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Circa 1:66 Scale



Tmi50scp.JPG (3542 bytes)
Unidentified scale and model [possibly Midgetoy
from Rockford, IL] but that flat rear
fender and fin are 1954-55-46 for sure


[ missing ]

more photos, back page Argus #109





[ photo to come ]

This nice 1:64 scale toy was made in 1994 by Galoob, Israel(?)



Circa 1:50 Scale



T50suna.jpg (5681 bytes)    T50sunb.jpg (4386 bytes)
Another unidentified tinplate model probably is from early post-WW2
Japan; the rear clip resembles that of  regular 1954 Cadillac models





[ Photos to come ]

From Manoil (SA) come these crudely-built replicas
of El Camino and La Espada showcars of the 1954 GM Motorama

[ Photos: Argus de la Miniature, #119, p.4 ]

Tmanoil1.jpg (21506 bytes)    Tmanoil2.JPG (36971 bytes)
I found this interesting ad for Penzoil in a period magazine;
at lower right, beside the oil can is the Manoil "El Camino" replica
[ Document: Z. Taylor Vinson collection ]



T54TOOT.JPG (6820 bytes)

T54TOO2.JPG (8357 bytes)    
Tootsietoy (USA) offered this toy depicting the 1954 sedan



Circa 1:43 Scale



    t54Bam60s.JPG (6311 bytes)


     Bam6int54c.jpg (22103 bytes)    

Bam6int54a.jpg (23848 bytes)            Bam6int54b.jpg (21266 bytes)
This very finely detailed 1:43 scale-model of the 1954 Cadillac
Series 60 Special sedan is the latest in replicas from BAM; it is #6
and is available in Arlington Green metallic as well as Apollo Gold



1954 Series 75 Sedan and Limousine


This is BAM MMC #4 1954 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 limousine.  Quality and fidelity are unsurpassed. Badges, gauges and emblems are reproduced with full color decals,
and every interior detail is represented from the pattern on the seats and doors to the twin second row “jump-seats”, presented in their upright position. Shifter and turn signal stalks,
winders, handles and an inside rear-view mirror are also included. Chrome-plated parts include bumpers, windshield wipers, door handles, grille and wheels. All other trim is finished in chrome foil.
This 1954-56 generation Cadillac limousine has been a neglected subject in 1/43 scale. Motor City USA and the Russian company O’Boy made 1955 versions but both are considerably overscale.

Left:  BAM 1954 Series 60 Special; right: BAM 1954 Cadillac La Espada show car




t54minmrq1.jpg (4217 bytes)    t54minmrq2.jpg (3970 bytes)

t54mmarq.jpg (9006 bytes)
Minimarque 43 of Hull, England offers this detailed miniature
of a 1954 Cadillac El Dorado convertible
[ P
hoto immediately above: courtesy Randall Olson, author of GM in Miniature ]

t54eldminiM1.jpg (16157 bytes)    t54MMarque2.jpg (17784 bytes)   

t54MMarq1.jpg (9616 bytes)

t54MMarq2.jpg (8868 bytes)    t54MMarq3.jpg (8816 bytes)    t54Mmarq4.jpg (7075 bytes)
This is Cadillac's Coupe de Ville for 1954, by the same model maker

t56minimarq.jpg (26235 bytes)
New for 2010: 1956 Cadillac "Series 62" convertible (available in
Mountain Laurel [pink], Princess green, Mandan red and Bahama blue)




T54pan2.jpg (6635 bytes)

T54pan1.jpg (10585 bytes)    tpanamer.jpg (9693 bytes)
Resin kit of a 1954 Cadillac Pan-American Road Race car run in Mexico and Baja California;
there is some distortion at the rear of the finished car (left) as photo is from a bent magazine page




T54espa1.jpg (7615 bytes)    T54espa2.jpg (6866 bytes)

t54espaa.jpg (17547 bytes)    t54espab.jpg (17731 bytes)

T54ESPA.JPG (7737 bytes)    t54espad.jpg (4046 bytes)
1954 Cadillac La Espada by GADM, #5:  This 1:43rd scale replica of the 1954 GM Motorama show car
is manufactured in England by SMTS. GADM also offers a model of the coupe version of this car
called the El Camino (see below).  Both cars were displayed together at the 1954 GM Motorama Show

T54CAMI.JPG (9087 bytes)
1954 Cadillac El Camino  by GADM, #7:  This is the coupe version
of the preceding car, also on show at the 1954 GM Motorama


Late Extra [Oct., 2008]:  this just in from Cadillac aficionado, Stephen Nadon, of London, Ontario, Canada: in the October [2008] "Car Collector" an Erie, Pennsylvania-based toy company is offering a '54 Eldo in 1/43 scale and Liberace's black '54 Eldo, also in 1/43 scale. The first, in Aztec Red, Apollo Gold, Azure Blue and Copper is priced at $325; four are available. However, only twoLiberace Eldos are available at $349 each.



Circa 1:32 Scale



T54espa3.jpg (7419 bytes)    t54aubrn.jpg (5397 bytes)
1954 Cadillac La Espada Motorama show car in circa 1:30 scale; El Camino,
a sister show car, a coupe with similar "camel humps" under a bulbous canopy also was on display


[ missing image ]

This other version of La Espada, also by Arcor, USA
I painted and detailed the version in my own, former collection

[ Photo:  Argus de la Miniature, #109, p.4 ]



t54ideal.jpg (6924 bytes)    t64ideal.jpg (7761 bytes)
Ideal (USA) marketed this clockwork toy depicting the 1954 Coupe de Ville
(Left) the original toy;  (right) trimmed and detailed version from my former collection



T50stnp.jpg (7493 bytes)    T50stnq.jpg (4262 bytes)
The tin friction Cadillac is 7½ inches long, box is 7¾  inches. Car & box are marked
Made in Japan and the license plate on car reads 1950  but bumper bullets spell 1954



Circa 1:30 Scale



T54elca1.jpg (3338 bytes)    T54elca2.jpg (3060 bytes)
Replica of the 1954 Cadillac El Camino Motorama show car
in approx. 1:30 scale; if you press on the front bumper, the toy "breaks" into four parts




Circa 1:25 Scale



t54bana.JPG (7604 bytes)    t54banb.JPG (4851 bytes)

t54banc.JPG (4622 bytes)    t54band.JPG (6291 bytes)
These diecast banks by Banthrico (USA) were extremely popular in the fifties
This one depicts the sober 1954 Cadillac Series Sixty Special sedan



t54Unk2.jpg (11558 bytes)    t54Unk1.jpg (11713 bytes)
This is a painted metal model; it was possibly modeled after the foregoing metal bank 




Circa 1:24 Scale



54EldoToyDM 026.jpg (14949 bytes)    54EldoDM4.jpg (17399 bytes)

54EldoDM2.jpg (14278 bytes)    54EldoDM3.jpg (14535 bytes)     54EldoDM6.jpg (21459 bytes)
This is a highly detailed and very accurate scale replica of the bespoke 1954 Cadillac Eldorado

54EldoDM7.jpg (25312 bytes)    54EldoDM8.jpg (9208 bytes)     54EldoDM5.jpg (7883 bytes)
Among the precision features of this superb replica are the detailed engine compartment and trunk,
the hinged, LH tail-light providing access to the fuel filler cap, and the wire wheels

t54cdv9.JPG (11581 bytes)    t54cdv4.JPG (18813 bytes)    t54cdv8.JPG (9769 bytes)

t54cdv3.JPG (17259 bytes)    t54cdv7.JPG (20708 bytes)    t54cdv2.JPG (20325 bytes)

t54cdv1.JPG (16324 bytes)    t54cdv5.JPG (18777 bytes)    t54cdv6.JPG (15408 bytes)
Here is an excellent replica of the 1954 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe de Ville with the sanme fine detail as the Eldorado, above it




Circa 1:20 Scale



tmytinka.jpg (5231 bytes)    myoltnbl.JPG (5461 bytes)
Tinplate toy from Japan, depicting the 1964 Series 62 Sedan
[ this one is from the author's former collection ]




Circa 1:18 scale



Tga54b.jpg (8963 bytes)    Tga54a.JPG (8386 bytes)
(Above) From the former West Germany came this bulbous replica of the Series 62 sedan for 1954,
by Gama; it appears to use the same (or a very similar) mold to the Tomaru and Marusan models
of the very early fifties;  the front clip is 1954 and the toy carries the Gama name where you would

find the Cadillac script on the real car;  3-4 different versions of this toy were available

  Tga54c.JPG (8569 bytes)    T54gambx.jpg (11150 bytes)   

T54gam2.jpg (8060 bytes)    T54gam3.jpg (9134 bytes)
Gama acquired the Marusan molds, modified the front clip design and turned out thousands
of these replicas of the 1954 Cadillac 4-dr. sedan, as well as a lesser number of an imaginary 4-door convertible (with driver,
below); in lieu of the Cadillac "V" and crest, front and rear, these toys feature the Gama winged logo; also in lieu of the
Cadillac fender script (correctly featured on the Alps and Marusan toys), these have the Gama name in script


tgama1.jpg (6491 bytes)    tgama3.jpg (7121 bytes)

tgama2.jpg (3678 bytes)    tgama5.jpg (7644 bytes)
This radio controlled Gama Cadillac is featured in a German collection whose owner kindly sent me these photos ( 5/2005);
like the previous toy, it has the rarer 2-tone paint combination; it features forward and reverse movement and steerable wheels

t54gacv1.jpg (8494 bytes)    t54gacv2.jpg (5349 bytes)

t54gacv3.jpg (5945 bytes)    t54gacv4.jpg (7309 bytes)

t54gam.JPG (6676 bytes)

  t54gaex.jpg (11086 bytes)    t54gaex2.jpg (5522 bytes)     tgamareprobox.jpg (15949 bytes)
The Gama company was founded in 1881 by Georg Adam Mangold near Fürth/Bavaria, Germany; the firm
made high quality toys up to around 1975; during the '50s they  were comparable with those of the Schuco company
prior to WWII  most of the production was  exported; after WWII the company made toys under license to Schuco
[ at far right is a repro box recently remanufactured for this model]

GaragToys.JPG (8984 bytes)
Here's an interesting prototype (model) of a proposed automated
parking garage;  featured are three tinplate Cadillac sedans by Gama
[ Image:  Autombil Revue, annual edition, circa 1960 ]



Joustra2.jpg (29363 bytes)

Tjs54sed.jpg (7632 bytes)    Tjs54sd2.jpg (6357 bytes)
The French toy manufacturer, Joustra, appears to have acquired also (simultaneously/
subsequently?) the Marusan/Gama molds; they too made thousands of these tin
toys; some were static, others battery powered (above), others still were cable-controlled (below)

tjous.jpg (10256 bytes)    tjousbx.jpg (9409 bytes)
[On the box, at the right, we see the words électrique [electric] and téléguidée [remote (cable) controlled]
Photo: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Ira Bernstein collection, AZ ]

gamamaru.jpg (8530 bytes)
From the original mold for the 1950 sedan by Marusan, Japan (right)
were made the 1964 Gama (Germany) and Joustra (France) tinplate models (left)





Unknown Scale



ar55chrm.jpg (29558 bytes)
Unidentified gold charm (?)
depicting a 1955 (?) Cadillac coupe




 Circa 1:87 Scale



T55flw2.jpg (9407 bytes)    T55flw1.jpg (2934 bytes)
Pewter 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special
This model was properly identified by aficionado, Luke Sanz; he wrote: This is
an HO scale (1:87) white metal model of a 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special
by Motor City USA. It was pantographed down from Motor City's 1:43 Cadillac,
which in turn was pantographed down from the Banthrico 1955 Cadillac bank.
Alloy Forms later bought the mold and released it as a kit



t55alloy.jpg (5911 bytes)    T55allo2.jpg (6550 bytes)
Another nicely detailed 1955 Cadillac Series 60 Special from Alloy Forms (USA);
enthusiast Luke Sanz wrote: This is an HO scale (1:87) white metal model of a 1955
Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special by Alloy Forms. The mold for this model
was created and first released by Motor City USA




 Circa 1:66 Scale



tmb55box.JPG (6768 bytes)

In approx.
1:66 scale comes this 50th Anniversary 1955 Cadillac Series 60 Special from Matchbox (UK)
Nice detail like the rear fender hash marks, the photo-etched Cadillac nameplate and the a/c ducts on the trunk lid

t55grace.jpg (9237 bytes)
The box cover tells it all

t56bj.jpg (5126 bytes)
This blister package of the same toy was issued specially
for the Barrett-Jackson auction group in Scottsdale, AZ

t55_60s1.jpg (5367 bytes)    t55_60s2.jpg (5076 bytes)
Looks like a replica of the 1955 Series 60 Special that Elvis bought for his Mom
[ Photos: © 2007, Steve Masson ]






T56prpn.jpg (6641 bytes)
This is not a toy but a decorative bas relief   pin

talform1.jpg (8124 bytes)

 talform2.jpg (6232 bytes)    talform3.jpg (7620 bytes)
Photos (upper two rows): © and courtesy James R. King



Circa 1:43 Scale




[ missing ]

White metal diecast 1:43 scale by "Conquest" #CNQ25, 1962 4dr
White metal diecast 1:43 scale by "Conquest" #CNQ32, 1962 conv.





1955 Station Wagon (original by Hess & Eisenhardt)
 made of resin and white metal, with some etched parts and rubber tires
Very rare item (1 of 10), this is #3)
[ Photos:  Internet ]

Same, without fake wood trim
Even rarer item (1 of  2), this is #2
[ Photos:  Internet ]




t55MMarq1.jpg (10059 bytes)
Coupe de Ville

t55MOC-cdv1.jpg (14676 bytes)    t55MOCcdv2.jpg (14183 bytes)    t55cpeminiM.jpg (16610 bytes)
"Series 62" Coupe (above 2 rows)

t55-75MiniM.JPG (12365 bytes)
"Series 75" limousine




T55sdnun.jpg (5466 bytes)


1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special by Precision Miniatures of
California.  Ref.: MC #14: This white metal model was originally

offered in the mid eighties. The pattern was later sold to Alan Novak of Motor City USA
who continued production and used it to create the less expensive and less detailed 1955
Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75 Limousine and Series 62 Coupe De Ville - Grayson Ainsworth

motrcity.jpg (5588 bytes)
Motor City,  #2A (1987) Series 60 Special, monochrome
[ Photo, left: Argus de la Miniature - © 1988, E. Flament ]


 [ Pls note that the magazine ARGUS MINIATURE still has a few models for sale (under "recherche",
type CADILLAC); also available is a series of articles, in French, about scale-model Cadillacs ]


B. P. 40


t55mtrct.jpg (6755 bytes)
Motor City,  #2B (1987) same as above but in a two tone paint combination

T55_Ols21.jpg (9859 bytes)

1955 Series 62, 2dr hardtop coupe and Series 75 sedan by Motor City USA (#USA-7 and USA-35); handbuilt in white metal,
these models have been hand detailed with brightwork enhanced with bare metal foil
[  Photo, courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing, author Randall Olson ]

t55_75MtrCty2.jpg (3828 bytes)

t55_75MtrCty1.jpg (3457 bytes)    T55_75MtrCty3.jpg (3625 bytes)
1955 "Series 75", Motor City USA (#USA-35)



Enthusiast, Taral Wayne wrote (October, 2005): New Ray also makes the 1955 Cadillac Eldorado in three colours. I have the powder blue version (grey & navy interior), as well as the fire-engine red one (tan and red interior). I think the third option is black, but I'm not positive. As well there is a "street rod" version in dark blue with yellow and orange flames on the hood & front fenders.


t55elcv.jpg (6712 bytes)    t55unk.jpg (7471 bytes)
The red model on the right is the European version of a 1955 Cadillac Eldorado by the New Ray Toy Company.
The blue Eldorado is the American version offered by the same company. These models are extremely
inaccurate and are rumored to be discontinued due to a “cease & desist” order filed by Cadillac

t55el1.jpg (8279 bytes)    t55el2.jpg (7755 bytes)
Hot Rod Cadillac Eldorado for 1955, also by New Ray

t55rubr.jpg (5010 bytes)    T55plas.jpg (5008 bytes)
(left) 1955 Cadillac Eldorado convertible by New Ray City Cruiser Collection; toy on right
appears to be from the same mold though it has different wheels

Tsetnray.jpg (8874 bytes)
Set of fifties cruisers from New Ray (USA)



t55mtla.jpg (6778 bytes)    t55mtlb.jpg (5653 bytes)

t55mtlc.jpg (5906 bytes)    t55mtld.jpg (2809 bytes)
This is a disassembled Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special by Precision Miniatures of California;

the original Cadillac gray body has been repainted with primer


[René Daffaure]

brtoy02.JPG (33288 bytes)
Scale-model of  1955 Eldorado Brougham prototype
(see below) honed of wood and plastic

by René Daffaure [RD Models], France




     T55H&E3.jpg (31293 bytes)     t55H&E4.jpg (30772 bytes)
Top & bottom rows: these are probably from the same manufacturer; they look as if they are
based on a regular combination hearse from Meteor on the Cadillac commercial chassis




t55mtcit.jpg (4799 bytes)
1955 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe de Ville by USA Models of California, USA (Ref. #6); this is a less expensive
and less detailed model made by this subsidiary of  Motor City, USA; it is based on the 1955 Fleetwood 60 Special

pattern by Precision Miniatures (USA); it has numerous flaws, including a body that is too wide and a mis-shapen grille


[ missing ]

White metal diecast 1:43 scale by "USA" #6, 1955 cad coupe
White metal diecast 1:43 scale by "USA" #7, 1955 cad conv.
White metal diecast 1:43 scale by "USA" #35, 1955 cad limo.



Tzaug1.jpg (7287 bytes)

TZaugg3.jpg (6428 bytes)    Tzaug2.jpg (5796 bytes)
Commissioned by my friend Jose Mayor from Geneva
this limited-edition  Zaugg   model is made in Switzerland

[  # 9 (1983) Series 62 coupe, assembled ]

t55zaug1.jpg (6867 bytes)    Zaugg2.jpg (4780 bytes)     t55zaug2.jpg (6084 bytes)
This Zaugg convertible was for sale on the Internet in 2003

Zaugg, Switzerland, #12A (1984) same as above but red with black top

Zaugg, Switzerland, #12B (1985) same as above, but pink with white top, open

Zaugg, Switzerland, #101A (1986) same as above, new production run, various colors

Zaugg, Switzerland, #101B (1986) as above, but kit form, various colors


t55cvZaugg.jpg (13870 bytes)
Here's one that was being restored by a collector in 2010
[ Photo:  courtesy "Forum 43" - Internet ]




Circa 1:32 Scale



T55wagn.jpg (6718 bytes)    t55wag.jpg (2455 bytes)
    This rubber station wagon could be an attempt to replicate the special
Skyview sightseeing limousines built to order for the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado, by Hess & Eisenhardt

   T55cvun.jpg (6240 bytes)
This pistachio green, rubber Series 62 convertible has definite eye appeal
...despite (or because of!)  that insipid green color



T55prel1.jpg (7012 bytes)    T56prel2.jpg (5249 bytes)

Tpr56kit.jpg (7417 bytes)   

T55SEV1.JPG (6553 bytes)    T55SVL2.JPG (4863 bytes)    T55SVL3.JPG (5431 bytes)
(Above two rows)  construction kit of the 1955 Cadillac Eldorado by Premier, USA
[ trouble is, the Seville did not come out until the following year, 1956 ! ]



T55rvl2.jpg (7356 bytes)    t55KitEld.jpg (14835 bytes)

Trvmixkt.JPG (7797 bytes)    Trv55el2.jpg (6939 bytes)

Trv55bum.JPG (9443 bytes)
From Revell (USA) comes this plastic kit model of the 1955 Eldorado
The saucy photo (above) is from a video clip I did of
the collection of my friend Louis Henrard, in Belgium



Tst55brg.JPG (7422 bytes)
This car is erroneously identified in Argus de la Miniature #109, p.3, as a 1956 Sedan de Ville

Tst55br2.JPG (9415 bytes)    T55stbrg.jpg (7149 bytes)

  brtoystr.JPG (30104 bytes)
In fact (above three rows) it is made by Structo (USA); it is a rather crudely diecast model of the 1955
Cadillac Eldorado Brougham prototype that toured the Motorama circuit that year
[ Lower row: the toy in my own collection, painted the original Chameleon Green, and detailed ]

Tst55cpe.JPG (6665 bytes)
Also from Structo, I believe,  is this 1955 Cadillac coupe



 t55cp75.jpg (5650 bytes)



Tun5462.jpg (6739 bytes)
Plastic kiddie toy from Wannatoy (USA), depicting the 1955
Series 60 Special sedan (note the vertical louvers on the lower rear fenders)

Chris Hardegger, from Switzerland, identified the manufacturer; he believes
the toy depicts a "75" limousine, but the louvers spell "60 Special"




Circa 1:27 scale


WELLY, (where?)

t55eldbirds.jpg (2710 bytes)
This image was identified by Thilo Bürgel who visited the database in 2010




Circa 1:25 Scale



t55amtc.JPG (5880 bytes)

t55amta.JPG (5939 bytes)    t55amtb.JPG (5894 bytes)
The first so-called dealer promotional models were made in 1955, using a relatively unstable
plastic acetate material, with the result that many of these toys today are badly warped (the 3 examples,
above, are actually not too bad; the car depicted is the 1955 Coupe de Ville

This one has no interior fittings and "silver"-painted wheel covers
[ Bill Buckingham collection ]

This one is fitted with a full interior and has chrome-plated wheel covers
[ Bill Buckingham collection ]

t55amtrc.jpg (5709 bytes)
Simultaneously,  manufacturers brought out electrically-powered
versions, with ungainly cable control for the kids (above and below);
mechanical features included start, stop, reverse and steering

T55rem1.jpg (7824 bytes)    T55rem3.jpg (7149 bytes)


T55remo.jpg (9116 bytes)  T55rem2.jpg (5410 bytes)


One of these toys came in a box shaped like a garage. The box was marked
"Aluminum Model Toys, Inc., Birmingham (Detroit), Michigan;
the base of the car was marked "A.M.T. INC - Birmingham, Mich."





t55ban2.jpg (4753 bytes)    t55ban1.jpg (5955 bytes)
In the fifties, Banthrico (USA) made a number of "piggy-banks"
in the shape of Cadillac models of the time; this is a recast,
unpainted edition of a 1955 sedan

t55bank1.jpg (5716 bytes)    t55bank2.JPG (5493 bytes)

t55banbk.jpg (5449 bytes)    t55banb3.JPG (1877 bytes)

t55banb2.jpg (6458 bytes)
Three rows above,  two original such banks





Another very nicely detailed scale-model from the Franklin Mint



T55tind.jpg (6805 bytes)

T55tine.jpg (5144 bytes)    T55tinf.jpg (4178 bytes)
Only the body of this interesting Japanese tinplate toy remains;
it appears to be a 1955 Series 62 sedan and the size indicates a scale of circa 1:25

T55batt.jpg (7843 bytes)
Battery-powered 1955 (?) Cadillac coupe
by unknown Japanese manufacturer

t55tina.jpg (8470 bytes)

t55tinb.jpg (6339 bytes)    t55tinc.jpg (9967 bytes)
Another unidentified tinplate toy; the box illustrates an unlikely 1957 Series 60 Special
convertible sedan, but the toy looks more like a 1955 [finless] Eldorado, complete with driver

t56eldo.jpg (6710 bytes)
Similar toy, with cowboy driver, but different box  

t50spla.jpg (5271 bytes)
1955 Cadillac coupe look-alike in plastic; low bumper
"bullets"; car is 8" long, being circa 1:25 scale




Circa 1:24 Scale




T55FRMT5.JPG (7192 bytes)    T55FRMT2.JPG (5921 bytes)    T55FRMT6.JPG (6884 bytes)
From the Franklin Mint: Fleetwood Series 60 Special; this limited

edition scale-model issued in 2003 ( #704 of only 3000),  costs $135+tax
(also available in green)


t55fmnt.jpg (6172 bytes)
I don't know who started it all but the model makers are flogging a dead horse
with yet another scale model of the Series 60 Special that Presley bought
for his mother and had painted in pink in lieu of its original gray hue



TGaylrdS.jpg (22504 bytes)

T56Gaylrd2.jpg (13910 bytes)    t56Gaylrd3.jpg (12286 bytes)

t56Gaylrd4.jpg (13721 bytes)    t56Gaylrd6.jpg (13236 bytes)
Cadillac-powered Gaylord Gladiator custom convertible with removable hardtop




Circa 1:22 Scale*
[* in fact 1:21½ - thanks to Antoine Potten, France, for the correction ]



Tso55ela.JPG (9149 bytes)    t55soli.jpg (9592 bytes)
[ Photo (right): © and courtesy Antoine Potten, France ]

This miniature Eldorado is advertised as 1:18 scale;  in fact closer to 1:20 scale; Solido
churned out many different versions of the same car, simply with different decals and markings;
this is the "Marilyn Monroe" version



Circa 1:18 Scale



T5560spr.jpg (5982 bytes)    Tmrc56e2.JPG (5843 bytes)
1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special in two-tone pink & white;
it could also have been issued by Anson  [info from enthusiast, Grayson Ainsworth]




The pre-production model takes shape, thanks to drawings and photos supplied by Joe Bortz of Chicago,
 who found the original car in a Detroit breaker's yard and completely restored over a 10-year period

Even the decor for the model was made to look like
the setting of the 1955 Motorama show

Joe Bortz, who restored the original GM-Motorama concept car
and created this rare, scale model of it

My friend Joe Bortz of Chicago shows off the 1st of a limited run of this beautiful scale model

(Left) the full sized, restored car on display at the 2013 Amelia Island Concours d'Elégance
(Right) Joe Bortz showing me the FIRST of the 1:18th scale production models, at the same venue



t55mocp1.jpg (8682 bytes)    t55mocp2.jpg (6027 bytes)
Plastics became a favorite medium in the mid-fifties for the production of highly detailed
toy car  construction kits; unfortunately, the early acetate plastics had a tendency to warp
and such toys are hard to find today without any warpage.  Monogram, USA, issued these
two kits in circa 1:18 scale (11 inches long); the upper one depicts the 1955
Coupe de Ville
(#PC-4); below is sister kit #PC-5 depicting the Series 62 convertible

Tmo55cv3.JPG (7579 bytes)

Tmo55cv4.JPG (6328 bytes)    Tmo55cpe.JPG (5046 bytes)

Tmo55cp2.JPG (7351 bytes)    Tmo55cp3.JPG (8104 bytes)

Tmo55cp5.JPG (8123 bytes)Tmo55cp7.JPG (5927 bytes)
This early build-kit again suffered from warpage;
you won't easily find a straight one today




    Tmrc56ep.JPG (12406 bytes)

t55Prsly.jpg (42538 bytes)
Replica by MRC (USA) of the Series 60 Special
that Elvis bought for his mum, Grace


[ missing ]

Argus de la miniature, #109, p.4




??? TRoadSig55.jpg (12448 bytes) ???
Despite their attractive price, these Road Legends 1:18 scale models from Yatming
are finely detailed; this one depicts the 1955 Eldorado convertible





Circa 1:12 Scale


[ these models are made mainly of paper and card ]

emman08.jpg (5301 bytes)

emman10.jpg (3675 bytes)    emman09.jpg (3752 bytes)
Above 2 rows: 1956 Eldorado Seville coupe




Circa 1:5 Scale



stef_Cad1.jpg (12420 bytes)    stef_Cad2.jpg (16099 bytes)
Cadillac Eldorado "rocker" for children (and for my 30-year-old niece,
Stephanie!), located outside a toy store in Geneva, Switzerland





Unknown Scale



55eldlgh.jpg (4019 bytes)
1956 Cadillac Eldorado Seville, table lighter
[ scale and origin unknown ]




Unknown Scale



T56EldThaiA.jpg (3663 bytes)    T56EldThai.jpg (3503 bytes)
This one, made in Thailand, depicts the 1956 Eldorado convertible, complete with Continantal Kit;
from the size of the US "quarter" in the foreground, left, I'd say this was circa 1:64 scale

Thilo Bürgel who visited the Database in 2010 thinks this may be a Matchbox "Superfast" toy in 1:64 scale



[ 1956 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz - seen on a YouTube video in Dec. 2011]





Circa 1:50 Scale



T56orna.jpg (6873 bytes)
Xmas ornament from Hallmark (USA)
crudely depicting the 1956 Eldorado Biarritz



T56elrb1.jpg (6471 bytes)    56ppsvl.jpg (8268 bytes)

T56elrb2.jpg (4919 bytes)    T56elrb3.jpg (5378 bytes)
These small plastic/rubber toys are intended to depict the 1956 Eldorado models (Ref. #2);
a removable top changed the Biarritz convertible into the Seville coupe (Ref. #6);
the versions in my own, former collection were painted and detailed for more realism
[ Photos: Argus de la Miniature, #109. p.4 ]



To56cer.jpg (4774 bytes)




Circa 1:43 Scale




1956 "White House Security Car"; two were built on Cadillac chassis by Hess & Eisenhardt (non-authentic interior colors);
both cars survive (one of these was following the Lincolm parade car in which Pesident Kennedy was assassinatd in Nov., 1963)
[ Photo: Bruce Arnold Models ]





autohobb.jpg (7797 bytes)
Ref. #... (1987) - 1956 Eldorado Biarritz,  based on Mercury models, below




[ no image yet]

Last in a series of four new  Series Sixty Special models will be
#BAM6; it will depict the 1956 edition of Fleetwood's luxury sedan



t56mer2.JPG (5864 bytes)    t56mer1.JPG (5204 bytes) 

t56merc.jpg (8192 bytes)    t56merc2.jpg (6815 bytes)

T56mrcel.jpg (8884 bytes)    T56mrccp.jpg (6541 bytes)
In Italy, the Mercury company made a number of Cadillac toys in varying scales;  a popular one in 1:43 scale was this 1956 Eldorado Biarritz
#28 (1958), available in more than a dozen colors, some with metallic paint finish; enthusiast, Marco Battazi of Turin (where Mercury
toys are made) tells me that Mercury numbering did not distinguish between solid colors and metallic ones; they  were painted randomly,
so it is difficult to form a definitive color listing of models; the Cadillac had 2-tone interiors with varying combinations and often
with a single exterior color; basically, interiors were painted ivory with a second color being used for seating areas and seat backs)



t56scot2.jpg (5823 bytes)    t56scott.jpg (7902 bytes)
Another Mercury toy lookalike



[ click here for full range and prices ]

IMPORTANT NOTE: these true-to-scale model cars are built and assembled with the utmost patience and care;
production numbers are VERY limited (from 12 to a maximum of 250 units of each) it is quite possible that some
models illustrated may no longer be available and cannot be re-issued; in making up these RARE models, many
photo-etched, chrome-plated or black-plated parts are used, as are also the finest decals; carpets also are depicted


[ missing ]

#AMC008, Eldorado Brougham Town Car, Motorama showcar




Circa 1:32 Scale



t56Pres_32NatMusMnt.jpg (7950 bytes)
Collectors are more familiar with the 1:25 vscale version of
this White House security car (below)




Trv56elk.JPG (8284 bytes)    T56rvl2.jpg (6199 bytes)

Trv56ela.JPG (7712 bytes)

Tamt56a.jpg (7590 bytes)    Tamt56b.jpg (7298 bytes)
This was not the earliest Cadillac promotional model; a similar version appeared in
1955 (above); these were handed out to the (lucky) children of potential Cadillac
buyers;  made by AMT [Aluminum Model Toys, Inc.], USA; this one is a
replica of the 1956 Coupe de Ville, seen here with an interesting two-tone color scheme;
item #707 in the catalog was the same car but cable operated by semi-remote control

T55amtr2.jpg (12026 bytes)



t52Fire2.jpg (5413 bytes)    t52Fire3.jpg (6372 bytes)
Japanese tinplate "Fire Department" sedan (according to the box)

t56tincpe1.jpg (14328 bytes)    t56tincpe2.jpg (14840 bytes)
Side trim clearly spells "1956"; other than that, this electric toy is really quite crude





Circa 1:24-1:25 Scale



T56bnk.jpg (7624 bytes)
In the fifties, Banthrico (USA) made a number of "piggy-banks"
in the shape of Cadillac models of the time; this is a recast edition
of the 1956 Eldorado Seville in unpainted brass



TdeHorn55Eld.jpg (4523 bytes)
Paper and card Cadillac Eldorado; one of many creations
by Emmanuel, whose address I appear to have mislaid; if he is reading

this, please contact me so that we can upload more of your creations



t56smilr.jpg (7574 bytes)
Like Tom Mills in Oklahoma City, Sam Miller made these limited-edition
1:25 scale model kits of fifties cars, including this nice Eldorado Seville
[ kit was built-up and painted for me by Baron Von Anzengrueber ]

t56smlr2.jpg (6502 bytes)
This is Sam's convertible version of the 1956 Eldorado,
the attractive "Biarritz",  here with the optional gold sabres



t56prmbx.jpg (9371 bytes)    T56SvlPrem.jpg (5514 bytes)
This construction kit of the new, 1956 Cadillac Eldorado
coupe is from Premier,  USA

tmyprmrb.jpg (6564 bytes)    tmyprmra.jpg (6466 bytes)
This crudely molded built-up kit of the Eldorado Biarritz
is from Premier, USA [ author's former collection ]



t56svres.jpg (5084 bytes)
Resin construction kit of the 1956 Cadillac Eldorado
by unknown manufacturer



T56cppla.jpg (5636 bytes)
Of unknown origin, this plastic toy nonetheless
depicts in good detail the 1956 Cadillac coupe




Circa 1:24 Scale



56pres6.jpg (9007 bytes)    56Pres1.jpg (7379 bytes)    56pres4.jpg (6820 bytes)

56pres5.jpg (5922 bytes)    56pres2.jpg (6370 bytes)    t56Pres1d.jpg (13131 bytes)

t56pres1a.jpg (11471 bytes)    t56pres1b.jpg (14300 bytes)    t56Pres1c.jpg (12819 bytes)    
Details include opening doors & hood, steerable wheels, detailed engine compartment, detailed headlights,
signal lights and brake lights
, de
tailed interior & exterior, state and presidential fender flags

It's hard to tell this is a scale model ... and not the real thing; only the flag staffs and the rear view mirrors give it away!



Circa 1:18 Scale



t56mono.jpg (9421 bytes)
This is the original box in which the kit was presented

t56mono1.jpg (6246 bytes)    t56mono2.jpg (6289 bytes)
Finding one of these rare Monogram kits (#PC-13) in good condition today
won't be easy; I bought this one (already built-up), in the seventies

[ the 1955 version (see above)  is much less rare ]

Tcoll2.jpg (7857 bytes)
The 1956 Series 62 convertible beside
a 1967 Schuco electric car in identical scale

t56monox2.jpg (6137 bytes)    t56monox1.jpg (4890 bytes)    t56monox3.jpg (5400 bytes)     t56monox4.jpg (5408 bytes)

t56monox7.jpg (4411 bytes)    t56monox8.jpg (4625 bytes)    t56monox6.jpg (6837 bytes)

t56monox0.jpg (5642 bytes)    t56monox9.jpg (5640 bytes)

t56monox9a.jpg (8148 bytes)    t56monox9b.jpg (8206 bytes)
The beautifully made-up Monogram kit in these 4 rows was offered for sale on Ebay in May, 2008




Circa 1:8 Scale







Circa 1:3 Scale



Tkc56pdl.JPG (4504 bytes)
Pedal car said to depict
the 1956 Cadillac

Tun54pdl.jpg (6180 bytes)    T54unpd2.jpg (4888 bytes)
Here is the "wreck" of what must have been a superb
1956 Cadillac pedal car;  I have no other details, but that
RH rear tail-fin is unmistakably Cadillac, through-bumper exhaust


Fiberglas (shell) base for Series 62 convertible, pedal car


t56PedalAE.jpg (41221 bytes)

t56PedalAA.jpg (36492 bytes)      t56PedalAB.jpg (44604 bytes)

t56PedalAC.jpg (39429 bytes)      t56PedalAD.jpg (43349 bytes)

This very real-looking 1956 Cadillac coupe pedal car
is custom built and belongs to Josie Adams; the builder is Dale Adams
and the team at Dale Adams Enterprises in Kent, OH



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