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Circa 1:87 Scale



t60toftp.jpg (4670 bytes)      t60toft2.jpg (4944 bytes)
1960 Cadillac flat-top sedan, 2½" long, by Tootsietoy Dowst (USA)
[Blister #3103]




Circa 1:50 Scale



T60lnst.jpg (7410 bytes)

t60Lone1.jpg (9360 bytes)     t60Lone2.jpg (10479 bytes)
Cadillac flat-top sedan in the Lone Star series
from Die Cast Miniature Toys (DCMT) , UK (1962), Ref. #1472; 
it was available also in royal blue with a white top



60mintin.jpg (9387 bytes)     60minti2.jpg (8068 bytes)
Unknown Japanese tinplate toy (possibly Ichiko, as below) depicting that year's  flat top sedan
(note erroneous Series 60 Special hash marks on rear fender and Cadillac script on trunk)

T60ichi1.jpg (7319 bytes)     T60ichi2.jpg (10129 bytes)
From Ichiko, Korea,  comes this tin lithographed (and unlikely)
1960 Cadillac flat-top sedan police pursuit vehicle



Tls60ftp.jpg (6588 bytes)
A similar version was made by Tootsietoy (USA)
in the same basic color scheme
(it could be the boxed version, above)




Circa 1:43 Scale



1960 Cadillac Fleetwood Seventy-Five limousine by Bruce Arnold Models, CA, USA (Ref. #3); this highly detailed white
metal model is manufactured by Cadillac's official pattern maker, Bruce Arnold, and was released in the fall of 2001;
Bruce Arnold Models are hand built in England and sold through both the Cadillac merchandise brochure as well as
the Cadillac Mall website; a custom low-rider version of this model called Mariah will also be available



t60conqu3.jpg (4985 bytes)

t60Conqu1.jpg (3295 bytes)    t60conqu2.jpg (3725 bytes)

T60cnqu.jpg (7454 bytes)     t60Conq.jpg (11740 bytes)
Fleetwood Sixty Special Sedan by Conquest Models of Holland,
CNQST #12;  Released in 1992, this model comes complete with imitation vinyl roof covering, photo etched front and rear grilles,
wiper blades, emblems, chrome moldings and full dash and door panel details. It is said to be slightly smaller than 1:43 scale.
However, enthusiast Volodymyr from Kiev in Ukraine reports [Nov. 2005] that the measurements are actually quite accurate;
he sent a slightly different view of the model (right), that I have cropped to give you as much toy car as possible


[Vladimir Soroklat]

Inspired by Cadillac's Eldorado Brougham project for 1959 and 1960, the Italian firm of Pinin Farina created the Cadillac Jacqueline, a "pushmobile", i.e. an engineless
show car that was exhibited first at the Paris Salon in 1961 and, later, at other European venues in 1961-62; sold in the 90s, the buyer decided to adapt and install the engineless body
on the chassis of a pre-owned Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz that had been retrofitted with a regular 1959 Cadillac power plant; this is how the finished automobile looked after 1996

(Left) Individual parts prior to assembly and paint; (right) the model parts shown with the "real thing" in the background

Vlad created the TWO versions of Jacqueline: the original
pushmobile, in white, and the (later) powered car in "gold"

Vlad made the engineless model  first; it was white (as seen here) with the stainless steel top;
be the time a motor had been installed, the car had been repainted "gold", as seen below



The model of the 1/43-scale Cadillac Jacqueline coupe by Pinin Farina
is reviewed in issue #17 of THE DIECAST MAGAZINE

Three exclusive models from the same manufacturer in the Ukraine: 1937 V16 roadster by Hartmann, Switzerland (far left),
1961 Cadillac Jacqueline by Pinin Farina, Italy (in "gold") and Cadillac's first production car, the Model A runabout




Tun60sv2.JPG (9171 bytes)    Tun60bia.jpg (11445 bytes)
Similar to the Western Models edition, these models are made by Scottsdale Classics (USA);
the color of the coupe is described as Heather Metallic [code #99] but in fact  it is closer to Siena Rose [code #98]. 
I should know; I owned the Seville in Heather and the Biarritz in Siena Rose ...back in the good old days  (photos below)

TMYSVLC.JPG (6036 bytes)    el64my5.JPG (12656 bytes)





[ missing ]

4¼" red, unknown maker, red plastic with metal wheels



[ click here for full details and prices ]

IMPORTANT NOTE: these true-to-scale model cars are built and assembled with the utmost patience and care;
production numbers are VERY limited (from 12 to a maximum of 250 units of each) it is quite possiblethat some
models illustrated may no longer be available and cannot be re-issued; in making up these RARE models, many
photo-etched, chrome-plated or black-plated parts are used, as are also the finest decals; carpets also are depicted

t60vf75.JPG (9364 bytes)
Series 75 sedan and limousine - these models may be already out of production


[ images to come ]

#CC009 Miller Meteor Traditional hearse (black)

#CC009B Miller Meteor Traditional hearse (dark metallic oyster)

#CC0011, 1960 Sedan deVille 4-window hardtop, DM379.- (circa $175)

#CC0012, 1960 Fleetwood Sixty Special hardtop, DM379.- (circa $175)

#LED002, 1960 "Car-trailer" set (only 25 of these will be made)
('60 SDV4w + '60F60S damaged by fire), DM990.- (circa  $460)



Tun60svl.JPG (10437 bytes)   T60wmeld.jpg (8773 bytes)
Western Models,  UK, is responsible for these finely detailed models of the 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Seville  (left)
and Biarritz (right); the Seville is supposed to be painted Heather Poly but it is a might too "pink"
(we once owned the real thing, in that color - see T.N., above and Scottsdale Classics, below)




Circa 1:32 Scale



Tse60sdn.jpg (7021 bytes)
This is the 6-window version with regular roof;
I believe it may be the Ichiko, 6¼" toy, Ref.  #3061

 60tin1a.jpg (6426 bytes)    60tin1b.jpg (5651 bytes)
( Possibly the same car as above )

60tin2a.jpg (7986 bytes)    60tin2b.jpg (6730 bytes)
From my former collection comes this unidentified Japanese tinplate toy
depicting that year's Series 60 Special sedan


[ missing images ]

Ichiko, Japan/Korea ???, 6" long, Police markings

Ichiko (as above) but Fire Chief markings, Ref. #3261 [could digits "61" mean 1961???]

Ichiko (as above) but Ambulance   version, Ref. #861




1:25 Scale



t60mono3.jpg (6444 bytes)    t60mono2.jpg (5715 bytes)
These  castings by Shawn Carpenter are of the 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz resin conversion kit of the
Revell/Monogram 1959 Cadillac convertible; the kits include the body, hood, bumpers and tail lights




t60jofri.jpg (3202 bytes)

t60jowrp.jpg (5245 bytes)    t60jowrb.jpg (4688 bytes)
Jo-Han (USA) began making these 8½"  promotional models of Cadillac cars in 1958, under license to GM;
during the first five years of production, Jo-Han chose to depict Cadillac's upper end Series Sixty Special sedan;

above is shown the 1960 version (#2860); as will be clearly seen here, early plastics had a tendency to warp with age,
front and rear; fine surviving ones (like that in the next row) are expensive and hard to find

t60jo1.JPG (5179 bytes)    t60jo2.jpg (5011 bytes)
Now and again a collector may come across one in exceptional condition, like the one below, offered
for sale on the Internet, in April, 2001; this one has been disassembled and painted by an expert.  The color
is #99, Heather Poly, like our former 1960 Eldorado Seville (ours had a white Vicodec top)

t60joc.jpg (8640 bytes)

t60joa.jpg (5115 bytes)    t60job.jpg (8023 bytes)

t60joe.jpg (7395 bytes)    t60jod.jpg (5306 bytes)

60prom.jpg (11285 bytes)
This one too looks to be in excellent, un-warped condition

t60jocu.jpg (6518 bytes)
Custom 1960 Series 60 Special sedan
[kit (?) by Jo-Han, USA (?)]

t604drcvAS.jpg (7140 bytes)    t604drcvBS.jpg (4303 bytes)    t604drcvDS.jpg (4654 bytes)    t604drcvES.jpg (5721 bytes)
This custom 4-door convertible was made up also from the Jo-Han kit



t60cpML.jpg (13471 bytes)
Memory Lane Models are currently [2005] produced, hand cast plastic, hand assembled, 1/25th scale models similar to promotional models of the 50s and 60s. Finished in authentic factory colors with a high gloss base coat/clear coat paint, these are also less likely to warp than originals that were made withe early plastic acetates.  The base for this model seems to be Monogram's Eldorado Seville kit (as reflected in the rear grille design that features the Eldorado double row of "bullets". The chrome around the headlights is out of proportion. The interior is detailed.

t60cpe.jpg (3858 bytes)

t60cpe2.jpg (3619 bytes)    t60cpe3.jpg (2944 bytes)
Same car?



t60brg1.jpg (13949 bytes)    t60brg4.jpg (13651 bytes)

T60brg2.jpg (15174 bytes)    t60brg3.jpg (9583 bytes)
Modellhaus resin kit (built up) 1960 Eldorado Brougham sedan; color is Aleutian gray with burgundy trim; neither were regular
Cadillac colors for that year's Eldorado Brougham model; chrome accents are done with Bare Metal Foil; detailing is correct
[ photos:  Internet : 2/2006 ]

t60Brg1.jpg (6861 bytes)    t60brg2.jpg (6241 bytes)




Circa 1:24 Scale



t60Bandai1.jpg (16010 bytes)    t60Bandai3.jpg (17484 bytes)    t60Yone2a.jpg (15943 bytes)
This appears to be a reasonable good replica of the "Series 62" 6-window sedan, or the 6-window "Sedan de Ville"



The 1960 Eldorado Seville
in 1:24 scale

t60DanSev7.jpg (49797 bytes)

t60DanSev5.jpg (44281 bytes)     t60DanSev6.jpg (45939 bytes)

t60DanSev2.jpg (39263 bytes)     t60DanSev3.jpg (37278 bytes)
The model maker selected "Champagne Gold " for the coupe
as that was the color used in the Cadillac catalog for the year

t60DanSev1.jpg (61018 bytes)
This was Gita's and my 1960 Eldorado Seville in "Heather Poly" (metallic lilac),
that the Danbury Mint selected as the color for the Eldorado Biarritz (below)


The 1960 Eldorado Biarritz
in 1:24 scale

t60DanBia00.jpg (51005 bytes)

T60DanBia01.jpg (45689 bytes)

T60DanBia07.jpg (40479 bytes)     T60DanBia03.jpg (44982 bytes)     T60DanBia05.jpg (44027 bytes)

T60DanBia02.jpg (37068 bytes)     T60DanBia08.jpg (39561 bytes)




T60ru1.jpg (10168 bytes)     T60ru3.jpg (6700 bytes)

T60ru2.jpg (6836 bytes)     T60ru4.jpg (5476 bytes)
From Gor'kovsky Avtomobilnyi Zavod (GAZ)  Gor'kii, in the former USSR comes this battery-operated, cable-controlled toy depicting
a 6-window sedan from 1960, although the front clip looks more like a '59 model.
Length is 11,5", width 4,5"



t60yo9b.jpg (8831 bytes)     t60yon5.jpg (6093 bytes)

t60yo9c.jpg (6860 bytes)     T60yon5a.jpg (5787 bytes)
Yonezawa, Japan,  made this tinplate, lithographed toy depicting the 1960 Cadillac   6-window sedan; the scale is circa 1:24   

Tjp60wip.JPG (3750 bytes)     Tjp60wi2.JPG (4312 bytes)   

Tjp6160S.JPG (8225 bytes)
From Yonezawa, Japan,  come these nicely lithographed, tinplate toys depicting the 1960 Series 62, 6-window sedan;
they have ugly, oversized windshield wipers that operate when the toy's friction motor is activated; rear clip is from
1961; the version without wipers (the black one, two rows down) has a correct 1960 rear clip. Other parts of
these models look as if they were made from the same molds; a convertible version was also available;

Tyo60w6.jpg (8200 bytes)
Looking like a 1960 model   from this angle,   the rear clip is from 1961

t60yoger.jpg (8373 bytes)     Tjp60ti2.JPG (7336 bytes)

t60san2.jpg (7956 bytes)
Here are three similar toys in what appears to be the same scale; the two in the top row appears to be from 1960 (like the "windshield wiper" toy, above;
the one on the left was made in the former W. Germany under license to Yonezawa, Japan; I have no identification of the one on the right;
the toy immediately above looks the same, but it definitely has the 1961 rear clip [see "1961" section, below]


[ missing images ]

Yonezawa, Japan, 9" convertible, with "doll" driver , Ref. #10748

Another similar convertible, same size, but no driver



Circa 1:20 Scale



t60babx.JPG (8337 bytes)     t60BandaiRR.jpg (6171 bytes)
This is #781 from Bandai, Japan, in a long line of tinplate Cadillac toys of the late fifties and early sixties;
this is the first issue, 1960 Series 62 flat-top sedan, with the tinplate wheel covers (newer versions have "custom" plastic wheels)
and different tail-lights housings approximating those of the 1964 Cadillac models

t60ba1.jpg (7134 bytes)     t60ba2.jpg (6730 bytes)
From Bandai, Japan, again marked #781, comes this slightly different version; the side molding
on this one starts half-way down the front wheel opening [compare with previous toy]
both measure approx. 11½ long and are very realistic replicas.

t60ba3.jpg (8688 bytes)     t60ba4.jpg (7680 bytes)    
This more recent version sports the 1964 lookalike tail-light housings; it has the same
side molding as the earliest known version (two rows up); it too has got metal wheel caps;
the Bandai Ref. is #4069 [could the digits "69" indicate the build year "1969"?]

mytn60a.JPG (6047 bytes)
This one is from the author's former collection;
the rear license tag reads Cadillac, in script

Tjp60el2.JPG (6155 bytes)     Tjp60el3.JPG (4930 bytes)

Tjp60el4.JPG (5920 bytes)     Tjp60el5.JPG (7914 bytes)
Variation on the same theme; this one has an electric motor; the "shift lever" at the right puts the toy in motion, forwards or in reverse;
the other lever, at the left, has a "Neutral" position and two "Drive" positions ("Lo" and "Hi"); the toy features working horn and headlights



[ missing images ]

Bandai #782, 1960 convertible, 11" long

Bandai #2011, sedan, 11" long, may have '63-64 rear clip

Bandai #2020, marked Highway Patrol, may have '63-64 rear clip




t60maru0.JPG (3828 bytes)     t60maru1.jpg (7278 bytes)
This sleek coupe, with Marilyn Monroe lookalike figure in this Internet
photo is from Marusan, Japan, makers of fine tin toys for many years

mytnblw2.JPG (6309 bytes)     mytnblwh.JPG (6681 bytes)
Most likely the same car (note rear 'V' and crest placed high on trunk lid)
[ this one is from the author's former collection - the LH side chrome trim piece is missing ]




Circa 1:12 Scale



T60CPWOD.JPG (5808 bytes)

t60cdv1.jpg (15819 bytes)     t60cdv2.jpg (16376 bytes)

Here's a very realistic 14" replica of the 1960 Coupe de Ville
honed out of wood by obviously skilled wood carvers in the Philippines
[ the original car is owned by my Swiss friend Jean-Michel Roux ]




Circa 1:12 Scale



tYone60B.jpg (16757 bytes)     T60yonbx.jpg (10832 bytes)     T60tnbur.jpg (8256 bytes)

    tYone60D.jpg (11136 bytes)     tYone60e.jpg (10183 bytes)     tYone60f.jpg (11029 bytes)

t5960grl.jpg (10276 bytes)     T59yo60s.jpg (9827 bytes)     tYone60C.jpg (14126 bytes)
This large, hybrid model by T
.N [Yonezawa???], Japan,  has the 1960 Cadillac front
and rear clips but sports the side trim of the 1959 Cadillac Series Sixty Special

tmysvla.jpg (6725 bytes)     tmysvlb.jpg (6429 bytes)
This conversion was commissioned from Baron Von Anzengrüber by the author; it is intended to depict
his former 1960 Eldorado Seville [below] that was painted Heather metallic
[ the vinyl roof should be off-white but the baron did not have any suitable material ]

TMYSVLC.JPG (6036 bytes)
The author's former 1960 Eldorado Seville

      T60tynpl.jpg (7399 bytes)
The large tinplate toy was available also with unlikely
Police Patrol markings (right, and two photos directly below)

t59poli.jpg (7825 bytes)     t59polb.jpg (6739 bytes)
#415 in the same series was radio controlled [note folded antenna]; these toys are all of 18" long!

t60yofir.jpg (12505 bytes)

t60yofi2.jpg (7318 bytes)     t60yofi4.jpg (8913 bytes)     t60yofi3.jpg (6452 bytes)
The rarest of the series is this one intended to depict an equally unlikely
Cadillac Fire Chief  car




Circa 1:8 Scale


African Sculptures
[Ivory Coast]

T60wood.jpg (5337 bytes)
Being sculpted in Yamassoukro,  Ivory Coast, West Africa, from a billet
of exotic wood is this flat-top sedan commissioned by my friend Philippe Ruel


Home-Made special (?)
[USA ?]



Circa 1:5 Scale?



Tun60pd2.jpg (5891 bytes)     Tun60pd3.jpg (6952 bytes)

Tun60pdl.jpg (6948 bytes)
This unidentified kiddy's pedal car has seen better days !
It depicts the high-finned 1960 Cadillac convertible

A "Push-me-Daddy" toy, probably in a scale slightly larger than 1:5
it comes with underbody lights and exhaust "flames"

Another similar kiddie  toy




Circa 1:100 Scale




[ images needed ]

Crude, red plastic toy, Italy, 2" long, Cadillac written across trunk, Ref. #31,


Circa 1:64 Scale



T61_64JadA.jpg (18853 bytes)     t61-64thjada3.jpg (33970 bytes)    T61_64thJadB.jpg (16768 bytes)
1961 custom coupe


Circa 1:50 Scale



t60UnkGerm.jpg (11524 bytes)     t61_43rdGerm2.jpg (10915 bytes)
Crude, red plastic toy,  4½" long



Circa 1:43 Scale



t61d147b.jpg (7712 bytes)     T61dk147.jpg (8286 bytes)
Made by Dinkytoys (UK), this 4½" long flat-top sedan; the scale is closer to 1:50; Ref.#147a (1962) has gloss
black base plate with "ref.147", black tires, then white tires; Ref. #147B (1965) has mat black base with "ref.147"
and white tires; ref. #147C (1967) has mat black base plate without the ref. number, and white tires

t61dkpo.jpg (6562 bytes)
Here is the same basic toy but with POLICE markings; the latter carries Ref. #258A (1967);
it has a black steering wheel; Ref. #258 (B), 1967, has a white steering wheel


[ missing one image ]

A third car in the series, Ref. #264, 1967, in dark blue with Royal Canadian Mounted Police
(RCMP) markings and two Mounties aboard



[ click here for full details and prices ]


[ missing ]

#AMC014 Jacqueline show car / pushmobile by Pininfarina




Circa 1:32 Scale



Tpa61eld.jpg (8918 bytes)
This custom Eldorado Biarritz is from Palmer, USA;
It measures 7" long and the Ref. is  #6173-9




1:25 Scale



t61Dub.jpg (12044 bytes)
Known for its "low-riders" in wild colors and with replica mag wheels,
the company nevertheless turns out (thousands) of Cadillac look-alike toys



t61jofri.jpg (11907 bytes)

t61jofr2.jpg (9025 bytes)     t61jofr3.jpg (9583 bytes)
This is the Jo-Han, USA, promotional model for 1961, Ref. #1861;
measuring 8½" long, it depicts that year's Series 60 Special sedan

T61jo60s.jpg (7565 bytes)
From Korris Kars (USA) comes also this 1961 Series 60 Special;
the detailing and quality of finish are not quite up to the standards of Jo-Han




Circa 1:24 Scale



t60san2.jpg (7956 bytes)     t60san2.jpg (7345 bytes)
Measuring  9" long, this tinplate 4-door sedan friction toy is made in Japan by SAN.  It features rubber tires and lithographed
hubcaps complete with Cadillac crest; chassis is also lithographed as is the interior, with instrument panel and seats



Tjp61nof.JPG (8007 bytes)

    tmytinqa.jpg (6186 bytes)     mynofinb.JPG (6342 bytes)
Front and rear clips on this 9" long friction toy are definitely from a 1961 Cadillac; however, 
the car has no tail fins (although they are shown on the box cover); my guess is that these
would have complicated the manufacturing process; interesting!



61lghtr.jpg (7965 bytes)

Tun61cig.jpg (6180 bytes)     t61lghtr.jpg (7854 bytes)
Although not strictly-speaking a toy nor a scale-model, this item nonetheless portrays quite accurately the 1961 Cadillac coupe; the roof is removable and reveals a cigarette storage box;
there is also a removable flint-and-wick lighter encased in the rear deck (in case you had not noticed, in the photo on the left, above, the roof is on back to front!)



t61ptrol.jpg (5693 bytes)

T61pol.jpg (8183 bytes)     T61pol2.jpg (7291 bytes)
This 9" long, unlikely Highway Patrol car is another tinplate creation from Japan


Yonezawa, JAPAN

T61yonam.jpg (10613 bytes)     ttinamb.jpg (6075 bytes)
The Japanese toy manufacturer, Yonezawa, is responsible for this imaginary 1961 Cadillac ambulance (above) and the more unlikely Fire Chief car (below).  The reason I use the term
 "imaginary" is that all Cadillac commercial vehicles built in 1961 had special, modified tail-light housings, with a single light pod instead of the dual units shown here;
this was due to the fact that the dual pods interfered with the operation of the rear door; the Fire Chief car is Ref. #456; the ambulance on the right (above) has German markings
and a blue dome light; these toys are
cable-controlled; they run forwards, backwards and the dome lights blinks; the ladder/platform of the fire truck slides out and raises
to the vertical position; in the ambulance version, an accident  victim on a stretcher pops out the back door !

t61yone.jpg (8162 bytes)

t61amb9a.JPG (7070 bytes)     t61amb9b.jpg (7736 bytes)
Here is an equally unlikely 2-door ambulance; it too is made of lithographed
tinplate; the tin wheel covers feature a lookalike Cadillac crest

Tun60amb.jpg (5614 bytes)
Here is another even more unlikely Cadillac convertible ambulance by an unidentified Japanese manufacturer; what a ride ... to the hospital!
The ambulance, cross,  steering wheel location and interior coloring look similar to the previous toy, but this one has a bull horn on the hood




Circa 1:20 Scale



tyon62a.JPG (11151 bytes)

tyon62b.JPG (10769 bytes)
The box (top row) depicts the Fleetwood Series 60 Special for 1963
but the car in the box (lower row) is without any doubt a 1962 4-door sedan model

Tba61tin.jpg (9662 bytes)
Bandai, Japan, made this tinplate wannabe 4-door convertible probably
by simply removing the roof from the foregoing 4-door sedan

T61tncv1.jpg (11173 bytes)     tsssban.jpg (6520 bytes)

T61yocnv.jpg (6501 bytes)

t61japn.jpg (6875 bytes)     T61tncv3.jpg (5656 bytes)

T61tncv4.jpg (6391 bytes)     T61tncv5.jpg (5435 bytes)

t61sss1.jpg (6805 bytes)     t61sss2.jpg (7736 bytes)
Some of these toys are electrically driven; motor is turned on by a miniature, GM-styled octagonal-head ignition key on the
instrument panel; horn beeps by depressing steering wheel; gear shift lever controls movement forward and reverse

DirkTina.jpg (13270 bytes)     DirkTin.jpg (25086 bytes)     DirkTin2.jpg (24623 bytes)
Vvariations on a theme (note windshield post differences)
[ Photos: © 2008, Dirk Van Dorst, courtesy the"Self Starter" ]




Circa 1:16 Scale



tsss62a.jpg (9164 bytes)     tsss62b.jpg (9384 bytes)
The usual color for this tinplate Series 60 Special model by SSS, Japan, is black; this is a rare variation
[ Photo: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Ira Bernstein collection, AZ ]

tmysss2b.jpg (7492 bytes)
This one is from the author's former collection



T61tnsdb.jpg (11160 bytes)     Ttn61tin.jpg (7458 bytes)
By T.N, Japan, this is a very well-built, heavy, lithographed tinplate model of the 1961 Cadillac
Series 60 Special, even though the box in which it comes says it is a Fleetwood Seventy-Five
the toy measures 16¾" long and carries ref.  #5-1537 [a cheaper version also was available]

This is the cheaper version of the foregoing tin toy




Scale Unknown



t61cvpla.jpg (5917 bytes)
Series 62 or Eldorado Biarritz convertible,
a crudely-built plastic toy Gay Toys
possibly 1:43 or 1:32 scale



T61hrsk2.jpg (6328 bytes)      t61hrsk.jpg (6126 bytes)
Amateur (?) resin kit of  a hearse on the 1961 Cadillac
commercial chassis; possibly 1:25 scale



Continue below, or scroll down to "1963" to view some "hybrid" tinplate toys from
Japan that have the 1961 Cadillac rear clip combined with a 1963 Cadillac front clip!




Circa 1:87 Scale



tangupl2.jpg (5716 bytes)
, Spain, made this 2½" long Fleetwood Series 75 limousine with rear opening doors;
this one, with paint and detailing (shown also below), was included in the author's former collection

tmytinya.jpg (7804 bytes)
Far left: again the Series 75 limousine by  Anguplas, #86;
this cute toy is one of a series made in Spain from 1958-1966
Other models here include (center) a 1964 Coupe deVille mini-slot car
from Faller, Germany and (right) a 1958 Series 60 Special from Athearn, USA
[ these three toys are from the author's former collection]




[ missing images ]

Ingap, Italy, crude plastic convertible, 2¾" long, Ref.  #13
based on US Tootsie #3213 ???

(same) but with top up [conversion by me], Ref.  #13

Ingap, Ref. #5 limousine, same length as above, so not true-to-scale




Circa 1:64 Scale



t62jada64th2.jpg (25645 bytes)     t62Jada64th.jpg (36341 bytes)     t62jada64th3.jpg (24966 bytes)




Circa 1:55 Scale



to62siku.jpg (6852 bytes)
Siku, in the former W. Germany, made this miniature Series 75 sedan/limousine
not obvious in the above photo, the tail fins have an erroneous outward slant, a la 1959 Buick

T62siku2.jpg (15718 bytes)

Tsi6275.jpg (8116 bytes)
The car is  4¼" long and the Ref.   #V-209




Circa 1:50 Scale



T62crg1.jpg (7626 bytes)     t62cgamb.jpg (6176 bytes)
This 4½" long, battery-powered Superior Royale ambulance on the Cadillac chassis is
from Corgi, UK, Ref.  #467 (#437???) and was made from 1963 to 1968; it has a flashing roof light and
soft sprung
suspension; there are two different versions; Ref. #437 (B), 1963, is blue and white with a
red cross on hood and "Ambulance" on body sides; Ref. #437 (C) 1965, as previous, but "star" wheel rims

T62cgam.jpg (6909 bytes)




Circa 1:43 Scale



t61angu.jpg (7089 bytes)
Listed as having been manufactured by Anguplas, Spain,
I have never seen this Fleetwood Series 75 limousine in 1:43 scale
[ the image is of their model in 1:87 scale - above ]



challang.jpg (4864 bytes)

Challange (France),  #5 (1987),  professional conversion of 
Politoys Series 60 Special (above), 5¼" long
[ Photo: Argus de la Miniature, © 1988, E. Flament ]



tcherb.jpg (7542 bytes)     tchera.jpg (8349 bytes)
Ref.: #PHE-20, a nicely detailed Series 60 Special sedan by Cherryca Phenix, Japan
[ Photo: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Bob Blake collection, AZ ]

tcherbx.jpg (8981 bytes)
This is NOT the box for the preceding toy but resembles it closely



Enthusiast, Taral Wayne wrote (in Ovtober, 2005) : There is an interesting toy company called New Ray, who has a fascinating line of 1/43 cars. These are mainly of three types -- contemporary models (up to at least 1994), 50's and 60's classics, and foreign sports cars. They produce three different Cadillac convertibles.  Foremost is the magnificient 1962 Caddy series 62. The proportions are good, and while there are no working features (such as opening doors), the interior detail is pretty good for the scale and are tricked out in two tone. Most of New Rays classic and modern cars are painted in three different colour schemes. The '59 Caddy comes in canary yellow (saddle & tan interior), metallic medium blue (tan and deep red interior), and I believe red. I have the yellow and metal blue in my collection.

[ image missing ]



t62cusCv.jpg (13692 bytes)
Custom convertible (unsure of scale too)




TVF62EL1.JPG (9597 bytes)     TVF62EL2.JPG (4133 bytes)
#CC0027B Eldorado Biarritz in black


[ missing ]

CC0026 Miller Meteor Guardian ambulance

CC0027 Eldorado Biarritz in white with red interior

CC0027C Eldorado Biarritz in dark blue with white interior

AMC020 Eureka side-servicing funeral coach

AMC025 Fleetwood Series 75 limousine




[ missing ]

Ref.: 219, from Yonezawa, similar to Cherryca toy, above




Circa 1:32 Scale



t61bac.jpg (7621 bytes)     t61bab.jpg (6307 bytes)
Also from Japan, by the Bandai company, these lithographed tinplate toys depict the regular 1962 4-door sedan;
the Japanese toy manufacturers usually brought out a series of   "different"  toys using the
same basic body components; by omitting the roof, for example, they made an unlikely 4-door convertible,
or by adding PoliceFire Chief or Ambulance markings they created two or three more models

Tba62c.JPG (6135 bytes)
An unlikely 1962 Cadillac 4-door convertible, it is 8¼" long

T63ban01.jpg (7435 bytes)     t63ba+bx.jpg (7734 bytes)
This one came with a special bracket on the bumpers to display a US-styled cardboard license tag;
a considerable  selection of these tags was included on the box cover and had to be cut out

t62tincv.jpg (6612 bytes)
With only two doors, this is a more likely convertible than the one above it
[ note incorrect design of windshield posts ]




[ images missing ]

The mold for the Politoys model, below, was used again by this Mexican firm with the unlikely name,
McGregor, to produce two other versions of this car, including one marked Police [Refs. #69a and 69b]



Tpo62sdn.jpg (6090 bytes)
Poor image is from video clip I  made  in 1999, in Switzerland (Armand Montandon
collection); the plastic toy replica is by Politoys, Italy, Ref. #69 (1964); it measures 5" long
and depicts the year's Series 60 Special sedan; it has opening front doors




Circa 1:25 Scale



T62kit.jpg (9707 bytes)
Not sure about this one; possibly a 1:25 scale plastic
construction kit by Jo-Han (USA); possibly ref. #4662

t62joh.jpg (6805 bytes)     t62joha.jpg (7198 bytes)
These are the year's issue by Jo-Han; the model depicts 1962 Series 60 Special sedan, Ref. #2662

t62joc.jpg (11515 bytes)

t62joa.jpg (9702 bytes)     t62job.jpg (8281 bytes)
Fifth in the series of 1:25 scale promotional models by Jo-Han (USA), this is the beautifully detailed 1962
Series Sixty Special sedan; this one is in exceptionally fine condition and has been professionally painted
and detailed; it was offered for sale on the Internet in April, 2001




Circa 1:20 Scale



     mytncvb2l.JPG (6388 bytes)     mytnblcv.JPG (7002 bytes)

mytn62b2.JPG (6307 bytes)     mytn62br.JPG (6402 bytes)
Here is a pair of hand-detailed hardtop and convertible versions of the preceding toys
[ these, as also the Highway Patrol car below, are from the author's former collection ]

mytn62po.JPG (7056 bytes)     mytn62p2.JPG (7960 bytes)

tyonecop3.jpg (17598 bytes)     tYonecop4.jpg (17686 bytes)     tYonecop5.jpg (9965 bytes)     tyonecop6.jpg (9991 bytes)
(the antenna on the highway patrol car is actually taller than what you see on these cropped images)

Bandai, Ref.  #816 Cadillac sedan, 11" long

Bandai, Ref. #817, Cadillac convertible,  11" long

Bandai (???), Fire Chief car, red tinplate, 11" long



Ichiko, Ref. #1164,  [issued 1964???], 11" long




Circa 1:16 Scale



Tich62.JPG (10542 bytes)     Tich62bx.JPG (12648 bytes)
The Cadillac fender script is out of place on this otherwise excellent 1962 four-door sedan
[ Photo: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Ira Bernstein collection, AZ ]

tmysssb.jpg (6693 bytes)     tmysssa.jpg (6434 bytes)
This one is from the author's former collection
[ a custom, formal padded roof has been added ]

T62yopo2.jpg (13551 bytes)

T62yopo1.jpg (7098 bytes)     T62tnpol.jpg (7680 bytes)
I believe Ichiko (Japan) made this large, 14" long toy model of an unlikely Cadillac Highway Patrol car



[ images missing  - also not 100% sure of descriptions]

Yonezawa, Japan,   convertible, 14" long

Yonezawa, Japan, sedan, 14" long

Yonezawa, Japan,   #434,  has 1963 features, Highway Patrol, 14" long

Yonezawa, Japan,   #410, Highway Patrol, has 1963 features, 14" long




Circa 1:12 Scale


[ images missing  - also not 100% sure of descriptions]



  Ichiko (???), Japan,   Ref. #416,  19½" long

Ichiko, Japan, Ref.  #2264 [issued 1964???],  Highway Patrol, 20" long



62yon4.JPG (5087 bytes)     62yon1.JPG (6571 bytes)

62yon2.JPG (8186 bytes)     62yon3.JPG (5783 bytes)
By T.N., Japan, this is a lithographed tinplate model, in circa 1:12 scale, of
a 1962 Cadillac 4-door sedan; this toy was available also as an imaginary 4-door convertible,
as also with equally unlikely Highway Patrol markings (next box)

Ttn62b.jpg (8933 bytes)     Ttn62a.jpg (10669 bytes)
[ Above two photos: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Ira Bernstein collection, AZ ]



Yonezawa, Japan, Ref.  #416, sedan,  22" long

Yonezawa, Japan,  Ref.    #455,  Police car, 22" long





Circa 1:87 Scale


UNKNOWN, Far East ?

[ 1963 Wal-Mart hearse - no image ]

1963 Cadillac Hearse by Matchbox. Wheels appear to be black Pontiac rallye wheels (can't see them that well in the pics);
there is a miniature coffin in the back. Someone must have had a sense of humor because the lid
of the coffin is half off and an arm is hanging out.  It's also an "in between"  scale (circa 1:81).




Circa 1:66 Scale



t6364hrs2S.jpg (7884 bytes)     T6364hrs3S.jpg (6456 bytes)     T6364hrsS.jpg (6577 bytes)

Funeral coach on Cadillac commercial chassis

t63hrse1.jpg (5206 bytes)     t63hrse2.jpg (6183 bytes)
I believe this is the same diecast toy
[ Photos: © 2007, Steve Masson ]

t63hrs64th.JPG (16327 bytes)     t63HrsMtchB.jpg (9042 bytes)

T63_64th.JPG (14705 bytes)
And here's an undentified Series 62 convertible [possibly also Matchbox]




Circa 1:43 Scale



t63ElFM.jpg (35934 bytes)

t63fmeld.jpg (9751 bytes)     t63fmel.jpg (5067 bytes)     t_Fmint63.jpg (15393 bytes)
The Franklin Mint is known for its finely detailed but very costly models; I believe that Mr. Franklin was
among the first U.S. distributors of collectibles of all kinds to avail himself of the cheap labor available in the
Far East; in my opinion, he does not pass on all the resulting savings to collectors, judging by
his mega-yacht that I saw featured in a specialty magazine!

t6360S.jpg (17495 bytes)
Here's a very nice Fleetwood "60S" - can anyone identify the maker?




Circa 1:32 Scale



T63cgst.jpg (7229 bytes)
Made in Israel (?), this toy by Cragstan [obviously in need of parts and repair]
depicts a 1963 Cadillac Series 62 convertible; it measures 7½" long [Ref. #1314-4]

t63cgrc.jpg (7168 bytes)     t63cgrc2.jpg (6972 bytes)
Cragstan, Israel, Ref. #R3318, electric toy, with cable operation and driver figurine



[ missing image ]

Palmer, USA, Eldorado convertible, Ref.  #6351-5; toy is  7" long




1:25 Scale



t63bafrt.jpg (7115 bytes)     t63barr.jpg (6763 bytes)

t63ba2.jpg (6703 bytes)
Again from Bandai, Japan, come these lithographed tinplate toys depicting
the 1963 Cadillac 4-window sedan or Sedan de Ville; they measure over 8" long;
I believe this is Ref. #4066 [final digits "66" suggest that the toy may have been
issued only in 1966

t63bandai2.jpg (16407 bytes)     t63bandai3.jpg (16510 bytes)
Tinplate 4-dr. convertible - ,  with electric motor and  gear shifter, Ref.:  #4066
[digits "66" suggest year of issue as 1966]


[ missing ]

Tinplate 4-dr. convertible,  with electric motor and  gear shifter, Ref.:  #4066
[digits "66" suggest year of issue as 1966]



t63joh.jpg (10567 bytes)

t63prom.jpg (5910 bytes)

t63projo.jpg (6029 bytes)
For its 1963 production of promotional models, Jo-Han selected the Series 62 Coupe de Ville
(top two rows) and convertible (immediately above), in lieu of the once popular Series Sixty Special

63promo.jpg (10429 bytes)

     Tun63kit.JPG (7975 bytes)
Unidentified, shrink-wrapped construction kit replica
of the 1963 Cadillac Series 62 convertible (believed to be 1:25 scale)

63ZZK.JPG (3182 bytes)     63ZZK2.JPG (4054 bytes)
GM official admires Jo-Han's latest creation (right)
during a factory tour organized in 1963




t61Korris25.jpg (8890 bytes)




Circa 1:24 Scale



t63JaAS.jpg (7999 bytes)     T63JaCS.jpg (7309 bytes)

 T63JaBS.jpg (7722 bytes)     T63JaDS.jpg (5983 bytes)
"Pimp my Ride" 1963 coupe with modern motor and a trunk full of audio gear

t63jada1S.jpg (9008 bytes)   

t63jada2S.jpg (6465 bytes)     t63Jada4S.jpg (6737 bytes)



t63ciga.jpg (7563 bytes)     63lghtr.jpg (11379 bytes)

T63lghtr.jpg (8010 bytes)
Here is another lighter/cigarette-box combination, this one depicts a 1963 Cadillac
4-door sedan; again, the roof and lighter both are removable ["gold" and "silver" versions]

Tun63rad.JPG (7467 bytes)

  t63rad1.jpg (5771 bytes)     t63rad2.jpg (5714 bytes)
[Above two rows]: Not strictly speaking a toy but, nonetheless, a nice replica
of the 1963 Series 62 convertible, made by Federal, Hong Kong,
Ref. #CAD-1; the "toy" is in fact  a portable radio; it is 10" long

t63elec1.jpg (5463 bytes)     t63elec2.jpg (5448 bytes)
#R3315 (b) As above but conversion (by me) to Eldorado convertible


[ missing image ]

#R3315 (a) Series 62 convertible in similar scale to the above radio





Circa 1:20 Scale



Tjp63pol.JPG (8655 bytes)

    tichama.jpg (5989 bytes)     tichamb.jpg (5648 bytes)
Many of these imaginary ambulances, police cars and Fire Chief cars
were made in post-WW2 Japan; I guess it was a way to make
the most economic use of the molds for the regular sedans and convertibles;

Top row:  an unlikely 2-door ambulance in a a box for an equally unlikely Police coupe.

tichpoa.jpg (6367 bytes)     tichpob.jpg (6739 bytes)
Ichiko (Japan), tin 2-dr. coupe  marked Police, Ref. #???, 11" long

        tjafir2.jpg (5423 bytes)     tjafir1.jpg (5258 bytes)

 tichfir.jpg (6713 bytes)
Ichiko (Japan), as above, Ref. #3964, marked Fire Chief, 11" long

tjafir4.jpg (5617 bytes)
Although clearly a 1963 Cadillac, this one is
marked " F O RD " across the front of the hood

t63polsp.jpg (6844 bytes)     t63pols2.jpg (7001 bytes)

t63pols3.jpg (6157 bytes)
From Ichiko (Japan) comes this most unlikely 1963 Cadillac State Police
with speed control device on trunk; measuring about 11" long, the Ref. is #2364
[the digits "64" suggest it was issued in 1964 although the tail-lights are from 1963]

    tichpoc.jpg (5732 bytes)     tichpod.jpg (5150 bytes)
Ichiko (Japan), tin 2-dr. coupe, License. #64247,  marked Polizei, Ref. #0465, 11" long


[ missing images ]

Ichiko (Japan), 2-dr. convertible, Ref. #2664,  with speed meter on dash, 11" long
[digits "64" suggest year of issue as 1964]

Ichiko (Japan), as above, Ref. #3164, marked Highway Patrol, 11 long

Ichiko (Japan), as above, Ref. #4064, marked Ambulance, 11" long

Ichiko (Japan), sedan, marked Police, with figurine, 11" long

Ichiko (Japan), 2-dr. coupe, Ref. #1665,  marked Police, radio controlled version
[digits "65" suggest year of issue as 1965]

Ichiko (Japan), 2-dr. coupe,  Ref. #1765, marked Interpol, 11" long

Ichiko 1Japan), marked Highway Patrol, with speed meter

Ichiko (Japan), tin 2-dr. convertible, with tin figurine




Circa 1:18 Scale


[ *  I believe they are merely a distributor for an Asian maker ]

T63scarf2.jpg (13128 bytes)

    T63scarf.jpg (12627 bytes)     T63scarf3.jpg (11560 bytes)
A car like this one starred in the movie, Scarface, starring Al Pacino

t63scar1.jpg (143591 bytes)    




Circa 1:16 Scale




[ missing images ]

Bandai (Japan), tin 4-dr. sedan, Ref.  #816

Bandai (Japan), tin 4-dr. convertible,  Ref. #817



Ichiko (Japan), tin 4-dr. sedan,  Ref. #1164, marked Highway Patrol



Yonezawa (Japan), tin 4-dr. sedan, Ref.  #410, marked Highway Patrol

Yonezawa (Japan), tin 4-dr. sedan, Ref.  #434, marked Highway Patrol




Circa 1:12 Scale



t61bxa.JPG (9488 bytes)

T61ban.jpg (9529 bytes)
Bandai, Japan, ref. #961 - although the box displays the 1962 Series 60 Special sedan
(despite the erroneous hash marks on the rear fenders!), the actual toy is a mixture of

Cadillac models; it features the the 1961 rear clip and 1963 front clip; many variations exist
[refs. #961, 962, 966, 967 and 968]

t6163_c.JPG (4267 bytes)     t6163rr.jpg (4358 bytes)

t6163_b.JPG (6322 bytes)     t6163_a.JPG (5234 bytes)

  t6063po1.jpg (6953 bytes)     t6063po3.jpg (5190 bytes)

t6063po4.jpg (6245 bytes)     t6063po2.jpg (6071 bytes)
This is basically the same model as the previous one, but with Highway Patrol markings;
I believe the same toy was available also with Ambulance and Fire Chief markings

T6361ama.jpg (8594 bytes)     T6361amb.jpg (7968 bytes)
Again the same model as the previous ones, but with the Ambulance markings

t6163ba1.jpg (7953 bytes)     t6163ba2.jpg (7374 bytes)
The same (or a very similar mold) was used by Bandai, Japan, for this curious 1961+63 4-door convertible, derived
from the 4-door sedan; these desirable tinplate toys were available with friction drive or battery-power;
the latter had working motor, horn, lights, etc.


T6163a.jpg (7836 bytes)     t6163int.jpg (7626 bytes)
One of the all-time favorites in my former collection was this Golden Cadillac,
again with 1963 front clip and 1961 rear clip;  it was battery operated (batteries stored in opening trunk);
it featured working ignition key, gear lever, steering wheel, horn and lights; I acquired it in the eighties
at considerable cost ...but when I came to sell it again in 1989 its value had gone up sixfold!

T61_63A.jpg (8508 bytes)     T61_63F.jpg (7966 bytes)

t63Gold6.jpg (17388 bytes)     T61_63c.jpg (5650 bytes)     t61_63D.jpg (4409 bytes)   
These additional five photos [above]  were submitted by David and Carol Seidel of Barossa Valley, South Australia... who just happen to own it !

t63Gold7.jpg (24275 bytes)     t63Golden.jpg (24155 bytes)

 t63gold.jpg (15501 bytes)     t63Gold2.jpg (17715 bytes)     t63Gold3.jpg (15785 bytes)     t63Gold4.jpg (12370 bytes)
More pics of the (hybrid) 1961-1963 "golden" convertible

tban61a.jpg (9010 bytes)     tban61b.jpg (9431 bytes)

tban61c.jpg (8186 bytes)
I believe this version is quite rare; it is a two-door Cadillac but continues
to show the chevrons of the Series 60 Special on the rear fenders
[ Photo: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Bob Blake collection, AZ ]

t63cp1.jpg (15482 bytes)     t63cp2.jpg (15995 bytes)     t63cp3.jpg (14071 bytes)     t63cp4.jpg (9902 bytes)
Here you have it again in white




[ missing images ]

  Ichiko (Japan), tin 4-dr. sedan, Ref. #2264,  marked Highway Patrol



Yonezawa (Japan), tin 4-dr. sedan, Ref. #416

Yonezawa (Japan), tin 4-dr. sedan, Ref.  #455, marked Police




Circa 1:5 Scale?



A "Push-me-Daddy" kiddie toy, probably in a scale slightly larger than 1:5




Unknown Scale



63clock.jpg (3927 bytes)
This metal scale replica of a 1963 (?) Eldorado
has a clock mounted in the rear deck



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