60S sedan above; made in post-WW2 Japan,  the box depicts
a 1950 Cadillac Series 60 Special sedan; this one is more like the Fleetwood Series 75 sedan and limousine
[ the scale is not known, however, I am guessing circa 1:40 ]

t50tax3.jpg (6280 bytes)    t50tax4.jpg (5376 bytes)
Similar to the preceding toy is this airport limousine, complete with luggage rack  

t40srnw6.jpg (7379 bytes)
Looks like an early fifties Buick grille but the tail-fins are unmistakably
Cadillac; I had one of these in my former collection

t50stin2.jpg (6595 bytes)

T50sguid.jpg (5699 bytes)

t49_1.jpg (8994 bytes)    t49_3.jpg (4463 bytes)

t49_4.jpg (5167 bytes)    t49_2.jpg (10558 bytes)
I believe the above toy is from Lido or Keystone (USA) and was used
with a "street scene" track; the transparent tubular plastic "hood ornament"
is spring mounted and was depressed to fit the car onto the guide rail

t50sred2.jpg (4827 bytes)

T50spla4.jpg (4630 bytes)    T50manl.jpg (5612 bytes)
Upper two rows: more crude plastic toys posing (very well) as Cadillacs of the early fifties

T50sunc.jpg (3672 bytes)




Circa 1:70 - 1:76 Scale

Beetaln2.jpg (9509 bytes)    beetalnd.jpg (9841 bytes)
Made in Japan under the Beetland label, this would-be Series 60 Special sedan has only
two doors [the box correctly displays four doors]; a relatively poor replica, but definitely Cadillac
[ Photo: Argus de la Miniature, #111, p.7 ]

t50sb&W.jpg (4246 bytes)    t50slght.jpg (5197 bytes)
The Beetland mold, above, apparently was sub-contracted to a Korean firm who made these small,  3" long
Cadillac-shaped cigarette lighters in silver and gold (the flame comes through an opening in the front grille)

tmrusho.JPG (9199 bytes)

Marusho, Japan, made this cute pocket cigarette lighter in the shape
of a 1950 Cadillac Series 62 convertible
[ Photo: Argus de la Miniature, #111, p.8 ]




Circa 1:32 Scale

T50skkk1.jpg (6970 bytes)    T50skkk2.jpg (5557 bytes)
Under the [unfortunate] "KKK" label this cute tinplate electric toy from early post-WW2 Japan
depicts [according to the picture on the box] a 1952 Cadillac Series 60 Special sedan;
it is  approx.  7" long (i.e. circa 1:30 scale], has rubber wheels and an opening
battery tray below; the toy was available also in the convertible model

  t53fatca.jpg (6731 bytes)
I believe this fat-bodied little tinplate Cadillac
convertible also is by "KKK", Japan

t50sbir2.jpg (4417 bytes)    t50sbir4.jpg (4952 bytes)    t50sbird.jpg (6557 bytes)
Unidentified (Japanese tinplate ?)

Tun53mil.jpg (4119 bytes)
Unknown battery operated plastic toy, circa
1:32 scale, in drab military olive

t50slmar.jpg (7580 bytes)
[ Unidentified, cable-controlled electric toy ]

T50lp.jpg (5177 bytes)    Tlp49sed.jpg (4623 bytes)
This late forties or early fifties Cadillac convertible toy (left, sans wheels or windshield)
was made in the fifties by Lapin, USA; the scale is close to 1:32
[ Painted and detailed models: Argus de la Miniature, #109, p.3 ]

tlapa.jpg (4385 bytes)    tlapb.jpg (4744 bytes)
Same toy, or different mold?

tlapc.jpg (4785 bytes)    tlapd.jpg (4955 bytes)
Same manufacturer; sedan body style

cop_cad.jpg (9711 bytes)
Cute "gangster" Cadillac with motor-cycle cop in hot pursuit;
as the friction motor propels the car, the cop draws closer and closer to it

[ Yann Saunders former collection ]

T50sjapx.jpg (5404 bytes)   t50sjapy.jpg (3555 bytes)   T50sjapz.JPG (5288 bytes)
Cadillac Romance Car, made in Japan; this friction-powered tinplate toy is 6¾" long
as the car rolls forwards, the man doffs his hat as the woman passenger waves her scarf

tcartr.jpg (5110 bytes)
Similar to the Hubley toy transporter, above, was this one from Structo, USA; it came also with Cadillac
toys; the scale is larger than the Hubley truck (closer to 1:32 scale); in the photo, above, the car on the ramp
is Structo's #1, the 1955 Eldorado Brougham prototype shown around the Motorama circuit that year

 t50mrxa.jpg (6080 bytes)    t50mrxb.jpg (5786 bytes)
Unidentified tinplate toy marked  Fire Department - Emergency

T50trlr.jpg (11811 bytes)
Mid-fifties Cadillac tin litho sedan towing a colorful camper trailer

ttrailer.jpg (6570 bytes)
Another version of a tinplate Cadillac and trailer

    camptrl2.jpg (9016 bytes)    camptrlr.jpg (10884 bytes)
Different car, different trailer [more elaborate]
this one comes with camp table, chairs and colorful sun shade
[ Yann Saunders former collection ]

t50sTrlr1.jpg (11197 bytes)
The set was available also with a blue tow car (much more rare)

Camptrl1.jpg (8483 bytes)
Close-up view of the car from the previous set



t52FireB.jpg (4205 bytes)

t52FireA.jpg (4844 bytes)     t52FireC.jpg (3298 bytes)
The box carries two different illustrations: one shows the fire department car with hood-mounted alarm bell
(as seen  on the toy), the other shows a "Yellow Cab", suggesting the latter version may also have been available



Circa 1:20 scale

T50suny1.jpg (5345 bytes)    T50suny2.jpg (3922 bytes)
Crudely extruded plastic toy by unknown manufacturer with an obvious Cadillac "look"
around the front clip and hood mascot; it is 10 inches long, i.e. circa 1:20 scale

t49dv.jpg (6689 bytes)    t49dv2.jpg (5258 bytes)
The same car with electric motor and remote cable control

tmypcilsb.jpg (4979 bytes)    tmypcilsa.jpg (3722 bytes)
Pencil box in shape of early fifties Cadillac
[ author's former collection ]




Circa 1:12 scale

mytnuni2.JPG (6307 bytes)    mytnuniq.JPG (7694 bytes)
This tinplate Cadillac convertible toy is believed to be a unique prototype; it is obviously missing a plastic windshield;
look at the painted detail on the underside of the chassis (this is not lithographed, it is hand-painted;
[ this one is from the author's former collection ]



Unknown scale

t40stax2.jpg (7559 bytes)    t40staxi.jpg (6141 bytes)
The hood mascot, egg-crate grille and "hump" on the rear fenders
all point to Cadillac; and that forward-slanting rear roof quarter might be 1957;
however,  I would think this tinplate toy taxi is older than that

Tambhas.jpg (5046 bytes)
1950's Cadillac ambulance, from Hasbro, USA;   marked "Ambulance" above the windshield,
it has embossed on the roof the words Toyville Ambulance, complete with a red cross

tChocCad.jpg (4651 bytes)
This miniature, early 50s Cadillac is made of ...chocolate
[ not to be left in the sun ! ]



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