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Topics below which are preceded by the French flag [blue, white and red vertical stripes] are in the French language. These are for the benefit of the growing number of French-speaking users of The (new) Cadillac Database©. They may or may not be a repetition of pages already published elsewhere in English.

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Voir plus bas les pages en langue française; toutes sont précédées du drapeau tricolore


Topic # 00

Cadillac "Art"  [NEW 3/2000]

Topic # 01

Cadillacs in Songs...

Topic # 02

Cadillacs in the Movies [MANY IMAGES]

Topic # 03

Cadillac Loop Films [Sales Training Aids...]

Topic # 04

Cadillacs in Miniature [Toys...] [MANY IMAGES]

Topic # 05

Cadillac Wheel Covers ...a new kind of collection [MANY IMAGES]

Topic # 06

Millionth Cadillac Models...  NOW WITH SOME IMAGES [11/1999]

Topic # 06 The Hartmann V16 Roadster ...the TRUE story of this rare "Swiss" Cadillac
Topic # 07 Cadillac Aphorisms ...and other trivia - keep 'em coming!
Topic # 08 Cadillac Books  [MANY IMAGES OF BOOK COVERS]
Topic # 09 "59 SHARK" ...a story about picking up a '59 convertible in Monte Carlo
Topic # 10 Cadillac power plants: the engines that have powered Cadillac cars since 1902 
Topic # 11 Cadillacs of the Rich and Famous Cadillacs and La Salles owned by stars, presidents, kings ...and a few crooks too [MANY IMAGES ...and more coming regularly]
Topic # 12 "The Igniter", a rare in-house publication from 1908
Topic # 13 Cadillac cars on postage stamps [WITH IMAGES OF SOME RARE ONES]
Topic # 14 Cadillac insignia - The Truth about the Cadillac crest [NEW 7/1999, MANY IMAGES]
Topic # 14a Cadillac insignia - crests, mascots, script, decorative items [NEW 11/99, MANY IMAGES!]
Topic # 15 The annual International Cadillac Meet in Switzerland, August 1999 [text in French]. Visit the site of Austrian aficionado, Gerald Loidl for a report in English   [MANY IMAGES]
Topic # 16 Cadillac knick-knacks ...not alone in bearing the proud Cadillac name [MANY IMAGES]
Topic # 17 Fifty-Nine Follies ...the 1959 Cadillac: from icon to eye-sore [LOTS OF IMAGES]
Topic #17 The Pink Lady - Yann & Gita's 1960  Eldorado Biarritz [MANY IMAGES]
Topic #18 The Black Pryncess - Yann & Gita's 1942 Fleetwood Series 75 limousine [MANY IMAGES]
Topic #19 Lavender Lily - Yann & Gita's 1960  Eldorado Seville [MANY IMAGES]

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Informations générales en langue française pour les utilisateurs francophones

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La rencontre annuelle Cadillac, en Suisse, août 1999 [NOMBREUSES IMAGES]


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